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Monday, June 13, 2011

For Broadway Producers: A Modest Proposal, "The Koran: A Musical Comedy for the Ages."

Just a quick thought. I noted before in my posting on Romney, that he belongs to one of the last minorities you can ridicule in the US without fear. I was reminded of this reading all the praise being heaped on the Broadway musical, "Book of Mormon." I have not seen the play; I have no idea if it's incredibly clever and funny and the best thing since "My Fair Lady." Broadway producers have the right to make any play they want. They can make fun of anybody or anything. That's fine. I assume that the play makes fun, whether good-natured or not, I don't know, of the Mormons. If it does, well, the Mormons are big boys; they can handle it.

In keeping with the brave irreverent spirit shown by Broadway, I propose for those oh-so daring producers  a musical-comedy called, "The Koran." It could feature an amiable, epileptic, goat-herding, Jew-hating pedophile by the name of Mohammed. We could have wonderful musical numbers of when Mo goes into his trances and gets his "Revelations" straight from Allah, or Big Al as he would be humorously called in the play. Then we could have some dream/prophesy sequences where Mo envisions how his whacky little faith will evolve over the following centuries, ending with the body of Osama hitting the ocean after being dropped from a US carrier.  We could have some funny beheading scenes, and, of course, Broadway being in New York, a funny musical scene aboard one of the doomed planes just before it hits the World Trade Center, with the passengers singing, "We thought you guys only flew carpets!" That would be very funny.

What would be even funnier is when some warrior for Allah blows himself up in the audience and kills 98 people. What laughs!

Let's see how gutsy and irreverent those brave Broadway producers are! It is one thing to make fun of Mormons because you know they are civilized and aren't going to kill you for mocking them; let's expand the boundaries of comedy, let's make fun of people who will kill you, your children, and everybody you know because they don't get the joke. Now that's funny!


  1. That's why it's OK to tease and make life miserable for Quakers and the Amish. All we brave crusaders understand they are prohibited by God's law from doing anything back to us. So there's no risk, whatsoever. We can be as intellectually scathing and insulting as we desire and nothing can come back to haunt us. Ain't life grand? We're clever and they're prevented from saying otherwise.

    Otoh, most Muslims will strike back so we need to be more circumspect and respectful around them. Especially since they're the religion of peace.

  2. The South Park guys who did "The Book of Mormon" have done two (at least) shows featuring the goat sex guy. The first one squeeked by without much comment, the second one, featuring Mohammed in a Santa Claus suit, was censored by the Comedy channel. The South Park guys were threatened by the usual people. So, they should get some credit for being willing to satirize freely, even Muslims.

  3. Well, now they have a golden opportunity to prove how they will fight censorship and stand up for the right to make fun of anybody and anything.

  4. The Mainstream media and "creative" community in the USA are not friends to the 2d Amendment. Their supine position towards Islamicist bullying proves it.

  5. Sir,

    To whomever has the courage and decency to produce such a show, I offer free of charge the use of my songs "It's In The Koran" and "Hey, Bin Laden!" My sole regret regarding the songs is that, in deference to my family's wishes, I must remain anonymous. Someday, I hope, I will step forth from behind the curtain and confront the barbarians openly. Until then these songs, and more to come, must suffice as expressions of my contempt for them.