Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, May 18, 2020

Not a Whiff of Scandal . . . Yeah, Right, Joe. Sure thing . . .

OK. I was going to write a long warm up/intro to the main topic of this piece, but my anger level kept rising. In light of that, therefore, let me drop the preparatory suiting up, the chase, as well, and cut right to the kill: the Obama-Biden misadministration was the most corrupt and destructive in the long history of our republic. The Obama-Biden years, as this humble and inconsequential blog has long-declared, were an unmitigated disaster. Period.

In terms of vulgar corruption, no other Presidency comes close: not Grant; not Arthur; not Harding. When it comes to assault on basic liberties and institutions, likewise, no other administration can even approximate that by the Obama-Biden misadministration: not Adams; not Wilson; not FDR; and certainly not Nixon.

Joe "Basement" Biden, the presumptive nominee of the world's oldest political party for US President, has for years irritatingly and falsely regaled us with a line some staffer fed him, along with his daily Prevagen dose, that the Obama-Biden administration "never had even a whiff of scandal."

Right, Joe. Sure. Keep saying that until even you believe it.

For the rest of us, well . . . those scandal-free Obama-Biden years exist, if at all, only in a Hollywood/Marvel Comics alternate universe. The late and unlamented Obama-Biden misadministration that I remember had another storyline all together: one of major scandals from the start to the end of its horrid eight-year tenure. Rewind to 2009. Then run the ol' memory projector forward: the scandals come in a rush, a jumble so thick and complex that it proves tough to keep them straight. You will always miss at least one, no matter how often you play the tape. To list all the scandals would require, in Professor Reynolds' phrase, "a much bigger blog." It, however, would make a great drinking game.

We have even before inauguration: corrupt Obama real estate dealings. Unclear educational background. Dealings with terrorists and other America-haters. Murky personal history throughout. Once in office, in no particular order: Solyndra. Benghazi. Egypt. Fake Iran deal. Clinton Foundation "pay-for-play." Billions in Haiti aid funds missing. Uranium deal with Putin. Kowtowing to Castro and Chavez/Maduro. Kowtowing to China. Destruction of the US military.

At home, political opponents had to face: Obama-Biden-DNC deals with foreign agents to attack and smear those opponents. IRS weaponized. ATF weaponized. DOJ weaponized. FBI weaponized. NSA weaponized. CIA weaponized. FISA court weaponized. All this with the complicity of the legacy mass media, and the tech companies that control the new media. It goes on and on.

In short, the Obama-Biden misadministration did not have a "whiff" of scandal, it had an eye-watering, gagging, choking, diesel fuel fed smoking dumpster fire of scandal.

Joe Biden, an old-time Democrat party corruptocrat, has tried to adopt the speech, memes, and look of the new Democrat party corruptocrats (here). He has never stood for anything except for Joe Biden, an ambitious plagiarist, crook, and liar. As a Senator, he spent much of his time running for President, and when that crashed, leading a lynch mob against Justice Thomas. He also used the Senate to get rich from Delaware-based credit card companies; he used the Vice Presidency to make his family rich with corrupt deals in China and Ukraine. Throughout it all, he has been a liar, a fabulist of the first order. While the press try to dismiss his utterances as mere "gaffes," Biden actually utters lie after lie, and has done so for decades. He tells so many falsehoods that we, to be kind, could conclude that he lives in a delusional world wherein lie and truth prove inseparable. We, for example, now know Biden took part in the persecution of General Flynn, but he lies about it. He once claimed to have opposed taking out Osama bin-Laden, but now denies ever saying that. All this quite aside from the fact that he clearly suffers from rapidly diminishing mental capacities; has uncontrollable and irrational bursts of macho-affirming anger; seems a serial sexual harasser of women; and has "odd"--to say the least--behavior around children.

As repulsive a character as ever strode the American political stage, Biden is the Frankenstein's monster produced by the fusion of body parts from the old and the new Democrat party.


  1. "When it comes to assault on basic liberties and institutions, likewise, no other administration can even approximate that by the Obama-Bien misadministration -"

    Well...consider James Buchanan's administration: among other scandals, he rejected the legal right of the U.S. to prevent secession and he refused to can Secretary of War John Floyd, a man who first embezzled funds, then paved the way for the South's confident declaration of Secession by transferring Federal arms to the southern states: Floyd eventually resigned and joined the Confederacy, commanding Fort Donelson. Next to that, Obama with his Fast & Furious and get-Trump projects appears to be a mere piker.

    "All this quite aside from the fact that he [Biden]clearly suffers from rapidly diminishing mental capacities -"

    After witnessing Biden in person in a congressional committee meeting back in the 1980s, I lost all confidence in Biden's mental capacity; there wasn't that much there to start with! I didn't know about his greed then, but his vindictiveness and ignorance appear undiminished.

  2. Stifling your feelings is not good for the heart, my friend. Now rewrite this and let your feelings loose! ;-)

  3. The unfortunate thing is that Biden (like Obama, like the Clintons) is the symptom, not the problem.

    The real problem is that the once-proud Democrat Party has lost its way. We see this all the way down to local elections, where the small number of Democrat Primary voters reliably pick the most foolish & corrupt candidate. Thanks to so many General Election voters reliably voting for whichever idiot the small number of Democrat Primary voters selected, we all have to suffer from the curse of the tyranny of a small minority.

    If there is any answer short of societal collapse, I would love to know about it.

  4. Above "Unknown" is me. System proves that I too should not be allowed out in public.

    1. Don't worry, Gavin. Joe will unmask you.

    2. Gavin, I am allowed out in public often...with adult supervision.

  5. Not a whiff. As you say, "Right."
    The scientific term is, I believe, "Olfactory Fatigue."

  6. "As repulsive a character as ever strode the American political stage, Biden is the Frankenstein's monster produced by the fusion of body parts from the old and the new Democrat party."- WLA

    ~~~~~~~>RESTORE<~~~~~~~ |~~~~~~~~REMOVE~~~~~~~
    POLitical Accountability | Fused 'Rat Body Parts
    Dunking~~Dueling~~Caning | Drawn and Quarterd<
    In No particular order | disassemply required

    No warmth, no breath shall testify thou livest. The roses in thy lips and cheeks shall fade. To paly ashes, thy eyes' windows fall. Like death when he shuts up the day of life. 105 Each part, deprived of supple government, Shall, stiff and stark and cold, appear like death. And in this borrowed likeness of shrunk death. hOWlin Billy Shagspur~~~ Charnel House Mgr extrodinare~~~

  7. Two points:

    "Misadministration" implies more a sense of sloppiness than is warranted. Better is "Maladministration" with the evil fully intact.

    Second, "Strode the … stage" is inappropriate. Slithered or slimed is closer.

    Green Bear

  8. No defense from me on Biden.

    However, Trump's scandal list has left everyone in dust.

    1. Horse crap, there is no scandal list for Trump.

    2. Can't defend this any better than for Biden. At least you're consistent....

  9. Your Blog disappeared for a while. I thought the Deep State might have got you.

    Welcome back.

  10. Yes, I am having problems with GoDaddy. They passed my website to another account (?) and the holder of that account deleted it. No explanation. I am trying to get back the domain.

  11. I think your problems were the result of the tech plan to silence Conservative voices!

  12. For a couple of weeks, I got a "site cannot be reached" message when I tried to read your blog. What was going on? --Kepha

  13. Democracy is the curious idea that average people will achieve above-average results.