Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, January 10, 2022


Don't know if there's anybody still out there, but I am here. I know. Alert the Media! Bring out the balloons and the clowns!

In case there is somebody there, let me explain. I got floored by a variety of health issues, including getting a new knee. I had always been happy with the one God issued me, but I guess the warranty ran out. Then other health issues kicked in to complicate things along with a variety of family issues, travel, and having to deal with my "vast" real estate holdings--Downton Abbey, you got nothing on me. A couple of trips to the DC area--ugh!--and other such travails.

The Diplowife headed off to Spain to deal with her mother's death and the various issues that flow from that. It was a nightmare getting her on a plane. The American Airlines rep who sold us the tickets said all we need is proof of vaccination against the (drumroll) dread ChiCom virus. We dutifully got that, with booster included, and proudly waved our little booklet certifying that we are good citizens of the Republic. Well, guess what? That wasn't enough. Since I suspected as much, we arrived three hours early for the flight. The Diplowife showed her tickets, passport, proof of vaccination (all this more than you need to vote), and I swung her bag onto the scale in anticipation of it being whisked away. No. The rather rude AA clerk, while clacking away on her computer, and without looking up, suddenly says, "Where's your health form?" We didn't know what she was talking about. No health form, no boarding. Only after some interrogation did she reveal that we needed a health form from the Spanish Ministry of Health. In response to my stupid question of where we get such a form, she mumbled, "From the Spanish Ministry of Health." We're at the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina amidst a crowd of impatient passengers, and I am told to get a form from the Spanish Ministry of Health. Fortunately some kind soul wandered by and said, "You have to scan this QR to get it." He showed us the cute little box QR code, and I scanned it with my camera. We were told to get out of line as we were holding things up. Off we scurried to a little corner, and on my wife's phone, I fill out the form over and over. For some reason it wanted the dates year/month/day without explaining that. The whole thing was written in some weird Spanglish. We finally fill it out correctly and press "SUBMIT"--very appropriate word. And wait. And wait. And wait. No "OK to board."  Fortunately, another passer-by heard us, and said, "Oh you have to download Google Chrome." I had never heard of Google Chrome. App Store; download; fill out the form again; we get our OK form and back to the ticket line. No cutting!

Diplowife reports that the AA plane and flight were horrendous. It's a crappy airline which has gotten worse and worse. When I was a Diplo I hated using AA or any of the other US flag airlines we were forced to use. Terrible. The best? Singapore Air. Always used it whenever I got the opportunity. But, I digress. Spain? One of my favorite places on earth has gone nuts "combatting" the China Virus. The Diplowife reported total mask madness, and a brainwashed population convinced that millions are dropping like flies every day. No proof required. Well, she survived, and came back, and guess what? She's heading back to Spain next Friday. We are filling out forms, again, on the assumption that the flight won't get cancelled.  

I will resume blogging once she's on the plane.


  1. i'm glad all is well...well, except for the knee. based on my FIL, keep up the PT.


  2. Welcome back to the Bionic Diplomad.

  3. Hurrah! Your back! I have missed your biting commentary the last 6 months. I have been stopping by regularly in hope you would return, as I got into the habit of using your blogroll to read others. I hope this Xi aka Omicron wave is the last gasp of this horrid two years of rule by Karen.

  4. Glad you didn't dirt nap. Welcome back.

  5. Very glad your back and relatively OK. Missed your particular take on things.

  6. Welcome back! We've missed you. Hope you're all recovered and I assume you'll be going Steve Austin a run for his money now that you too are a cyborg?

    By the way, in case you hadn't heard, Our favorite moonbat, AOC managed to catch covid.

  7. G'day Dip.

    The whereabouts of your good self have been the subject of much speculation over the period of your absence.

    Nice to know you are contemplating the daisies from the correct side of the grass.


    1. Ahh, there you are! Hope all is well down under.

  8. Sorry for your travails, but very happy you're back !

  9. Yep. Still here. Love the blog

  10. I did not give up, but when you reach our age, people disappearing is not that unusual. Glad your back!

  11. I flew jets for Northwest and Delta for 31 years. We always referred to AA as the “Sky Nazis” and for reasons much like yours.

  12. Welcome back!
    My sympathy to your wife. Lost my Mom last week.
    She had 101 great years.
    I can't imagine international travel with all
    the marginal people in charge.

  13. Welcome back. Welcome to geezerhood.

  14. Glad to hear you are back, and doing well. Sympathy to your whole family. Lost my Dad a year ago July, moved Mom in with us.

    Had a bad knee the past six months, expect to hear the results of the MRI Friday. Hoping to keep mine for a few more years.

  15. Great to see you back! I was worried. Going in for a right knee quad tendon repair in the very near future so you have my sympathy.

  16. Holy crap! It's like finding your long-lost favorite pocket knife under the seat of your truck

  17. Pleasant surprise to see you.

  18. Welcome back. Spain is always shit.

  19. reader #14 from both blogs Glad you are back bionic diplomad! sorry to hear you were stuck w/AA Prayers for safe travels for diplowife and
    smooth recovery for you have missed your blog

    1. #14 aye, hmmm, sounds like a rounding error~~~
      Btw, did you happen to see "Kepha" in transit?
      Also,sad to hear that "AA" has fallen from grace,
      I became somewhat civilized by an AA pilot, & his
      dear wife, our Den Mother, during formative years.
      Her husband, the 'Pilot in Command', took on the task
      of teaching us rebellious lads about buckling down
      for the ride--and as if on cue, showed-up in the AM
      after the 1st Snowstorm, to roundup all neighborhood
      kids, in his 20 plus passenger hand-built sled, drawn
      by a Woody Ford Wagon w/ Chains! Up & Down all the streets
      round n'round NSEW past the golf course and back again
      drop off the sledders, or the skaters at the lake~~~
      me and some other diehards just hung on for the ride,
      or the last pass up down and around our avenues...
      Captain Lee and his one-legged brother Howie,
      made it all work for as long as I can remember...
      they even got us to swim lessons in the middle
      of the winter too, as well as sojourns to
      the museums, etc etc in all 5 Boroughs,
      and in between time, Mrs Lee taught us
      Scouts fine art and crafts galore...
      Like most Americans, after WWII, we
      were blessed to have good neighbors,
      I miss them, and remember then all,
      with Love~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Btw, Welcome Back Dip & and all
      Glad our New Year's Wish
      came through~~~

  20. Well bless my soul! You have arisen. Good to see you Dip!

  21. Hello from Canada. Happy you are back!

  22. You've been missed -- it was nice to see the (1) next to your RSS feed listing.

  23. Like many others, I am sure, I had been hoping & praying to see you back on the blog. Glad to hear you are ok. I agree with you regarding the airlines, domestic & otherwise. When I was stationed in Manila, I got to go to a conference in Singapore -- flying on Singapore Airlines. SO wonderful. I would travel on that airline again anytime. Sadly, they have no counterpart in the US.

  24. Glad you are back! Sorry about the various issues. My wife lost her mom in October. Thank God, no flying!

  25. Missed you! Understand completely! Hang in there--then come back!

  26. Glad you're back Dip! Checked the blog every day while you were gone. You've been a high point with your posts over the years. I'm glad they can resume!

  27. Glory be praised. A much need voice, insight has returned!!

  28. Yes, the World is listening. Please continue and thank you for the thoughts.

  29. In your "vast real estate" holdings, do you still own your California manse? I wonder what home values are doing in the state.

    My brother and his lovely bride escaped Orange County(Coto de Casa) a couple months back, following their son and family to Franklin, Tennessee.

    I'm guessing you've been too pre-occupied to spend any time at the range as well.

    I hope you continue to heal, and I''m SO glad you're back. All 8 of us followers were worried...

  30. Good to see you back. Safe travels to the other half.

  31. We've missed you. Welcome back! Anxiously awaiting your take on all things political.

  32. Welcome back! Though I was afraid that some dire mishap had befallen you, I figured, "Nah, Diplo is too tough to go out without one last post." I've been monitoring your frequency constantly, I can now breathe a sigh of relief.

    Condolences to the DiploWife on the loss of her Mom.

  33. Welcome back, and worth the wait!

  34. Glad that things are mostly ok with you and yours.

  35. SOOOO GLAD to see a word or three from you! They are always welcome! I am grateful to peruse your missives!
    BEST Regards!
    Carry On!

  36. Great to see you back diplo - kept checking in from time to time, and glad I did!

    Take care.

  37. Replies
    1. On second consideration, that was unkind. You're not that fat.

  38. So glad you are still on the right side of the grass. Next time you take a break, please post a quick note -- lots of us were worried.

  39. Good you are back, missed the conversation that convinced me that the we in OZ are not alone in bureaucratic mindlessness. It is worldwide and just ratcheted itself up a notch with the Wuhan Flu, looking forward to your takes on the system. Regards

  40. I was almost certain there'd be no medical complication severe enough to keep you from commenting on the travesty of kabul. Good to see yer back,
    - reader #1482

    1. As was I, #14 plus~
      however, based on his almost
      legendary choreographical moves,
      I surmised he had taken a State req.
      short course, Walk on Water: sans wings.
      However about a month ago, just when I was
      geting a twitch itchy about the hazards of
      fieldwork among FSO's, a lil birdy dropped a
      note on the unending Pandemic thread, that Read:

      Anonymous December 13, 2021 at 10:09 AM
      "It isn't just Diplomad who is silent. Apparently State's Office of Public Diplomacy has silenced ALL current and former employees from commenting on foreign affairs. Not just retired FSOs, but former political appointees as well, of both parties"

      At which point, I suspected, the 'Ole Dipstick' was
      polishing-up his blunderbuss, installing new flint
      in his dueling pistols, mushing up his 3 Dog Dune Buggy,
      and lopeing on down US1 [180 S] to Mira=A=Lago--Voila~~~
      "Submarines Once...
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  41. Welcome back. Some if us were thinking the black helicopters had taken you away.

  42. I had almost given up hope...Welcome back!
    Looking forward to your future posts!!

  43. For checking often hadn't in a bit, knew you didn't fall off the planet. Post when you can, we readers need all the support we can get.

  44. Diplo, rest assured that you've been missed. Hopefully you are doing better now!

  45. So happy to see you back. Greetings from(cold) Canada. If you thinks Spain is madness you ought to come here and see the true definition of insanity and madness.

  46. I check in once a week to see if you'd reappeared. So glad to see you're back.

  47. As the Brits might say, the World has Turned Upside Down. Some might see Orwellian overtones to all of this, but I suspect mass incompetence is more likely... or maybe its Orwell 2.0

  48. Glad to see you back and in good health.

  49. Welcome back - it is surpassingly good to hear you were just getting on with living.

  50. Just want to say I'm one of those who never bother to comment but in this case I just want to say I'm so glad you're back and in good health.

  51. Yes indeed dear commentators, twill be marvelous
    to have Winston, L.A. back on the helm again~~~
    I've missed his wit, wisdom, and most of all
    his forthright alacrity to engage targets,
    in order to examine contents which have
    acquired a toxic odor and may require
    a stiff dose of disinfectant~~~

    Like WLA, it seems to me that many
    of our most important moving=parts
    in USA, seem to be almost broken
    or they've have gone MIA~~~

    One such disappeared piece of
    the puzzle, for me, in retrospect,
    was THE Hillsdale College Publication of
    Imprimis : November 2021 Vol 50, number 9.

    Oddly enough, it, the issue showed up
    in my mailbox, on the same day that
    Diplomad returned here, for semi-active duty!

    Where my document was, in the bowels of the
    US Post Office, these last 2 mos. I haven't
    a clue, although the Fates and Muses have
    once again collaborated to expose the seedy
    side of the Leftist plot to destroy our
    hope of restoring the gaping holes
    the CCP and other killers have
    inflicted on the dreams of our
    Forefathers and Mothers, unless,
    we the people are able to determine
    "THE WAY OUT", of the trap that has been
    set for US, the rest of Liberty hounds
    and Freedom seekers: Here's a clue:

    "Any elaborate system of government must have a justification, and the justification of this one cannot simply be that those in the ruling class are entitled on the basis of their superiority. That argument went away with the divine right of kings. No, for the current ruling class, the justification is science. The claim of bureaucratic rule is a claim of expertise—of technical or scientific knowledge about everything. Listen to Fauci on Face the Nation, dismissing his critics in Congress as backward reactionaries. When those critics disagree with him, Fauci said recently, “They’re really criticizing science because I represent science. That’s dangerous.”

    The problem with this kind of thinking was pointed out by a young Winston Churchill in a letter to the writer H.G. Wells in 1901. Churchill wrote:

    Nothing would be more fatal than for the government of states to get into the hands of the experts. Expert knowledge is limited knowledge: and the unlimited ignorance of the plain man who knows only what hurts is a safer guide, than any vigorous direction of a specialised character. Why should you assume that all except doctors, engineers, etc. are drones or worse? . . . If the Ruler is to be an expert in anything he should be an expert in everything; and that is plainly impossible.

    Churchill goes on to argue that practical judgment is the capacity necessary to making decisions. And practical judgment, he writes in many places, is something that everyone is capable of to varying degrees. Everyone, then, is equipped to guide his own life in the things that concern mainly himself.

    Another thing about the experts is that they are not really engaged in the search for truth. Instead, the powerful among them suppress the obvious fact that there is wide disagreement among the experts. There always is.

    God save us from falling completely into the hands of experts. But God has given us the wherewithal to save ourselves from that. So let us move to the second question posed above.

    How to Defeat a Rising Despotism"

    More here:
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  52. Glad to hear you are mending and that yon wife survived the airlines. Also my thanks for the intel on flight requirements. I retired from international travel (constant) in 2018 so all this is new survival data but I imagine every single country will be operating under a different set of rules. Stay sane.

  53. Reader #7 is thrilled to have you back. It's been a long dry spell, Dip!

  54. Best wishes on getting through everything.

    Key with knee replacement is the exercises / physical therapy after the surgery.

  55. Welcome back Diplomad, you have been sorely missed. Glad you’re on the mend and sincerest condolences to the DiploWife on her loss.

  56. Great to "hear" your voice! Don't let the bastards get you down.....

  57. Welcome back, Diplomad! Best wishes and be well.

  58. So very happy you are back! You were sorely missed! Sorry for the difficulties and loss you have experienced.

  59. Welcome back Diplomad. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Crazy times.

  60. Glad you're back!; I look for your remarks everyday and share with colleagues.