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Monday, February 15, 2021

Bits and Pieces

I have remained virtually "newsless" for several weeks. The few glimpses I have caught of "news anchors" prattling on, have made me furious and sad. So many lies. So much false information. So much suppression of real debate, e.g., we may not question the obviously fraudulent 2020 presidential election. To do so, you risk your job. It's STASI time in America.

The only bit of news I followed, and just a bit, was the absurd and unconstitutional impeachment trial. It shows, once again, that the DNC and its echo chamber will do anything, no matter how despicable, to smear, slander, destroy our real President, Donald J. Trump. What I particularly find unforgivable is that seven Republican senators voted to convict Trump of a fake crime. Disgusting. I am sure the attack on Trump and his family will continue from all reaches of the corrupt and dismal swamp. The IRS, the FBI, etc., will all get a crack at the Trump family. 

My two older boys came by the new house a couple of nights ago, and helped me set up the cutting edge 1990's technology media center left behind by the previous owner. A mess of wires and boxes. I gave up, but the lads persisted, and--what do you know?--we have a giant screen experience. We, well, they hooked in the new ROKU to the old ceiling-mounted projector, cranked up the "ancient" sound system, and we all watched "Saving Private Ryan," a movie you could not make today. No lesbians charging the Nazi bunkers on Omaha Beach? All those white guys! What!?! CANCEL! CANCEL!

We sat around and the topic became "experts." One son related how colleagues at the large software company where he works, were arguing for the wearing of masks, citing "experts,"some of whom now advocate for "double masks." My boys are VERY skeptical of "experts." As one son noted, "Hey, Kevorkian was an 'expert.' He was a doctor. Mengele was an 'expert,' too. The guys who persecuted Galileo were 'experts'." I think that says it all about "experts."

Sorry for the brevity of the post, but I am exhausted. The Diplowife, who has endless amounts of energy, continues to have me move things and unpack this and repack that. She refuses to accept that I am an old grumpy man, now. Sigh.


  1. Mind your blood pressure Mr. Amselem as you read this:


    As an 'e-pal' replied to me, " ... That they brag about it makes it so much worse ... ."


    1. "That they brag about it makes it so much worse..."

      Hey JK! With respect & deference to you & your e-pal, I'd just revise/add:
      ..."makes it so much worse, FOR THEM!"<--<
      Hail to the Chief n' the Generals Flynn too!
      On Watch~~~
      "Time Time Time is on..."(our) side,
      NOT the lying Left & ChiCom thug side!
      "Let's Roll"

  2. She's keeping you busy and out of trouble. If you stop the Sisyphean tasks, you'll get yerself arrested for talking sense to people. :)
    If the dems thought they had a remote chance at a legal conviction, he's be in front of an actual jury. But they know there's no crime, so their only hope is politics-as-usual.
    The *7* were most definitely expected. Cue 'new kind of respect'.

    "Why didn't you tell the rioters to leave the capitol?"
    ... because that would've been a trap where you'd declare that because they left after I said something *again*, you'd claim they were 'following orders' the whole time...

    It's pretty simple, house and senate leadership refused assistance for the *purpose* of having an incident.... then sacrificed their scapegoats for following orders.

    - reader #1482

    1. Just costly political theater and a chance for our [dis-]honorable members of the House to pose and preen. Three ringing cheers for Nancy Feloniosi and Shamie Rascal. BFFFFTSLJFK, BFFFFTLSFK, BFFFFSTLK [防臭屁之聲音也]

    2. "...It's pretty simple, house and senate leadership refused assistance for the *purpose* of having an incident.... then sacrificed their scapegoats for following orders."

      Elementary Dr.Watson~~~~~~~~~~~``````````````````^
      ABC's + XYZ's for you Caligraphy Masters up there|
      Ahso Glasshoppers~~~
      On Weekiwatchee time
      "Let's Roll"

  3. You have to believe science (hush, hush; genuflect), especially when it changes its mind.

  4. There is only one thing worse than packing to move and that is unpacking when you get to the new dwelling.

    1. What makes unpacking worse are those questions you keep asking yourself: "Why in HELL did I pack this piece of crap? WHAT was I thinking?"

    2. Possibly:
      I can sell this at a garage sale...
      My Mom, Wife, Daughter, gave it to me...
      Somebody might go through my trash...
      I can donate it to charity, and get a receipt...
      I'm gonna lose some inches...
      One of the kids might want it...
      It brings me luck~~~
      The Sgt Major gave it to me~~~
      Granny McDougall's diaper pins~~~
      Mom's Medals~~~
      We'll have room in our new 2 Car Garage...
      Etc etc etc~~~
      On Watch~~~
      ;~) Over the River and through the woods~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  5. Perhaps it is time for a story from Diplopast...

    1. Good idea. I have a big one but must be careful of lawyers and such. I will have to figure out how to tell it.

    2. Yeah i'm still waiting for the story about the nun ("friend of rapist") business. Maybe use a vpn and post it on 4chan pol. Then tip us off:)

    3. "I will have to figure out how to tell it."

      Might I suggest:
      Once upon a time... according to legend... and anon sources... who overherd two priests and a rabi talking in their native tongues about... the most implusable subjects, of which they swore to one another... to tell only half truths as they knew them, and did swear upon their books as well, although NOT their lives, as they all agreed, it was not wise to tempt fate...since it had a reputation as being a rather fickle bunch, especially in suspect cultures in the throes of unbalanced progressive, oligarcic, and communistic shenanigans... I do so declare~~~
      On Watch~~~
      1/2 cocked and unloaded, I think, therefore...
      Happy SaturDay, Chli Yesterday, and a promised tommorow~~~ ;)
      Hope this helps... aka the Coach~~~

  6. Weren't the "experts" in charge of the Vietnam war?

  7. A mask is a warm, moist thing, pressed against the things you breathe through. Sounds like an excellent way to breed germs.

    1. I have seen reports that Fauci participated in a study that concluded that the majority of spanish flu deaths were caused by mask wearing. Bacterial infections. Did you see that Fauci "won" a science prize? 1 million buckaroos. Our elite take care of each other. Incidentally, it is being reported that the majority of repub voters favor a 3rd party. The GOP is dead. Check out the National Justice party. Rabid anti-semites. Nonetheless i like alot of their ideas.

    2. "A mask is a warm, moist thing..."
      Maybe so Scotty, but some of us
      are more into the Lone Ranger model...
      Get 'em up Scout...
      a cloud of dust and
      a hearty Hi Ho Silver away~~~

    3. "I have seen reports that Fauci participated in a study that concluded that the majority of spanish flu deaths were caused by mask wearing. Bacterial infections."

      Here ya go SidVic:



  8. Definition of an expert - "ex" a has been, spert a drip under pressure.

  9. We recently moved to where we are now. My wife insisted on packing and moving things I didn't know we still owned. Those things are still in the garage-unpacked, but by gosh, we still have them for some reason. I even built shelves to put them on so as not to fall over them when I try to get to the storage closet. It is pointless to ask her to throw out some of it. She will throw me first.

    1. My wife grew up in romania during the period when communism was failing. The results of the trauma led 2 neuroticisms. she pushed food down the kids throats and she can't throw away anything. Long battle to keep kids from getting fat on my part. I have to sneak to throw things away. maybe 50% successful as she routinely checks the garbage.

  10. Dip - Through the " look at the squirrel" being the Kangaroo court and all things Trump the newly installed government is destroying the country 1 EO at a time.
    You'll get up to speed quick enough.

  11. "... an old grumpy man, now. Sigh.

    A perfect disguise in these dangerous times, sir - welcome to the club! The First and foremost thing to remember is that you are on the staff of: The Generalisimo 'she who must be obeyed', so don't drag your feet in the AM, and get outta those 'sweat pants' before Breakfast!

    Morning brief: Dirty Joe has reinvigorated Homeland Security forces to Pivot toward the Newest Worst enemy, the Deplorable militias, disguised as 'White Privileged' terrorists. Won't be long before the 'Blue helmets' arrive speaking in swarthy tones, and designating permitted Free Speech zones - keep your horses fed and exercised... Reading the intell for comprehension, viz our agent Orange in Chief, seen lobbing insightful if not incendiary ideas across the Turtle's track, heading back to Peking~~~
    Beyond that: (key in G) but keep a smile on your face so the whole human race would swear you're falling in LOVE, again~~~ :)
    ...sittin on the dock of the Bay~~~
    "Let's Roll"
    P.S. are you going to lecture at UNC?
    ~~~~~~~NO REPLY REQUIRED~~~~~~~

  12. +Rest in Peace, Rush~~~
    On Watch~~~

    1. Que the disgusting nastiness in 3, 2, oh wait, it's already begun!

    2. Too True Ms babs, although, seems the NY State mafia Don, and his executions of the elderly, is getting far more ink than the Rush critics! Sweet to see Cuomo & Fam hoisted, roasted, and dipped, in their own _hit pit!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  13. Wanted to write something to wake the dead~~~
    Found this instead! In a communication between David Duff, and 'David the Performer' posted on Duff & Nonsence -- who've been mostly moot since the Chief Blogger was betrayed by his computer, pray he and his machine are on the mend~~~

    AnhOWL what caught my fancy was the link David shared with David: Wherein the following bit of wit, and or wisdom, sucked me in...

    John Ward January 12, 2021 Uncategorized
    At the End of the Day
    In the life of every real person,
    a day ends, and one thinks,
    “Time to take the piss”

    The piece goes on to say exactly what I had been thinking (Really), so I thought I'd share it with the Diplomadics in Residence, since my muses were so generous to allow me to trip over it in the stacks...

    Here comes the link, I think: It's Within the commentary, wherein I found the preamble above~~~

    Says David via his House of Duff~~~
    "It was good to meet you yesterday, I did (as I expected) enjoy the Talk & would be interested to attend others if you are speaking local(ish) to Bristol.

    As I think I mentioned, I'm an assiduous (& very sad) reader of blogs. The tsunami of info that has washed over us recently - I'm thinking now of NI in particular - is really quite astonishing. One blog in particular has been very much on the money recently, I commend it to the House of Duff !

    >---> http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/ <---<

    Oh yes, many thanks for the pint !

    Kind regards

    Posted by: david morris | Wednesday, 13 July 2011 at 21:30

    David, thanks for coming and it was good meeting you, too. If I'm 'performing' anywhere near the Bristol area I'll let you know.

    Thanks for the link which I have bookmarked for regular reading.

    Hope to meet up with you again soon,

    Posted by: David Duff | Wednesday, 13 July 2011 at 22:11
    >---> http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/ <---<
    Click The Link: to open the door, no Fear~~~
    On Watch~~~
    Ahoy Across the Pond, tks for the Link!
    "Let's Roll"

  14. In case the VOTE STEALING SOBs missed it:
    Here is a good start on the ROAD BACK,
    TO America! Go get 'em Gov!
    What about penalties, NATIONWIDE,
    ~~~ FIRING SQUADS or Worse?~~~

    On Friday, in a blunt assessment of the situation, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis issued an election integrity proposal that would ensure fair voting in his state.

    Counties would be prohibited from receiving grants from private third-party organizations for “get out the vote” initiatives.

    Ballot boxes would be examined for their trustworthiness

    Ballot harvesting would be checked so that no one could have a ballot other then their own or their immediate family

    Vote-by-mail ballots could not be sent en masse; only voters asking for a ballot would receive one

    Vote-by-mail requests must be made each election year

    Vote by mail ballot signatures must match the most recent signature on file

    Political parties and candidates must be permitted to observe the signature matching process.

    Supervisors of Elections must report how many ballots have been requested, how many have been received, how many are left to be counted, and must post over-vote ballots to be considered by the canvassing board on their website before the canvassing board meets.

    Precincts must have real-time reporting of voter turnout data
    On Watch~~~ Now if all 57 states get it in Gear~~~


    "Let's Roll"

  15. I found this blog during the Indonesian tsunami, 2004. 17yrs ago. Damn. SidVic

    1. SidVic said:
      "...The GOP is dead. Check out the National Justice party. Rabid anti-semites. Nonetheless i like alot of their ideas."

      Brer Sid, viz the reports of the GOP's passing, that may be premature. Looks to me that if we Primary a dozen or so Rinos, and kick "The (so-called) Leader" gently to the curb. Seems the GOP could be refurbished in time for the next election! True each polling venue/state may need a MAA, a photographer, and a highly skilled squad of GOP Poll protectors -- PLUS imposition of The DeSantis/Florida _9_ Rules for Restoration of Derelict States.

      However, after listening to "The founding speech of the National Justice Party, delivered on August 15, 2020 by party Chairman Mike Peinovich." Sounds awfully like that bunch are on a slow march into Hell, bless their hearts...


      So Sid, 17years aboard since Dip 1.0, sounds like you're a plankholder! Got any other sea~~stories to share with US newbs?
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. Remember the "State Department Republican Underground"? Yes... and that was during a republican administration. And that, too, is from whence I found this "blog of seven readers" as well.

      - reader #1482

    3. Marvelous memory #1482! So much water,
      and flotsam too, over that bridge~~~
      Yet, some of those magnificent '7'
      continue to embrace Dip's place,

      On another high note, while doing a
      Real Estate search on some local property,
      was tickled to see Bill and Melinda continue
      to survive the Davos plague, and are sheltering
      in place, either on the Beach, or uP in the Hills^^^

      Photo: "Bill and Melinda Gates at a news conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland."(Ass.Press, circa 2010)

      "Their [new] home [circa 2020] has...a glass tile pool, imported limestone flooring and a 10-person hot tub overlooking a fire pit...[COLOR ME, a Jelous under-Privledged White Guy :+) if only I hadn't taken that Fortran course|||]

      "Bill Gates...the world’s second-richest person...now most visible with his charitable Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

      The organization has worked to eradicate Ebola and focused on other causes in the developing world. Recently, the foundation has committed more than $250 million to fight COVID-19."

      Now that is above and beyond "service to humanity" and too, a much needed boost for Cali Real Estate workers, not to mention that Gov.Gavin is thrilled that not everyone is vacating the state...

      On Watch~~~
      Next Week in Real Estate: NY China Town has expansion plans!
      Liza~~~Start Spreadin the News~~~
      G-d bless her, she still can belt out a few bars~~~

      More RE News Down Here: https://www.latimes.com/business/real-estate/story/2020-04-24/report-bill-and-melinda-gates-buy-43million-del-mar-home