Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Wow! What a roller coaster ride that was!

I started the evening feeling a bit down, getting mau-maued by the media's relentless assault on Trump's chances, and not seeing how The Donald could do it. Must give credit to my youngest son who texted me throughout the night saying not to listen to the media and the polls, and that Trump would win. And he did ---by the way, my son won around $20,000 from bets he had placed long ago on Trump winning. Cocky kid.

I have so much to say about Trump's victory that I am almost speechless.

I just hope that he and the Congress come into office next January with all barrels blazing: repeal Obamacare; start on that border wall and get an immigration reform on the table, including defunding "sanctuary cities"; reduce and simplify taxes; kill tons of business killing regulation especially in the energy arena; begin the process of reducing the size and scope of government; name a good Supreme; address the shortcomings in our military; and let the world know that America is back. That can be started right off. No need to delay.

Anyhow, I am going to take my dogs for a ride down to our house in the Temecula area. I'll be writing a lot more and boring my faithful six readers for some time to come.

I think we saw a major victory for America, but it is one that will need to be preserved.

Congratulations to President-elect Trump.


  1. I can only hope that I will see Hillary in an orange pantsuit in a couple of years. There are going to be some big personnel changes in the Justice department and the roadblocks are going to be removed. My main reason for supporting Trump is in the innate ability he has to hire good people for the job. Heck he had a T.V. show about doing that for years.

    I am going to thoroughly enjoy watch those I loathe, Hollywood, Washington, Silicon valley sultans, and the media get some well deserved butt kicking. They lost literally billions last night.

    When Bernie was ranting about taking on the one percent and making them pay "Their fair share". I thought, no Bernie, you have the wrong one percent. It is the sanctimonious ruling class that need to start paying. Last night put them on notice that their reign is over. We stood up, and with a margin that could not be overcome by the dead vote, or boxes of "lost" ballots that have occurred all too often in close elections.

    I claim I am reader#2 I have been following you since the Tsunami 12 years ago, and lamented your dry spell.

  2. I was so depressed wondering what additional horrers Hillary would put our country through. Then all the prognosticators turned out to be wrong!! Now if he does what he said he was going to I'll be jubilant!

  3. A long time reader, #10.

  4. #11...enjoy your insights

  5. Did any one else note (with just a little glee) that of all the issues the MSM was bemoaning last night -- how True would be cruel to immigrants, borderline (or more) racist), sexist, and all the other untrue fears the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN trotted out -- there was NOT ONE SINGLE WORD ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE! It looks to me as if that's an issue that has dropped off the radar, at least temporarily. Thank God. Maybe it can take the EPA with it.

  6. The only television coverage I had here in the far abroad was CNN, and I dreaded the idea of watching them for several hours, but (probably mostly due to Trump winning) it wasn't nearly as bad as I initially feared. I have to say I was impressed with the number of times I heard people say "we didn't get it" or "we don't understand the frustrations many people have" or something similar. There were a few people who even blamed themselves ("the media") for being out of touch. Don't know how long this enlightment will last, but maybe at least a few of them will remember it beyond the inauguration.

  7. I don't care if he's a train wreck as President. If we get another two or three sensible-conservative SC justices, that itself will play a large part in salvaging what is left of our Republic.

  8. Matt, the Seventh ReaderNovember 9, 2016 at 2:48 PM

    I do not watch election coverage because it is not a case where anything but the final verdict matters. Since I live on the East Coast I would have had to sacrifice precious sleep in order to keep up with the minute to minute analysis. Despite this, I watched until about 9:30 because my wife wanted to do so.

    When certain races were being labeled "too close to call" I remembered some retired diplo-something's observation that it usually indicated that the press did not like the way things were going. Smart guy.

  9. Maybe just maybe we can begin to repair the massive damage our poor Republic has sustained in the last 25+ years.

  10. Congratulations America.

  11. What a wonderful new dawn for America! Thank God for this chance to reverse some of the tremendous damage that has been done over decades.

    Welcome President Trump! And his lovely family, who will be fitting inhabitants of the People's House, and fill it with beauty and grace!

  12. We have a saying in the military: "Better to follow a Zero than a Hero".
    All Trump has to do is sweep away the stifling regulatory crap imposed by the current Zero in Chief, promote fracking and energy independence and get control of the immigration issue and BOOM, this economy will take off like a rocket! 3.5% growth in the first year or two would crush 0bama's "legacy" and rightfully so.
    Cheers and Congrats! - Faithful reader #23

  13. Two of my favorite things today: First, The Media got it shoved exactly where it needs to be shoved. About time! Second, maybe now, at last, the Clintons will GO AWAY and leave the country alone finally.

    I'm not even interested in prosecuting Hillary any more. If I never hear another word from a Clinton that will be reward enough. Give her her damn pardon if you like, Barack, just get her gone!


  14. What difference at this point does it make?

    Quite a bit, potentially.

  15. I admit to being another who went to bed (9:30-is--I have to punch an early time clock) very pessimistic, but woke up to find that the Donald actually pulled a fast one on all the [not so] smart money in America. My prayers are with him. But I will remain cautious for the time being. I supported Sen. Cruz in the primaries, since I'm a values voter and Evangelical rightist myself.

    Will Trump indeed put good justices on the USC? I'm not sure. He'll probably appoint a few of his friends, who are fellow Northeastern one percenters, and probably liberal in their core. If he reached out to the conservative base in selecting justices, that would be another story.

    I also suspect that The Donald will grow a bit peeved and frustrated when he finds that being POTUS isn't quite the same as being CEO of America, Inc. He will be envious of someone like Xi Jinping, who very clearly is CEO of China, Inc., and can run his country as such. That could cause a lot of tensions in a generally GOP government, and open things wide to a Leftist comeback.

    Still, the defeat of Shrillary Shrooooooooooo means that the USA has dodged a bullet. I would not prosecute, since it would surely look politically bad, but I'd keep every bit of her malfeasance on file somewhere, to be used again just in case she tries to re-emerge into the political limelight, and again subject us to her witch's cackle and Mussolini-esque jutting chin every time she speaks.

    1. Amen.
      My coworkers were lamenting that the GOP controlled both congress and the executive... obama... 2009.
      It turns out that congress is controlled by the GOP and the executive controlled by The Trump Party. It's similar to the GOP in certain areas, but *very* different in others.
      There was no real conservative in the race, but Trump, seeming to be of a slightly libertarian bent, was the closest.
      I don't see the two branches getting along too awful well.
      I don't think the dems are going to get hoodwinked by hillary trying to run in 2020.
      And who knows... we just may see dirt coming out from all the foreign powers that paid handsomely for influence in the next administration, only to realize that they were paying off the wrong people!

      - reader #1482

    2. "I admit to being another who went to bed (9:30...Will Trump indeed put good justices on the USC?... suspect that The Donald will grow a bit peeved and frustrated ...envious of someone like Xi Jinping, who very clearly is CEO of China, Inc."

      -- I Don't think so Kepha, btw, I lasted till 4AM not wanting to wake up to a coup... Happy Days are here again... at 3AM or so President Elect Trump paid homage to Jeff Sessions, probably the best political coach and Patriot he could have chosen! "In for a penny in for a pound"~~~On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    3. Anonymous: I couldn't afford not to go to bed, since I have to sign in by 0715 hrs. every morning. I got to work hearing loud laments of "racism" and how evil Republicans are. I did enjoy a hug with a GOP colleague (a Trumpster from the get-go, while I was rooting for Cruz).

    4. 10-4 Kepha~~~
      I too spent some time in front of the class, now retired, and happily got to sleep in on Trump's morning after election day! :) I also had high hopes for Ted Cruz (even bought a signed copy of his book), hope he'll continue the good fight as U.S. Senator and Trump Admin ally. On Watch~~~

  16. Mr Mad, may I draw your attention to the Scottish view?

    1. "Mr Trump is half Scottish - his mother Mary MacLeod being from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. She grew up in a simple croft until she landed in Manhattan at the age of 20 and her first language was Gaelic."

      Cheers dearie! Now if only those anti-Brexit Scots would take a hint from Mary MacLeod's boy aka The Donald, the UK too may shed the shackles of global tyranny! ;) On Watch~~~

  17. Just about every media outlet wouldn't get their shoes dirty walking amoung we deplorables. I saw Trump's support in my rural county but was it a national phenomenon, I didn't know nor apparently did the media.

  18. I would love to see Trump not only pull back and streamline all the federal regulations, but also use the bully pulpit to start a movement for people to get the same done at the state and local level.

    I was only 18 when Reagan won. I went looking for some day after reaction on his win. I found it on the Nov 5, 1980 Harvard Crimson archive. Here is one of the best and brightest weighing in

    'Joseph S. Nye Jr., professor of Government, said he fears that Reagan will prove a "do-nothing" president and that he will not be able to establish "a coherent administration."'

    Just some perspective with all the credentials who will be spouting their "fears" in the next few days.

  19. This is the first American Presidential election that I have watched this closely,it was fascinating.
    The outcome more than exceeded my expectations,I will be gloating for sometime.
    You have by the way much more than six faithful readers,so keep up the good work.

  20. Far, far more than 6! Haven't missed one of your posts since I can remember.

    Well done America from Oz.

    Mark from melbourne

  21. As someone else pointed out, Trump took out both the Clinton and Bush dynasties. I pondered that for a bit, and came up with a list of the forces arrayed against Donald Trump:
    the Bush family. (Yeb!)
    The DNC

    And Trump won anyway.


    ps. I admit, Trump does scares me a bit. But Hillary absolutely frightened me. I honestly believe that woman would have started a nuclear war.

    1. Good points. I think we are of the same mind.

  22. I have a feeling Obamacare is not going to be repealed. But I also think Obamacare will not need repealing and will die under its own weight.
    The entire thing, imo, was designed to destroy our healthcare system and force us into a single payer model in the subsequent chaos.

    Medicare is already in place. Maybe it's not perfect, but its warts are far fewer than Obamacare and focuses on helping the needy, even if abused for other purposes. Obamacare was always about 'staying pretty wealthy while getting the government to pay your medical bills'. It was never intended to provide health care to the poor, as many programs already did that.
    Who thinks this was 'the long game' by Justice Roberts, who effectively got Obamacare off the ropes multiple times in order to have him hang himself with said ropes? I don't think Roberts is really that forward thinking.

    - reader #1482

  23. The Creator does seem to take special pity on us fools here, though we surely haven't earned it. 2-3 good Justices and a lot of good Federal judges will go far to restrain the worst excesses of the Left.

  24. I want 2-3 young conservative Supreme Court justices and the price of ammo to drop. If Trump accomplishes that then I will be happy.

    Everything else will be gravy.

  25. great commentary
    Keep up the good work!
    you going back to work ad Sec of State or amb to UN?
    reader #14

  26. Trump excellent video

  27. What we got with this election is breathing room...Now the hard work begins.

  28. Dip,

    "I have so much to say about Trump's victory that I am almost speechless."

    I'd be even more interested in what you say to the question: Would you take a position in the Trump Administration?

  29. I have recommended our host for a position in the administration. Presumptuous but he is a patriot and his country needs him.

    -an Indian who wishes America all the best

  30. I went into Tuesday night expecting it to be close, and I did think Trump would win OH, NC, and FL, and hold all the other Romney states and add Iowa. I thought his best chances to win the EC was in VA, and after about 50% of the precincts in VA had been counted, I could see by looking at where most of the uncounted ones where, he was sure to lose VA. I thought it was over unless he really could win MI.

    However, at about that time, a commenter on Althouse had posted a link to the NYTimes election predictor, and when I looked at it, it showed Trump at a 45% chance to win, and it showed PA as the key state in that prediction since it judged PA as even with about 20% of the precincts reporting, and Clinton was up by almost 20% at that point in vote count. My first reactions was disbelief, but I had already figured out the prediction algorithm was comparing the returning precincts to previous results and then forcasting how the rest of the state would eventually affect the final vote tally. So, with nothing else to do, I decided to look myself at PA at a county and precinct level, and was simply floored by what I was seeing, especially in the northeast corner of the state near Scranton and Wilkes Barre. I knew right at that moment that Trump not only had an even shot to win PA, but that it was actually better than 95% since I had already seen how well he had done in OH along the PA border. I went and told my mother that Trump was almost sure to win by winnning PA, and that it was likely he would win MI, too. However, I cautioned her that it might not be decided until Wednesday afternoon at the earliest.

  31. Sorry to be late to the Party. I spent a couple of days laughing my butt off and watching the vids of the distraught little snowflakes. The tears of the hysterical defeated are the tastiest. Then a day to reflect on the magnitude of the accomplishment. Then some time to see how the world reacted.
    Israel is looking forward to getting back to the relationships we had 30 years ago. Britain and the US will recover that most special relationship between 2 peoples only separated by a common language (lol). Even Russia and China are making cautious overtures...gone is the ignorant (not) "reset button" and welcome to diplomacy based on strength and respect. For and from both sides.
    What a time to be witnessing such a remarkable historic event.
    Deplorably yours.