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Friday, May 29, 2020

Minneapolis Burning

Re the ongoing violence in Minneapolis, I am reluctant to chime in on these sorts of stories because the "known facts" almost always get significantly modified as time passes. Think back to Ferguson; to Jussie Smollet; to Nick Sandmann; to Richard Jewell; and, of course, to the Russian collusion/Ukranian quid-pro-quo hoaxes. Interestingly enough, the people almost always wrong on these stories are the ones who push these stories the hardest.

So what do we know, or, at least, think we know?

Well, so far, we know that a white cop, Derek Chauvin, in the process of arresting a black man, George Floyd, for passing forged $20 bills, killed that suspect. The video--there's always video--is grotesque, and shows that Chauvin CLEARLY used excessive and inappropriate force in the arrest. If the video making the rounds is the complete story, then Chauvin deserves arrest, and probably should face something greater than the third-degree murder/manslaughter charges he now faces. It also seems that Chauvin has a history of excessive force, and probably should not have been a police officer. I doubt that kneeling on a passive suspect's neck is an approved restraining process.

Chauvin and Floyd might have known each other from a security gig they undertook at the same time at a local club. If that's true, there might exist something more personal in Chauvin's behavior towards Floyd, which, perhaps, would justify elevating the charges even further, i.e., premeditated murder?

None of us, of course, knows at this stage whether race proved a factor, whether Chauvin is a racist, and whether he would have used the same brutal tactics against a white suspect.

Lots of unanswered questions.

Those questions, of course, do not get answered by burning down businesses, stealing large-screen TVs, or breaking into ATMs--all activities undertaken by some of the "protestors." The media has been, as usual, completely disgusting on the story. They seem unable to condemn police brutality AND condemn the behavior of looters destroying local businesses already hard-hit by the insane ChiCom virus lock-down.

In addition, the media, and the Dems, along with the fascists at Twitter, are deliberately misinterpreting Trump's tweet about "when the looting starts, the shooting starts." Who doubts the wisdom of that statement? Is it true? Of course it is. It is a simple statement of fact. Nothing more.

I find laughable the furious attempts to blame Trump for the violence in yet another Dem-run city and state. Face it, the major urban centers are run by Democrats, and are cesspools of violence, high-taxes, fleeing middle classes, poverty, and, yes, RACISM.

Minneapolis, once a terrific place, has become just another in a long-line of those Democrat cesspools.


  1. Gonna be a LONG, HOT summer.

    Keep your powder dry, folks. This won't get better anytime soon.

  2. We now know the 'victim' was in ill-health, was on 'recreational' drugs, and was saying "I can't breathe" before being taken down to the ground (indicative of a hearth attack.)

    Preliminary autopsy shows no throat closure or trauma, nor any other trauma, but does point towards heart issues.

    So, as usual, within 48 hours a completely opposite story, called The Truth, comes out and yet nobody steps back and calms down.

    Why? My personal feelings are that someone(s) is(are) puppetmastering what is going on.

    1. Beans,
      Preliminary autopsy shows no throat closure or trauma, nor any other trauma, but does point towards heart issues.

      Presumably, that's the same preliminary autopsy that does say Chauvin's behavior contributed to Floyd's death.

  3. Mr Floyd's death was a terrible, terrible thing.

    However, it is being undermined by the opportunistic anarchists who are rioting and looting.

    That rioting and looting is nothing to do with Mr Floyd's death and it needs to be dealt with as a completely separate issue.

  4. As with other supposedly cut and dried cases--Trayvon, Michael Brown--reality is turning out to be different.

  5. We now have coordinated riots by BLM/Antifa groups in a dozen or more cities. This is something new and very dangerous.

    1. Probably unnecessary Scott

      You may recall a report DHS issued back in April '16 was, after the outrage expressed by *guess who [interested parties] forced the report to be pulled?


      Politico (in the "certain knowledge" its candidate was absolutely gonna win) even felt assured enough that it [Politico] could run a story on Antifa:


      Of cours I realize the DNC gets a bunch from Soros but I'm thinking this most recent stuff erupted so quickly that, even though it likely is 'stuff that Soros likes' he didn't have time to send 'em their lunch money.


  6. I receive stuff from the 'Covention of States' organization and in my email just now I find 'news' about Mr. Floyd - the veracity of which probably deserves some scrutiny if only because some other reporting states the well-publicized *fact of Mr. Floyd's and Mr. Chauvin's 'working security 'together at some sort of club' - "for years" I was given to understand.

    "According to a new report from the New York Post, Floyd had been trying to start a better life in Minneapolis after being released from jail in Texas. He had secured two jobs -- one driving trucks and another as a bouncer at the restaurant Conga Latin Bistro, where he was known as “Big Floyd.”

    That's from the COS part of story - here's the link to the NY Post referenced:


    Personally, I await the completion of proper investigation.

    The 'resulting' riots however are another kettle of fish altogether methinks - looks to me too too coordinated to be in any regard - spontaneous. There is, as we all probably well aware now, a rumor (some say 'report' but) that some 'undercover/disguised' cop broke some windows and thus started the mess sounds extremely fishy to me.

    I think more likely, Antifa.


  7. Covid or not, if it's important enough to 'protest', it's important enough to do so *not* wearing a mask. These people 'organizing' these protests absolutely must require no face coverings and cooperate with police in apprehending these masked incitement goons.

    No weapon, no threat, by all accounts, there was just no reason for that behavior on the part of the cop. At least in California, the 'felony murder law' would likely classify this as murder even if the guy died from a heart attack, as he did so during the commission of a felony assault by the police officer.

    I don't know if the officer was having a bad day, or recognized the guy from another workplace and had it in for him.

    As for your domain's hiatus, my guess is that one of your haters managed to hijack your account via some sort of identity exploit. I'd make sure all your other accounts are locked down with strong security questions.

    - reader #1482

  8. Looks to be just another Media-Black 'Rat 3rd rate attack on the CinC! The same BLM tactics going-on next door in Georgia! Where another Negro( pretend 27 yo good boy) thug got caught in the wrong hood, on security camera-- by LEO connected neighbors -- on the lookout for thieves disguised as ex-jock Joggers! The Jacksonville 'oh so sincere Black TV News shapers and 3rd rate lying black lawers, have kept the story simmering for weeks now. Seems the same scenario is playing out in Black Democrap dense cities, all across the nation. Tis Obvious to most, the usual POLcats are trying to ignite Race War violence, in order to topple the GOP front Runner - "he's such a racist bully"--Dat Dat Orange Man!
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"
    P.S. Welcome back Kotter! the natives and the Ozzies ore in Zummerzet were sending out zearch-parties to glean your whereabouts, some thought you were being detained by the admin for nefarious GOP campaign ops! Last I heard, JK was contacting his merry band of shylocks and hobbled HighHat Octogenarians to beat the bushes~~~alas many of US were losing hope, then the Duffer & wee nonsense showed up over here reminiscing about 'Charlie the Hong Kong Taylor' or sumptin~~~hic`` so there ya have it~~~

    1. 'Shylocks' huh OW?

      High Hat "Octogenarians" huh?

      Well yes I'm qualified for social security but for all intents (just now I find myself subject to 'the proper authorities' - but mustn't put that in a blog comment)

      Anyway yes I get social security but doggone man, 'Octogenarians'?

      Okay Corporal Duff and BOE, Glesga ... well you can't possibly expect me to list everybody who is but doggone I ain't - hope to be one day though.


    2. Hahaha~~~ you sensitive pelagics always rising at flank speed toward the bait~~~ "Huh?" Nah, it's gest that I couldna get outta me mind,thee descriptive image of yer "hobbled" gait running... 8graylocks aflutter, mit one hand on yer brim, sort of a cross between Marry Poppins und an aging Dick Van Dyck heading for the rooftops, or maybe the sound of the cannons~~~ step n' time~~~
      On Watch~~~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHRQENE4f5c
      "Let's Dance"

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