Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Madrid Musings & The Democrats' All-Out War on Children

After a flight marked by hours of delay due to weather and aircraft mechanical issues, and impossible lines at Barajas airport immigration (THREE hours!), the Diplowife and I are ensconced in one of our favorite cities, Madrid. 

I hadn't been here in some 12 years, so I was curious as to the changes I would notice. The first one is expense. This is a VERY expensive city made a bit more tolerable by the favorable exchange rate. The dollar remains, for now, the reserve currency and the USA is still seen as a safe-haven in times of global crisis. Rising interest rates in the US, of course, also help. But, dear readers, I did not come to Madrid to make or save money. If I'd wanted that, I'd gone into business with the Biden crime family. THE LAPTOP will reveal my innocence of any association with the Biden money laundering syndicate. I deny any and all knowledge of any and all possible business dealings the Biden mafia might have in Spain, and will insist that Elon Musk delete any tweets on Twitter stating otherwise.

Lots of construction in the city. There is a huge effort underway to make the place much more friendly for pedestrians. Many walkways and bicycle lanes--largely occupied by groups of Dutch and German tourists on bikes--with cars getting forced underground or onto satellite parking lots. I also noticed fat people, not something typical in Spain. It seems Spaniards are following in the heavy footsteps of the Anglo-American-Australians. 

There has been a continuing and huge demographic change in Spain. Native-born have one of the world's lowest birth rates, and Spain is becoming an immigrant nation. The long line at the airport, for example, was almost exclusively made up of immigrants from Latin America. Restaurant and hotel staff are heavily Latin American, as is the Spanish army. There is also a growing North African and Middle Eastern presence. Perhaps related, violent crime is way up; back in the day, Madrid was one of the world's safe cities. Not so now.

For me as an old man skeptical of change, I find sad that the uniqueness of Spain is being lost. Spain has an amazing history, and has played a major role in the development of Western civilization. What I always liked about Spain was its quirkiness, its unique society, its refusal to bend to the prevailing progressive winds sweeping Europe and the rest of the West. Increasingly, however, Spain is becoming just another European country with the same progressive policies and attitudes ruining the rest of Europe. As I said, I find that sad, well, depressing.

Speaking of depressing, the Democratic party back home has shown its destructive malice once more. Over the years, I have written many times about the Democratic Party obsession with killing and abusing children. They want unfettered abortion, infanticide, and normalizing of pedophilia. They want children bombarded with sex from kindergarten on up. Their response to the leak from the Supreme Court is further evidence of the progressive obsession with killing children, especially black children. Yes, the Democrats hold up as their hero the racist eugenicist Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood to kill black babies and, thus, eliminate black people from American life. This is, of course, all of piece with their war on the police which results in thousands of dead black youths in our cities. There is something criminally insane and racist with the world's oldest political party.

Ok, more later. I am going off to visit the Valley of the Fallen where Franco used to be buried until he got booted by the progs.  


  1. Glad to hear that you've touched-down safely~~~
    And Tks for the insightful, tho somewhat sad report~~~
    On Watch~~~

  2. Dear G-d.

    "They've" moved Franco too?!!!

    *Somehow I'd thought that sort of nonsense was being limited to these shore's Great Emancipators & et als - Truly "they" have no shame!


    Oh well - Keep us abreast ala Mark Twain corresponding on his adventures abroad. [Try] to keep your chin up Diplomad Sir.


    1. Dear G-d.
      "They've" moved Franco too?!!!

      Ay, caramba! Mi Amigo!
      And, through a glass darkly, to boot~~~ Amen

      Hadn't thought about the Generalissimo much
      over the last 60 years...or so...I stopped to reflect
      a bit with Dip's mention, and your exclamation?!!!
      JK, Think, it knocked an old screw loose up topside,

      ~~~found myself flashing back in time, I MEAN IT!
      Back to 1962 on my 1st Submarine Cruise to the Med~~~just a boy, let loose to wander in Paradise...
      Thinking, it might take me a month to recall what I,
      saw, heard, and viserally experienced on that Liberty
      Call~~~ But I'm sticking with Franco, till I get it out,
      Jeeze now I'm thinking about 'implimenest' that um
      rewiting on an old tablet, that Dip mentioned in his
      last here I am, looking back through those '60era
      eyes and memories of bygone things written and said, for
      me to function, and survive in this strange new place that
      I find myself navigating thru... recall reading a document
      given to Ships Company, at Morning Quarters, not sure of the author/s, but I do remember reading it, a collection of
      do's,& don'ts whilst a, stranger in this strange land, in order to aid US Sailors make it back to the Boat on time, and be both physically and mentally ready, to shove off as ordered.

      Well I was ready to hit the beach, nearly all the Liberty section- crew members, had decided to hit the nearest Bar, but my plan was to find out where the Bull-Fights were held!? So off I went on my own, half-inebreated by the views, voices, sounds & smells etc etc etc eventually I did connect with an Older Spanish Guy, who told me I'd be wise to take a Cab out to the Bull Rings, as some of the neighbors weren't too friendly toward sailors...he told me where the Taxistand was and I hoofed it over there, had to wait awhile,
      but soon enough a Cab showed up--and opened the back door, in the littlest car I had ever Seen. He was friendly enough but man, he could chat it up, like he was my best buddy... I began to sense I was being taken for a ride, and the meter kept clicking away... a few more round-abouts and I remembered that going-ashore booklet had warned of Taxi drivers gouging Americans -- it sugessted, 'get the Name & Licence number' of the driver first, than pay him what he wanted... Ch-ching
      Just about then we pulled up to the Gate at the Bull Fights,
      Can't remember exactly how many Pesos or Pesadas he wanted, but when I asked him politely for his info, he went WHITE! Said no problemo, or so and that the "ride was free for NAVY men, goodbye." I took the hint and bailed out, into a cloud of dust~~~ I swear by my Tattoo~~~Confirmed later, Franco had a heavyhand & Jail time for thieves~~~
      On Watch~~~
      PS Felt bad about not Paying him for what
      he earned, but he didn't want to negotiate...

      "Let's Roll"

    2. On a navy boat in 1962... which makes you... not a spring chicken. Kids these days!

      - reader #1482

    3. ...not a "spring chicken", eh!? Ok Ok I'll concede, el #numero
      BUT, to my credit, I was then, AND am Still a LEO! AND,
      IF that's not enough, I have more of my hair on display
      today then when I was Passing in Review... Oh Yeah, AND AND last,
      BUT not least,
      the Lady, who discovered me back in the '70s...
      after my tryst with Faye Emerson, in Palma Majorca,
      still refers to me as her, SILVER FOX, so there, put that in your pipe, Gringo~~~
      at the MOON```
      "Let's Roll"

  3. It really wasn’t great to be colonized by Spain. You could do worse and be colonized by France or Belgium.
    I find that the abortion stand of the left is using the same double standards that they apply to everything. The second amendment is a specific enumerated right, and yet the left has absolutely no qualms about regulating the ownership of firearms as much as possible and really wants prohibition, but that pesky 2nd keeps interfering in allowing that to happen. Now I ask them, “Well you are just fine regulating firearms, but you are opposed to regulating abortions”. Why yes, they will respond. “Well, why do you feel it is necessary to regulate firearms?” Because they are used to kill people, is the replay. “Oh, so abortion is not the same?”

  4. I was in Madrid 12 years ago. (Maybe we passed on the street.) I had a good time and accompanied my daughter who had lived in Spain for a year. She was there to study old manuscripts and especially the Arabic period. There was some convention held every ten years and she was at it during the day. She was fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. We did see a bullfight and I was surprised at the number of children dressed in Sunday best. You don't see children at bull fights in Mexico.

  5. Wife and I got to do a layover in Madrid after the 747 we were on had a flat tire while rolling out for take-off. The fun part was being part of the crowd that the airline was trying to find hotel rooms for because that fully-loaded 747 was NOT going to be departing that evening. The mound of luggage in the lobby of the hotel that we ended up at reached the ceiling. But everything got sorted and we ended up having a pretty good time.
    We had driven up to Madrid from Rota where I had been part of a team doing upgrades on some Spanish Navy frigates. Wife and I had a hell of a good time in Rota during our eight weeks there.

  6. The Spanish lefties and commies have been fighting Franco ever since he died. They couldn’t get over the fact that he died peacefully in bed.

    1. The Left is hate. Revenge is its pastime. Genocide is its legacy.

  7. I would not be surprised if Roberts himself leaked this. His vote is regularly a political calculation intended to assuage lefties and their rabid calls to pack the court.
    The logic isn't crazy.... if scotus angers biden and the senate enough.. they will pack the court. And they have the 50+1 votes to do so before November. It's certainly a lower bar than having to win elections and pass legislation!

    - reader #1482

    1. ..."would not be surprised if Roberts himself leaked this."

      Nor would I #1482, although I suspect there's
      a bit more calculus in the solution, than his politics...
      even tho I agree w/ you that he is pretty crafty, if not
      devious, with his piloting of the august body,
      aka SCOTUS, along the fruited plain -- For instance,
      found this wiki-bit interesting:
      The chief justice chairs the conferences where cases are discussed and tentatively voted on by the justices. They normally speak first and so have influence in framing the discussion. Although the chief justice votes first—the court votes in order of seniority—they may strategically pass in order to ensure membership in the majority if desired. It is reported that:

      Chief Justice Warren Burger was renowned, and even vilified in some quarters, for voting strategically during conference discussions on the Supreme Court in order to control the Court's agenda through opinion assignment. Indeed, Burger is said to have often changed votes to join the majority coalition, cast "phony votes" by voting against his preferred position, and declined to express a position at conference.

      Above Sounds familiar:
      ... and this from blue state conservative

      The leaked draft dates back to February, written by Justice Samuel Alito, strongly hints at an overturning of the flawed 1973 decision of Roe. He was joined by Justices Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Coney Barrett. >>>Unknown was where the spineless John Roberts stood.

      There were a few other opines on the net that informed my opinon, most are hard to find now, as most all the new stories, seem to be the "clutching of pearls variety'...
      My guess at this point, is that CJ Roberts, found a way to get the 'Rats to overreact early, before the "long hot summer" is upon US, and more sale~able riotus schemes
      become available for the Slugs n'Punks in the Blue State Cities, beyond DC, IMHO~~~
      OW ~~~
      P.S. Been trying to consider how Roberts (illegal ?) adoption of 2kids from across the pond, and funky flight home- factors into this bump into the RvW jingle~jangle?```

      "Let's Roll"

    2. PS
      As a side note, here's Ted Cruz
      providing insight on the SC RvW
      opinon released illegally to the Press~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Lets Roll"

  8. I thought it was a nice big city, with more pickpockets than average. Seville is pretty, nice bull fighting ring. Hope you see it.

  9. Happy Mothers Day!
    To all of you out there, And
    a thumbs up to all who got to
    know her and shared her Love <3
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

    1. Moms On Duty~~~
      Over at the War Room:
      Bringing US all up to Speed~~~
      The Revolt Of America’s Moms: A Mother’s Day Special...
      ,,, what it takes to be a strong mother, CRT, the CCP &more.
      Guests: Kristina Karamo, Liz Yore, Fay Fay
      Stay ahead of the censors – Join us
      Aired On: 5/07/2022

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"


  10. In case you missed this K-rap on Sunday
    ~~~Laugh of the Day from the USA~~~
    Obamba's 'dirty balls' Holder, Eric...has "great faith in
    Merrick", said he, on whether the AG ' would indict Trump':
    “I think that there's going to be sufficient proof of intent...
    >>I'm an institutionalist<<…but given what |>we<| have
    learned, I think he probably has to be held accountable.”

    Fact is the 'Dirt Ball' is channeling a turd or 2 in hanky
    pocket, yappin n 'rat speech, to the Camera viz the
    Pelosi/Cheney, Jan6 'Kill America Clown Show!...
    Truth be told Eric, the "Institution" that you & your
    harridans should be confined to, are in either a
    Penal or a Mental Institution!
    On Watch~~~
    The times...

    "Let's Roll"

  11. Three hours at Barajas immigration? That's very unusual. I've never waited more than 45 minutes to get through passport control. It was maybe 15 minutes the last time (late March) I went through, and they were very quick to add agents. Maybe it was just the combination of being late and arriving at the same time as other flights? The need to show your QR Code *does* add to the aggravation.

    I travel to Rota once or twice a year.

  12. Überdeplorable Psychedelic Cat GrassMay 18, 2022 at 8:18 AM

    Very sad to hear this! I studied in Spain for 6 months in ‘08, in Madrid. It is a city very near and dear to my heart. As a matter of fact, I was on the phone with a friend from Madrid yesterday,

    ¡Q viva España y abajo al comunismo!