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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine . . .

 OK, everybody sing along with me (and Dolly Parton)

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine

I am begging of you please,

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine,

Don't take my arm just because you can . . .

Yielding to the demands of the Diplowife, we got our first dose of the magic vaccine. 

We went to a drive-thru venue at a local sports arena. The whole affair from showing up to leaving took about 90 minutes. Lots of confirmations that we formed part of the approved group (over 65, grumpy, jerks) and that we had no allergies, understood the risks, etc. 

Lot more checking than when we voted, that's for sure. Anyhow, in the end, it was as painless as it was pointless. 

I asked one of the very nice young ladies, all suited up in a cross between semi-hazmat gear and highway worker outfit, whether getting this thing meant I no longer had to wear a mask. See smiled--I think she smiled, hard to tell behind all that masking--and her muffled response was, "No. You still have to wear the mask . . . " OK. So the mask is the powerful juju in this absurd affair? I assume it will protect me from rioting Antifas and BLMers as well; I guess I can dump the rest of my gun collection in the river. 

Will the mask protect me from the mounting evidence of "Biden's" malicious stupidity?

As I have noted before, I am still in "news lock-out" mode. One of my Diplosons, however, insists on calling me every morning with the opening line, "Did you see what Biden has done now?" He and his friends were laughing over some fake "town hall" event that the fake "President" held. My son kept saying, "Those were scripted questions! Even then he couldn't answer them! He couldn't even stay with his script. Garbled sentences. Made no sense!" Diploson and his buddies all concluded that Biden has no idea what is happening. 

We have here a serious issue. This man is a zombie, totally unfit for any public office, much less the US presidency, and surrounded by a cabal of morons, woke maniacs, power-hungry swamp creatures, grifters, and haters of America and the West. We, in short, have here a formula for disaster. 

I keep thinking of a "Mission Impossible" episode with Martin Landau in which a group of Nazis had fled to some unnamed Latin American country to plot their return to power. Their leader, however, was, in fact, dead or comatose, and some vile number two, presumably Martin Borman, was the only one who knew this but yet brought messages "from" the Leader. Biden's people must have seen that episode. He's a fraud, an illegitimate fraud occupying the White House.

Once again with feeling!

Jill B, Jill B, Jill B, Jill B,

          I am begging of you please,

          Jill B, Jill, Jill B, Jill B, 

          Don't let your man ruin my country just because you can . . . 


  1. Oh c'mon (man!) Diplomad,

    Tell us what your "real opinion" is characterizing all these shmucks who're gonna be running - every facet it would appear - of our lives from here on out.


  2. Copy & paste this link into your browser and watch the video.

    1. Roger that Stephen!
      She, Dr. Merritt: former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), basiclly. extracts the Chicom Cats hiding in the Bio-warfare bag, left on our door step. NO! "Duck n'Cover" won't protect US from them, especially since so much of our leadership, Public & Private, is in thrall to these Global Killers.

      Harri Bergeron,
      Eyes wide-Open

  3. Wish I could find humor in your comments.

    We, as a former world power, are screwed.

    1. Affirmative Scott!
      Let's hope it's not
      until death do US part~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Make Ready for Heavy Weather~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  4. I wonder if the dementia of Biden, which the Democrats obviously knew about, before they ran him, may come back, and savage them? That would be delicious!

    1. We can only hope and or Pray~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  5. Fait accompli, rudely awakened, and double-teamed by Wif~ling und Datter, zee microbiologist, WAS TOLD I had a 1/2 hour to report for my 1st dose of the Pfizer vaccine... hemmed and hawed, but couldn't shake their resolve...so they handed me a mask, loaded me in the Mountineer, and hauled me off to the venue and when there, unceremoniously dropped me off, and said they'd collect me later... I followed the herd into the County Rec Dept. Building, wherein a Battalion FireFighters were deployed. The "Chief" greeted us/me and pointed toward the entrance. He was wearing a Red 'Fire Dept' Ball Cap, and barked orders for us to keep moving, I wish I'd worn my MAGA Hat, I'd have barked back, instead I filed in, and a Female smoke-eater waved me over and began the process~~~ she checked my ID then gave me paperwork to fill out in the next area, where I sat down and began the process, MAN, that mask was a task, kept fogging up my specs which i needed to read the fine print! One of the wranglers noticed and stepped over and started highlighting the form, and coaching me up as to what sections were required or not! Damn, they were ready for us older types! He came back gave it the onceover, then shuttled me into Hypo-needle Section! EenymeenyminyMoe, all firemen sitting at desks with sidechairs for us victims! I glance at their ID Bars, one said Lieutenant, so I grabbed him and asked what arm -- he said your choice! While he was prepping the Syringe, I said lets get a cup of coffee-- I'll fake passing out and you escort me to the patient's lounge! He cracked up, and said yeah these needles are so small you can't even feel'em! He was right, but he put a Band-aid on anyway! And pointed me to the next station where I took a No.149
    Sat in the audiance waiting for my No. to be called, seated on my Starboard side was, of all things, another Vet, w/a Vet Hospital Hat on.
    He was a little shaky, but I decided to interview him anyway: says I,
    See you've been over at the VA, Yeah says he -- I counter with so what do you think of Pres.Trump, he fires back, shaking even more, Ya know I didn't Vote for him... yeah me neither, but ya gotta admit he's done alot for VETS! That's true...next topic he's comming back from Nam and after months of trying, he finally got screened and admitted, now he's really shaking, but his number comes-up, he shakes my hand and shoves-off. I'm next up! Lovely Lady in civvies, wants to set me up with an appointment for my booster-shot #2. We work that out, engage in social small-talk~~~ She notices My UF Gators Hat, and asks are you a Gator?
    Am I a Gator?, so I give her my bonafides, and she says, "My Daughter is a Gator too", I counter with "and So is mine"! "She graduated Summa cum laude last Fall"--"She's now in Grad school" --So What's your daughter doing, I ask respectfully, she replies, she's a scientist for
    Pfizer, she confides quietly...

    Her name was Kim, but now I'm torn...whether I should keep my appointment for shot #2, or tis better to NOT push my VaCCine Luck? Especially since I'm hearing that the 'Pfizer' #1 shot is being rated at 93% effective! Decisions Decisions!

    AnyHoot, Glad to hear you got your shot Dip, my wife got Moderna, I was going to wait for 'Johnson & Johnson' but heard it wasn't going to be ready till sometime in late June, Who knows, i may just go for that one too, A real Vaccine! Not this rna stuff~~~
    On Watch~~~
    Later Gators!

  6. DiploMad,
    Watch that second shot. I have become an EMT in retirement and in one of my departments, we have been warned about after effects of the second shot. A lot of fever, chills and severe headaches. We haven't seen any of the more disastrous side effects yet, but make sure you schedule a light day for one following the second shot. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Anon,
      for the Heads-Up!
      L@^@Kin for my rabbits foot~~~
      ...hopping down the bunny trail~~~

  7. There are two parts to the ChiCom virus vaccine issue. One, the bullshit lockdown 'enjoyed' by much of the country. (Here in FL, not a problem.) Two, severity of the virus. On a per capita basis, the virus will kill about 3X the people as the 1957 flu, the worst variant in my lifetime. Assuming a serious over-count with numbers padded to sow fear and doubt, it still is a serious disease. I got the multi-strain flu show last fall and the pneumonia one previously. Why wouldn't I get the vaccine, rapidly developed and made available under pressure from PDJT? That is separate from everyone's anger over the performance of the lying presstitute corps and the Democrat crap weasels who shut America down. Our Gov DeSantis estimates 50% of Florida's 65+ have already got at least the first shot (me included).

    BTW, could someone please out Dr Fussy out to pasture or a rest home? Guy flip flops more than a fish on the deck of a fishing boat.

    1. "...BTW,...Guy flip flops more than a fish on the deck of a fishing boat."

      Having, made mental notes on the type of 'fishing boat' and species of floppity 'fish', I tend to Confirm your observations chuckR... suspect it, the characteristic 'flip floppery', has something to do with his propensity to accept or reject the null hypthesis, based on what's in it for him. Further, concur with your remedy to commit the observed, past his prime Brooklynite subject, to the now, oh so humane comfort of a New York "Rest Home", perhaps he will compose his memoirs, and tout his significant data in support of his personal conclusions~~~
      Altogether Now~~~row row row your boat~~~ ];~}

  8. Let's hope that all those who are participating in the largest ever non-double blind human experiment never have cause to regret it.

    Personally, I see a big difference between taking a vaccine for, say, polio or yellow fever, which has decades of experience behind it and taking a brand new medication built on a novel technology that was hurried through testing. Personal decisions should also take account of the now-established fact that the mortality risk from Covid-19 while unvaccinated is trivial (except for those people in the well-defined "at risk" groups).

    1. "Let's hope that all those who are participating in the largest ever non-double blind human experiment never have cause to regret it"~~~ +Amen to that, Gavin!

      Speaking now, as a decorated "Polio Pioneer" during Dr. Salk's research & Clinical Trials, I am PROUD to serve my family, and our USA -- as just another in a long innoculation line, of sefless guinea pigs~~~

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  9. What did Biden forget and when did he forget it?

    1. biden apparently isn't the only one who can't remember it!

    2. What the pretend POTUS forgot,
      is something he never had,HONOR~~~
      Moreover, Anon, there seems to be
      a Pandemic of dishonorable POS,
      circling the bowl needing a flush~~~

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  10. "What did Biden forget and when did he forget it?"

    But is his "deniability" plausible?

    1. "is his "deniability" plausible?"

      ONLY IF, Cuzn Bruce,
      WE Grant Him a 'Writ of Dementia'!
      Truth is, his "Devil made me do it"
      defence, will only get him a seat,
      alongside his sicko brain dead
      boyz, and brothers in HELL~~~

      In Witness:thereto:
      On Watch~~~
      PTL & Pass the Rocks...

  11. I got my second Moderna shot last Monday. I got body aches and a low grade fever that night and didn't shake it all until this afternoon. We live in a retirement community and many got their second shots at the same time. Most of the men seemed to fare worse than the women here. Don't know why.

    1. "Moderna...Most of the men seemed to fare worse
      than the women here. Don't know why."-- whitewall

      Tks for the report WW!
      Wife is also retired &
      Scheduled for her 2nd,
      Moderna shot next Monday.
      Your observations may serve
      to inform her decision...
      'to take or not to take'~~~
      Staying afloat~~~I think~~~

  12. I'm more concerned about the toxic Equality Act, which will gut most provisions of the First Amendment.

  13. Hard to believe K, that this monstrosity will pass muster in Congress! Unless of course, the head-count of LGBTQ+ types is greater up on the Hill, than I've figured. Sure, the Left & Rinos like Liz Cheney are abundant up there, so it may be a very close call. BUT- Every lammaker who is also a parent has to swallow the reality that their daughters will primarily suffer under the socialistic abonination, known as the Equality Act. Of course it does make sense to the Chicom arm of American poltics, since it will certainly Kick-Off the civil war, which will ultimately weaken US from within! Then we can expect the Left's CHIcon Brothers in Arms will sieze their opportunity to foment the fight further, as they are doing now, here and around the world! And if they win the conflagration/s, you can bet that the "LGBTQ+" rank n' file, will be the first meat on the communist chopping block! Imho~~~

    Here's the Pretend POTUS puking-up his pusillanimous Pap!:

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

    1. Well, it seems to be this or bostok... and I'm not sure creating rights via judicial fiat is better... I don't think it was better in the case of obergefell, and I don't think either is better here.
      Gorsuch ruling: "Only the written word is the law, and all persons are entitled to its benefit."
      This goes right along with our dear blogger's highlighting of the progressives' need to redefine words.
      It's fairly simple:
      1) pass unrelated legislation
      2) redefine the words used in that legislation to apply to your cause
      3) get supreme court to ignore the meaning of amendments and laws 'as passed' and instead adopt your "the law as I read it now, regardless of meaning when written" attitude.

      I was pretty shocked at Gorsuch there... much as I was at Kennedy bypassing representative government to declare new 'rights' by judicial fiat.
      Why are justices so bound to bypassing the people? Congress still has the authority to make laws... and congress still has the authority to change laws. If something seems like "an expansion" of an existing law, why wouldn't the court throw its hands up and say "congress is responsible for fixing this?"

      Sadly, even after three appointments under Trump, we still have a 6-3 activist court.


      - reader #1482

    2. "...Sadly, even after three appointments under Trump, we still have a 6-3 activist court."

      Sadly too 14&82, I sigh, when I reed it!
      Aside from the facts and the embelishment of
      the macabre Chief Justice's personal story,
      which may translate as his motive, to impede
      the Conservative courts ability to follow
      the "original" if not logical interpretation
      of Law, and blind themselves from seeing the
      utter deconstruction of civil society via the
      ChiCom--collaborative 'Rat/mob mis-administration.
      of Govt. at all levels -- Federal, State, and Local,
      especially so, in the violence-permissive Blue States!

      That or the SCOTUS majority are just too chicken shit,
      to step into the fray created by the Jackasses by Jackals,
      bent on destroying the USA, whatever their hellish motives!

      My expressed lament to the Supremes would be, get off your collective asses and create a calm at the center of the storm and START hearing the evidence of fraud that installed the current wave of Gangters/decision makers in positions of POWER they have not earned--at the Ballot Box--where REAL Americans, Speak their Minds!~~~

      On Watch~~~
      No New Party says the Chief,
      wondering if Secession
      is still on the table?
      Florida Fight Song~~~
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr4zllx6ue0 [optional]
      "Let's Roll"

  14. Here's A Terrific Article/ Vaccine, to protect against the other, other 'anti-American populist pandemic'. It turned up a tad late in my PO Box, expect the mailroom boys n' girls were passing it around ... I am encouraged, that they're reading at a higher level these days! Although, Not sure if it was the "Postage Paid by Hillsdale Stamp, or the Cover,
    entitled: WHO IS IN CONTROL?
    "The Need to Rein in Big Tech"

    An adaptation of a speech penned and delivered at Hillsdale, by:

    "Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford and was a 2020 Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy. In 2018, he obtained and published “The Google Tape,” a recording of Google’s top executives reacting to the 2016 Trump election and declaring their intention to make the American populist movement a “blip” in history. He is the author of #Deleted: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election."

    It get's even better...
    no wonder the formerly
    unpredictable rain, sleet,
    snow & hail contingent, now,
    R reading my mail! i'm so humbled~~~
    and encouraged~~~
    Here's the link for any of you who didn't
    already, hear it, read it, and or react!


    On Watch~~~
    Happy Sunday All!

    1. I do not believe the proposal is workable. The same processes which allow Google et al to manipulate people's political opinions, also prevents the 'former finance minister from uganda' from offering me for money.
      It's a ridiculous situation and cannot be solved by engagement with 'big tech'. So long as online aggregation is what people go to in order to form their opinions, that's what we're going to get.

      - reader #1482

  15. "I do not believe the proposal is workable."

    Yes 1482, I felt it was a bit thin, if not wishy washy, ie. for the the the time & place in which, 'we the people' were summarily, if not unceremoniously dumped.. [attn dear all earss, the above is not 'hate speech', more like, an uncofortable groan upon landing]

    "...[To) allow Google et al to manipulate people's political opinions, also prevents the 'former finance minister from uganda' from offering me for money."

    Oh! I thought he was from Nigeria ;~P ~~~ But where~ever it comes from I take your point, a double-edged sword, one side labled, 'Bad JuJu' and the other. 'at least it hasn't killed the Golden Goose', yet.

    "It's a ridiculous situation..."

    Copy That!

    "...and cannot be solved by engagement with 'big tech'."

    Well Brutha 1482, assuming that you're using a diplomadic definition of "engagement" I would tend to agree, that negotiation with BIG TECH BULLY BOYZ, should be off the table, and if, DJT or equivalent Patriot were at the HELM, he'd give the deliquents 24 hours or else! At least i hope he would, for all our benefit, before the ChiComs believe that we'll all rollover and stick our heads where the sun don't shine!

    "So long as online aggregation is what people go to in order to form their opinions..."

    Seems it's trending that way Meester numero! So whats the Max penalty we can charge/punish for brainwashing such peaceful'heads fulla mush'?

    "...that's what we're going to get."

    Golllllie 1-4-8-2, I think we just took a turn around the skating rink and wound up back where we started -- months if not years ago...
    I know, I think, for your family you've been avoiding too mush NEWS, the Usual variety of Pap, and doing your level best to drain the mush from minds, and pump in a bit of, what shall I call it/, how bout 'savvy stuff'? I too have, stepped back into shadows a bit, as it seems our host has done as well... Although, i must profess it WAS GOOD to hear some old, and some new Conservative voices sounding their 'A' on the stage down the road at CPAC... thinking/dreaming 'bout a move to South Dakota gonna trade my dive gear, for a 10 gallon Hat & Spurs, I'll rent-a-horse~~~
    On Watch~~~
    ...anybody got an Old Peacemaker for sale?

  16. O/T,
    China still giving anal swab tests, British Parliament sending hundreds of members to China on fact finding trip.

    1. Ahso~~~
      A swab-out, plus
      a ChiCom Bank Acct,
      to spend in Hong Kong~~~
      A Pommy Vaca...? RHIP*****
      On Watch~~~
      Dive Dive~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    It's not a vaccine. It does not prevent you from getting the virus or passing it on to others. It's a flu shot, and like other flu shots has a limited effect at best. I don't even want to think what the negative effects could be.
    CDC has admitted there are hundreds of variants/mutations of his flu virus. How do you vaccinate against that?
    And, more than 99% survive this flu. Why would you not rely on building your immune system instead of taking a shot of unknown?
    Think, people. THINK!

  18. "...99%(+) survive this flu. Why would you not rely on building your immune system instead of taking a shot of unknown?"

    Thanks for the WARNING Ned2, caution and informing oneself of potential downsides, are wise considerations...
    Funny, strange...even after daily doses of: Zink, D3, Shwepps quinine Tumeric, etc etc etc -- I had my 2nd shot of PFIZER today...

    Still wasn't sure about taking the 2nd dose, right up untill the, FD LT Greeter, said to me, as I was checking in, wearing my 'RED' FD Rescue Hat, Said He, with a BIG SMILE on his All American face --"Are you sure you wanna do this?" I cracked a Grin and replied, "Yeah, there Sure Is a lot of propaganda going around! He shook his head in agreement. I said "I'm committed, but only if I get the LT who gave me the 1st dose, I had good luck with that shot!"

    Still smiling, he says "do you see him?", I say NO. he says "we've got the best Dept Fire Rescue LT at table #4 and it looks like he's free... "Great!" so I trucked on down to LT Hardus' station. He was a piece of work! Takes off his glove to shake my hand, I said grinning ear to ear, "thought we only 'fist bump' nowadays", as I reached out to shake his proffered hand! He grabbed my hand and said "what Arm"! I sat down, and took my medicine!

    He delivered his boilerplate reminding me to wait 15 minutes... I come back with my Now standard retort, "I'm feeling faint, can you get me a cup of coffee?", he doesn't miss a beat, and busts out w/ a belly laugh, we fist bump, and I head for the waiting room and Check-Out. They gave me a wrist band, saying that I got my shot, and NOW, apparently, ready for International Flight, plus another bonous, of a spray bottle of hand sanitizer! The whole 9 yards for Free - only in America!

    So what sold me on taking this "RISK", knowing the odds, at least by my book!? Co-morbidities not withstanding, it came down to, "What if one of my kids wound up giving me a deadly dose of the ChiCom Virus? - No biggie for me, but what about them? How would they feel, about being responsible for my early check-out time, especially my daughter the microbiologist, who filled me in on all the developing intricacies with the C-19 virus, and the various vaccines? Nope wouldn't want any of those good Kids lives, to be damaged by grief n' guilt! That POISON should be swallowed unto death by the ChiComs and the collective, Leftist scumbags, oligarchs, media nitwits, and their Walking DEAD traitors, like Joe Biden Jr & Family.

    So, Going Forward, I hate Backing Down, I plan on spending plenty of time fishing, swimming, drinking a few beers & bottles of fine wine in the Fla sunshine! Pray so anyway!
    To close, haven't had even one noticable side effect from the PFIZER "vaccine" to date, I'll see what tomorrow brings~~~

    On Watch~~~

    P.S. & Btw, anyone notice that FL Gov Desantis rolled out his legislative and prosecutorial team to take on the thieving ChiCom dirtbags now plying their anti-American tradecraft, here in the Sunshine State. The Team scored some big fish, although some even bigger strikes/SLUGs vacated and slimed on back from whence they came, -- I"ll take it for what its worth!
    "Let's Roll"

  19. It's not a vaccine. You can still contract the virus in any of it's hundreds of variants and pass it to others.
    It's a flu shot, and one that has undergone miniscule amounts of testing.

    All this for a virus that kills less than 1% of those who get it.

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