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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Idle Reflections

Sitting around waiting for the realtor to show up. We're having one of those horrid "Open Houses" this afternoon, where people wander through your house, touching your stuff, and pretending to be interested in the recently laid plywood flooring in the attic. As Prince Philip would say, "Ghastly!" So naturally the mind wanders.

NATO: Glad to hear SecDef Gates stick it to the Euros on their abdication of international responsibilities. As a superpower, of course, the EU is a complete joke, and they have turned NATO into one, as well. Time to put an end to NATO. Serves no purpose other than to give the Europeans an opportunity to lecture us and to get us involved into idiocies such as Libya. We should have good strong bilateral defense alliances with a few choice countries in Europe, e.g., UK, Poland, and one or two others, and cut the rest loose. NATO is an expensive bureaucratic nightmare that provides lucrative employment to thousands upon thousands of highly paid international civil servants, helps the bottom line of Belgian restaurants and landlords, and does nothing to promote mutual security. The United States does not need NATO. The EU has been blathering on and on for years about creating its own military capabilities, and spending huge amounts of money on absurd projects such as the A-400M, and the Eurofighter which is a moderately capable airplane for 1983.

Peru: Disaster. The election of the seriously insane far-leftist Ollanta Humala spells real trouble for the United States, for Chile, and for freedom and prosperity in the Andes, already under threat from the seriously insane pro-Chavez, pro-Castro Rafael Correa, and the demented politics of Brazil which go from bad to worse. Keep your eye on Peru; things are going to get nasty in a country that was doing very well, and was on the road to becoming another Chile. Expect to hear calls for a new Constitution, controls on foreign-funded NGOs, the need to control the press, and pressure on what had been a relatively independent and honest judiciary. I love Peru, and hate to think about what is going to happen to that lovely country.  It all comes down to one thing: being a friend of the United States gets you nothing but criticism from the United States.

Weiner: Going to rehab. Ah, yes, rehab, the last refuge of the liberal scoundrel. Good. All conservatives should be wildly enthusiastic about this. When Weiner comes back from his rehab, conservatives should on a non-stop basis keep asking him how he feels, how the rehab went, his wife's reaction to the new Weiner, etc.  Breitbart and others should visit the rehab facility and see how they deal with serial texters. Weiner should be made to tell us in detail all about it, over and over, and all throughout the 2012 erection election campaign season.

Palin Emails: The ex-Gov has just put another nail into the MSM's coffin. I have never seen such an absurd frenzy as the MSM's falling over themselves trying to find something, anything in Palin's emails.  I wonder if Biden, Dodd, Frank, Waters, Spitzer, Rangel, Reid, Pelosi, or Obama could survive such an investigation into thousands of emails? Absurd beyond absurd.

Tracy Morgan: I understand that this second-rate comedian got caught making derogatory remarks about gays. He said something about he would kill his son if he found out the boy was gay. Outrage, apologies, maybe rehab? Wonder if there would have been such a stir if had said he would kill his son if he had found out the boy was a Republican, or a Palin supporter, or an Evangelical Christian?  We would have had Bill Maher and others tell us all about the need to respect freedom of speech, etc.

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  1. On Palin: Long ago, when I took the foreign service exam, one question on the written part was about which country was closest to the USA apart from Canada and Mexico. The answer, of course, was Russia. I later found that I was one of the few in my A-100 class who got it right. I didn't think much of it then, but then, more than 20 years later, I listened to "sophisticated" commentators on Palin's "stupidity" about thinking that Russia was right next door to Alaska. Frankly, I'm now of the mind that the "smart" people around here don't even know how to read a globe, and they claim the right to both inform and govern the rest of us. T'row da bums out! (as we say in Nawt Joysey).