Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

McCain: Still Hazy After All These Years . . .

I voted for McCain in 2008. I wasn't crazy about him, but if you were a serious voter there was no alternative. Would he have been better than Obama? Probably. Hard to see how he could have been worse.  I used to bore my friends to death telling them that whomever got elected in 2008 would be a one-term President. I certainly hope that is true as our current nightmare has to be brought to an end in November 2012. The good Senator from Arizona, a bonafide American war hero, ran a disastrous campaign. He could not bring himself to go for the jugular of a very vulnerable and inept Democratic candidate. He made a brilliant move by picking Palin as his running mate, a move that generated enthusiasm and activated the base he needed to win, and then he sabotaged her. Her sent off to gain the respect and kudos of the mainstream media, and wasted her. He seemed to think that because the NY Times had endorsed him for the GOP nomination, they were on his side, so he sent Palin to get the same endorsement. That, of course, never came.

McCain has not learned.

I saw him on a Sunday talk show with that hideous pomposity, the beast known as Christiane Amanpour. Instead of blasting the monstrosity in the White House, a monster he helped inflict upon us, what does our hero do? He blasts the GOP candidates for being isolationist because they are opposed to the idiotic war in Libya, and wondering about the exit strategy in Afghanistan.  He has given the Democrats a talking point which they have been using all over the air waves and internet bemoaning the alleged development of "isolationism" in the GOP, and the Republicans supposed retreat from global responsibility. Suddenly the Dems are portraying themselves as the hawkish defenders of American interests.  All nonsense, of course, as the Democrats, as we have said in the blog many times, only support intervention when there are no tangible US interests at risk.  They are all for intervening in the old Yugoslavia or in Libya, but are all for playing dead when dealing with Chavez and Castro right here in our own neighborhood.

McCain continues to try to gain that most prized of all awards from the liberal media: The Strange New Respect Award.

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