Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Obama World: Spinning, Spinning, Spinning Out of Control

The destruction of the West continues apace.

On today's world scene, Islam is the world's second greatest mass murderer and oppressor, not just because of the gruesome terrorist acts it commits all over the world, but because of the way it deals on a daily basis with the hundreds of millions of humans, perhaps 1.6 billion, it holds in its sway. Islam's world is one in which intellectual pursuits are discouraged; independent thought suppressed; tolerance, peace, and compassion rejected; women treated like sick cattle; and nonbelievers as worthy only for conversion, enslavement, or death. That said, however, Islam, like the old rent-a-car slogan about being number two, needs to try harder if it wants the number one spot.

No, Islam is not the greatest threat to Western civilization and lives. The number one spot is held by progressivism, or as it is often mistakenly called in the USA, "liberalism." I noted back in April 2013, that when dealing with liberalism, one should remember,
"Liberals love humanity and hate people." Oh, and by the way, liberals will get you killed. Yes, killed. Modern liberalism kills people, and does so by the millions, all in the name of humanity, of course. It should have a warning label that asks you not to practice liberalism at home, or something along the lines of "I am a trained professional, do not attempt liberalism on your own."

Liberals hate all sorts of people but their special, most lethal hatred is reserved for the poor and the "uneducated." They kill the poor by the bushel, by the ton, by the hectare . . . they kill them at home and abroad. No poor person is safe from the lethal loving embrace of the liberals.
I have expanded further on that more recently after the Paris attacks of last November,
I see articles arguing over whether the attack is Al Qaeda or ISIS. Whether this attack is typical of this group or that one. I have said this so many times that I am reluctant to say it again. The issue is not Boko Haram, Hamas, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Jamyat Islamia, or any other terrorist band. The issue is not Islamist "extremism," or a nutty fringe of Islam. The threat we face comes from Islam and the progressive delusions that have allowed Islam to plant itself in our midsts and flourish, grow and operate with near impunity. My friends, as I have written many times (here, for example) progressivism will get you killed. Progressivism, also a totalitarian belief system, is clearly now the deadliest creed on the planet, and has formed a Molotov-Ribbentrop-type pact with Islam. 
Progressivism, above all, is about denying reality and promoting delusion. 
The cost of progressive delusions is seen every day. The people of Paris just paid that cost, yet again,
And, again, when dealing with Clinton's brand of progressive delusions,
Her whole poverty pandering schtick also stinks of progressive deceptions and delusions. She makes no mention, for example, of the progressive-encouraged destruction of the black family. She ignores that black Americans suffer higher levels of poverty because, unlike Jackie Robinson who features earlier in her speech, many have allowed themselves to become wards of the state, looking to the state to solve the problems created by being wards of the state. As noted above, other "races" which have avoided the loving embrace of government have done well. She, furthermore, seems going back to advocating the lunacy that helped create the financial collapse of 2007-08, forcing banks to make loans to unqualified applicants.
So, once again, we see in Nice, France, the murderous cost of progressive delusions. I bet that, like most of the people killed in London, New York, Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, etc, most of those killed by the Muslim murderer in Nice were progressive sorts who would have been outraged by the politically incorrect view of Islam as a threat. The statements coming from world "leaders" would seem to show that, even after yet another example of Islam in action, our progressive overlords do not see Islam as a danger; they do not recognize the consequences of the progressive insistence on allowing the Muslim invasion to proceed.

In addition, here at home, our own "leader" cannot bring himself to condemn the wild children of progressivism who shout for the death of cops, and is then "surprised" when cops are killed--as they were today in Baton Rouge by a Black Muslim. As is the case with the other Muslim murderers, the progressives tell us that the cop killers of Dallas and Baton Rouge are just deranged, petty criminals, not "really" members or followers of Islam or Black Lives Matter, and that we should be cognizant that the misdeeds of white Christian society have created the feelings of resentment and revenge that lead to mass murder.

We just have to get used to the new "normal," one in which cops and children die for our sins.

Welcome to the Obama World of Distorting Mirrors, where nothing is quite as it seems.

It gets even better.

We, for example, get lectured by Corrupt Hillary, Obama, and Kerry that Trump is reckless and dangerous when he casts doubts about the utility of NATO. Muddled, intellectually dense tweets and press releases go out praising the value of that multinational alliance, and calling for an "intelligence surge" (whatever that is) as the way to fight radical terror. Meanwhile, of course, John "Xmas in Cambodia" Kerry is in Moscow basically surrendering NATO to the Russians, who have been mocking NATO ships and planes without mercy for the past months, much like the Chinese who are busy paving the South China Sea. Kerry implores, nay, begs the Russians to help in Syria by doing something undetermined that we cannot or will not do for ourselves--just as he begged for their help in getting the Iranians to sign the phony nuke deal.

Meanwhile, of course, the bottom has dropped out of the NATO ship: Muslim hordes sweep through major NATO cities, literally raping, murdering and pillaging almost at will, and a cornerstone of the alliance, Turkey, implodes in a confused blood-soaked coup, counter-coup, followed by an Islamist purge of secular Ataturkism. The leader of NATO, the United States, is nowhere to be seen except, as noted, in Moscow begging for help, attending vacuous conferences on "global challenges," on the golf course, or deep in meetings with race hustlers such as Al Sharpton.

NATO is dead, but Trump must not say it.

Spinning, spinning, spinning.


  1. ... into the future. Trump does have many of the right instincts ... and I think he has a good shot at winning in Nov. In fact, I doubt if any of the other 17 could have beat the Hellery machine. The challange ... and it is huge ... will be for Trump to right the ship of state without causing a bloody revolution among the progressives. If he can pull this off ... Allah willing ... he will go down as one of the greatest presidents ... despite his coarseness.

  2. It's extraordinary: after years of treating Russia in bad faith, and provoking all sorts of problems for it, the US has now decided to grovel a bit.

    It really would have been wiser to cultivate relations that were proportionate and, in the old-fashioned sense of the word, proper.

  3. A further thing I note: over the past several decades, we've seen a growing China-Russia-Iran alliance growing. Surely this is a very bad sign.

    However, I have my questions about Trump. He has praised the Chinese Communist Party (a nasty outfit, no matter what they told us back when we were Sophomores in the Sillier 'Seventies) and Sodom Insane, among other things. Sure, I'll probably hold my nose and vote for him in November (if he has even a ghost of a chance of winning deep indigo Maryland), but the GOP could've done a helluva lot better.

    1. Other candidates were 'better', but imho, only Trump stood a chance against The Machine, and that chance is still small. It's Trump as a rearguard action at this point.

      - reader #1482

    2. In previous comments you claim you are a teacher. I hope the subject you are unleashed on our vulnerable youth to teach, is not English. Your post is appalling in its grammatical mistakes and poor structure. Extracted following, are 3 examples in the first 3 lines of your 7 lines of lamentable prose.

      A further thing I note...

      Begin with noting “things” close in proximity then enlighten us with your “further” “things”

      we've seen a GROWING China-Russia-Iran alliance GROWING...

      Does one require eyes in the front and back of one’s head to accomplish this?

      I have my questions about Trump...

      Where did you find YOUR questions? Did you GROW them yourself or at least acquire them, or, develop them recently?

      Commenters on this site are generally erudite. There are many sites on the internet more suited to your level of intellect. Spare us and visit them.

    3. It's a comment. A lot of stuff gets repeated just due to the stream-of-consciousness style. Who's going to comb their comments for such silly issues? Especially because a lot of stuff gets repeated just due to the stream-of-consciousness style.

      - reader #1482

  4. In the Camp of the Saints...

  5. "we've seen a growing China-Russia-Iran alliance growing": naturally. The US has striven by might and main to push them into an alliance together. Mutton-headed.

  6. "Diplomacy is the art of saying 'nice doggie' until you can find a rock." --Will Rogers

    Of course Trump's saying some nice things about China. So would anyone sane! Or should we just skip the preliminaries and go straight to war with China & Russia? (Hint: that's what Cankles threatens to do.)

    Sorry to see that so many seem to swallow without question all the crap that the MSM has been flinging re: Trump. I'd suggest doing some research without using the MSM, but that'd be too radical!

    1. I would love if Trump had a personal life that would stand as a better role model to my kids. But we have a choice between Trump and Clinton, not between Trump and Jesus. The ever-pants-less Bill established truly terrible precedents in our culture that we'll be paying for well into the future.
      For me, that's why I'm lukewarm about Trump.

      - reader #1482

    2. But we know nothing about Jesus' personal life. Though I'm confident that we can exclude tobacco-chewing.

  7. Trump will do well in the fall. He was the only candidate that didn't talk down, pander or lecture people. After 8 years of the "lecturer in chief", folks are just fed up with it. They are tired of being told how great these trade deals are, tired of being told how wonderful Obamacare is, tired of having the government poke its nose into every part of their life. They want Congress to do their job. They want to be left alone. And they are tired of being told to apologize for the color of their skin, their lifestyle, their culture and traditions. After the Repubs lied last election, people thought that they might as well take a flyer with the guy that wasn't a professional politician.

    Trump will do fine. He's growing into the role and he will find good advisors. And he will actually listen to what they have to say. He will likely do things I don't approve of, but I can live with that. As for coarseness? We seemed to have lived through LBJ. I doubt Trump will pick up a beagle by its ears or show us scars from a surgery.

    1. Teri, you expressed my thoughts and feelings about the past 8 years, and the America I used to recognize, as if I had written the words myself. I do think you have summarized what reasonable Americans, those who reject progressivism, feel about this election and the only possible candidate.

  8. Well, add German trains as not safe to travel on now that the Religion of Peace is in full bloom in Europe. Right now, Trump is the best we can do and I hate to see the foolishness in Cleveland.

  9. I never get enough of your quote about how "Liberals hate People." I quoted it when you published it last time, and I love seeing it now. No greater insight into the liberal mind was ever spoken.

  10. Barack Hussein Obama --There are really only two choices:

    He is a Muslim -- He and the Democrat party have perpetuated a cynical fraud on the American people.

    He is not a Muslim -- What would he be doing any differently?

  11. His "molasses in January" air campaign? No bombing of ISIS oil infrastructure for two years? No bombing of ISIS Internet connection on-roads? No bombing of Raqqa? Just a few sorties a day ... most of which return with bombs undropped? His rhetoric is more frightening to ISIS than his actions ...