Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Ringing in Black Friday

Our Thanksgiving Thursday passed without major drama. We violated our recent tradition and had a turkey meal ordered from a local supermarket. It was OK. The Diplowife, of course, restricted herself to mashed potatoes and yogurt and stayed away as far as possible from the bird. We had all the kids together for the first time in a long time, and they and my father seemed to enjoy the day. Afterwards we drove south to our other house near San Diego. The three boys and I stayed up until all hours watching endless documentaries and YouTube clips of progressives melting down after the Trump victory. Lot of fun.

Today, the fear inducing day known as Black Friday because of the requirement that we engage in mindless shopping, saw the three boys and your humble servant at the gun range in Poway. It was packed! We, however, had reserved a couple of lanes on the 100 yard range and had a grand old time blasting away. We took a couple of 45s, a .357 Mag revolver, a .44 Mag revolver, the Henry Big Boy, a bazillion rounds of ammo, and lots of targets. Good time was had by all.

My ears are still ringing as the folks in a lane next to us had some monster rifle that shook my innards and my brain every time they fired it. Not even my high-tech electronic sound suppressing headset managed to kill that blast. So, I sit here ringing in Black Friday, waiting for the boys to come back from their run, and head off to the local Indian casino to compensate Native America for Columbus, Pilgrims, Custer, and the Department of Interior's policies.

Life is still looking a lot better since that November 8 result . . . Wisconsin recount be damned!

Hillary is Not My President!


  1. I wonder if the recount in Wisconsin will come up with any different results. Maybe Jill Stein carrying the state?

  2. Jill Stein asked for a recount that will not improve her results one whit. She has also opened a GoFundMe account (or one of those other internet cash cows) to pay for the recount, which apparently will cost her several million dollars.

    During the campaign she said Hillary was the worst candidate, so it seems unlikely she wants the recount to improve Hillary's chances.

    So my question is, why did she do this? To make money? To increase her name recognition? Some other reason?

    Good for you and your sons for popping some caps today. I had a hip replaced 7 weeks ago and am still pushing a walker around, so I'm not doing any shooting. I set up a 50 yard range for .22 rimfire out the back window, but my wife complains the horses don't like the noise. Go figure: subsonic ammo fired inside a house and the "noise" still bothers the doggone animals. Meanwhile, they appear to ignore the occasional coyote walking through their corral. But the good news is, Hillary is not our president and Obama will soon walk out the door.

  3. Hillary is not anyone's President.
    Back to the YouTube vids of precious snowflakes loosing what little minds they have (yep, its a guilty pleasure...and constant validation that we got it right).

  4. Politicians lie, cheat, steal, and parse their words very carefully. Hillary was by far the most experienced candidate.

  5. The key is to "Double Bag": earplugs and earmuffs together. That, and hiding behind someone large when the cannon next door is about to fire.

  6. I look forward to shooting my black powder guns in Arizona after we move and get settled. There used to be an outdoor range in Orange County but the Irvine Company shut down all shooting facilities about 25 years ago. The local indoor range used to let me shoot them on weekdays but they have been so busy the last 8 years that they don't want to out up with the smoke.