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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Mueller Mutters

I wasn't going to comment on the Mueller Show. It was just too embarrassing. You can like him or not (I don't) but Mueller has served our country in war and peace. He served bravely as a Marine in Vietnam and won the Bronze Star and the Purple heart, as well as other commendations. He went on to have a distinguished career in private law and government service, including as Director of the FBI. That said, as is now apparent, his sell-by date had long expired by the time he was named Special Counsel to investigate possible Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

As SC, he was clearly in over his head. As became apparent at the Congressional hearings yesterday, he had only a limited familiarity with "his" famous report or the process that produced it.  I finally read the thing, and Mueller also should have before he testified.

Mueller reminded me of Mel Brooks' Governor Leptomane in Blazing Saddles, all we needed was for his aide to bring out the box of paddleballs.

The whole multi-hour testimony proved a calamity for the anti-Trump forces.

The report itself, despite being drafted by ardent haters of Trump, was bad enough for the cause of impeachment and getting rid of Trump--it found no collusion; no obstruction--and the Dems should have left bad enough alone. Their anti-Trump fever, however, pushed them into making another colossal mistake: Haling the now retired SC before their committees and forcing him to perform.

President Trump couldn't have asked for a better day.

The GOP reps, for once, were on top of their game. Clearly, they had coordinated among themselves and divided up the cross-examination into tight five-minute segments. They did a superb job of shredding the "Mueller" report and, unfortunately, shredding an "old" man's dignity in the process. Mueller seemed confused, disoriented, befuddled, and at any moment I expected him to scream out, "Nurse! What is going on?!?" In contrast to the Republicans, the Dems seemed unprepared and gave bombastic anti-Trump speeches devoid of facts.

The Mueller Show was, I repeat, a disaster for the Dems and another gift to Trump 2020. Will it derail impeachment? I don't know. Depends on how crazy the Dems insist on remaining; it will, however, make it even easier for the Senate to rule for Trump.

Trump 2020.


  1. "The House Oversight committee voted on Thursday to subpoena emails and texts from White House officials sent or received on their personal accounts. As Chairman Elijah Cummings said, the panel is worried that the administration may be in violation of the Presidential Records Act, which was initiated in the wake of Watergate."


    Dim-Wits just Can't. Let. It. Go.

  2. Huh. They weren't worried about HIllary Clinton or any other Obama administration official's records.

  3. Wall Street Journal suggests that the second person feeling better in the wake of these silly hearings is Nancy Pelosi. If the hearings have the effect of dampening the enthusiasm of her caucus's sillier members (I'm looking at you, Squad Members!) for impeachment, and thus increasing her chances to remain Speaker after the 2020 election.

    Also of interest, that "aide" alongside Mueller appears to have coached the SC's answers more than a little. So the question arises: who, exactly, wrote the "Mueller Report." Weisman?

    Green Bear

    1. The aide next to Mueller. When the GOP rep was laying out the Clinton connected lawyers on Mueller's team, he neglected to mention his handler at his elbow. Zelbey represented Cooper of servergate fame, the kid that was her main IT guy and hammerer of Blackberries.

      He's been riding Mueller's coattails since Mueller's director days

  4. His dignity would not have been shredded if he had done his job correctly, from the beginning. And kept in touch with what was going on, not turned a blind eye to all the shenanigans, not acted like a partisan pawn to some truly evil people.

    He has no one but himself to blame. In previous times, he'd go home and self-Danny Deever or suck-start a gun.

    He may have been at one time a most honorable person, but the last 10 years or so? Not so much.

    Like that fighter pilot ace turned congress critter who destroyed all his dignity and honor by becoming one of the most corrupt and easily caught congresscritters of all time.

    Want to act honorable? Quit acting. Be honorable. Or don't be. There is no Act.

    Despicable man. Throws his life away to play pander politics with despicable people. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

    He did it to himself. And if he was so smart, then he knew what he was doing to himself, which would make it even worse.

    I have no compassion for him. For his family? Maybe. For him? Nope.

  5. Th "Military Card" has become almost as overused and onerous as the "Race Card".

    If when I'm put in the ground, the first thing anyone says about me is "He served in Vietnam", I will reach up from my grave and strangle that person.

  6. In 1963, a young (ex-)Marine resolved to take out the President of the United States on the streets of Dallas. The assassin had only ten seconds, no accomplices and a $30 budget. Tragically, he succeeded.

    In 2017, an old( ex-)Marine resolved to take out the President of the United States in the swamps of Washington. The assassin had two plus years, a whole lot of accomplices and a $30 million budget. By the grace of God, he failed.

    Oswald and Mueller are birds of a feather. Both of them betrayed America and the Corps.

  7. Honestly, getting Trump to come to the senate for a couple weeks of 'testimony', telling each and every one of them how stupid and useless they are seems like something Trump might be willing to pay for out of pocket.
    Trump wants the world to hang on his every word.

    Why in the world would the democrats want to give him that opportunity?

    Ignoramuses, the lot of 'em.

    Like you, I don't mind. If the democrats have got their sights lined up squarely on their big toe, I'll do them the courtesy of chambering the round.

    - reader #1482

  8. Yep, impeachment is so important to save the country from dictator Trump. As Instapundit wrote, " House Democrats: We Won’t Rest Until Trump Is Stopped . . . Okay, Time for Six Weeks of Summer Recess.

  9. Though Mueller was in the military he is not worthy of respect. He is a dirty corrupt player. Examples:

    - Uranium One Russian bribes cover up.

    - cover up of Sandy Berger classified info cover up.

    - FISA abuse cover up

    - Jeff Epstein original case handling

    - accussed two innocent people in the Anthrax case

    - tried to entrap a defense attorney in a Boston case

    - and the list goes on

    1. That partial list is why I loathe and detest Robert Mueller.

      Once he may have been an honorable man, but his track record since he got to Washington has been despicable. Innocent people have died in prison because he never acknowledges any mistakes he's made, and he's made plenty!

      If he had any honor remaining he never would have accepted the position of Special Counsel when the Clinton assassination team chose him to be its figurehead. That he did shows that he is just another Judas, collecting his pieces of silver for betraying his President.

    2. Trump might be the best candidate for President, but he certainly ain't no Jesus. We can say Mueller is a dastardly double-crosser, but he's playing politics against a city full of scumbags, not selling out the father, son, and the word.
      I don't know why people who formerly seemed so level headed are now just turned on their heels. It's 'the new thing' I guess.

    3. Anon:

      I don't recall Americans wanting to elect a "PERFECT" candidate. There was only ONE perfect man, and we nailed him to a cross.

      Trump has many imperfections, as do I(and I'll bet you do as well). BUT, he is what this country needs, NOW, to try and undo what the dim-wits, and devils, have done to this country. He will likely not succeed in his mission, based on what the devils are doing. But, it's a short reprieve of what's coming.

    4. was referencing the prior comment comparing mueller to judas... we don't need to go there.

    5. Point taken, Anon- and a better comparison would have been to Benedict Arnold, also a decorated soldier who sold out his country.

      Though I'm 100% a Trump supporter, I did not intend to compare him to Jesus Christ. I think Trump is a good man, but there has only been One who is all good; I meant only to point out that Mueller betrayed his oath to support and defend the Constitution, and got very well paid for his betrayal!

    6. understood.. I've hit that hyperbole myself on occasion...
      I'm a 51%'er on Trump. :)

  10. With Andrew Weissman as Hedy (That's Hedley) Lamarr.

  11. Shredding an old man's dignity? The Loony Left did that.

  12. ..."the Mueller Show. It was just too embarrassing"...

    Affirm, just another aged rotting political skunk, performing his obligatory 'Brian Dead' last act, as precursor for avoiding prosecution when this latest stinking cadre of Deep State assassins are called to account for their un-Constitutional dirty deeds!
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  13. I watched what Bob Muller did 30 plus years ago with the Whitey Bulger mess.
    Pretty sad the FBI got played for years by a street thug and then lied some more.

  14. Ravenworks: Do you have a link for Mueller's involvement in the Whitey Bulger case? I have heard this claim made several times, but never with any documentation, and I have not been able to find any ties between him and the Boston FBI office in that era.

    1. I saw some stories published pointing out that Mueller was in a place to intervene but chose not to. Might look in that direction. I dont' have anything handy though.
      I would suspect that they imprisoned one set of mobsters instead of an informant set of mobsters.. but they were all probably mobsters, so it was presumably difficult for the FBI to care that much?
      Technically a miscarriage of justice, but if they were certain the guys were mobsters anyways... the burden for freeing such people might be higher than technicalities.. dunno.

      - reader #1482

    2. https://www.nytimes.com/2002/05/24/us/trial-ending-for-boston-fbi-agent-accused-of-mob-ties.html


      Expect to be 'pinged' on this last:


    3. I should add regarding the vault, it "helps" when searching there for your computer to be hardwired to your internet connection. And further "help" if your connection is landline. But so long as you're phoneline modemed searching there "should" work okay.

    4. Same security level whether wired or wireless... Either the feds have broken our public key crypto or they haven't. But it doesn't matter whether that's over the wire or EM spectrum.