Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Let Slip the Chihuahua of War! Biden Attacks!

Sorry, folks. I have had a hard time writing this post.

I listened to VP Biden's "foreign policy" speech and thought to myself, "That's not very good.  The White House can't have sent out the Veep with this pablum. I must have misheard."  I went to the White House website, and, yes, indeed, the speech I heard was the one Biden gave. Whoever runs the WH website obviously has it in for Biden. Every grammatical error, every oratorical stumble, and every dumb aside has been left intact. In fact, the "highly educated person" who posted the speech could not even spell the word "campaign," as you will see.

If this speech is the best the Obama "camapaign" can do they should be in deep trouble. Quite aside from the poor writing and poor delivery, the content of the speech, what there is of it, is dishonest.  Judging from what it says, Obama allowed General Motors to live, and made sure Osama bin Laden died. That seems to be the slogan, and that somehow Governor Romney wanted the opposite, to wit, he wanted Osama alive, and General Motors dead. Where do they get this nonsense?

Let's look at the facts. The bailout of GM and Chrysler was begun by Bush, not Obama. You can be in favor of it or against it (I am against) but Obama carried out Bush's bail-out, with an Obama twist. Bush's bailout was aimed at helping GM and Chrysler, rightly or wrongly, while Obama twisted it to help the UAW. Without a bail out neither GM nor Chrysler would have stopped producing cars. They would have gone to bankruptcy court, and the UAW would have taken a beating.  The companies would have emerged stronger companies had the law been allowed to work. Obama, of course, had to save the corrupt UAW leadership; the last thing he and the DNC wanted was for a bankruptcy court to cancel the lucrative UAW contracts as part of a restructuring. The UAW has been saved, for now, and the taxpayers are out tens of billions of dollars. So if anybody gets the blame/credit for the auto bailout it is President Bush.

Osama bin Laden is dead because of policies, e.g., water-boarding, begun by President Bush, and opposed throughout by the DNC and Obama. Deciding to take out Osama was not, despite the White House hype, the equivalent of Washington's decision to cross the Delaware, Lincoln's to save the Union, General Eisenhower's to launch on D-Day, Truman's to drop the bomb, or even of the hapless Carter's to go with 'Desert One.'  Despite what Biden says, Obama's career would not "have been over" if the "secret" raid turned out to be a bust.  It was, all things considered, a relatively minor event compared to the others I have listed. It was important to kill Osama to drive home to the jihadis that we do not forgive or forget, but did not require any soul-searching or angst on the part of the President, particularly when one reads how Obama carefully insulated himself from any blame were the mission to fail.  The mission required good intel--which we had thanks to Bush--the military capabilities in the area--which we had thanks to Bush--and the brave and talented personnel to carry it out--which we had thanks to America.

Romney 2012.


  1. But... but... Obama is awesome, no? That has to count for something.

  2. That Joe Biden! What a kidder! He's the one should be on "Late Night". Reminds me of Rodney Danger...something.

  3. Feh, I won't use my eyeballs to read anything about Biden. Give me a video where I can drone out.
    OT but, would you please comment on the "we aren't getting out of the AF for 10 more years."
    I was dumbfounded when I heard this the other day. Actually, a comment by the State Dept. that the Afghans were "great negotiators" really struck me. What, exactly, do they have to negotiate?
    This is in your wheelhouse Diplomad.

  4. I await your take on Chen Guangcheng's escape to the US embassy. I think a pool is in order; I pick under 24 hours before he gets ejected. Would love to be wrong.

  5. I'm with Whiskey on Chen's eviction from AmEmbassy Beijing. I say it happens next Friday. The newspapers won't even notice.

  6. Any chance of switching to black text on an white background? Current format makes your v.good content hard to read.

  7. I lost the pool, obviously. But I was unfortunately correct in predicting his ejection from the embassy. CYA all the way.

  8. The State Department was only playing blind man's bluff with Chen. It's his fault he lost the game when he couldn't find them after they dumped him at the hospital and ran.

    Since Biden likes games, he should be blindfolded and encouraged to pin the tail on the donkey- Obama. He doesn't even need a rare lucid moment to play.