Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Summer Craziness

The heat is on.

At least, that is, where I am currently residing in the wonderful town of Wilmington, North Carolina. It is hot! Humid! Mosquitos out in force! But, the gun range is air conditioned so I have nothing to complain about much, unless I follow national and international news.

It's official: the Democrat Party is completely psychotic, consumed with a deep raging hatred of all things Trump, and even more troubling, all things USA. We, for example, are the only country on earth not allowed to ask whether people living in our country are citizens. The reasoning for this prohibition is utterly nuts. We have Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, no less, telling us that to ask that question on the census would disadvantage minorities, and forms part of an effort to "make America white again." This statement is absurd on so many levels it is breath-taking.

To follow, for a moment, the twisted reasoning of Ms. Pelosi and the "mainstream" media, only white people are citizens of the United States. Yep. All those black Americans will be terrified by being asked if they are citizens. Millions of hispanics will be triggered into a rug-biting frenzy if asked. Yes, per the Democrats, only white people are citizens, and only "people of color" are illegal aliens, or at least non-citizens--sorry Puerto Rico, the Dems have cut you loose.  This is a continuation of the Prog argument that a voter id requirement disadvantages black voters . . . never explained why.

They are liars with a malevolent agenda, one which I have discussed at length before, to wit, to destroy the very concept of citizenship and of nation in a cynical bid to keep and gain more power. They, furthermore, are advising illegal aliens on how to foul up ICE attempts to deport those whom HAVE ALREADY BEEN ORDERED DEPORTED BY THE COURTS!!! Somebody will get hurt or killed, and the blood is on the hands of the Dems and their Prog friends.

When will the demand arise for there to be no passport requirement when landing at an airport in the US? That requirement surely disadvantages the poor of the world and prevents them from exercising their right to live in the US.

Mental illness is rampant.

On the UK Ambassador and his leaked cables. I read the material printed in the media: Not very sophisticated stuff. I would have made any junior officer writing something like that to go back to the drawing board and try again. The UK Embassy seemed to be just repeating garbage from the leftoid US media and the views of the oh-so sophisticated elite bubble in which the Embassy lives.  Not very useful material to guide HMG in their relations with the USA. Go! Away! Now!

Stupidity is rampant.

Off to the dog park.


  1. Find me a white house that isn't in complete disarray.

    Seriously, I think Trump handles his white house in a manner very appropriate to him and his style. It's certainly full of turnover and drama, but I'm pretty certain it's the way he intends his administration to function.

    People should buy into the Remainers' agenda on the US and Trump at their own risk.... Cloud Cuckoo Land welcomes...

    - reader #1482

  2. Personally, having perused what I could of the leaked cables, I think the UK ambassador should have been relieved for incompetence; Pres Trump did the english a favour by refusing to deal with the buffoon further.

    1. Even had I been inclined to give Mr. Darroch the benefit of the doubt, that inclination would have been washed away post haste by the revelation that he actually vouched for Christopher Steele. What an idiit, infused with TDS. Not a good way to represent one's country, IMO.

  3. When judges make stupid rulings such as about not asking about citizenship on a census form, I am reminded of Stalin's comment on hearing that the Pope opposed him: "How many divisions does the Pope have?".

    These judges are playing with fire, because the only "divisions" those Far Left Fools have is the willingness of us peons to follow the rules they invent out of whole cloth. And that willingness is wearing thin. Some day, an elected politician is going to ignore a judge's foolish ruling … and the weak threads still holding our civilization together will start to pull apart.

    As for me, I don't care what a dumb Far Left judge says. I am going to answer the unasked question on my census form and write "Citizen" in big black letters on it.


    Good thing we publicized this stuff.

    1. Yeah Anon! Or we wouldn't have a clue as to who our resident anti-American enemies actually are! sarc/off
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"