Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Snapshots of the Present Condition

A mishmash of stuff. So much is going on that . . . well, here are some snapshots I have taken.

Bernie in Philadelphia. Wow! I guess Bernie's little lemmings have discovered the edge of the cliff! Their fearless leader? Is he going off the edge? Nah. He has been helicoptered off to Goldman-Sachsland by the Clinton Crime Family. Bernie's safe! He will be living in witness protection in the woods in Vermont in a very nice cabin provided by the CCF.

Moscow is leaking the DNC emails to hurt Hillary? Hmmmm . .  . I guess Moscow is just paying back Bernie for his 55 years of loyal service . . . .

Funny, ain't it. The Sandersnistas get more worked up over the leaked DNC emails than they do over the CCF use of a private server through which they were running national secrets. Could it be that Bernie doesn't care a bit for US national security? A hardcore Marxist not concerned about US national security? Who's ever heard of such a thing?

The DNC, the party that is against barriers and building bridges, has put miles of fencing and armed guards around its convention site.

The DNC, the champions of identity politics and finders of bias everywhere, are shown to use antisemitism when needed. Stupid American Jews are you paying attention? Wake up.

SecState John Kerry has just told us that air conditioning is as dangerous as ISIS. Will the DNC shut off its a/c in Philadelphia? If not, I am living cool . . .  .

Hillary spoke to the VFW. Not very impressive. Everything she said is undermined by her record. Just keep asking her, "When YOU had the power, what did YOU do?"

Hillary complains about a double standard in ethics and justice . . . . insert your own joke here, it's just too easy . . . .

Hillary says The Donald doesn't value or respect NATO. This from a SecState who presided over the death of NATO, acquiesced in the gutting of our military, fomented the destruction of what stability existed in the Middle East, helped Iran go nuke, and has turned a blind eye to the rise of Islamic terror. NATO is dead; one of its key members, Turkey, has been taken over by Islamism. The progressives killed NATO. Trump had the guts to say so.

Off to play with my dogs.


  1. If Putin has DNC emails, maybe he has Clinton Foundation emails. If he does, then the Hillary emails from her unsecured home based server are probably known to him. But She is most qualified for President because of her experience?

    1. Perhaps we can expect Putin to dump e-mails from her server sometime in October? By the bye, for the last week I've had inordinate activity from Russia on my blog. how about here?

    2. The onlu reason for the piovate server is to hide her private serving from the people

  2. I wonder if this is a warning from Putin. He's saying "Be careful. If you become President we've got the goods on you. Play ball with me and I won't release them. Cross me and, well..."

    Now I wonder what he's got on Trump.

  3. It's too easy to play the double-triple-quadruple-infinity-cross in these things.
    I don't think we know who Putin wants to win the white house.. and the release of stolen messages is probably dumping whatever these hackers can get, whenever it'll make the most disruption in the US. I guess it's fairly obvious that this wouldn't be a huge disruption in October, like it is now. Might be Clinton's way of getting the news out there before it can hurt her?
    Yeah.. if Putin's got a copy of all her sec-state files, he'll dump that whether he'd want to hold it over her head or not.

    - reader #1482

  4. "The Sandersnistas get more worked up over the leaked DNC emails than they do over the CCF use of a private server through which they were running national secrets."

    This was, and still is, the first thing I noticed among the news networks and on social media.

  5. I was at sharp hospital this week and they block your site. Claim it has malware, but it could be for content. I can send you a screenshot if you like.

  6. It's not often you get the chance to influence governments actions, a small kick at John Kerry's stupid comments might be satisfying:

    Personally I do not think it goes far enough, it should require the removal of air conditioning from all federal govt offices in Washington DC as a minimum.

    Please add your name.

  7. Double standard re Shrillary Shrooooo--Had Dip or I been as careless about classified material, we'd have gone to jail; Shrill gets a pass and could well become POTUS. :(

  8. HRC, the greasiest of greasy pole climbers is one step away from her life long prize. If she gets it, a truly "Hollow Crown" it will be.

  9. Just imagine a Clinton Presidency with a Democratically controlled Senate.

    We'll have Bernie Sanders as Senate Budget Chairman.
    We'll have Elizabeth Warren as Senate Banking Chairman.

    Just when you think that things couldn't get any worse.....