Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obama and Clinton: The Quest to Make Us Ashamed of Being Americans

I don't know how many of you are following the disastrous Summit of the Americas (SOA) unfolding in Cartagena, Colombia. On the one hand I hope not too many, as it is embarrassment after embarrassment. On the other, I hope every American is seeing this disaster and what it tells us all about the quality of leadership we have in the White House and the State Department.

Here we have our clueless Secretary of State drinking and dancing at a local hotspot in Cartagena called "Cafe Havana." Who does the imaging for this silly woman? Given that one of the issues of greatest contention at the Summit is the issue of Cuba's participation in the SOA, why would Clinton go to a bar named Havana? Once there, given the state of the economy at home, the amount of money this silly SOA costs, and the tawdry spectacle we have seen of Secret Service agents bringing prostitutes to taxpayer-provided rooms--and then, apparently, not wanting to dip into their considerable per diem to pay the girls for services rendered--why would our clueless Secretary and her gaggle of acolytes engage in drinking, dancing, and partying on the taxpayer dime  (these folks, too, get generous per diem payments for being there)? Could not our newly confirmed Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roberta Jacobson, have warned Clinton? Guess not, as other photos show she is there drinking and whooping it up, too. As I have stressed before (here and here) we have no foreign policy team in Washington DC, and when it comes to Latin America, we have the very worst possible incompetents working the issues. These are not serious people. We must show them the door come November.

The SOA itself has become an absurd and expensive exercise.  As noted in the excellent piece by Ray Walser from Heritage it is time to retire this expensive taxpayer circus from the circuit.

I will comment on the latest SOA tomorrow.  It will not be pretty.


  1. Hasta la vista, Hillary et. al. Please boogie on out the door.

  2. Holy snot!

    DAMNED good to read you, Diplomad! Are you raking in the Big Bucks speaking Farsi for Amoco?

    Why are yopu buggin' over the UberFrauFuhrer throwin' down?

    Even Adolf Hillary has to get his/her freak on at some point, right?

    Your old Fellow Traveler;


  3. "Even Adolf Hillary has to get his/her freak on at some point, right?"

    But not on my dime . . .

    1. They're ALL ABOUT partyting on our dime, KNOW this.

      As a matter of fact, were it not for our,(and our children's, our grandchildren's, and our great-grandchildren's dimes to the nth generation), there would BE no Party...and no parties.

      I attended the 10th Anniversary dedication of the Flight 93 Memorial in the former strip mine at Shanksville PA, and the lack of progress on that site spoke very loudly, especially compared to what has been accomplished at "Ground Zero" in Manhattan, to the Feds' reticence in celebrating the ONLY victory we had on 9/11...a victory that was won in spite of the Feds' efforts, not because of it.

      So the Feds had a choice: erect the wind chimes at the Shanksville Memorial, or pay for some GSA middle-managers to junket to Vegas and act the fool...anyone with any knowledge of our Beloved Government would ask why we were even considering such an absurd question.


  4. Someday it will be noticed that adolf hitler was the worst thing to happen to germany. Ditto Mao for china. And, stalin for all those nations conglomerated over five time zones. And, comprised of more than one nationality. But called russian.

    Might as well have called them vodka tankers.

  5. First; thank you Diplomad for blogging again. I found your coverage of what went on with the UN during the Indonesian tsunami to be probably the best reporting there was. (I can't help but think you probably got shut down over it.)BTW, the first US Navy ship on the scene was the boat my son had rotated off just before its deployment. So while the UN was making hotel reservations, the US Navy was first on the scene to offer disaster relief.
    Second; Bilgeman, where have you been keeping yourself? We used to travel in the same circles. So glad to see your name again. Did you know that Neptunus Lex died? Crashed his jet at Fallon NAS about a month ago. He was flying adversary for TOPGUN school.

    Yes, our nation's foreign policy is suicidal but I have to say that probably no one will see Ms. Clinton whooping it up at the Havana bar. The MSM will not run that photo in the states. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

    1. My son has been on quite a few boats but I just remembered the name of the boat that was first on the scene, the Bonhomme Richard. This was a Marine transport ship filled with Marines destined for Iraq. They gave the first aid to those devestated by the tsunami. Interestingly, they were not allowed to sleep on Indonesian soil and had to return to the ship every night. So, "please, please help us but... you are so filthy that we don't want you setting up tents on our soil."
      I understand the humanitarian aspect of what they and other US Navy ships did but, in some respects I wish they had just steamed on by. Our political class keeps telling us that we are gaining good will. I don't see it. Maybe I'm wrong.

    2. Good to see you again, too, Babs.

      Sorry to hear about Neptunus Lex. That said...crashing your fighter at >600 mph while vectoring onto a bogey's tail isn't the WORST way in the world to buy the farm.

      I collected my "Hero of Socialist Labor" badge from the Yoonyun Oblast and defected to the "Cajun Navy/Oil Patch",(doubling my day-rate and cutting my sea-time to 28 days on/28 days off...thank you very much!).

      I've worked for Shell finishing the Perdido spar 200 miles off of Texas and was in the flotilla that stopped the BP/Macondo well spill...and was laid off for two months immediately afterward thanks to Comrade Obongo's Drilling Moratorium.

      I'm like a fart in the sir-conditioning ducts, I'm usually around, but polite people prefer not to notice my existence.

      I rather prefer it that way.


  6. Diplomad is back. Lawdy Lawdy. Please sir or ma'am, keep going. We need you.

  7. The simple answer to most of your questions is that they are confident the media will cover for them and almost no one in this country will ever know... except for people at blogs like this who already won't vote for them, and they don't count.

  8. I don't think it's because they don't realize how this looks, I don't think they care. The American people have proven over and over they don't pay attention. Well at least half don't.

  9. First, I'm thrilled to see you back.Very happy! Secondly, my sources in COLOMBIA (Columbia is some affirmative action school in the Narth) tell me it was much worse than we know. There was a component in the stiffing of the hooker(s) that was , ahem, an affirmative action issue and apparently Teleprompter Stalin managed to insult even Evo Morales . Oh yeah, the Havana Bar is sort of a "special " place as well . Perfect for Hillary and her BFFs.

    The damn fools who voted for this charleton are truly much more despicable than Duh Wun is.