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Monday, February 1, 2021

Chaos in the Time of Biden

Sorry for the long delay in posting. 

As noted before, we have been involved in buying property in Raleigh. Done! We finally have begun moving in our stuff, getting internet, etc. Hate the process. The Diplowife loves it. She must have been Eisenhower or Hannibal (Barca, not Lecter) in a prior life. She loves logistics, leading and designing great operations with lots of moving parts revolving around precise timing. I prefer the more simple, sweat-pant life, but with the Generalissimo around, no hope of that . . . Anyhow, all is not lost: I am having a man-cave built that will house me along with my 150 or so pistols, rifles, and shotguns in secure splendor. In recent days, I have added to that mostly peaceful collection: a Colt Defender .45, a Guncrafter Hellcat 9mm, another STI Staccato 9mm, and a Baby Desert Eagle 9mm. I will, of course, dump them in the nearby lake very soon.

The political scene continues depressing beyond all belief. 

This Obama 2.0 fiasco will prove even more disastrous than the original version. We will all be POWs (Prisoners of the Woke) as we go MIA (Mad in America). The fraudulent "Biden" administration has begun with a flurry of Executive Orders, and vows to redesign our economy (more below). The progs, of course, are chasing after Trump, trying to "impeach" and convict him after he's left office: the precedent is set, my friends, for future endless persecutions of political rivals. I propose, for example, impeaching Obama for "Fast and Furious," Benghazi, and, along with VP Biden, for Russia-Gate--just for starters, mind you. The GOP, however, seems hopeless when it comes to fighting back, and most probably wouldn't do that, or even lay it out as a possibility. They can keep blowing up my phone asking for money: ain't gonna happen.

The "Biden" plan to deal with the fake pandemic is catastrophic. The vaccine roll-out is, to put it mildly, awkward, inept, and inefficient. They can blame it on Trump, of course, but that won't wash for long. The numbers of dead keep getting adjusted as it now turns out the New York State numbers are wrong. Cuomo should be impeached. Every day the media is reporting on COVID "variants"--the UK variant, the South African variant, etc. All meant to keep us terrified, drinking the prog Kool-Aid, wearing our absurd masks, and looking to Von Hidenburg, aka Biden, for salvation.  

On the economy. What can I say? 

We are in for a disastrous ride. "Biden" wants $15/hr minimum wage. Right. The real plan, of course, is to kill the lower cost red states, wipe out the generally pro-Trump small and mid-size businesses, and create unemployment requiring dependence on government and Dem-run programs. In one stoke of his pen, Governor Le Petomane, aka Biden, has devastated a great swath of the US (and Canadian) energy industry. He has once again halted the Keystone pipeline, and certainly anti-fracking actions will follow. His moronic, evil, entourage wants to destroy US energy independence, and put tens-of-thousands of energy workers out of jobs in the name of Gaia. All this, of course, benefits Putin (remember him?), the Iranians, and the rest of OPEC. The Paris Climate Accord is again the darling of the "President"; an accord that should properly be known as the China & India Coal Industry Promotion Deal

The "President" has begun recreating the chaos that, prior to Trump, had existed on our southern border, to the chagrin of the Mexicans who were quite happy with Trump's policy. For the first time in decades, order was being established along that border. Now Mexico sees the prospects of renewed Central American "caravans" and, as noted, renewed chaos, violence, corruption, etc., along the border. Just what Mexico needed. Not to mention just what our border communities needed. A massive betrayal. 

In the Middle East, Trump's gigantic steps towards peace are being reversed as the Iranians get placated. The Israelis and the Arabs will have to strike their own accords and engage in other actions, no USA, to deal with the Iranians. 

Civil liberties have come under an assault not seen since the days of Woodrow Wilson. The Biden mouthpieces in the media and high tech are demonizing conservative voices, getting them "deplatformed" and "demonetized." The universities have gone full steam ahead suppressing dissent among faculty and students. Fake science is being promoted and resistance will not be tolerated.

The communists/fascists have taken power. Beijing licks its chops.


  1. Like the term Prisoners of the Woke.
    Try to laugh at it as crying won't help.
    And keep that canoe handy.

  2. Biden's more like John Gill from the Star Trek (original series) episode "Patterns of Force."

    1. Prepare to jetison an ol'bag o' K-Rap Scotty~~~

      The two recognize a poster of the Führer as John Gill, and learn he has made no personal appearance in two years, speaking only through the Deputy Führer, Melakon. But about to order the “final solution” against Zeon, the Führer plans to give a televised speech that night. Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy catch part of the speech on television, and deliver what could be the best assessment of Joe Biden today:

      “Captain, the speech follows no logical pattern,” says Spock.

      “Random sentences strung together,” says Kirk.

      “He looks drugged, Jim,” says McCoy. “Almost in a cataleptic state.”

      The three men break into the broadcast booth and discover Gill is now a narcotized semi-vegetable, again presciently evocative of the former vice president.

      “They’ve kept what’s left of him as a figurehead,” says Kirk.

      “Quite correct,” says Spock. “For the last few years, the real power has been Melakon.”

      The real power behind Biden is the far Left. All its followers hope to do is drop him over the electoral goal line then step over him to achieve their destructive ends: unrestricted abortion even post-birth, open borders, higher taxes, trillions wasted on impossible objectives such as ending climate change and racism, opposition to freedoms of religion, speech, and the right to bear arms, police reduced and remade into a repressive rather than protective force, activist judges on a packed Supreme Court, unrestricted voting, compulsory denial of science that recognizes only two genders with no possible crossover between them, and other horrors. Only one man can stop them, like Captain Kirk thwarted Melakon: Donald Trump. And progressives want to do to Trump what they did to Kirk — eliminate him.

      Twenty-six years ago, I sat in a movie theatre in utter disbelief watching Jim Kirk die ignominiously at the end of Star Trek: Generations. I had grown up and older with the hero, his great starship, the Enterprise, and magnificent crew, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov, Sulu. He’d defeated countless villains — humanoid, alien, and mechanical — including super-villain Kahn (twice) and the cream of the Klingon Empire. He’d repeatedly saved the world along with multiple others. He had repopulated the entire whale population of Earth. Yet there he was in the middle of nowhere fighting off one crazy old man (Malcolm McDowell), then plunging to his doom on a crummy bridge like the Coyote in a Road Runner cartoon.

      Malcolm McDowell himself had a problem with it, as he told TrekMovie.com: “If you have — which they had — this icon of American television, why the hell didn’t they give him a spectacular death? Why did they give him such a really paltry death? Me shooting the bridge out or some BS whatever it was? They should have sent him off in a glorious fashion, and they didn’t.”

      Of course I knew why they didn’t — for the same reason they despise Donald Trump. A swaggering, take-charge, alpha male with an affinity for hot women like Captain Kirk was already becoming artistically undesirable. Hollywood had scored a major hit in the bland, androgynous, politically correct —and, to me, unwatchable — Star Trek: the Next Generation TV series, the first of many nauseatingly woke “sequels” to the original classic, and the producers thought they could replicate its big-screen success. For this they had to relegate Kirk to obscurity, and a memorable death, like Spock had in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, would have foiled them. So they foisted four awful Next Generation features on an increasingly indifferent audience, the last of which, Star Trek: Nemesis (2002), played to empty theaters.

      On Watch~~~
      Keep on Trekkin

  3. Why are thousands of troops still in the nations Capital?

    I predict they'll ice Xiden and blame it on Extremely Extreme Extremists. But not too soon; have to keep up appearances don'cha know.

    1. That wouldn't surprise me at all. Then they'll have a martyr and won't have to embarrass themselves removing him for being mental.

  4. And it looks like the Fake President wants to get us into a war in Burma. Seems the military overthrew the government. Most people I know yawned and said "Note my problem."


    If we even make it to the next election, I will consider it a miracle.

    150 guns? So sorry to hear about that tragic boating accident you're planning on having.

    1. ..."a war in Burma"...

      Gen. "Vineger Joe" Stillwell, is Pissed Off!
      Could now be the time for the precient
      New Army of Japan, to finish the job
      on China, that their honorable
      Ancesters had barely begun?
      On Watch~~~
      Over the Hump
      "Let's Roll"
      What Problem?

    2. Burma/Myanmar is of no importance to the US so, of course, the Dems will try to get us involved there.

      Aung San Suu Kyi is the typical fraud the progs fall for. She, of course, got the Nobel Peace Prize. Progs loved her because she was a Third World woman, spoke excellent English, knew all the buzz words about human rights, and had and has a haughty anti-US, anti-West demeanor. She refused to visit her dying husband in London because the regime at that time might not have let her back into the country, and "her people" needed her. Right.

      When she took power, she had no problem unleashing the same military she had "fought" on Burma's Muslin minority. Did she rig the elections this time around? Perhaps. She's certainly capable of it.

      The Biden claque is particularly "concerned" about the military not accepting the results of an election. Sound familiar? No doubt we will slap some ineffectual sanctions on one of the the world's poorest and weakest countries, just to make Joe look tough. It will merely drive Myanmar further into the hands of Joe's Chinese handlers.

    3. BINGO!!!

    4. Spot on, Dip, and great to see you back. I recall issues re Burmese refugees back when I was at AmEmbassy Bangkok in the early 1990's. Aung San Suukyi is the daughter of Aung San, the leader of a nationalist group that collaborated with the Japanese in WWII.

      The USA should not get involved in Myanmar, period. It is a primitive, undeveloped country that was supposed to be an economic powerhouse after independence due to mineral, gem, and agricultural reserves, but got derailed by a ugly mix of "Buddhist socialism" and war with frontier minrities. Ultimately, the only profitable business it had was opium growing and smuggling, over which a dozen separatist militias fought. Should the USA launch a "humanitarian action" there, it will be sure to bring in China.

  5. Thanks for your review of the Ruger 57 a few months back, Santa knew just what I wanted and I even lucked into a box of $35 ammo. Super fun to shoot and that 50 went fast. Awesome shooter! Won’t be shooting it anytime soon at $100 per 50. Buying ammo when I can for a rainy day.

    1. It is a great gun, but the ammo prices have gone through the roof.

  6. Your firearm collection is large enough that perhaps a built in vault in the man cave is a good idea. Otherwise, sigh... After Trump, the deluge.. They said. Welcome to the deluge. :-(

  7. You could get into reloading all those different calibers.

    A Dillon 650 plus all the die kits/powder drops would keep you broke enough that you wouldn't add to the collection...

    Just trying to help.

    1. Just curious about reloading....how do you make the primers for the center-fire cartridges? If those have to be purchased, what's the point?

    2. Unfortunately the reloading materials are about as scarce and pricey as factory ammo. Primers, powder and most bullets are factory made, unless you cast your own lead.

    3. Sadly, Charlie is correct. The components are hard to come by these days.

      I still have a decent supply of primers and powder, but I'm running low on projectiles.

    4. Mr. Corbin can help with your projectile problem; as long as you have mechanical aptitude and some loose cash.

    5. Ol'Vet said:Just curious about reloading....how do you make the primers...

      Dear Vet, you keep your old ones,
      recondition and fill w/ kitchen matches.
      I suspect you'll be able take down, a squirrel
      or maybe even a rabbit, iffn you catch'em on a hop,
      versus, a skip & a jump~~~
      On Watch~~~
      un-field stripping my old 1911,
      now where 'd that magazine go?...
      "Let's Roll"

  8. Excuse the thread jack. I was wondering if our esteemed host had any insights or opinions on the current goings on in Myanmar), and what he thinks of the Fake President's threats.

    It looks like he want's to "Do something," and if history is any judge, it will be the wrong thing.

    I can't see any reason for the United States to get involved, and I suspect most Americans don't care about Burma at all, unless they're looking for a shave or something. ;)


    1. ..."can't see any reason for the United States to get involved" A&W

      Neither can the ChiComs, but their tickled by "plugs" performance! Suspect they'll cut another check, for
      #2 son, to take to the bank~~~
      So When's Hunters complete "Suzy's Wong'
      Tong Porno" collection, going to be released?
      Some Day Over the Rainbow~~~

  9. Dip -- When the SHTF can I come and get a gun or 2 from you? I waited too long to look into buying one and now it is practically impossible to get one or ammo.
    I am scared to death about what is going on, and particularly noting the effect that Big Tech in all aspects of our life is having on the speed-of-light shift/imposition/acceptance of the "new normal" the fraudulent junta is imposing.

    1. Not so fast, Ms D,
      It's all just the "Great UnRaveling"
      of the Globalists Great Expectations!
      'Power to the MAGA Deplorables'
      PTL & Keep the Pouter Dry!

  10. Woke up this Day, to a chippy news-talker
    delaring that Devoted Catholic Joe Biden would
    speak to the National Prayer Breakfast this morning...
    I puked, brushed my teeth, and got a cup of covefe,
    Blessed ny wife (w/ sign of the cross) made it to my desk,
    and raised Dip 2.0 on my outdated HP ProBook WIndows 7.0 Pro,
    checked the sidebar rt margin, took a gulp @ clicked on Instapundit~~~~~~~
    Then a Word, Words, Images
    from the Hon Lt. Gov of NC,
    as expressed then, when still
    a Free Man a GOP Citizen from
    way back during the time,
    of a legally Elected POTUS,
    1n the year of our lord,
    Said He: "I am the Majority": twas captured and posted on Youtube:
    On Watch~~~
    Hat Tip to Mark Robinson,
    Insta Pundit, American Thinker et al~~~

    Went outside, greeted, by a beautiful Day! Hope you all do too
    "Let's Roll"

  11. Dip, you see this?

    Good 'ol Kalifornia...

    It's a list of 620 de-certified handguns in the state.


    1. This why I have decertified California

    2. I moved from Kalifornia to Oregon in 1993, when Oregon still had SOME sense to it. Now, this place works very hard to out-California, California. I fear they will adopt this list.

      'scuse me, I gotta go buy an unstable boat...

    3. Moved to Oregon? Or Portland?

      - reader #1482

    4. Even THEN, Portland was stupid. No, I'm south of Eugene in a fairly rural area, but still in Lane county, one of 4 that controls the politics in this deranged state.

      If only we had Electoral College voting in the state, we'd be solid red.

  12. This just in, from that bunch of 'but'-headed Buttresses, across the pond, and around the bend too, almost~~~

    Comes now, the Ole SoD: Oh that's butty bad. Back and forth goes Jeremy [Warner], hedging this way and that, shape shifting like a fortune teller who sounds plausible but actually says nothing! These MSM pundits, how do they get away with it, imagine if I was equivocal like that! Then ... [stop]

    In italicalistic quotation "Jeremy", I presume continues: "Covid, it would seem, may end up performing much the same role as the Second World War [GO BLIMEY] in ushering in a new era of interventionism and deliberately pursued self sufficiency. When the pendulum swings, as it plainly is at the moment, it is hard to resist.

    A less efficient economy where duplication and protectionism become the norm may be a price Western electorates are prepared to pay for a greater sense of national resilience.[not to be confused with environmental resiliency]

    The other danger is that interventionist policies end up, as they did in the UK in the years after the War, in greater welfarism, in profligate attempts to pick industrial winners, in pork barrel investment, and in state bungs to save otherwise obsolete jobs.[bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover~~~]

    It’s a slippery slope once industry believes itself to be underwritten by state aid and orders. Far from catalysing economic advancement, it can have the opposite effect in holding it back."

    [Sod contiues his react]~~~>And that's the awful butty truth. History is indeed repeating itself, as I said it would, Covid is like WWII. We are in 1944, the beast is not dead yet, but we're nearly there. And then we'll have the long slow decline and fall of a hyperactive, over-reaching state, the 1945-79 period, to follow.

    I'll but you no buts.
    Posted by David Duff | Permalink

    OW~~~>Deja vu allover again~~~> And so it goes in the aftermath of the "Stink Stank Stunk" ChiCom Globalist World affestive circa 2020~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"
    P.S. Hey JK

  13. OT, but--

    Fraud, Wisconsin! Fraud, Wisconsin!
    Dump those ballots late!
    All for Biden, who's been hidin'
    Gotta steal that state!

  14. Not far Off Topic Kepha!
    and Almost poetic too~~~

    From Chicago Boyz:

    "Time magazine, nearly invisible for years, published an amazing story about how the 2020 election was stolen.

    We figured some of this would eventually get out but to see it this soon is just astonishing. The author frames the story as one of “saving the election” from Donald Trump but, of course, that is not what it reveals.

    A second odd thing happened amid Trump’s attempts to reverse the result: corporate America turned on him. Hundreds of major business leaders, many of whom had backed Trump’s candidacy and supported his policies, called on him to concede. To the President, something felt amiss. “It was all very, very strange,” Trump said on Dec. 2. “Within days after the election, we witnessed an orchestrated effort to anoint the winner, even while many key states were still being counted.”

    In a way, Trump was right.

    There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.

    It is possible to see this from the author’s point of view. That seems to be that it was critical to not have riots and looting like those which occurred over most of the summer. In order to keep the peace, it was necessary to see that Trump did not win. The validity of the election was secondary, if that.

    Their work touched every aspect of the election."

    On Watch~~~
    Good to see ya, n' kickin Sand K!
    "Let's Roll"

  15. @Anonymous--I read the article, too. It made me sick. Nothing's clearer than our elites don't particular care for the rest of us.

    1. I'm working on my own posting on this, and I hope that our esteemed host is looking into it as well.

      And I just came from the range. 100 rounds 9mm and 50 rounds .45

      I also saw a nice S&W M&P .380 that was nicely priced. I've actually fired one once before. It was a new toy a friend picked up for his mother.

      He fired a magazine and when High and Left. Another friend fired and went center low.

      Me, who had never handled that make and model, or caliber...

      Dead center and punched out the bullseye. :)

    2. gOOD eYE kEPHA!
      Right on Target A&W!

      As was and is, Mike Lindell's
      ~~~"Absolute Proof"~~~
      Articulate & near enough to a perfect analysis
      of the 2020 Foreign and Domestic electoral
      attacks, and as close to mortal wounds
      that I hope & pray the USA will ever
      have to endure at hands of our
      countrymen & mortal enemies!
      On Watch~~~

      IMO,Best overall summation of
      the deliberate and unanswered
      attack on our Constitutional Republic!


      "Let's Roll"

    3. It certainly is pretty sickening. America gets what it deserves. Our citizens are being effectively paid to look the other way via artificial prosperity while voting and civil rights are being hollowed out from within.
      "Don't worry, Starbucks is still open. Watch some netflix. Relax. Let the professionals handle this very complicated voting stuff."

      - reader #1482

    4. "...citizens ... voting and civil rights are being hollowed out from within."

      Yes brother 1482, like empty barrels being refilled with a poor echo of what Americans, once upon a time, tried to be... so what then is left for our kids--don't believe mine will be happy as slaves or communists...for better or worse~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    5. For our kids.. it's demographics... progressives aren't having kids... something for which progressives and conservatives can both be thankful!
      Now we just have to survive through their collapse.

      - reader #1482

    6. Now we just have to survive through their (progs) collapse-'1482

      Oh yes numero, Uncle Joe's, '10 years of misery & pain' perscription ...wonder if the Globalist Reds, Greens, and Blues, will allow our offspring to keep their sidearms(& ammo), so as to protect themselves from the wandering hordes of displaced socialist muck, just passing through? Do suspect tho, that those pesky freedom loving Patriots with long guns, and libertarian ideas, just may become more proactive~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Saying a Prayer for the kids
      & Liberty and Freedom again...