Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, September 11, 2020

9/11: Then and Now

Had they had a properly working crystal ball, the suicidal Islamic terrorists who slammed airplanes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field on September 11, 2001, could now enjoy rich, fat, and happy lives in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or some other spa-like location in the Middle East or South-Central Asia. Along with their boss Osama, they gave up their miserable lives to murder thousands of us in an effort to bring down the United States and the West. 

As it turns out, Mohamed, you  had no need to do that. Mo, you poor deluded fool, we can do it ourselves.

I have written a lot about the 9/11 attack (here, for example) and won't bore the five or six readers of this exercise in narcissism with more. Let me just state, that back in those far off days, I saw that Islam posed the number one threat to America and the West, even if certain progs, e.g. Obama, could not bring themselves to so state. I thought that President Bush, despite his MANY shortcomings, had it right when he bluntly told the world in his September 20, 2001, address to Congress, "Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." True words. With us or against us. Pick a side. No neutral ground. Blood in our eye. We're coming for justice and revenge. We were united and soon the loons in the hills of Afghanistan found out what that meant.

Well, of course, that just ain't so any more. 

As readers of this humble blog can attest, I increasingly came to realize (here and here) that the greatest threat to the West came from within: idiotic immigration policies, the desire not to offend those who want to kill us, and decades of leftist "education" producing semi-literate, self-entitled morons all over the West convinced that the West is Bad, and full of all sorts of oppressions. Not only are they convinced, they act on it, too. It turns out that those who opposed us reacting to the Islamic threat, were themselves the greater threat.

We see violent anarchist-fascist-Red Guards, going under the banners of Antifa and BLM, tearing up our cities while their rich privileged enablers sip lattes and engage in bouts of cancel culture, and help extort millions of dollars, pure Mafia style, from the "wokesters" now running many global corporations.  They gain support also from the prog-dominated mainstream media and, of course, from that famous criminal organization known as the Democrat Party.

In sum, we can't blame this violence and destruction on a foreign occupation force, or an attack by foreign terrorists. Nope. It's all done by our own Quislings, our own home-grown Maoists, and leftist Brown Shirts. 

September 11, 2001 vs September 11, 2020. Not a good contrast.


  1. Very true, Dip. Now on to the follow-up question -- Why is the Democrat Party Establishment (and their running dogs in academia, media, and big corporations) so keen on undermining the US?

    There is obviously their vanity factor -- they understand everything so much better than anyone else. But their vanity is now finding the resources to do real damage.

    One possibility is that an outside power is using Dumb Democrats to undermine the US. The Democrat Establishment screams Russia! Russia! Russia! -- which we can take as proof positive that the source of outside agitation & funding is NOT Russia.

    Islam is pretty much a busted flush these days. Europeans hate the US, but they are too weak & too disorganized to accomplish anything. That leaves China.

    Another huge difference between 2001 and 2020: fire up Google Earth and do a traverse down the coast of China and up the Yangtse River valley. Look at the burgeoning modern cities, the freeways, the rail roads, the ports, the airports, the bridges -- most of it built in the last 20 years. China today has the resources to buy US politicians, academics, media stars, corporate executives. And we know when the mask slips occasionally that China is in fact doing this.

    "While America Slept".

  2. At some point, the infection become difficult to distinguish from the host. Unfortunately there's no place to where reasonable people can escape on an S.S. Mayflower of 2020.
    But the demographic current flows strongly against progressives (being so self-centered and nihilistic results in incredibly low birth rates). So there is some hope... don't raise your kids to be idiots.

    1. That's okay. The Mexicans and Somalis will give the progs a demographic hammerlock on power within the decade, even if they all sterilize themselves. California is already a failed Latin American narco-state, and with the Mexican mostly-illegal population increasing in Texas nine times faster than the native Anglos, they'll run the country like a medieval satrapy.

      You have four years to get ready to be a persecuted minority and/or an Enemy Of The People. Gird your loins.

  3. The America of nineteen years ago was eighty percent united and twenty percent quiet. Today if the attack happened again, the twenty and then some percent would be in the streets cheering.

  4. Leftists have been more dominant force the last 100 years, Islam the thousand years before that.With schools being Leftist Seminaries turning out kids into little Marxists it's not looking good for our future.

    1. marxists only infect, they don't breed... might be tough on us, but our grandchildren will likely have it nice.

  5. "In sum, we can't blame this violence and destruction on foreign... forces... Nope. It's all done by our own Quislings, our own home-grown Maoists, and leftist Brown Shirts. |September 11, 2001 vs September 11, 2020|...contrast.

    Well, Sir DipLoMadden, on the PLUS side of our ledger, the Thundering BOOs, by the Leftist labeled, “classless trash” fans, showered down on the the NFL pigmies & punks! Suspect all their 'wallet pockets' will begin to sting, as the season stagnates! A pox on the overpaid ignorant jackasses -- and the SPINELESS owner class who don't even have the stones to stand up against the Marxist THUGS callining the shots! Glad to say, I have every intention to NEVER attend or watch another NFL or NBA event! Can't wait to hear the score on how many more clowns turn-up COVId positive! Expect though, that those stats will be quashed by the ownership and the UNION.
    On Watch~~~ a proud "deplorable" and now "classless trash"
    "Let's Roll"

  6. ~~~~~~This Just in to Headquarters~~~~~

    Ah Gee, Now I feel even worse for the dumb jocks!

    "Each year Gallup surveys Americans on their favorability in regards to 25 major industries in the country. In its latest, released this week, we see some precipitous declines that should shake the constitutions [that is if they had a CONSTITUTION] of the fist-shaking pro athletes.

    Of all the sectors measured in the survey, professional sports suffered the biggest drop in support, falling all the way to 23rd on the list and settling barely above The Federal Government. The negative impressions by Americans now see sports underwater by double digits, with a 30%-40% favorable/unfavorable ratio.

    Things are only more bleak in the metrics. This decline was not a number moved by one sector rebelling against the actions in athletics. In all categories measured — gender, race, age, and politics — pro sports saw sharp declines of support. Among all adults, favorability plunged -30%, and of particular alarm should be that wage earners in the 35-45 age group dropped -44%. Non-white Americans fell a sharp -35%. Even the most supportive sector — Democrats — fell, a lower -5%, but among those declaring to be Independent there was a -36% drop in approval; where that category harbored a positive impression last year at +26% they now sit with a -10% approval.

    What needs to be highlighted is that this was not a poll driven by leading questions. People were not asked specifically if the activism was driving them off, nor given ”Have the protests changed your impression of sports’’ queries. This was a general impression poll asked of numerous industries. These are sobering returns, and they show there is a real visceral feeling that fans are being repelled by the antics in stadiums and arenas. This cannot be dismissed as one particular group of cranks moving the needle.

    Until the leagues are willing to admit this is having a direct and recognizable negative impact it will only continue.

    Cry me a river asswipes!
    On Watch~~~
    Hat Tip to Red State

  7. Seems more like you, the Lefty Wittes, & Fake News CNN etal are trying to re-float a s(t)inking boat, Mr. Rivenshi...

    "Wittes characterized the Trump administration as "malevolence tempered by incompetence." This description received widespread attention and re-use, including its being featured in a New York Times op-ed by Paul Krugman. --wiki

    HaHa, so what else is >NOT< new, obviously the Donk-powered "Clown Car" is stuck at full-throttle, on slippery terrain, heading downhill toward the abyss on Nov 3...

    Further, your link states clearly that: "CNN has reached out to DHS for comment. >>The final 2020 threat assessment has not been publicly released."<<

    Maybe you should sit-back and wait till the 'assessment' is "released", lest the prcise handling of said "Clown Car", be prematurely adjusted, and thus impacting the Democraps flight plan|||

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"