Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, August 24, 2023

The Debate . . . Meh . . .

I violated the rules. I watched last night's GOP debate AND I watched the Tucker Carlson interview of President Trump. I never understood why some were making it into an either/or proposition. 

Let me start with the Trump interview. It was fine. No new developments. It would have been better if the interview had been recorded after the debate, so Trump could react to the debate, but, that's what we have. Trump was mellow, funny, and perceptive, but didn't say anything we haven't heard before. I think his explanation for not participating in the debate was good enough, i.e., why give those other guys too much publicity? I am sure Biden will use the same excuse for not debating Kennedy, or whomever else emerges from the DNC swamp to "challenge" him.  

The debate. Well, before I start, let me pass along the Diplowife's words of wisdom: it's the first debate, give the participants time to develop their debating tactics and messaging. OK. Fine. Now let me state that it was kind of a bore. I am not sure there was a "winner," but Ron DeSantis did not hurt himself, which was probably his main goal. He did come off as stiff, and clearly free-wheeling debate is not his forte. He does fine on the stump and in one-on-one interviews. I'll come back to RDS. 

I thought Vivek Ramaswamy came off as just too clever: he's obviously smart and would have been a terror on a college or high school debate team. He, however, was too cute, too much of "I am the smartest guy here," for my taste. He needs to calm down a bit, show more gravitas, and not jump around so much. I don't think he hurt himself, but it's just not clear if his is a serious candidacy. Nikki Haley? I don't know. She reminds me of Mitt Romney. She's got the establishment foreign policy talking points down pat, but I couldn't discern any particular vision for how to get us out of our current mess. Her words on abortion I found vapid, just empty. Tim Scott, was a nice guy who had memorized a lot of economic data, but didn't give me a feel that he has a plan. The big loser, I think, was Chris Christie who at times seemed to forget that he is running for the GOP, not the DNC nomination. His attack on Trump did not go over well, and will gain him nothing. I think he burned himself. Mike Pence? Nothing to say about him. People weren't buying his explanation for his actions on January 6. The other two were basically nothing-burgers who couldn't explain what it was they were doing on the stage. 

Back to RDS. He did well when explaining what he's done as Florida governor and in laying out a tough approach to illegal aliens and drug smuggling. He, however, let himself get overrun by Ramaswamy and Christie and needs to get into the fight a bit more. I like RDS, but not sure this is his time. Who knows?

OK. What did it all mean? Not much right now. I doubt these debaters ate into Trump's lead for the nomination. I would be surprised if Trump picked any of them as VP.

OK. About to head back to Raleigh from Wilmington. I'll write a word or two about falling planes in Russia.


  1. I did not watch either so I thank you for taking one for the team and sharing your insight!

    ML Thomas

    1. +1

      I think the winning two need to play nice with Trump in hope to be VP. The swamp needs to be cleared.

  2. I think the biggest loser was Desantis, he ran 2nd to Trump alll year round now he is competing against a weaker field and he looked okay that all

  3. We were going to watch but decided to give our cat a bath. Our stay in the ER took longer than it should have.

    1. Pray all's well on the
      Homefront, Ww~~~
      & the cat has had his
      nails clipped to specs
      following its annual bath~~~

  4. I'd guess DeSantis and Pence are the more organizationally-apt runners. Seems like neither has much following.
    Anybody with serious capacity and depth of background gonna challenge Trump?
    Abbott? He's poured a conservative-concrete foundation to Texas.

    - reader #1482

    1. Anyone who wants to know about Pence should watch Tucker's interview of him in Iowa.

    2. "...want to know about
      Tucker's interview of him in Iowa."
      Roger your last MK~~~ as Pence
      replied to Tucker's summation of
      growing economic problems etc
      in our cities & Multi Billions of
      Military Weaponry to Ukraine:
      "That's NOT my Concern" says
      Pence w/ his POTUS hat in the
      ring, I can almost hear him wimpier,
      ~~" I coulda been a Contender"~~
      Yeah sure ya Bum, keep lying
      to your self & the USA you fool!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    3. Who becomes president should be of more concern to foreigners abroad than it is to US citizens. That's because the presidents constitutional mandate is *predominantly* in diplomacy/foreign-affairs/military. The potus position was not supposed to be leading domestic whatevers... because states were supposed to be managing their own development. But while Pence might be 'technically correct' there, I also saw it as dismissive and nearly cold-hearted for him. I'm surprised he would allow the opportunity for a sound-bite like that. I'm assuming that he was *trying* to say "those items are separate from the Ukraine issue." ie "those are not my concern with regards to the ukraine issue"
      Thanks for pointing that interview out... he really stepped in it.

      - reader #1482

  5. Thursday, August 24, 2023
    The Debate . . . Meh . . .
    Hat Tip Dip!
    Heard 10 million+ dint show up~~~

    Concur with your take tho, Meh~~~
    Tho...I did flashback to
    my Dad's caution 'bout
    judging folks out loud
    ie "if you don't have
    something nice to
    say, say nothing"
    But when I hear
    CONvocate BS!
    Usually I get an
    urge to spit~~~,
    straight-up n'air!
    As for Nikki H. if
    anyone wants
    that Bimbo in hi
    office needs a
    Strait Jacket
    in advance!
    Btw DJT
    l@@ks younger
    than he did in
    '16 IMHO~
    gotta get out
    on the back 9~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  6. Trump was rather kind to Pence in his Interview. Not so much about Christie.

    1. Well Sal, old pal, there is that other
      Old Adage, "Kill 'em with Kindness!"
      The distinction between Christie &
      Pence was that Trump gave him
      the VP Job in his Administration,
      for which, Mike Pence stabbed
      the CinC in the back, nowhere
      left for Judas to hide his lies,
      as his Debate poll numbers,
      in effect, reveal~~~ what
      US voters already know!
      Expect DJT will leave
      the VP turd for the
      'Rats to play with,

      On Watch~~~

      "Let's Roll"

  7. "OK. About to head back to Raleigh from Wilmington.
    I'll write a word or two about falling planes in Russia."

    Speaking of the nouveau enriched & inflating Airhead, Mr. Dip,
    Here's an interesting piece on Mrs. Nikki's New Wealth Health~~~

    "Nikki Haley, who also backs more American funds and military support for the conflict [Ukraine-Russia War], made similar remarks. “Look at what Putin did today. He killed Prigozhin. When I was at the U.N., the Russian ambassador suddenly died. This guy is a murderer,” said Haley."

    Apparently those falling bodies in these falling planes
    is just too much for Tricki Nikki, to contend with~~~
    Oh the horror~~~Please say it ain't so, -WLA
    On Watch~~~

    Excerpts via Zero Hedge:

    "Let's Roll"

  8. Was disappointed in the Tucker interview in that he didn't ask Trump to explain how he came to make such bad personnel selection decisions repeatedly. No one has asked that of him and Trump has yet to address that issue. It's fair to say that all of his problems during his presidency directly related to his poor personnel choices. Two AG's, the CIA, the FBI: What would lead us to believe he will be any more insightful in a second term?

    1. What would lead us to believe he will be any more insightful in a second term?

    2. I wouldn't presume to
      Speak for the Donald,
      he hailing from Queens,
      and me, just an Islander~~~
      Once Bitten~~~
      Reminds me of
      -->DJT's Latest,
      ~~Mug Shot~~~

      "Let's Roll"

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  10. I won’t return till “Ladies and Gentlemen” are once again used at internet job, though. Florida is a conservative common sense state where the majority of residents are intelligent.
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  11. Good Bye August~~~
    Hope you'll be around again
    next year, as do I, with as
    Great a group of Readers,
    Commentators & our Host!
    See ya all in September~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"