Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Biden Special Counsel: The Joke Grows More Elaborate & is Joe Heading for the Door?

OK, folks. 

We all know it's a joke, a joke worthy of that all-time jokester and comedian, Lavrenti Beria.

Beria would have appreciated AG Garland's "sudden" naming of a Special Counsel (SC) to look into Hunter Biden, this after years of saying none was needed. He also would have appreciated that the SC named is none other than US Attorney David Weiss (another miserable Trump appointment), who "investigated" Hunter for the past three-plus years: remember the laptop? On top of it all, Beria would have appreciated how Garland has violated the law by picking Weiss; the law requires that the SC come from outside of the government, certainly not be a DOJ Attorney, and the one who has protected the Biden Crime Family (BCF) for all these years. Let us not forget that Weiss masterminded that other joke: the "plea deal" for Hunter which would have allowed the crackhead to skate on serious tax fraud and gun charges that would have put any of us in the slammer for years.

Well, of course, it turned out some honest judge threw out the plea deal as it contained promises of, in essence, permanent immunity for Hunter from any other prosecutions. 

The Republican-controlled Congress, in its stumbling at times inchoate manner, in the meanwhile, has put together an impressive portfolio of Hunter's crimes, all of which implicate the "Big Guy," your "President." It is now beyond clear that the BCF runs a giant influence peddling and money laundering operation to benefit the Big Guy and his clan. The BCF sold foreign governments and oligarchs access to then Vice President and now President Biden. It's an outrageous scandal which the press seeks to minimize and ignore, much as they did with the Clinton money-laundering and influence peddling scandals.

Now, Garland has stepped in to complicate, and try to stifle further investigations by the Congress; you know, "Sorry, Congressman, but I can't answer that question because we have an open investigation." I hope the Congress doesn't fall for it.

There might be another aspect of this SC stunt which I haven't heard commented upon. I think we MIGHT be seeing the opening move to get rid of Joe Biden. I am pretty sure we will see some indictment of Hunter and perhaps a conviction in an effort to steer the investigation away from Joe. That, however, doesn't mean Joe has not become a liability. His crookedness, manifest incompetence, and cognitive decline have become just too obvious. 

Don't be surprised if Joe "suddenly" decides not to run in 2024 so he can "take care of his family." Just a thought. I might be wrong, and it wouldn't be the first time or the last.

Got to go feed my dogs. They are being exceptionally rowdy this morning.


  1. Garland needs to be impeached, removed, and disbarred for life.


  2. Replies
    1. Durham's appointment was invalid for the same reason -

  3. This way Weiss keeps the case and can shop it to a more compliant courtroom.

  4. The president in the White House - the "p" is silent, as in pseudo or psyop.

  5. I'm just wondering/concerned if this same scenario is equally true of many Congresscritters; perhaps just not so blatant.

  6. I think we all expected this... I wouldn't be surprised if Harris resigns first in order to allow a hand-picked incumbent. The problem the dems would see with elected potus and vp spots is that other than Obama, they have to have some sort of high profile, even if it's a horrid track record like Harris. What the left really thinks they need, is a complete unknown moonbat straight out of pacifica radio crap to be able to go straight to the potus chair....

    we'll see how far this goes.. the appointment of a friendly investigator is obviously going to coordinate 'facts' and timing with the administration... unsurprising but sad.

    - reader #1482

    1. also, isn't this peanuts? this case is somewhere between $10m-$100m... I'd think access and favors even from a VP would sell for 100x that easily?
      GOP could be making a strategic mistake here like dems and the russia-collusion stuff... Do voters even care?
      'the dossier' didn't move the needle in 2016.

      - reader #1482

    2. The DNC could go for broke and install AOC.

      Now that would fit right in with the current rolling campaign of PROVOCATION.

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  8. Pretty sure that Weiss was the Acting US Attorney for Delaware when Trump nominated him following the recommendation of Delaware’s senators, Carper(D) and Coons(D). One theory is that unless the Dems didn't get their choice, they would have blocked any choice favoring Trump by holding up Senate confirmation. Notice I said "favoring Trump" versus favoring the Republicans since the latter would have been indistinguishable from the Democrats.

  9. Still not totally giving up the judge who tossed Hunter's Get out of Jail Dea won't still make it a Very Sweet Deal.
    I am still betting Sundowner won't be running in 2024, 1 if he even makes it still standing and 2 the corruption will eventually drag down others running and not covered by the vote fraud.

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