Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, April 8, 2022

Woke Lies & Wars

Over the years, this humble blog has railed against the flood of lies discharged by our woke masters in government, and in the media, legacy and new. It has become something of an obsession with your humble blogger; at the risk of becoming a one-note Johnny bore, I shall continue to rail. 

Sorry, but, hey, it's free of charge.

Our masters tell us so many lies that it proves difficult to pick one, or two, or three, or . . . whatever, to discuss. I will give it a try.

As you can see from my writings over the years on Putin and Russia, I have not become a Putin Puppet. In my view, however, Putin's Moscow ranks as a second- or even third-tier threat to the US and the West; it certainly comes well behind the number two threat Beijing, and WELL BEHIND, far, far behind, the number one threat to our civilization, the Wokesters within our societies busily destroying our institutions and the underpinnings of our national identity and culture.  

None of us, outside of the top-most circles of Ukraine and Russia, has any good idea of events in the Ukraine-Russia war. What we, John Q. Public, know know proves very basic, VERY basic, indeed. 

We know Russia has invaded Ukraine. We think we know that the invasion did not seem well-planned or executed. We know that this invasion, as true with any other of which I can think, has caused suffering and death to the people invaded, and, yes, by the way, I include in my list of invasions that transpiring along our own southern border. In the Ukraine case, we simply don't know how much suffering and death; we must take the media's "massacre" accounts with a fistful of salt. Look. Face it. It's Russia; it's Ukraine; it's Eastern Europe. History shows that warfare there, though, of course, not there only, does not adhere to the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, much less to the Geneva Convention. I have no trouble believing, knowing (?), that innocent civilians or surrendering soldiers can and do face harsh treatment and even death at the hands of that day's victors--and that the next day's victors will reciprocate. I have no problem knowing that Russians and Ukrainians can act in a brutal fashion. Read about the two world wars, the Russian civil war, the Soviet wars with Poland and Finland, the fate of Napoleon's army in Russia, etc., and you can easily imagine brutality on the fields of battle and in the cities of that region. The Katyn Forrest massacre comes readily to mind.

On Ukraine, my big problem, and I assume (Right? Wrong?) that of many others, arises from the lack of objective reporting; the reports, for example, on Russian atrocities in Ukraine seem much like those in British, French, and American newspapers of German atrocities in Belgium during WWI. Just a little too convenient. The narrative from Ukraine appears calculated, edited, censored, and massaged to cause maximum outrage in the audience, and, of course, heighten US and international support for involvement in this war. This narrative looks like, well, a narrative, rarely a good thing.

I don't like this manipulation, especially given the record of those doing it. We, for example, have a "leadership," illegitimately occupying the White House, which has not come clean about the corrupt Biden family's ties to Ukraine and China. We have a media, old and new, yet to apologize for its lies re Trump-Putin collusion, quid-pro-quo, Hunter's laptop, Rittenhouse, January 6, the grifters of BLM, Kavenaugh, Covid-19, climate change, the 2020 elections, and on, and on, and on. I generally don't believe what comes from these liars who wish ill on Western Civilization, and work to destroy it.

The bumbling, incoherent nature of our "leaders'" on their march to war leads to even more concern. We see them call for the world to destroy Russia, not just to promote regime change, but to destroy completely Russia's economy, and its ability to function as a modern state. We have prominent individuals, right and left, calling for direct US/NATO military action against Russia, i.e., war. They seek a potentially nuclear war in Europe. Would that war remain there?

Given the heated rhetoric coming from the West about Russia, and the measures taken to kill Russia's economy, I had to laugh when German Minister of Economy Robert Habeck complained that Russia's demanding Germany and other gas customers pay in roubles, rather than dollars or euros, amounted to "blackmail." He seemed outraged Russia would defend its currency, and seek to impose pain on those seeking to impose pain on Russia. 

What did a wise man once say? Oh, yes, "The enemy gets a vote." Words to live by.

No matter what we think of the rightness of "our cause," the other side will respond. 

We, today, suffer and will suffer more consequences at home from this rush to "destroy" Russia. Given, for example, our insistence on outsourcing critical industries, including fertilizer production to Russia, it should come as no surprise that Russia has struck at fertilizer exports, thereby, raising the cost of food production in the US and the West, evoking the likelihood not just of higher prices but of food shortages. 

Did the "bumblers in charge" not see this coming? Do we really need Nostradamus?

On the topic of wars, the wokesters not only push war with Russia. They simultaneously push a variety of interrelated wars at home. We see a war on women. The wokesters cannot even define "woman" except that a man gets to decide if he's a woman (?). Women don't exist. Sorry about that.

We also see an ever-intensifying wokester war on children. I have written about this before. The progs/wokesters hate children and families. They want to turn children over to the state, at least, those children they don't insist on killing. They want to "sexualize" children from the earliest possible age to accept LGBTQRSVPCRAP as normal. They want teachers talking about sex, in graphic terms, to children in kindergarten. They want judges to go light on child porn and pedophilia. They now have one of those on the Supreme Court.

Why trust anything these people say?


  1. Why trust anything these people say?

    1. "Exactly"
      in the center ring~~~
      you you A~hole ;}

  2. Badgers believe in very draconian measures being taken against pedophiles, or any other abusers of children.
    Abusers of women to be treated the same way.

    1. Well said Badger...
      and since I swore off
      becoming a VIKING....
      am treating the women folk
      much much more, how can I,
      say it...Nice, Gently, yes and,
      even more like, Respectfully, I even
      used to open the car doors, compliment
      their coiff and attire, but that became
      passe, somewhere along the line...
      back in the dayze ah "sweet",
      yeah except, oh yeah, yes...
      LOVINGLY, that's it~~~LOVING~~~
      To: All the Girls

      "Let's Roll

  3. I regret that my default position is to believe Russia and China first.

    1. Yikes sykes~~~
      I feel your pain, man!
      But, at least we still
      have a some Free States
      and the voices within,
      who speak the truth to
      power as well as those
      of US who recognize it
      and boldly go forth to
      confront the Beast's
      'dirty deeds, and lies
      done dirt quick'. Now,
      glad to see that we've
      made some progress with
      -in the courts where
      some indicted citizens
      are being roasted for
      FBI shenanagins, viz
      the abduction of the
      Governess of MI, As
      if anyone would care
      to, or dare to hang-
      out with that beatch
      for longer than it
      takes to fart~~~
      As Bad a the USA is,
      under the current
      Federalales, the
      times they are a
      changing... for
      the better we hope,
      and pray, I'd say~~~
      On Watch~~~
      PS Disclosure:
      I except Zero
      Yuan or Rubles.
      "Let's Roll"

  4. (Don McCollor)...I have noted that when a reputable person is banned from social medias, what the person said may well be true (or at least warrant further investigation...

  5. Mongo only pawn in game of life.
    Gawd that was a great fillum!

    1. Tanks for the reminder down memory La. JC~~~
      Mongo,twas So, and Quite a Package too:
      Btw I read "you were a slob, JC but a neat one"
      seems incongruent, please explain, hoping I may
      might be able to utilize your methodology to
      cleanup my act, or at least, fake it, standing by~~~

  6. Hear! Hear!
    Fantastic one Dip

  7. Thank you for railing

  8. The phony super power that is Putin's Russia has been shown to be nothing more than myth. So much so that Vlad dares not make a peace deal with Ukraine lest he fall from power at home. So unless he accidently shoots himself in the back of the head two or three times....he himself 'Vlad the Great' will be the fly that must conquer the fly paper. No matter what.

    1. Revised Copy:
      "The phony super power that is [Biden's America] has been shown to be nothing more than WOKE BULL SHIT. So much so that [BiteMe] dares not make a peace deal with [AMERICANS] lest he fall from power at home. So unless he accidently [STOPS] shoot[ING] himself in the back of his head two or three times [A WEEK]....he himself [JOE THE SCHMO] will be the [fallen fly] that must conquer the fly paper. No matter what.

      DANG Sir whitewall~~~
      I do believe your somewhat keecy,
      tho poignant analogy, captures the
      heart, mind, and spirit of our ill-
      lust-er~US (#46 is it?) Commander-
      In-CHIEF... Moreover it fails to
      evoke any feelings of "Cognitive
      Disonance", in the subject, Am-
      icans who I have presented
      'your' revised analogy to...
      Therefore I plan forthwith
      to test 'our' new revised
      Hypothesis, on a larger
      sample of USA Citizens
      and hereby, do request
      your suggestion/s on,
      what City or State?
      -may yield a valid
      sampling result of
      the Representative
      Tks in advance,
      as always,
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

      Original copy:
      The phony super power that is Putin's Russia has been shown to be nothing more than myth. So much so that Vlad dares not make a peace deal with Ukraine lest he fall from power at home. So unless he accidently shoots himself in the back of the head two or three times....he himself 'Vlad the Great' will be the fly that must conquer the fly paper. No matter what.-ww

    2. Welks, ww
      Do appreciate you & your
      legible scribbles too~~~
      Dare he go ~~~
      sky writer~~~
      in flight~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    3. “Lett Roll”? Seriously? Why don’t you just roll back under the rock you slithered out from. Permanently.

  9. Yo GeoffreyBritain from TheNewNeo. Mucho respect for keeping your finger in the dike. Are you beginning to have the stirrings of a suspicion that it's not just characters in Kundera novels who go in for circle dances? :)

    1. Not familiar with Kundera's characters yet, GB
      but do share his affinity for/with Kafka~~~
      as well as an enjoyable respect
      for your NewNeo efforts too...
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  10. What we do know is:
    1. The situation with respect to NATO's eastward expansion after the collapse of the Soviet Union (and the end of the reason for NATO's existence) has been developing since the 1990s.
    2. The war in the Ukraine has been going on since about 2014 -- without stimulating any great interest from the West.
    3. The Ukraine is an extremely corrupt country, with strong connections to the corrupt Biden Crime Family.
    4. The US has admitted that it has been promoting false stories, such as that Russia would attack with poison gas.

    So at this point there is certainly no reason to believe that our Political Class is the "Good Guys" -- nor to believe that the Ukrainian Political Class are "Good Guys" either. And we certainly have no reason to believe anything "Our Guys" tell us.

    Rational choice would be for the US to stay out of the situation. Instead, our "leaders" are choosing to become belligerents, supplying weapons & training & targeting information. When that does not work (remember, the mighty Ukrainian army could not win against rag-tag rebels in a period of 8 years), our Political Class will get more involved. The war could spread across oceans, and the war could go thermonuclear.

    We have to ask -- Is the primacy of Ukraine's kleptocrats worth a civilization-ending war? Our Political Class seems to be saying -- YES!

    1. "We have to ask --
      Is the primacy of Ukraine's kleptocrats
      worth a civilization-ending war?"

      Please put me down on the top
      of the 'HELL NO'- List, GL, Tks
      in advance~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  11. One might even suspect that the Biden Crime Syndicate(BCS) is pushing this war to keep the Russkies from securing additional proof of the crooked dealings(money laundering, child porn, sex trafficking, etc) of said BCS through the corrupt rulers of Ukraine.
    Not that they don't probably already have enough proof to fill a boxcar, heh, heh.

    1. Is it possible that "Our Guys" have finally realized that they have screwed the pooch -- that their mismanagement of the economy must now end in tears?

      There is no easy way back from decades of running up an unrepayable National Debt; from creating obligations for Social Security which can never be honored; from offshoring so much productive industry; from creating an unsustainable continuing Trade Deficit.

      But our Political Class seeks to obscure their guilt for functionally destroying the nation. Consequently, they are seeking to expand the situation in the Ukraine to a global war -- which they will then blame for the consequences of their own prior economic mismanagement.

    2. On TARGET! Gavin!
      I'd add, "CRIMINAL"
      and or "GANGSTERS",
      to the 'POLITICAL
      CLASS' you charge
      w/ obscuring the
      guilt they have
      earned by attempting
      to destroy the USA,
      as well as most all
      of Western Civ...
      Sincerely Hope, We
      the people can save
      our MAGA Freedom to fix
      the mess Enemies prepped
      for US,our dear Friends,
      and our worthy Allies~~~
      On Watch~~~
      with Courage and with
      thoughtful dedication
      ~~~God Bless the USA

      "Let's Roll"

  12. Passed this article on a few other like minded websites, others have feedback it is a good read.

  13. Having nothing substantive to add nevertheless I feel it appropriate and necessary to compliment and wholeheartedly concur with our host's analysis.

    Well said Mr. Amselem


    1. If I may, join w/you JK...
      I proudly~~lean into the screen
      to 2nd your 'Compliments' to
      our Gracious Host, aka
      an American Patriot,
      Hand Salute~~~WLA
      Tks for your service and
      for maintaining this Oasis,
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  14. A few weeks ago, Ukraine dismissed and declared traitor, who generals in their military. Had that been any other government, we'd know who they were, what they were accused of, and how successful they'd been at that.
    But .. somehow... western media treads lightly on this subject... hmmmm..

    - reader #1482

  15. "Ukraine dismissed and declared traitor,
    "who" generals in their military." R=#1482

    YEs, If I recall correctly, twas two Ukraine
    who's of the "General" rank/level, I believe it
    was Zelinsky on TV who released the info to the
    media, also believe the '2 who's' failure/s was
    described as acting above, at, or below,
    the President's expectations of unsaid
    Generals performanse whilst in or out
    of their combat or comfort zones...
    At least that's what it sounded
    like to me, and I was listening
    real hard, even tho those RUS
    Tanks still sound like they
    need a tune-up maybe 1 of
    the 2 who's can xfer in
    to Putin's motor pool?~~~
    Here they
    come again~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  16. ~~Duplicate~~
    Please Delete
    above comment
    Tks, On Watch~~~

  17. Well maybe I do, after all have something substantive to offer, because as Diplomad says, "I don't like this manipulation, especially given the record of those doing it".

    And who is "those" one might ask?

    Interestingly this humble site was the source of my first becoming aware of a troublesome episode from a few years ago prominently featuring one stand-out "expert" then in the employ of ISW to wit

    No, not the esteemed Senator John McCain rather, one Elizabeth O'Bagy. But McCain (and none other than John Kerry to boot!) cited her work in the WSJ!

    And for McCain's trouble he managed to get himself photographed standing alongside that known AQ operative featured above on that second link.

    But alas as is often been said, "Pride goeth before a fall"

    *Apologies for pasting a link to CNN. But be assured fellow Dippers, standing in the shower with one's face turned toward the spray will, after some period, wash the spoil away!


  18. "...shower with one's face turned toward the spray
    will, after some period, wash the spoil away!"~~~

    Tanks!...sorely needed that, JK!
    Esspecialy after snoopying thru
    all the auld O'Baggie stuffs~~~
    Didja not know, that poor lil
    wettie Bettie was 1-of only a
    few Non-Morman Familys in her
    neck of Utah,'hood? Seems she
    may have been co-opted by the
    Jihadis, becuz the only Islam
    o'Boy in her H.S. class was
    shunned & forced to depart a'
    vous for a safer place to go
    to, after 911. Not sure where
    he landed, but seems that his
    scram, may've turned her head,
    to the east. As Georgetown Col.
    was her fitst stop after UTah,
    and got her a BA in Arab tongue
    seems dat Islam became her oyster...
    at least until she wore out her
    welcome in John McCain's Warroom.
    Looking back at an eye opening
    Breitbart News piece: 20 Sep 2014

    The well deserved dirt got me,
    right between the eyes @^@,,,
    "O’Bagy, a registered Democrat and big Obama supporter, had also grossly overstated her credentials, falsely claiming that she had acquired a Ph.D. from Georgetown University. Regardless, Senator McCain decided to bring her on his staff as a Legislative Assistant who specializes in foreign policy."

    OMG! What was the silly old fool thinking?!
    Or was it the precursor, to the communicable
    disease that has all but consumed #46???

    And where is... what space is,
    Ms O'Bagy COop-erating in Nowadays?
    Let loose the hounds~~~
    On Watch~~~
    “Allahu Akbar”

    "Let's Roll"

    1. ~~~roger your last, brother,
      ...tks for the links that got me
      lookin down the O's rabbit holes~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  19. G'day Dip

    chag Pesach kasher vesame’ach

    1. Happy Holidays
      to you, and yours,
      too, David from Oz~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

    2. Hope you're well as well David from Oz


    3. G'day JK & all,

      All well at this end. We have a Federal Election in May so all the pollies are rolling out the Pork Barrells and driving us nuts.

  20. Speaking of Holidays, stopped by the Warroom,
    to see if Steve Bannon has a guest in to
    speak about Holy week events, and or a
    message to the faithful, he usually has
    a Rabbi speak or share a prayer
    with the viewers. This week he
    has Fr Pavone in to share
    his thoughts about his 40-
    50 years(?) looks young &
    happy) dealing w/ the evil-side
    (left) of the Democ'rat agenda
    Here's his thoughts, plans, & hopes
    for Easter Week~Passover & beyond:

    The Week to Commit Yourself to Truth
    Bannons War Room Published April 13, 2022 1,354 Views

    Pray 'all yall', have a safe
    and blessed Holy week~~~
    On Watch~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  21. Funny thing.

    People saying "The Ukrainian claims about battlefield results are close to the truth" tend to make predictions about subsequent events that prove reasonably close to accurate.

    People saying "Everybody on all sides is feeding us bullcrap" make no sensible predictions at all.

    The only rule that matters in these sorts of things is Feynman's.

    "If it disagrees with experiment, it is wrong."

    I do not think what I think about Ukraine because the New York Times said it first. I came to my conclusions about what to think about Ukraine based on prior visits to the country, prior interactions with Ukrainians in the USA, and multiple independent sources of information active now - and then noticed the New York Times was saying essentially the same thing I was thinking. Well. They probably mention the sky being blue sometimes, too. That doesn't make it false. That they use true statements to advance their political ends does not make those statements false either.

    In closing, I have one thing to say, which is coincidentally what the average Ukrainian seems to want to say to Putin:

    Stop presuming I'm a credulous dumbass who can't think for myself, you pompous shithead.

    1. I strongly suspect you know a lot less than you think you do, especially given your resort to insults. Sure sign of a loser.

  22. Perhaps the upsurge in "hopeless and hapless" leaders is part of the conditioning for acceptance of a classical "strong leader".

    You know the counter-drill:

    Beware wishing for strong leadership. You might just get it! Good and hard and often.

    Also, NEVER forget that Murphy was an incurable optimist.

    1. "NEVER forget that Murphy was an
      incurable optimist." -Cuzn Brucie

      Maybe so Cuz, but turns out, his theory has had many
      tests as well as theoreticians over the centuries:

      “if anything can go wrong, it will.” The so-called law is often said to have been created by Captain Edward A. Murphy, an engineer at Muroc Army Airfield (known today as Edwards Air Force Base) in 1949. But Captain Murphy was not the originator of the principle or phrasing—those were in use long before 1949. Captain Murphy may have bequeathed his name to the law, but even that is in doubt.

      The principle stated by Murphy’s Law dates to ancient times. The Roman playwright Plautus (c.254–184 BCE) penned words to that effect in his play Mostellaria:

      insperata accidunt magis saepe quam quae speres

      (Things you don’t hope for happen more often than things you do hope for.)
      "The earliest published reference to Murphy’s Law being uttered by Stapp or one of his team is in Lloyd Mallan’s 1955 Men, Rockets and Space Rats:"...

      Perhaps, your strong leader suposition
      is on target Cuz? However, wise, moral
      as well as 'sharp' cognitive skills,
      and abilities+gilt+luck may also
      be requirements for positive
      humanitarin outcomes,
      from endeavors,id est
      More Murphy Here:

      "Lets Roll"

    2. Bruce,
      After commenting above
      the following came to
      me as I closed my eyes
      leaned back and reflected...
      Nice memories
      & Good people
      And as I began to doze off toward
      sleep these words & memories came
      back to me and made me awake:

      On my honor, I will do my best
      To do my duty to God and Country;
      To help people at all times;
      To keep myself physically strong,
      mentally awake and morally straight.

      Not sure how many Scouts
      in the USA, today learn that
      Do Pray most get it somewhere~~~

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"