Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Back from the NC GOP Convention

As I mentioned before, the Diplowife and I got "elected"--fourteen candidates for fourteen openings--to help represent New Hanover county at the North Carolina GOP convention held in Greensboro, June 8-11. Very nice hotel in a very good convention center. The food, however, was crappy. 

At the convention we got to attend a dinner--rubber chicken, semi-frozen salad--for Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis. He addressed the 1000 or so people at the sold-out dinner event for nearly an hour. He was excellent. He's become quite a polished speaker, although he had a tendency to step on his applause lines (pause, Governor, pause, when people are clapping and cheering). He gave a very tight, well-written speech packed with information. He laid out his considerable accomplishments in Florida, especially in his battle for economic freedom against the Woke corporations and mandates from Washington DC. He came out strongly for the second amendment, parental rights, and low taxes. He was a bit light on foreign policy, other than noting that his state has banned the purchase by the CCP of property in Florida, and arguing for a closed southern border. Nothing on Ukraine or relations with Europe, et al. He never mentioned Trump except by referring to a weaponized double-tier of justice which goes after a former Republican President, but ignores the Bidens. He got a standing ovation from what clearly was an overwhelmingly pro-Trump crowd.

Did he move the needle? I don't know, but don't think so. From my totally unscientific polling of fellow delegates, the vast majority remains for Trump. A couple or more even acknowledged that they liked DeSantis, but would vote for Trump in the primary, even if he were going to lose the general election. Is that healthy? You tell me. I found a few who said they had been wavering on Trump until the federal indictment. Now, they would be for Trump, hell or high water.

We couldn't get into the Trump dinner the following day--sold-out almost instantly--and had to watch him on a screen. I don't know. Long-time readers of this inconsequential blog know that I am pro-Trump. He was the best president of my lifetime, and could have been even better if he hadn't been handicapped by a four-year long coup attempt carried out by the DNC, the permanent bureaucratic government, key GOP officials, and aided by big tech and the media. He spoke to the dinner crowd and got his usual applause and ovations. I, however, found his message and him a bit tired, and not very inspiring. He has been persecuted of that there is no doubt. The outrageous use of the DOJ and the FBI, again, aided by big tech, loopy local DAs, and the media, to try to cripple Trump politically and personally is one the greatest travesties in American political history. Will that story, however, resonate with the average voter? I don't know. 

Aside from that, of course, we must ask, what has the GOP done to prevent another stolen election? Except in a few states, such as Florida and a bit here in North Carolina, not much. Who, for example, doubts that huge numbers of the illegal aliens pouring across our borders will vote in 2024? In addition, the Democrats are undermining the electoral college by getting several states to pledge their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote, thereby nullifying their own voters and letting the crooked electoral systems in California and New York decide for them.

On a more upbeat note, the current Lt. Governor of NC, Mark Robinson, spoke to the convention and absolutely rocked it. He is running for Governor, and I think (hope) he will win. He is the Democrats' nightmare: a black man from an impoverished background who is unabashedly a patriot, against wokeness, is pro-second amendment, and for school choice. He ticks all the policy boxes and has an appealing personality, with a compelling personal story, and is a terrific orator. Keep on eye on this guy. We are going to a dinner for him next month, and I have--full disclosure--donated a few hundred bucks to his campaign, and will donate more as the Diplowife allows.

OK. Heading off from Raleigh to Wilmington for a few days, to let the dogs run wild and for me to go to doctor appointments (sigh).


  1. Glad your back, I am a Trump guy as well, DeSantis will be fine but we have a battle now and if not fought well DeSantis will end up in the same situation as DJT.

  2. IF Trump could only contain his lashing out at DeSantis, they could be the ticket. Maybe ultimately that is what will happen.

  3. Hard to see DeSantis playing second fiddle to Trump. IMO Trump can win the Primary but he will NOT be allowed to win the General.

    1. Ron has a Job, Ron!
      };+{>90 miles from Cuba~~~
      When he finishes his term
      as the FLA Gov successfully,
      we'll see if he's grown enough
      to take on the role of POTUS~~~
      expect, I'll be in his corner then too~~~
      Good Lord willin & Creeks don't rise~~~
      On Watch~~~

      "Let"s Roll"

  4. I do have the exchange between Trump and DeSantis, they are on the same side and neither the enemy out to destroy either of them.

  5. It is all just sticks in the wind if the electoral system is compromised and lacks integrity. The only question is whether there is sufficient residual integrity in the system to overcome the exploited flaws. To use your phrase Dip, 'I don't know, but I don't think so'

  6. Thank you for the wonderful report on Mark Robinson! We are truly blessed in NC to have such a giant in our midst.

  7. Nice to hear this report instead of relying on local media. The Trump situation is ongoing and will never stop. He is a proud American and a fighter but like so much of the American character, he lacks discipline and is thus an easy target. He may become the nominee but will be crushed in the general election. Are the American people so stupid after 4 years of FJB? Yes.

    Lt. Gov. Robinson is a force of nature. He scares the shorts off the Democrats and probably half the Republican Party. He has good competition for the nomination and may pull it out. However, if he is the R nominee and somehow Trump is the nominee, both I believe will lose. Half the R party will either will stay home or vote some 3rd party waste of time.

    1. If I may say, respectfully, "Blah Blah Blah", tis obvious to any NEW YORK Islander, the Donald yanks on the chains of those MUTTS that need yanking... as is apparent, by his popularity among the "Make America Great Again" majority. The only question remaining is, whether or not the GOP has the stones to persevere in repairing the 'Rat damage done to American Electoral System~~~
      I do so declare~~~
      On Watch
      Damn the Torpedoes
      Full Speed Ahead~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  8. maybe Robinson will be on the Trump ticket? Guessing pence won't be.

    - reader #1482

  9. agree... except the one big foreign policy misstep by trump... meeting the Taliban... honestly, Trump should've completely farmed out actual foreign policy decisions to Bolton.... Trump should've done the trips and taken the credit... and left the rest of the mustache. Bolton wouldn't invited the taliban for talks anywhere except through bars in gitmo.

    - reader #1482