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"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Government’s the only thing that we all belong to."

The headline of this post, of course, is the (in)famous line from the video played at the DNC last September--please note, the creator of that "offensive" video has not yet been arrested. We all know that Obama has failed to deliver on his promises for an economic recovery, a new international respect for the USA, deficit reduction, affordable health care, no tax increases on the middle class, closing Gitmo, a new transparency, etc., but he certainly has delivered on the threat implicit in that DNC proclamation.

Many of us have commented in the past that the Democratic base seems inordinately composed of "low information" sorts, the lazy, and the seekers of hand-outs. When it comes to what is happening in the USA, they seem much like many Europeans I have met: their "information" about America comes from movies, TV "infotainment," urban legends, random Google searches, celebrity tweeters, and just chit-chat. They have a stunning ignorance of American history and of the values that drove the creation of this country. They are, in the main, composed of, as Ann Coulter has noted, stupid single women who want the government as their husband; the legions of stupid "highly educated" college students and grads generated by the education industry who want the government as their daddy; lawyers and government workers who want the government as their rich uncle; and a clump of "47 percenters," including legal and illegal aliens (yes, they do vote) who want the government as Santa Claus. To demonstrate the "low information" nature of these voters one need only note that, with the possible exception of federal government workers, all of them are worse off now than they were six years ago, but likely would vote for The O again, and almost certainly will vote for whomever the Democrat machine vomits out in 2016. These are what technically is known as the stooopid voters; they are the infantry of liberalism; they are what it needs to keep occupying and transforming the country into something which the founders never would recognize. Liberalism, in short, needs stupidity to thrive, and stupidity is what we get from the main bastions of liberalism such as universities, Hollywood, and the media.

The liberals insist that the country is the government and vice-versa, at least when they run it, and when they don't, well then, they have folks such as Bill Ayers. The liberals have gone from bombing the government to running it; from desecrating the flag to now wrapping themselves in it and insisting that it stands for the government; from resisting the government to using it to transform permanently our country. As I noted before (and here), and pardon the repetition, that is what we find at the core of scandals such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS and AP. We see an attitude that the government is the tool of liberalism, and that anything done, e.g., lie, in the name of defending the liberal orthodoxy is fair and above reproach. Notice, for example, how quickly the Obamistas fall back on the "I-take-great-offense-at-your-question" (latest example here) when on the rare occasion a journalist strays from the liberal script.

I wish I could end on a more uplifting or even humorous note. I can't. The struggle we face is a long and hard one; it is not, as I have noted before, just about cutting the size of government, although that would help, it is about recasting government's role in our lives; it is about moving government from being the star player to being an background extra, or maybe an amiable sidekick.  As I wrote before,

there is a relatively small window in which to undo vast expansions of government power--the window on Obamacare is still open, but not for long. When, therefore, GOP politicians speak of reforming or otherwise greatly modifying already accepted programs such as Social Security, Medicare, etc., they must do so with great care. In theory, we are all against "free stuff," in practice, however, well . . . hard to resist. 
The solution for the GOP, and the way to win voters from thus-far resistant groups, is to become libertarian with an asterisk--in some areas, I admit, a pretty large asterisk. Many libertarian concepts can be repackaged and given a glossy "progressive" sheen. The GOP goal should be a government in which 95%-98% of the time it makes no difference to the average American citizen who is president. The US President should matter more to foreigners than to Americans. Except for foreign policy, national defense, times of national crisis, and providing a very broad economic vision, it should not matter who controls the White House.
We are a long way from that . . .  .


  1. Dear Diplomad--generally love your commentary. Ever since I found you, I go here fist and often to see what you have written and relish the inside view of history. However, would you please refrain from lumping Social Security in with Medicare and calling it "free stuff"?? Perhaps, since you worked for the government, you haven't experienced any personal pain on this issue, so you don't think about it carefully. Allow me--

    All my working life (which was in the private sector) the government took money from my pay check--without my consent!--and from my employer--without his consent!--for my retirement someday. That amounted to about 15% of my income for almost 50 years. Please Note!! How much money did our government contribute to my account?? ZERO!!! Zip, Zero, Nada!!! And then when we "boomers", who had been conscripted to pay into this "retirement", were all working and there was a huge pile of cash accumulated in the system for our future, LBJ moved OUR RETIREMENT MONEY into the General Fund and SPENT IT on his "Great Society." This robbery has continued to this day. Which leads me to...

    The current argument about how many workers per retiree to fund the system is--to use the word made popular on this Sunday's TV shows-- IRRELEVANT!! All private sector Boomers were forced to put thousands and thousands of their hard earned dollars into that fake "lock box"; now have no control of how much or when we get it out; plus our estates will lose all rights to the balance due on our demise.

    Social Security is certainly NOT an entitlement we claim against the government since we were forced to pay for it with our own money--up front!!--and royally at that! By any fair accounting methods, we private sector "Boomers" were forced to pay in thousands more than we can ever hope to get out.

    PLEASE, Dear Diplomad, DON'T lump Social Security in with any other entitlements!! It is NOT and NEVER WILL BE "free stuff" given to me by the government!

    And now we have Insult added to Injury!! Our Dear Leader calls this a "Payroll Tax"?? And cuts what was currently being paid in to an already bankrupt system??!! And no one notices a problem??!!! What a crock!! And, if anyone with half a brain were paying attention, the term "payroll tax" is not even legally correct. Of course, the MSM plays right along. Another thing W tried to fix (or at least give us peons options) but was hooted down by the same--now complicit--MSM.

    Sorry, Dear Diplomad, but this "Social Security is an entitlement" and it's "free stuff" from the government meme is like a red flag to a bull for me. I hope you will refrain from this logic error in the future.

    Other than that, Great Post as always.

  2. Thanks. I have in the past made clear that SSN is not free. It is, however, a program that the government now uses as a tax. That was never the original intent of the program. Many do not realize that the "payroll tax" paid is actually that, a tax. There is no SSN lock box. It has become another way for the government to enhance its revenue.

  3. I agree with Anonymous on Social Security. People PAID FOR the benefits they hoped to get.

    But I will also add that I'm not sure the libertarian vision will work that well, either. Libertarians are hard put to defend traditional marriage, for example, and we've had enough evidence from the results of single, never-married motherhood and its production of legions of either THTOOOOOOOOOPID voters or jailbirds to guess that a Supreme Court Diktat or Act of Congress will never design a better model for the family than the marriage of one man and one woman. By the same token, these acts (or libertarian unfetteredness) cannot make the tissues of the human anus as tough as those of human uterus, and hence resistant to the tearing that can get fecal residue into the bloodstream. Hence, that "consenting adults" argument is a weak one to me.

    Yes, I think our government could and should be pared down quite a bit. But I'm also a traditional [Christian] believer, and think that we ignore the wisdom of the ages and that of God Almighty to our own peril.

  4. Dip, an excellent analysis, sage strategic advice. I'm in, with the large asterisk.

    "Government’s the only thing that we all belong to" is indeed a fitting negative theme, meme, to cast this posting in, since it is 100% opposite of the principle of the Founding of America, and truth.

    American's Founding principle is that the government is supposed to serve, small g, in the background, and "to be seen, but not heard", as a small service, while we, the people, masters of the government, busy ourselves with peaceble commerce and enjoyment of being. But the populace is also required to be the the watchers of the watchers, intelligently, and that responsiblity has been abandoned, by far too many.

    And while the low info voters have been out at recess, playing, we reap a bloated government attempting to take over dictating exactly how the populace can behave, in excrutiating invasive detail.

    Instead, we reap these latest examples of screaming threats from the government:
    Crass, crude, boors are suddenly not allowed to be boors. Representing an increasing grindingly slow destruction of our Freedom of Speech.
    Another non-service of our forign influenced goverment steering us to accept forign jurisprudence dictates of rule, instead of our Constitutional law.
    Another break with Constitutional principles, including "posse comitatus", by fiat, that threatens forcible threat of takeover of the American populace.
    OK, why Aussi, why Oz? Because they had been patterned similar to America, are an ally, part of ANZAC, and are troubled, now, with this, among many problems, that easily could be coming to America, is is here, done by individual companies, like Google, and others. Our government has many desires to get into excessive internet "regulating", or censoring, and making another tax stream as well, from the internet.

    We see fundamental evils of going beyond basic Federal government services, with the criminal IRS scandal, the Benghazi criminal lack of integrity, the AP phone records seizure, EPA, numerous parts of the government gone wildly insane by the hundreds or more of examples, with this regime. Insane expenditures of our taxes, as total wastes, easily into the trillion dollars, wasted. Other administrations did a much smaller occasional excess, but none with such devious "uber" intentions, and lack of reality, or economics, as is evident with this one.

    The government does not know best, and criticism of government is necessary, and healthy. It is fundamental American, by design, to be able to criticize government. It is fundamental to America, and a very necessary part of responsible citizenship.

  5. If I may point out an error in your latest post... With respect to Obama providing a new transparency. He actually did. It is our problem if we haven't learned the latest politicly correct meaning of words. In terms better understood, the new transparency refers to what we all used to call opaque.

    1. You are so correct. I just can't keep up.

  6. I think Anonymous, who I suspect is a good conservative guy, just made your point about the window closing on getting rid of a big entitlement when it becomes entrenched.
    The problem is that SSN is set to grow far beyond what the payroll tax can fund. Will the 20 something working double shift at Wal-Mart submit to a 20%, 30% payroll tax going to a nicely situated retired baby-boomer who takes cruises, drives a Lexus and lives in the big brick house in a good neighborhood? Dispassionately, SSN is a redistribution scheme; from the young and middle-aged to the elderly. Given the demographics, something will have to give. Expect means-testing, it’s total bullshit, but there it is. I am in my early 40s and I am feverishly squirreling away savings in my 401k type accounts. Still, I worry that the good ol USA will pull an Argentina and grab up that 401k money. I gotta believe that Americans still have enuf balls that confiscation would lead to armed insurrection. But who knows? Maybe I am too pessimistic but I’m looking for collapse- and hoping for a reasonable reset. Well, ahem, the world has had a good 80 year run, way I figure it we are due for some history. I stocking up on TP.

    1. As the Conservative Boomer, please let me elucidate a few points.

      First, as you know, retirement planning is a long term process. When you are a few years out or already retired, you do not have the latitude to reorder your finances to fit some newly minted government program. In that sense, yes, we Boomers are "entrenched." Our money was confiscated by the government for many, many years and promises were made.

      What Paul Ryan was proposing during the campaign sounded very good to me. Leave folks within 10 years of retirement alone, but allow changes to the program for folks further out. That would include what I think is the very best change--allow people to own their retirement monies and manage it as they see fit. And let them pass it on to their children if they don't need it all. Of course, that loses a source of income to the government, disguised as "Social Security", so all big government types will oppose it rabidly. I would like to see this leviathan program ended too, but responsibly.

      Second, your example of the poor Wal-Mart employe funding the Lexus-driving wealthy retiree is wrong on two major counts. First, the system was originally designed so that MY payroll deductions and employer contributions were supposed to be SAVED for MY retirement. NO ONE ELSE WAS SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR ME!! But remember, LBJ (and subsequent administrations) ROBBED my account and spent it on benefits for poor folks--maybe even that Wal-Mart employee? Who knows where it was spent. But that is why my Social Security benefit is hand-to-mouth today. Not that I didn't PAY IN FULL AND MORE for my benefit, but that I WAS ROBBED. And second, if you will check out the monthly benefits paid by SSN, you will find that anyone relying only on this income is living below the poverty level...and may well be the "greeter" at Wal-Mart. If any Boomer is wealthy and living "in the big brick house" it is because he feverishly squirreled away supplemental retirement investments--just like you are doing. I, too, hope you get to keep it and are not ROBBED by your own government. But it doesn't look good.

      We are also stocking up--but on canned food because we think our money will soon be useful only as TP.


  7. Nobody knew nuttin, the utter guys did it. I am transfixed by the inept, poorly presented, and at best laughable excuses these people present and really seem to think everyone will shout hosannah that's the truth! And so far they've gotten away with it. We'll see if this time is different. I know there are a thousand cliches ( none so blind, etc ....)but there are times when it passes high farce and would funny if it weren't for the damage done.

  8. I realize it's bad, but Dip remember those immortal words, "Don't give up the ship!"

    (Yes I realize too the link announces The Telegraph but, until very recently there was one of us there too. In the "English sense & sensibility" anyway.)


  9. I was moved to think back in this regime, remember when hussein had a website wherein as I recall, you were supposed to be on the lookout for negative emails, individuals, and blogs about hussein and democrats, and report them to this hussein site?

    Here is something that should be required reading, perhaps for all Americans, IMO. It has incredible implications, of dangers for America, and its citizens. Here is an example, and specific remedies, from this:

    ..."Herbert Ziehm, who formerly lived in East Germany and who was appointed to be in charge of managing the Stasi files, relates the files are testament to a darker side of humanity. Ziehm says that films like "The Lives of Others", an award-winning film revelatory of the human consequences of Stasi activities, does not even come close to plumbing the depths to which human beings can sink when they are encouraged to spy on one another."

    "Ziehm said, "More often than not, the Stasi did not need to apply pressure at all. In fact, many often felt snubbed if their information was deemed to be of no interest. People informed for personal gain, out of loyalty to the East German regime, or simply because they wanted to feel like they had some power."

    An incredible read, an important read, see if you don't agree.


  10. Obama fundamentally transforms America (a brief primer)

    There was a time when the IRS acted against Al Capone. Now, under Obama, the IRS acts like Al Capone.

    There was a time when the FBI investigated crime syndicates. Now, under Obama, the FBI investigates for a crime syndicate.

    There was a time when the ATF stopped Gun Running Gangs. Now, under Obama, the ATF is a Gun Running Gang.

    There was a time when the TSA protected women from being molested at airports. Now, under Obama, the TSA molests women at airports.

    There was a time when people in India dreamed of coming to America to get Health Care. Soon now, under Obama, people in America will dream of going to India to get Health Care.

    Martin Luther King: “I have a dream”.
    Barack Hussein Obama: “I am a nightmare”.

    JFK: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country".
    BHO: “Screw you and your God damned country!”

    1. Perfection in sarcasm, what a beautiful succinct disturbing piece, Anon. Kinda suck the oxygen out of the air, as an American.

    2. suck=sucks, darn.

  11. Sometimes, like after reading Obama's Morehouse College speech, I think this will not end until they start to eat their young.

  12. Historically, the Young have helped the Old, partly out of family love, and partly because of a transfer of wealth from the Old to the Young. The Young have been paid for their services, to the extent they have worked for the Old.

    Our politicians have now built a scheme where the Young will be expected to work for the Old, for nothing. The Young will be ordered to pay the amounts promised by Medicare, Social Security, and union and government pensions, lavish health care promises, and lavish pensions. This is 1,000 times bigger than the Bernie Madoff fraud of $50 billion. It is a gigantic Ponzi scheme pretending to be sensible government programs.

    There is nothing real in the Social Security Trust Fund. There is only a political promise to find the money somewhere that has already been spent.

    The Old will wave pieces of paper at the Young calling for perfectly legal, high taxes on them. This will be presented as a given, the amount of transfer duly voted under law by the Old for the benefit of the Old.

    In exchange, the Young will be told that they too can collect from their children. The Young will be slaves to the Old, under the suggestion that they too can enslave their Young. This is what Progressives call "community".

    If the Young have any sense at all, they should tear up those pieces of paper. They should have contempt for the Old who blindly accepted the promises of politicians without questioning their handouts. The Young will have contempt for the government and "the Law" that arranged this enslavement. They will break the Ponzi scheme of Social Security. They will blame the government that pretended to plan for their future, but instead spent it all, expecting the Young to supply again what was never saved.

    The Old do have a problem. Politicians made them pay social security taxes, then spent the money instead of saving it. They have been robbed. Unfortunately, when you are robbed, you don't get the right to rob other people to make up your loss. Unfortunately, you can only throw the robbers out of power and put as many as possible in jail.

    There will be a revolution that changes much of our current law. Government bonds, then refered to as the "old government bonds" will be worth the paper they are printed on.

    Ponzy Schemes Like Social Security
    There are no assets in the Social Security "trust fund". There are only political promises to find the money somewhere that was paid in and already spent. The shortfall is about $10 trillion in today's dollars, about 2/3rds of the entire yearly income of everyone in the US.

    1. The first thing to happen the Young will lose all compassion for the Old. The second thing will be the Old will find out that compassion of the Young is the only thing between them and the grave.

  13. Social Security Insurance was never an insurance plan or an investment. Difficult though it is for some people to accept, it was a Ponzi scheme from day one. There never was a lockbox for LBJ to open. He simply changed the record keeping to reflect reality.

    There is no money in the Social Security Trust Fund except what comes in quarter by quarter as companies and individuals send in taxes. Social Security is continually existing hand to mouth.

  14. Tying together Dip’s latest beautiful post, one might suggest these two items, the last of which is a corker, that puts forward that which is on a lot of people’s minds.
    First, Remember Rahm E. of the hussein administration?

    Here is his latest Chicago mayoral scheme, mentioned tonight, just trust him like his buddy, hussein, his little revolution in American thought, seemingly unimaginable before this imperialistic regime:

    "Monday, May 20, 2013
    What Could Go Wrong?
    In Rahm We Trust - NOT:
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing lawmakers to pass a gambling bill that would allow the city to weigh its choice of a casino operator in secret and forbid state regulators from taking away its license.
    The legislation also would grant the mayor authority to seize land for a casino and keep not only the gambling profits but also two local taxes and a cut of an upfront fee paid for the right to run the gambling emporium.
    It's a mix of power and privileges that gambling experts say has never been bestowed upon any city or casino owner in the country. They also say the measure raises concerns about whether the state would have ample oversight of the nation's first city-owned casino." ..."A bat-s*** crazy insane idea if ever there was one."... from Second City Cop, "Labels: dumb ideas, money questions, posted by SCC at 12:01 AM 0 comments"

    IMO, the hussein Regime, a proverbial “Fox in the Henhouse” of Freedom, leaves a nightmare “Trail of Tears”, trailing bodies, injustices, treachery, lies, and disappointments.

    Following is a review, tying it altogether:
    These are strange, potentially dangerous times, in which we live.

  15. So, how close to "Midnight" is the "Civil War Clock"?

    1. Unfortunately no one knows, since it is not published, like most of the events on time's fateful clock. Perhaps the tick will not tock, and the "broken arrow" will not recur, as is at least, my own sincere hope, because the consequences of such event, are large, and neither civil, nor "civil". Such likely depends on how disastrous we are led to become. Many good politicians are working on trying to prevent that disaster, and I support with hope, their effort, wholly. Sadly, there are other non-political events we are concurrently at risk of as well, in the next few years, making for very high risk times.


  16. Based upon the 2012 election results as analyzed here

    The middle class, males, married couples, white women all get what the Dip is saying. Those who don't are post-graduates, ethnic women and blacks and hispanics.

    What we have in this country is ethnics siding with big government and whites for less government. So why is the GOP willing to add some 50 to 60 million hispanics to the US population? Sounds like political suicide to me.

  17. Government is not the only thing we all belong to. Twenty-eight years of representing the USA overseas taught me this beyond all doubt. What we DO belong to is a common idea about individual freedom -- an idea spawned in the 17th and 18th centuries by very smart men and allowed to flourish by holding despotic rule at bay both at home and abroad. Now Obama wants to bring about fundamental change that will unleash despotism at home. Some urge him forward out of a misguided belief in the inevitability of Marx's vision, some because they would profit from his success, and some (many) because they are downright stupid about our history.

    I have great confidence in the strength of our system but I think this is the most extreme threat to what our forefathers planted and we have nourished over two centuries. If the pendulum is to swing the other way it will only be because a few of us have remembered what Jefferson, Adams and a few others dreamed for us. In our way stand a large number of people who have been bought off by Obama and the Chicago way of politics. Are we to allow free cellphones and immigration amnesty to destroy our founders' dream?

    This is an ultra simplistic summary of what I see facing us, but it serves to focus our optic on the current state of play.

    No, Mr. Obama: it is not government we belong to. Rather, government belongs to us, and right now we are not happy with the way government is serving our nation.

    1. Perfect statement of fact, every word, F. Well said.

  18. Anonymous' position regarding Social Security is the innocent understanding of many Americans, including the belated GI generation.

    They reck not with the truth that the establishment of Social Security was secured with that lie. The Democrats never had any intention of paying everyone all that was paid in. Enough would be payed to ensure continual political support, and we would ignore the fact that many were screwed by design, such as those who paid in during a full career but did not live to draw.

    Boomers and subsequent generation are subject to the magic of compound screwing, by the continual rise in the amount of income subject to the FICA levy.

    One day, our rulers won't even be able to pay any of us, having spent it all on giving each other awards. They will pretend to remit our benefits, however, with marvelously inflated currency. When no one truly benefits, the governing classes will declare their promises kept.