Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Once Again: The Woke War on Language

Just a quick one as we prepare our digs for the impending visit of the grandchildren. We recently added a third boy (pronouns: he/his/him) and this is his first visit to us in Raleigh. The media has been alerted!

I was struck, yet again, by how our woke masters have corrupted the language. 

This past week we saw a lunatic release a smoke bomb in a crowded NY subway car, and then open fire on his fellow strap-hangers. While he injured about ten people with his gunfire, he, fortunately, did not manage to kill anybody. The most the press and the cops could bring themselves to in the way of a description of the suspected shooter was a dark-skinned, heavy-set male. Nobody could get themselves to say a big, black guy. 

Soon, of course, even this politically correct description put out by the NYPD will be questioned. Do we KNOW that he identifies as a male? Isn't labelling somebody as "heavy set" a dog whistle for fat-shamming? You wait. This will come to pass.

It appears that the shooter, who has a long criminal record and whom I will not name, is a black supremacist with a deep hatred for whites, Asians, and Jews.  He has posted several videos online stating as much. I am certain that these unpleasant facts will soon go into the memory waste disposal, and we will hear only about our failing mental health system and, of course, guns. I don't know about yours, but mine have never jumped into a subway car and started shooting people. 

On guns, Mr. 81 Million Votes put on another of his patented clown act/press conferences by focussing--if I can use that word when writing about Biden--on something he called "ghost guns." He wants to ban them, whatever they are, by executive regulation. He held up what he called a "ghost gun," and to my untrained eye, it sure looked like any of the dozens of my guns when I have stripped them for cleaning. I saw him hold up a frame and separate slide assembly and mumble something about this being a "ghost gun" which posed an incredible threat to the public, and which justified Biden violating the second amendment and due process to save us. 

So now we have Assault Rifle and Ghost Gun in our lexicon.

One last example, and I let you go. 

"Genocide." We now accuse Russia and Putin, in particular, of committing genocide in Ukraine. Seems like a total perversion of the word. If you want to decry war crimes and atrocities, ok, but "genocide"? Makes no sense. Look up the definition and you will see.

More later.


  1. Mazel Tov, to the Family,
    on the newest addition!
    ~~~it's a boy~~~!
    3 cheers for the 'rents!!!
    may our world become
    a better place for us all...
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

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    1. Tks for keeping this space up here open, ww~~~
      I was in my office trying to get an old radio to entertain me while I digested the marvelous Easter supper my dearest prepared for us... the Radio is one of those with way to many digital controls, for my taste anyway. I finally got it talking, and of course its some over-excited hi-pitched twerp dishing out, the Ukrainean headlines as if they were the Gospel according too his nibs, Joe Baloney his own damn self~~~

      AnyhOWl the on-air talent was cursing, any and all Russians including Putin to hell, for his "genocide" as evidenced by the death of entire UKe family by RU troops... he didn't give much to go on... and thought to refer him to Whoopi but I didn't know who 'him' was, plus heard the Whoopster was on Sabbatical starring as an ugly Witch in a Hollywood movie - but don't quote me on it~ So what to do? Esspecially with scant info? 'Online search' I thought, may yield something to
      flesh out the tragic story... it sure did, here tis, APPARENTLY ALL OF us media is on top of it, and intends to make sure that Putin and his wife, if he has one, will be swinging by their neels -- File under GENOCIDE or not :

      Zelensky Vilifies Russia Over Atrocities: ‘They Killed ...
      Zelensky vilifies Russia over atrocities: ‘They killed entire families.’ ... said had been killed by retreating Russian troops — the ... time accused Russia of carrying out a “genocide ...
      Russia accused of genocide, Putin ally captured
      Russia accused of genocide, Putin ally captured. April 13, 2022, 1:07 AM. STORY: "Your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank. None of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits genocide half a world away." U.S. President Joe Biden accused Vladimir Putin of genocide on Tuesday.
      A Russian missile killed this Ukrainian man's entire ...
      A Russian missile killed this Ukrainian man's entire family as they tried to escape Putin's onslaught March 17, 2022 / 9:46 AM / CBS News Husband of family in viral image speaks
      Russia, Ukraine, and the contested language of genocide
      Russia, Ukraine, and the contested language of genocide. PolitiFact | Many experts have yet to conclude that Russia is committing genocide. More information is needed, they say. Workers in ...
      'This is genocide,' Zelensky says of Russia attack on Ukraine
      This is genocide,” Zelenskyy says, adding that Ukraine is being “destroyed and exterminated” by Russian forces. “We don’t want to be subdued to the policy of the Russian Federation. This ...
      Biden: Russia war a ‘genocide,’ trying to ‘wipe out’ Ukraine
      A United Nations treaty, to which the U.S. is a party, defines genocide as actions taken with the “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.”
      Russia committing ‘full-scale genocide’ in smashed Ukraine ...
      Russia committing ‘full-scale genocide’ in smashed Ukraine port with ‘hundreds dead’ after 15 hours of non-stop shelling. ... It comes days after a six-year-old girl was killed in a Russian airstrike in Mariupol Credit: AP. 11. ... 10-year-old Polina, was shot dead by Russian troops after they opened fire on her family's car in Kyiv.
      ```more out there if you want it,
      On Watch~~~
      Sleeping it off~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  3. Replies
    1. Remember Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh. How about HO HO Joe must go.

    2. 'How about,
      "HO HO Joe must go." -MG'

      I like it, could we add,
      "The sooner the Better"
      or maybe:
      "Hope the Cell Door
      hits him in ass"~~~
      or perhaps:
      we should sponsor
      a "HO HO Joe must go."
      contest for the Best desti
      -nation? It could be that the
      Moscow widow has a good
      case for demanding the $$
      $mils back, that Joe jr, aka
      "Hunter", collected for the
      "Big Guy"?
      Just hope he lives long
      enough to xfer it, from
      Jill's contngency Fund
      to the poor Russian
      widow~~~Gets cold
      through those long
      Moscow Winters~~~
      ...saying a lil prayer,
      that the Bad/g Guys
      get what they
      deserve in
      the end...
      "Let's Roll"

  4. I have always hoped that our dystopian nightmare would come from Huxley, not Orwell. The Woke use 1984 as a guidebook. The distortion of language is just like Newspeak in 1984. Its purpose is to remove the ability to even conceive of what has been eliminated by Newspeak.

    The “Ghost Guns” president select is talking about are what are known as 90% lower receivers for AR-15 builds.
    This is just like usual with the firearm ignorant left. They don’t know that 90% lowers are serial numbered and transferred exactly like they were a complete firearm. You must 4473 transfer and NICS background check.
    A new version of the “Gun Show Loophole” ignorance. There is no gun show loophole. You buy a firearm at a gun show you fill out the 4473 and NICS. The “Loophole” is that there were private sellers walking around gun shows that could legally privately transfer without the 4473. Just like if you bought the firearm directly from them at their home. Many states forbid non NICS private firearm transfers now. So, that “Loophole” no longer exists. Since the people making these laws are ignorant of firearms, they inevitably screw things up. Now my FFL Type-3 C&R license is about useless in my state but if I order a C&R weapon through the mail no problem. If I walk across the state line, I can use my C&R license to transfer firearms.

  5. "I don't know about yours, but mine have never jumped into a subway car and started shooting people."
    Like yours, my guns have been innocent of any violent crimes the entire time I have owned them. I guess I got good guns. Not a ghost in the lot: all are solid and solidly performing, not phantasmal at all.

  6. I see Ukraine has initiated Cruiser Control by eliminating the Moskva from the playing field. With only a few Krivak IVs and some gunboats left, any chance for Russia to pull of an amphib assault or resupply their forces by sea has been taken off the board. And with the Russian Army trying to pull itself back together in the northern Donbas, Ukraine may now have an opening to cut off the Crimea from Russian support and just maybe take control again.
    Trade the troublesome Donbas for Crimea and let the Russians walk home. All hail the might Ukranian Farm Tractor...taker of tanks and infantry vehicles. The summer crop has a lot of iron in it this year.

  7. "Genocide" might apply to what the Ukrainian nationalists have been up to for the last eight (8 !) years -- trying to eliminate all the Russian-speaking Ukrainians, murdering around 14,000 citizens (including women & children) and pushing Ukrainian citizens out of the country. But since the Ukrainian kleptocrats are the designated "Good Guys" in this situation, all of that gets ignored.

    The comparison with the "defensive" NATO alliance's months-long bombing of Yugoslavia is troubling. US/NATO cited R2P -- a "Responsibility to Protect" the Muslim minority. Surely that equally would apply to Russia doing an R2P in the Ukraine to protect the (remaining) Russian-speaking minority?

    Our "leaders" are behaving even more foolishly than usual -- as if they actually want a global thermonuclear war. Perhaps they do, as a way to cover up their decades-long destruction of the US economy.

  8. paul vincent zecchinoApril 15, 2022 at 6:36 PM

    Communists first and always seize control of the language, so as to control all else.

    We've all been watching this for decades. First, they corrupt the language. From there, it's easy to corrupt everything else.

    The Left is hate. Revenge is its pastime. Genocide is its legacy.

  9. One street reporter on CNN called him a black gentleman. He did say black, but gentleman, I think not.

    1. Well, if he is not gainfully employed and relies on the work of others to provide his support, he might be considered a gentleman. I think that Thorsten Veblein's theory of conspicuous consumption has really been pushed down through the layers of the class structure since he wrote his thesis. First the very rich, then the middle class, then the NASCAR and boat-owning working class, and now apparently the lower class of non-workers who live off the fat of the land and clothe themselves in Bling.

  10. Guns don't kill people, mentally unstable guns kill people. Think of the guns! Those poor poor guns with no option but violence!

    - reader #1482

    1. ''TO BOLDLY GO
      HAS GONE B-4"~~~

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      & now hear this,
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    2. The Meaning Of Passover
      With Rabbi Spero~~~
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      Easter & Passover prayer~~~
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      discussion on the Nature of the
      Spirtual war & the war for Power,
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      On Watch~~~
      With, best regards to all here
      peacefully gathered, from time
      to time~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  11. Oh. My. Lord!

    How the mighty have fallen.

    1. Oops ... That was me, JK

    2. Skairt me for a minit thar, meester jk~~~
      Have'n leftovers, my favorite, Rabbit Stew...,Thatisall

      "Let's Roll"

  12. This is a huge peeve of mine, frankly. In high school, a fine female teacher taught us about pronoun agreement, with the pronoun agreeing with the antecedent in number. Further, the masculine did double duty as neuter or gender ambiguous. I guess according to today's sensitivities, we boys should've risen up in arms over being made eunuchs for the sake of grammar; but our teacher was a very fine lady whom we all liked, and the "emasculation" was only grammatical. I've sine found that the same masculine doing double duty appears in other Indo-European and Semitic languages.

    And then, I spent lots of time in the Far East using the Chinese language (Mandarin, mostly)--both spoken and written. Before 1919, Chinese did not gender its third person pronoun, and after 1919, they gendered only written forms (to keep up with the "progressive" West, I suppose). Well, nobody can accuse traditional Chinese culture of being sexually egalitarian.

    Hence, I see the "Woke" as barking up the wrong tree, silly, and quite provincial.

    1. "...Hence, I see the "Woke" as barking up
      the wrong tree, silly, and quite provincial."

      I was thinking the same thing, Mr. K, just
      last night, US "great minds think alike"~~~

    2. Thanks, anonymous. But it's "We great minds think alike" (I'm a grammar fascist, aka high school teacher).