Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Back from Reno; Facing Zombies; Ted Cruz Encounter; End of the World; Heading for Spain

We had a fairly uneventful few days in Reno, Nevada. It was my first time there. It's kind of a, well, not very appealing place to live--at least to me. Not a very charming city, with lots of mentally ill zombies roaming the streets at night. My son and I had an encounter with one at a McDonald's drive thru at about 4 am as we returned from a casino. Idling in line, we heard a loud metallic bang, and saw a zombie slamming a gate in the restaurant's outdoor garbage shed. He went into that shed from which we could hear loud voices, and some more bangs on the metal door from inside the enclosure; then, the zombie emerged, screaming at the top of his lungs. He, apparently, had lost his sleep-spot to another, presumably a competing zombie. He made a beeline for our car, yelling, waving his arms, and then throwing his backpack at us, just missing the rental car. My son and I decided, as did the driver behind us, to get out of line and drive away. As we drove past the zombie, he hollered some unintelligible gibberish, and shook his fists at us. I hope he wasn't one of this blog's six readers upset by something I wrote. Let me know if you were he. 

Reno has a construction boom underway which could transform it. Would that change be for the good or the bad? 

We'll have to see if all those people fleeing the woke dumpster that has become California don't make Nevada follow in San Francisco's footsteps. 

Some of the surrounding countryside, however, is spectacular. We enjoyed our half-day in Virginia City; nice, though touristy, cowboy town with an interesting past and a fun museum. Also fun was the Reno classic car museum, run by some extremely friendly people, and having some amazing cars dating back to before the 20th century. Some of those cars prove absolute works of art and engineering. It's stunning what we used to make in this country.

Forgot to mention, on the flight from Dallas to Reno, I had a brief conversation with Senator Ted Cruz. He was flying economy, by the way. He proved a very nice man, very respectful, and with a good sense of humor. We didn't discuss anything too deep or contentious, as we stood in line for the plane lavatory. We agreed the country was in terrible shape. 

While in Reno, of course, we witnessed the end of the world. 

No, not talking about my results at blackjack and poker. 

No, not talking about WWIII in Europe. 

No, not talking about the disaster on the southern border. 

Yes, indeed, I am talking about Elon Musk's apparently successful bid to buy Twitter and take it private.

Watching the wokesters on MSNBC and CNN catch fire, and either melt or explode was worth every dollar of the purported $44 billion Musk has put on the counter for the purchase. I hope that it goes through, and that Musk fulfills the expectation of turning Twitter (from which I am banned) into a true town square. 

The wokesters have made as plain as possible their fear of and hatred for freedom. If you don't agree with them; if you don't endorse all their lunacies, e.g., men can be women; if you, yourself, don't see each and every opponent of wokism as a vile racist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe, science-denier, then you, yourself, are a vile racist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe, science-denier, to whom the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights do not apply. All very weird.

Back in North Carolina, just in time to prepare for our trip to Spain next week. I have not been there in years, and look forward to it. I always have had a great time in Spain, even met the wife there. We will spend most of our two weeks in Madrid with a couple of days in San Sebastian. I hope to pick up a chess set in Toledo, where they make some beautiful ones. 

Hope the mad reaction to Covid, a madness still rampant in Spain, doesn't interfere with the travel.

Sorry this post wasn't very interesting. Hope to make it up to you.


  1. Check out Wheels through Time in Maggie Valley, NC. Friendly staff and all the bikes run.

  2. The fact that there was a "line" at the McD drive-through at 4 am says a lot about the type of town Reno is!

    1. Reno was originally a college town, as the school of mines, now university of nevada, preceded the casino business, which now dominates. What's less commonly recognized about Reno, is that pretty everything north of I-80 is the university. Everything to the south of I-80 is... well... of the type you experienced. The casino industry comes with unshakeable baggage unfortunately and brings the whole area waaaay down.
      Socal's Pala/Pechanga areas... not much different, just smaller...

    2. Yup. UNR grad here, 1987. I love N. Nevada, including Reno and Elko. I would recommend a visit to Gardnerville if you like the wild places. From there gi to Yosemite.

  3. "I hope he wasn't one of this blog's six readers upset by something I wrote." I love your sense of humour.
    By the way, things are pretty good down here in Perth, Western Australia; the most isolated city in the world. And recently, that's been a good thing. Cheers.

    1. Sounds like a fine place to visit.

    2. I second that! Two readers from Perth who knew!

    3. Perth sounds great. Must go on my bucket list.

  4. Ref-Reno…
    I concur 100%. And that was 2 years ago. I can only imagine now.
    We were passin thru on the way to Thunder Ranch.

  5. Imaginary like button pressed. Drugs are the problem, not Mary Jane, but Heroin and Methamphetamines. Those drugs steal lives. You can't be a "functional" meth/heroin addict.

    If the Diplomad is allowed back on Twitter then I will join Twitter. I saw it as a leftist clique back in the mid 2010's and stayed away from that cess pit. But with Elon in charge, it could actually be a place where I would use my real name, and stand proud of my views knowing that I would not be silenced by the clique controlling the platform.

  6. Not sure the Wokesters are afraid of their freedom, just yours.
    And the new Ministry of Truth is very worrisome, bureaucracy needs to show they need to grow substantially so will be finding reasons to do so.

  7. Dear Dip, Reno as in Folsom Prison Blues, "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die," (thanks Johnny Cash) is in Nevada. But the prison sentence is being served in Folsom, California. Knowing what we know now about criminal jurisprudence one might conclude that the inmate was enticed and entrapped in one state and punished in another while surveilled by an alphabet agency. Which one? Hard to say. Any guesses? Me neither. Thanks!

  8. The Cruz anecdote was worth it ....

  9. I'm generally positively disposed towards the twitter acquisition. As a private company, they've been free to have their deliberate anti-conservative slant. They do it, their readers love, they make tons of money at it, and I can't criticize that. It's theater and entertainment, what else could one want?
    Now some of their people and the tech trust colluding to remove views from the internet is more problematic. But they're a trust, and that's what trusts do, prevent competition and assault their captive customers.

    And when Pajama Boy is our nation's mascot, who can blame Putin for not taking threats of US power seriously?

    - reader #1482

    1. Oh yeah, apologies for the zombies of Reno ... on behalf of the actual people of Reno. I know exactly the zombies you are talking about. The only place where their numbers are greater is San Francisco. Can't spend two hours there without being yelled at by a vagrant blasted out of his mind on whatever substance.

      - reader #1482

  10. "Drugs are the problem"...
    (as are our Enemies)...
    Roger "That"~~~Salvorhardin! (re: above)

    And, in addition to the Heroin and Meth.
    problems, you referenced, its my under-
    standing that the scourge of Fentanyl coming
    across our southern border is the most deadly
    drug we [USA] are NOW experiencing...

    Here's Steve Bannon at the war room, with Dr.
    Maria Ryan, a New Hampshire Hospital CEO,
    fleshing out the "Epidemic if not Pandemic"
    as most US states are reporting a doubling
    and in some states increased up to 5 times>>>
    Further, it is the "#1 killer of people 13 to 45~~~
    She also references NEWly uncovered type
    of Hepatitis cases...she also has a Sunday
    Morn. show on ABC, on which she covers
    the issues above~~~
    Bannon added, it's the "#1 Rated show"...
    Well worth a listen...Here's a Link/s to connect w/her:

    The United States 'Is At War With' Fentanyl And Must Act
    Bannons War Room Published April 28, 2022 830 Views

    Sounds to me like "The Invasion" across our S. Border
    has been weaponized to kill Americans, as well as
    hide within the herd, used to mask the "Cartel's"
    murderous, tho lucrative, intentions... mebe we'd better
    get the entire "State National Guard" on the task of RE-sealing ASAP the border. And Congress to extend
    "42" to include total shutdown, till further notice, IMHO
    On Watch~~~
    Welcome Back, Dip & Family
    Safe passage & visit to your
    belated destination abroad~~~

    "Lets Roll"

    1. Ahoy OW!

      That should work for y'all.


    2. Ahoy OW!
      Read you
      Loud & Clear,
      & Tks, JK~~~
      I bought Branca's, "...Self
      Defence Principles" -cr@2020.

      The way the State prosecutor,
      persecuted Kyle Rittenhouse,
      made me read it again, cover to
      cover...and here now, too Branca
      does a 1st rate analysis, of the
      Halyna Hutchins shooting, and the
      Sheriffs Dept. Investigators interview,
      of Alec Baldwin... sadly for the victim
      and for Alec's father too, whom I knew,
      as a H.S. rifle coach and Marine Vet...
      Can't help but think he's rolling over,
      in his fox hole, sad bad news may he
      rest in peace~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Looking forward to your
      follow-up comment/link below~~~
      "Remember You carry a gun so you’re hard to kill.
      Know the law so you’re hard to convict. Stay safe!"

      "Let's Roll"

  11. We expect picture of the chess set.

    1. A glass of bourbon next to it of course.

    2. Holy Toledo, ww~~~
      w/a Snort n' Skoal
      ...thought they only
      made edged & pointed
      diversions over in that
      neck o' the woods~~~

  12. See above the link for Andrew Branca's analysis in my earlier reply to OW.

    Something 'clicked' for me as I first listened to Branca's lead video and then later as I watched the police interview but, I couldn't recall where I'd read/heard the statement. Then - duh - I took my own recommendation as I'd advised OW to do and


    (And in Alec Baldwin's own voice no less!)


    1. [...]
      https://rumble~~~ the-rust-tragedy-part-19-treasure-trove-of-evidence.~~~(And in Alec Baldwin's own voice no less!)

      Wee Mersure~~~
      The smarmy smart-Alec, and most
      of the rest of the low-budget rag-tag
      bunch of near-do-wells, bit players,
      and assorted *trogalogs absent or
      present--have managed to reach
      a conclusion, predictable, tho it now is,
      a grotesque final scene, a colaboration...
      Comedy with Tragic Ending...
      RIP Halyna Hutchins~~~

      On Watch~~~
      * Trogs at play:

      "Let's Roll"

  13. Look forward to your posts on San Sebastian, with pictures if possible. I did business with some nice folks up there in the 1980's but all was done by correspondence and by meetings in Madrid. Would love to get there some day while health is holding up. Safe travels.