Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Dude Takes 10

It's happened.

We have yet another New Yorker with a wild hair-do on the world scene to continue upsetting the comfortable elitist apple cart.

In case you haven't heard, Boris "The Dude" Johnson takes over as British PM from the hapless and hopeless Theresa May.

Those of us who wish well to the UK, and to the US-UK relationship, cannot help but be delighted by this turn of events. Boris Johnson has promised quite vociferously to get the UK out of the EU and to honor the results of the Brexit vote, with or without a "deal." That alone means he deserves our respect and support. He seems to realize what PM May either refused to or just wasn't bright enough to, that Britain holds the upper hand in its dealings with the EU. The bureaucrats in Brussels need London much more than vice-versa. I hope he plays that hand well.

The new PM comes in facing a formidable Deep State. Those British Deep Staters will do all in their power to sabotage PM Johnson and his effort to Make Britain Great Again. The media, including the execrable BBC, will be passionately anti-Johnson, especially when he and Trump begin to pal around on the world stage.

He has his work cut out for him.

Welcome aboard PM Johnson! The Donald's barber is very happy!


  1. Let's hope Boris leaves the British Deep State "shaken, not stirred".

  2. Pragmatism... there are no 'good people' who are willing to be involved in politics. There may have been a few such people back long ago, I'm not sure. But there certainly is no place for good people in politics today.
    Our leaders don't have to be moral role models... and Johnson isn't... neither is Trump. Take them for the 'deal' they make with the people and how well they hold to that 'deal'.
    Obama made a 'deal' with America, then turned his back on everybody but his original supporters... or as he termed it: "Evolved on these issues."
    Where's that wall? No excuses. Trump's going to get it done, and he'll be reelected not because everybody loves the wall, but because the entire populace will be surprised when a candidate delivers on a promise. It's been decades, at least.
    Hopefully Johnson will deliver a good clean Brexit. I'm dubious because even though the forces against it are in extremely high speed decline (liberal German speaking Germans), they are extremely powerful on the money side of the equation.
    This is an economic replay of WWII to an extent.

    - reader #1482

  3. The man seems witless... But I guess the same could be said of Trump.

    1. The same thing was said of The Donald. You are engaging in wishful thinking.

    2. For a guy who 'seems witless', Trump has done rather well reinvigorating the economy and improving America's place in the world. I expect his second term will be even better, giving our federal government the house cleaning it needs.

  4. Thank you, Sir, for your good wishes. Judging by the former Anglo-American Prime Minister, we could be in for some 'interesting times'!

  5. I'm looking forward to Rees-Mogg being in the Cabinet.

  6. Replies
    1. Leader of the House of Commons! Cabinet looks like they want to push Brexit forward in a timely fashion.

  7. What the UK does is their own business. UK parliamentarians have proved in the 3 years since the referendum squeaked through (37% Leave, 35% Remain, 28% Declining to Vote) that they are incapable of running a modern country -- or maybe even of running a lemonade stand. Reshuffling the same pack of losers is likely to be a disappointment, but that is their problem, not ours.

    Old Boris has not exactly been straight with the US (or supportive) in matters such as the UK's worthless ambassador to the US. After separation from the EU, when he comes crawling to the US for a trade deal, he had better have something good to offer to the US in exchange.

    For too long, the "Special Relationship" has been a one-way affair, with US support and affection getting snide British insults in return. And let's not mention recent UK efforts to undermine the US President. This is a good time to make relations between the US and the UK a two-way affair or a no-way affair.

    1. Needing your butt pulled out of the fryer for not paying attention in the run up to WWII is going to smart. It's been 70 years, but I'll bet it smarts more like a "200 year spanking". Maybe another 15 generations will fix it, if there are any vestiges of that once-great civilization surviving.
      Maybe brexit will throw a lifeline to britain....

  8. Obama removed that Churchill bust. Trump restored it to a place of dignity. Johnson isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but at least he knows which end is the handle and which way to point the blade.