Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Imagine If Sarah Palin Had Said This!

Our pretend President who once also was a Pretend Senator, a Pretend Community Organizer, and a Pretend "Constitutional Law Professor," just said one of the stupidest things ever said about the role of the Supreme Court.  Showing the abysmal ignorance of the "well-educated" class he so ably represents, the Pretend President claimed that the court could not overturn a law passed by the Congress.

Marbury v. Madison, any one? Any one? Any one?

Imagine if Palin, Bush, Limbaugh, Quayle, Perry, Cain, Ryan, DeMint, West, etc., had said something so abysmally ignorant. The media and the late-night comics would be (rightfully) aflame with anti-conservative ridicule.

So I guess all those Jim Crow laws, passed by lawful legislatures, should remain on the books?

This man is not qualified to be President.

Let us hope and work for deliverance next November.


  1. "Those Jim Crow laws, passed by lawful legislatures with Democratic majorities and approved by Democratic governors, should remain on the books?" There, I fixed it for you.

    If the GOP wants to win, all they have to do is replay The Dear Golfer's statements over and over again.

  2. May I just say, I'm delighted to see you writing again. Bright, reasoned, thoughtful commentary is so needed if we are to regain the White House. I've missed you over the last couple years, and what a great surprise that you're back.