Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Friday, March 15, 2019

Dog Whistles, Steam Whistles & Hoaxes: The Left at Work

I have put aside doing taxes, cleaning guns, and getting cars inspected. I haven't bought a gun in several days. I, instead, want to share a few thoughts on one, two, or maybe three issues with the steadfast six or seven who still read this little blog.

Let's talk about dog whistles, steam whistles, and hoaxes--in other words, about how the progs pretend to hear the first, feign deafness to the second, and rely on the third to move their agenda forward. While we live in wondrous times, at the same time we remain prisoners to the "dead hand of the past" as some things don't change: the progressive movement's ceaseless and cynical drive for political power over and destruction of the individual is one of those constants. The progs seek the destruction of the individual and of the traditional "We," the "We" which has made the West the best place for the individual to live.

Dog whistles. There are so many out there that . . . well, let's just look at, er, listen to, a few. The left hears dog whistles when the President says "America First." That's obviously a racist dog whistle! According to progism, therefore, clearly no non-white American could or would want his politicians to take care of our country first. Obviously only white people want that. I guess in prog land there are limits to patriotism set by skin color? POC want us to put some other country first? Seems like dual loyalty to me . . .

Cultural appropriation. Another dog whistle! Clearly women in yoga classes are imperialist appropriators of other cultures. We in the West can use nothing from any other culture without being accused of cultural appropriation. Apparently the only thing we are allowed to take from other cultures is millions of immigrants and refugees and illegal squatters.

And you can find dozens, scores, hundreds, thousands more of examples of such dog whistles, e.g, Halloween costumes.

It, for example, should come as no surprise that the same people who can find the right to unregulated abortion in the U.S. Constitution but not the right to bear arms, can hear emanating from even the faintest right-wing speech piercing racist dog whistles, but cannot hear the ear-shattering racist and antisemitic steam whistles on loud display within leftist speech.

The progs aim at sowing confusion, doubt, self-censorhsip and, if that fails, state or corporate censorship and control: Hate Speech! No Twitter/YouTube for you! They strive to make the average person unsure of just about everything, to instill fear in him so he won't speak or write for fear of giving offense, and then suffering disastrous financial and career consequences; to allow all he knows as true--e.g., two human sexes, national borders are important to defend, Western civilization is the best--come not only under question but held as contemptible. The only solution to the "crisis," naturally, comes from a powerful state controlled by the anointed Mandarins of Progolandia with their lawyers, professors, journalists, and, when needed, street thugs and armed agents of the state to ensure that all of us drink from the same bowl of mind-numbing Kool-Aid, and that we never doubt that any questioning of the new revealed wisdom is PURE HATE.

Let's look at a couple of leftist steam whistles which the progs just cannot hear.

Let's start with leftist antisemitism, an old characteristic of that side of the political equation.

Go right to Marx and find it there.

Yes, Karl Marx, born Jewish and baptized Lutheran, spent his whole life running from the Jew label. His writings reek of the antisemitic tropes of the era, and, quite clearly, equate Judaism with capitalism and call for the liberation of man from Judaism. I don't want to hear the standard BS responses from Marxists defending their saint by arguing that the ol'  bearded boy was waxing ironic, or sarcastic, or some other "you have to see the context" argument. I have read all that stuff. It's nonsense: he was a Jew-hating Jew. Period. Not the first and, certainly, not the last, e.g., George "I worked with the Nazis, so?" Soros, Bernie "Honeymoon in USSR" Sanders. The left has been and remains full of them and of other antisemites of all ethnic brands: Socialism, a.k.a. Communism, inevitably goes full antisemitic--e.g., Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Chavez--anti-American, and, eventually, also anti-Christian. Recall that the Nazis, the poster boys for antisemitism, arose from the German left, and had great regard for the writings of Marx. No surprise then that the modern totalitarian anti-American left, a.k.a progressivism, is virulently anti-Israel and seeks a Molotov-Von Ribbentrop alliance with the hoax "Palestinian" cause and other antisemitic "social justice" warriors, e.g. a couple of our women Congress reps, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton. They immediately go for the "dual loyalty" charge against Jews because progs are just so patriotic they don't want people "loyal" to Israel, just as  they oppose "Russian interference" . . . but they are all for illegal aliens voting and importing fake refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, don't mind if their candidate uses an insecure email server, if a prog Congresswoman opens up the Congressional email system to Pakistani agents, and a prog Senator with a known Chinese spy on her staff for years.

Simply put: Disregard the "I oppose Israel but not Jews" argument we hear from the left. Sure, one can criticize this or that action by Israel, but that's not what we are discussing here. The left and other antisemites want Israel to undertake actions, e.g., defensible borders, take "back" the fake Palestinian refugees, that would lead to the destruction of the state, and to the elimination, either through exile, dhimmitude, or death of the roughly six million Jews who live there. Six million seems to be a popular number for the left when it comes to Jews.

I am sure readers can come up with more steam whistles which the left just "cannot" hear. A hint: the anti-Western ideology of Islam, and the massive corruption of Hollywood, the media, and the education system, all bastions of prog thought.

As noted, the left has mastered the art of the hoax, of the widely broadcast lie, of the fake news item aimed at establishing the validity of the prog narrative. In a post (here) from over four years ago I discussed the use of several big lies by the left; they had in common one theme, to wit, "It is all for the greater good. The lie serves the truth, don't you know?" It's all gotten so much worse than when I wrote that piece in 2014. It doesn't matter if something is true, it could be true, because it should be true, because some times you have to lie to serve the greater Truth.

We are awash with prog lies and hoaxes. In the name of saving us from ourselves, the progs promote the most vile and destructive hoaxes in our history, e.g., Russian collusion, diversity is our strength, Socialism is good, and, of course, the innate evil of the white race and its civilization. Other hoaxes range from fake rape scandals at fraternities, fake assaults on the streets of Chicago by MAGA supporters, fake outrage over Rebel flags, fake voter suppression tales, the fake devastation of Brexit, to the most fake story of all, man-made global climate change.

Hoax is the word increasingly associated with the left. Again, these hoaxes have a common theme: create fear turmoil and justify the need for more government control of our lives. Keep us looking to prog-controlled government to save us.


  1. Well that comment went poof.

    This is a good article. Maybe you should run for public office. Worked for Donald.

    1. "Well that comment went poof."

      So sorry Paulie, twas just me
      trying to hit the high note~~~
      Chief hOWlin woof~~~

  2. The hoax is the dropping of clear uncertainties in favor of a progressive back-to-the-caveman "maybe this will finally defeat the evil capitalism" opportunism.
    "These guys models suggest an 80% chance at some global warming....but they're just stochastic models with no real predictive power." "So... 'catastrophic warming with absolute certainty', does that sound good?" "yeah fine, whatever's necessary to stop the jew...eerrrr capitalists."

    And agreed with Paul... Trump should put you in the highest office he can without abrogating your 'no senate confirmation BS' requirement. (I wasn't sure I agreed with you on that stipulation until the Kavanaugh crap. Now, I can see your point.)

    - reader #1482

    1. "So... 'catastrophic warming with absolute certainty', does that sound good?"

      ABSOLUT! Ossifer hic`~~~

  3. We're all Jews now,
    at least we 'deplorable' few,
    still able to sing a DiploMadrigal tune~~~

    On Watch~~~
    Put that whistle
    in yo pocket sonny~~~

  4. Well done post. A continuing sad but true tale...

  5. I believe the root of anti-Semitism is envy. The Jewish have a long tradition and established religion designed to create a strong, disciplined and moral family. People who come from a family like that, tend to do well in the world, and pass that on to their children.
    Those who cannot see that is what makes the Jewish tend to succeed easily fall into envy and ideas that things are rigged. This can be summed up in an old “Onion” joke.
    Headline: God, “I have decided to choose a new ‘Chosen people’”.
    Weeks pass….
    Headline: God, “it’s Jews, again”.
    Jews: “Shit!”

    1. yeah.. having an identity outside of supplication to the state will never work for progressivism/totalitarianism in any context. Didn't work for nazi germany in the 1930's, and won't work for the democrat america in the 2020's.

      - reader #1482

    2. Or the old Jewish prayer:

      Lord, next time choose someone else.

    3. He did... a guy we call Jesus! :)

      - reader #1482

  6. Hate does seem to be the driving force of the Left.

    1. "Hate..."
      IMHO, Concur Scott!
      As we've discovered over time, and time again,
      the antidote for such deadly loads of Marxist/Prog poison in bodies politic, is to bleed it all out! Annihilation such that, even the thought, of provoking such inevitable and overwhelming counter-force, changes enemy attitudes and behaviors. Honest Americans may recognize that the only cure for the deadly disease of anti-Americanism, is the ASSURED DESTRUCTION of America's enemies wherever they are IN country or OUT. Let's Hope that we can get it done before the Corrupt and HATEFUL U.S. Constitution killers, get control of all the levers of Government. CheckMate!

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"