Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Huntsman is in. It should go without saying that he would make a better president than Obama.  That is a low hurdle, I know, but it is reassuring that none of the candidates, with one possible exception, would be worse than Obama, and even that exception . . ..

Huntsman is a serious, smart, hardworking and patriotic man--all of which put him leagues ahead of Obama. He, however, would not be the best choice as the GOP nominee, and I doubt he could win that nomination or beat Obama.  There is a curious MSM chant developing about Huntsman that should put us all on alert.  I keep hearing on talk shows from Democratic strategists and from journalists (basically the same thing these days) that Huntsman is the one candidate that Obama fears. That, of course, is just rubbish, and all it means is that Huntsman has won the "strange new respect" award. Beware of anybody the media seek to make the "best" champion for the GOP.

I met Huntsman some years ago when he was with the US Trade Representative.  He came to my post in Asia, and I spent the day taking him around to see local officials on a variety of trade issues.  He was very serious; he worked very hard; and he did his homework. As far as I could tell from sitting around with him for several hours, talking to him in the car and the embassy, he was also devoid of any sense of humor or personality, and not very imaginative. He was not a "people person" at all, and, I think, was not particularly effective in talks and negotiations. He struck me as being a Robert McNamara sort of guy, i.e., he knows he is the smartest guy in the room and he will tell you so himself. I just don't see how he could be an effective campaigner or particularly effective in the very rough politics of Washington DC. Maybe he's changed since then. I will try to keep an open mind.

Anyhow, some initial thoughts. Would I vote for him over Obama? Please, need you ask?


  1. Thanks for that. This now makes two "acceptable to the official media" GOP candidates now. Huntsman and Romney. Thank you, NYT and WaPo, for truly caring for us so much. You are too good to us, no, really.

  2. I think Dennis Kucinich or Debbie Wafflehead-Schultz would make fine Democratic candidates.

    No need to thank me Democratic readers -- I'm just trying to help.

  3. I'd vote for him, but it would be a textbook case of "holding my nose while pulling the lever." His support of the global warming nonsense and cap-and-trade is very disappointing.

  4. A "Robert McNamara sort of guy"? God help us...

  5. ambisinistral: You da man. [laughed so hard spilled coffee]

    "Pitbull": As long as he's not an "Al Haig" type.

  6. Huntsman would be a fine moderate Democrat candidate, but he is dead in the water amongst us conservatives.