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"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

First Debate: Rocky vs. Walter Mitty

OK, it's 2 am, I just got in after a long drive in torrential rain so don't hold me to anything I write here. If needed, I will deny ever stating any of it.

Went to Raleigh and with two of my sons watched the first presidential debate.

General observation: the organization of the debates does not fit the bill. Instead of holding the candidates to some arbitrary six sections of topics, controlled by a moderator, often biased or inept, let them debate. Have them ask each other questions! Have them give each other answers! DEBATE!

I will vote for Trump, as will the Diplowife and the Diplosons. I don't think this debate will have changed anybody's mind. If you favored Trump before, you most likely still do. If you favored Biden before, you most likely still do. In that regard the debate proved a draw but . . . a draw in long-run games such as world chess championships or the Tour de France can prove part of a strategy for winning, well, in the long-run. Maybe.

Very briefly: each contestant played his version of hard-ball. Trump clearly came off as the more aggressive and energetic; critics would say he came off as a bully--I'll come back to that. Biden generally held up well, and aided by the moderator, Chris Wallace, on occasion managed to get Trump a bit flustered. Both interrupted one another, and Biden even engaged in outright name-calling, to wit, calling Trump a "clown" and a "liar," and telling him to shut-up. These guys obviously don't like each other.

Trump did not give as strong a defense of his naming a SCOTUS justice in an election year as he could have. He started saying, in essence, he would because he could: he has the White House and the Senate, and the other side would do the same if the situation allowed it. Realpolitic, and all that. Fair enough, but not very "principled," I guess, for want of a better word at 2 am. Toward the end of his statement, he concluded how he should have started: the President has a four-year term, not a three-year term, and the Constitutional responsibility and power to nominate a Justice for consideration by the Senate does not end in the last year. Precedents exists in our history for such nominations in an election year.

I found Trump's defense of his COVID policy a bit confusing and not as strong as it should have proven. He, after all, has done what the "scientists" said, and even imposed a ban on travel to and from China before they said he should--certainly well before Biden came around to that position. He needs a much leaner, cleaner explanation and defense. Biden, for his part, still can't say what he would have done differently and of what his "plan" consists. Come on Joe, save our lives, reveal your plan! End the mystery.

Biden, who looked old and waxen, did not deal well with the story of his son Hunter's blatant corruption. It just doesn't cut it to keep repeating that the stories of Hunter's corruption and financial links to China, Russia, and Ukraine have been "debunked." Uh, no they haven't, Joe, no they haven't. Hunter's a drug-addled crook whom you aided via the vice presidency in getting rich.

The tax issue? Meh. If you actually read the NYT story--a gruesome endeavor which I undertook--it does not state what the headlines claim. Trump, in fact, paid millions in taxes; the infamous and much-ballyhooed $750 was in addition to the millions he already had paid in estimated taxes. Trump fumbled a bit with this, but I don't think it hurt him much.

Biden proved totally inept on the issue of law-and-order, and made an absurd statement/lie about Antifa not comprising an organization but an idea. He also got caught by Trump's demand to know what law enforcement groups had endorsed Biden. Couldn't do it. He needs to prep better on that issue.

The Trump as bully meme? Don't know; don't care. Let me state, however, that I don't want as my president some timid clerk-type afraid of his own shadow and unable to take on real bullies such as Putin and Xi. 

I don't want to go on too much longer. Let me note that Trump seemed playing the long game by getting Biden, in essence, to disavow his own party's platform. Biden would not endorse nor condemn calls to pack the SCOTUS. Even more startling, he dumped the Green New Deal to Trump's shout, "You just lost the radical left!" In any regular election that would prove a crucial development. 

The problem, however, that Trump faces--as do all who love America--is that the left knows that Biden is not a real candidate, but rather a delusional Walter Mitty. It doesn't matter what he says, including his boast that "I am the Democrat Party!" No, no, you are not. You are just chaff thrown out to confuse the radar and let the real bombers get in. You, sir, won't be the real President even if elected.

More later.



  1. "The bully thing."

    Somewhat close to maybe about an hour, maybe just a half hour I clicked on that Daily Timewaster site you've got on your sidebar site Diplomad. Not finding anything, in particular I cared to offer my assessment on I didn't - though I did take note of a post LI put up (heartening in my estimation)

    Then I checked Powerline and read that P. Mirengoff's piece which incited me to retort. I hope you don't mind my pasting what I put there here:

    (Somewhat grammar corrected)

    "Bear with me."

    "Immediately upon the end of the "debate" I found myself sharing this author's characterization of 'depressed.'"


    "Let's remember the events occurring on the very day of the President's inauguration which Susan Rice, recording for posterity emailed to herself, "Obama insisted *It be done, by the book."

    "And it was thus: For the next three+ years 'Russia, Russia, Russia!' Then the "whistleblower" who, Schiff promised, would testify right up until he didn't testify. Schiff holds hearings promising 'complete transparency' from his witnesses which transparency did not occur until Grenell came along - post impeachment - got declassified and only then, were made transparent."

    "The impeachment process disguising my Senator Cotton's concern, "Houston, we've got a problem thornier than this and that is Covid" which, until impeachment fell alongside the 'Russia, Russia, Russia!' the media couldn't be bothered with but then which, having fallen, the media immediately switched to."

    "Along with Swamp insisting "Shut down the economy and lock down."

    "More recently and immediate to 'the loyal oppositions' previous constant efforts to shut down Trump (which some, accurately in my opinion, call a coup) There's been the very recent additional declassifications - not to mention the Flynn crucifixion on its last legs - Anyway the more recent declassifications notably: FBI Special Agent Barnett's 302 release and just mere hours ago DNI Ratcliffe's release that President Trump's travails throughout his time in office were due to, and the direct result of that unholy alliance Susan Rice memorialized in her "By the book" email."

    "Which alliance it must be remembered, had Joe Biden fully engaged and personally participating in. All dedicated to the goal of thwarting Trump."

    "So I have to pose the question - Would any sentient person, mere hours from learning [publicly] that the guy he would be debating later that day, being fully invested and engaged in said "coup"  behave any different?"

    "I would humbly submit that, given the circumstances, President Trump's performance at the debate was quite remarkably, restrained."

    "Just my upbringing's speaking but, had that first 'in the same room' meeting - debate or not - happened in Arkansas there'd a'been a fistfight."

    "And most likely, a trip to the hospital fistfight."


  2. I suppose I should've included


  3. I thought last night was awful. Chris Wallace lived down to my low expectation even though he was in a no win situation. Maybe FOX news could send him to where ever Shep Smith landed.

    I don't think any moderator can moderate the partisan divide in this country as it is deep, bitter and irreversible.

  4. ...just got in after a long drive in torrential rain...WLA

    I hear ya Pop, you're all wet!

    Round 1~~~ X'Cept, you called the fight just about right!
    It was a grapple, and in the clinches, Da Prez worked-over 'Waxy Mitty' pretty good! I won't go into the blow by blow, but by the end of the bout, the Oranga-MAGA-man had Plugs, MsCrissy too, Suckin HOT AIR! 'Spect Paul Ryan got the Primer on what he shoulda coulda woulda done in his Show with Smokin Joe!

    Round 2! Next-up The VP goes to the Mattress w/CAMeLa Hairass, the non-Africkn some WHAT American Senator, from the TREE-FRIED state of, San Fran Freak Show! BE Careful with this Witch, Mike! She just had a nose Job... so keep your gloves up... better wear a jock, and say a hoosier prayer for you too!

    Round 3~~~ I miss Howard Cossell... too bad he wasn't Mike Wallace's Baby Daddy! Yeah I know...

    On Watch~~~

  5. Wallace was terrible and at times let the candidates run roughshod over him. If there was any integrity to this process, he would have 1) treated the candidates equally (he clearly favored Biden) and 2) would have had their mikes shut off when they both persisted in interrupting and taking over each other (and him). Pathetic performance by Wallace, not that I expected anything great from him.

  6. Perhaps a better format would be to have the debate where they could not hear one another, and that the "moderators" would ask a question to both, and we would get their individual answers. Rather than what we got last night.

    1. Part of the problem is the moderators' questions are almost always geared to benefit the Democrat.

  7. You could say Biden won, giving the credible performance of his well-rehearsed script, but the President, brash and confrontational, with his numerous interruptions, managed to interject the issues of policing, law and order, the exhorbitant cost of 'climate change' proposals to the economy and in dollars, packing the Supreme Court, voter fraud, Hunter Biden and the worst scandal in American history, Russiagate. Eight years ago the second worst scandal, Bengazi, dropped in the lap of Romney just before the election, but he acquiesced to the moderator, Candy Crowley, and let it drop. Very Presidential, but Obama remained President.

    1. Watched as well as hearing replay, Sundowner Joe if you could read a transcript starts one train of thought then stops and starts another often. It was blatant lies all night from Joe.

  8. “You are just chaff thrown out to confuse the radar and let the real bombers get in.“

    Well said. Go Trump, especially now, because Biden is even more of an empty suit than was Obama. “The swamp” and “Deep State” are polite descriptions parasites the rest of us suffer.

    How about a war crimes tribunal for the feel good crowd? With compensatory and punitive damages assessed. That would capture some attention.

    Release the CPA’s!

    1. I totally agree. There are so many naive lefties who don't even know the history/criminal behavior of the party since the infusion of the communist party of the USA into it. They and liberals have escalated the power mongering for control ever since.

    2. considering the age of both potus candidates, calling this Pence v Harris is also reasonable... That's actually something that swings away from Biden precipitously.. especially considering his 5 year age weakness.

      - reader #1482

  9. Kudos and thank yous to you for watching and reporting on my behalf. (Perhaps you didn't know that I put you up to this, but I did.)

    - reader #1482


    Heh ...

  11. 66% said Trump won on Telemundo. He changed a few minds there.

    1. You know CK, I’ve been thinking about the Telemundo poll. I’m wondering if listening or reading the translation made Trump sound better and Biden worse. You’re hearing what is said better without all the noise. Something happened because that poll is astounding.

  12. Got my Ears on Brother Rush, he's reporting that the WH PressCorppunks are verbully aSSaulting the White House Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany, en-masse! Apparently they are attepting to reprise their take on the debate, She's slinging it back at'em... Rush says he'll update when he gets the Video feed...

    Ahaha, The Lefty scrum media types must have huddled-up to develope their NEW TACTICS via a group viewing of "BlackbOARD Jungle"! Apparently the twerps didn't watch it to conclusion... Looks like it's time for the Chief tighten up the PressCorps again.

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  13. Trump tested positive for the bug. based on incubation time he likely picked it Sunday thru Tuesday. If he picked it up from someone at the arena on Tuesday Joe may have it too.
    2020 just wants to mess with everything.
    Prayers for a lite case and quick recovery. When I had it in Feb I started symptoms on wednesday but was over it by sunday.

  14. "Prayers for a lite case and quick recovery."- KellyJ
    Amen to that KJ~~~
    On the Plus side, he can blow-off
    the debates and take a time-out,
    Good Lord willing+
    Maybe Putin'll offer the Prez his Dacha
    for a short Summit, and a trade deal
    w/Vodka Tonics and zink, to break the ice?
    Looking fwd to the tweets and diplomadic dispatches,
    Maybe they'll tune in to VP Pence's debate w/Camelala!
    AnyhOWl mind your helm... sure hope the Donald
    looks better after Covid than Boris does- "Make-Up"!
    G'night America and all ships at sea...Reveille at 0700~~~

  15. Wallace was using Democratic talking points as questions.

    I laughed a lot during the debate. Trump managed to bring up a lot of good points the media and press have censored, and he came across as energetic and very mentally fit.

    Biden seemed to have been drugged to the gills (his eyes were strange), and he was well rehearsed. I was amazed how Trump escaped the knockout punch Biden tried using his son Bo.

    I agree Trump could have had better answers. He avoided what happened to Paul Ryan when Biden debated him.