Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Travel and Random Thoughts

Hitting the road for a few days; off to see my son graduate from UM law school. I am traveling with my IPAD, a finicky beast when it comes to posting. I have to use HTML, and am a disaster at it.

Anyhow, will keep an eye on Foggy Bottom's Benghazi counterattack, and the continuing assault on Ted Cruz who seems shaping up as the Senator most feared and hated by the establishment.  He's obviously doing his job and earning his salary.

As long as I am at it, I continue seriously disappointed in Senator Marco Rubio for whom I had high hopes. He seems to have fallen victim to the McCain disease, i.e., the quest for "respect" from the liberal elites. I hope he can recover from this illness in time to resume what seemed a promising career as a conservative.

Anyhow, will post as I can.


  1. "I hope he can recover from this illness in time to resume what seemed a promising career as a conservative."

    It's not an illness. It's what he was all along. His arrogance was so great, because of all the fawning over him, that he thought he had a blank check to fundamentally transform America into a third world country that he could rule over. he is nothing but an Obama MiniMe.

  2. Today we must all be aware that political expediency and latino ethnicity takes precedence over rule of law and constitutional procedure. However you say – WTF ! – what does this mean… in relation to the tabulation whereby we must once again realize that the great reconquesta story is now being rehearsed before our very eyes, in the rise of Marco Rubio… indicating that only a two-faced ... I mean a bi-faced ... I mean a bi-polar ... I mean a bi-lingual hombre can receive…the award for reconquesta, unlike Kenyan Hussein Obama whose reconquesta plans don’t drink water.

    Senors y Senoritas, Ladies and Gentlemen. The time will come when a first world America will outlive its usefulness. Marx, either Groucho or Karl, I can't remember which, maybe it was both or maybe it was Harpo, once said that America is the opiate of the people. I say that when America outlives its usefulness and becomes a majority latino nation , then opium...will be the opiate...Ahh that's not a bad idea... we are going to need that badly especially when the booze runs out ...

    And the completely unbiased and bi-partisan panel, has determined to give the grand prize to Marco Rubio for his EARNESTY’S RAINBOW. Now EARNESTY’S RAINBOW is a token of this man’s genius…he told me so himself and repeatedly …that he could change perceptions by calling his plan for knocking down those pesky borders EARNESTY …in other words, he could have been more specific, but rather than allude to an articulation of the mundane, he has come to the conclusion that brevity is the importance of our nation’s shallow first world existence. God damn!

    Marco Rubio’s . EARNESTY’S RAINBOW – is a small contribution to a certain degree, since there are over seven billion people in the world today. 450 of them … million live in the United States and Mexico which is a very, very small amount compared to those who will be miserable and dying elsewhere…Well, I say that you will be on the road to new horizons, for we who live in a society where citizenship is a commodity and a politician can become a TV personality, it’s not easy to conform if you have any morality…I, I, I said that myself many years ago…

    But I do want to thank la Raza…I mean the RNC … I mean the DNC and it’s subsidiary the RNC, the organization for the $1,000 in affirmative action latino scholarships they’ve given out…tonight they took in over $4,000,000, but they do have expenses for their consultants you know, and I think that I have another appointment. I would like to stay here, but for the sake of brevity I, I must leave. I do want to thank you, and I want to thank Marco Rubio – acting el Presidenta of la Raza Mexiamerica and also Mr. Obama – acting Pharaoh and Drone Commander of the World – and also I want to thank Professor Irwin Corey and thank you. ...

  3. I hope your son's celebration is a very happy occasion for the entire Dip family. My concern is that it will impede you from watching the Benghazi hearings. Tomorrow is must see TV! I do think the possibility is there of thwarting HRC's run for the WH in 2016. (A girl can hope...)

  4. Dip, Rubio's goal are self centered. He truely believed that if he teamed up with the Gang of 7, being the baby-face of the group, he would further his plans of a run for the White House in 2016. He thought that he could rest on his laurals, being a Tea Party darling, and all. Only a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum. The very Tea Partiers that put him in office are now protesting him in front of his Florida office. The very people who got out the vote for Rubio now feel betrayed.

    Rubio is losing the conservative base, the very base that works their tails off to get a candidate elected. Perhaps he is countining on the loyalty of Cuban Floridians, but even if everyone of them vote for Rubio, it will no longer carry him across the finish line.

    Think about this: why did McCain/Graham choose Rubio? Why not Ted Cruz, another Senator of Hispanic heritage? Cruz is brilliant, well spoken, understands both the Constitution (he was a Constitutional lawyer, after all, with SCOTUS experience) and the law. He, like Rubio, understands the American experience taught to him by a father who fled communist Cuba and made a success out of his life. It is because McCain/Graham knew that Rubio could be played like a cheap fiddle with the promise of GOP establishment backing in 2016 for a POTUS run. Rubio could be flipped. Cruz, and Bill Flores, could not.

    But Ted Cruz understands the downside of illegal immigration. He understands how detrimental it is to the border states. Rubio grew up in the security of the Cuban community. Cruz did not. As Solicitor General of Texas, Cruz was exposed to the crime that was broght to our land by illegals. He knew the heartbreak of Rodney Johnson's widow.

    Rubio made a calculated choice and it is backfiring on him. He no longer has the trust of rank and file conservatives.


  5. Early backer of Rubio. Unless he takes a walk on Gang of 8 and immigration bill , I am out. Too bad. I thought he would be a Cruz. On another front, Flake and Ayotte wavering on gun control. Manchin still working the crowd. As for Benghazi wagons circled. I sure would love to hear from General(RET) Ham.

    Celebrate your son.

  6. I was also a backer of Rubio and have not been impressed. Yeah, he's lost his base (and voters) big time.

  7. EasttexasrancherMay 7, 2013 at 8:21 PM

    Congratulations on your son's huge accomplishment. Our son headed "down range" today....if you know what that means.

    Anxious to hear testimony tomorrow and your take on it.....I already figure folks know that only the C of C can order military to stand down.....

    1. ETR
      Prayers for you and yours.

    2. Thanks JIB.....heavy heart today

  8. Two issues that dare not speak their name:

    1. Won't it be a disaster for us to welcome a large population with a very weak concept of the rule of law, and which owes its presence here to breaking the law? While I can see how some who enter here illegally may have a claim on our national generosity due to facing danger at home (the purpose of asylum laws), we simply can't afford to willy-nilly offer amnesty.

    2. What about all those poor folks who will be made to wait because they were so dumb as to take the legal route to the USA? I think they're the forgotten part of the puzzle.

    1. #1) It would be interesting to have DiploMad to explain the Pan American political point of view. There is a reason that Mexicans march in the streets of LA demanding social welfare benefits, and rights, that they are not eligible for. There is also a reason that almost all nations south of our border are such corrupt, Socialist messes. And the citizens of those countries bring those political attitudes with them when they cross into our nation illegally.

      #2) The new "immigration" bill makes a mockery of those who waited 5-8-10 years to enter our country legally. It says "You're a fool. Why didn't you just pay a cayote a couple of thousand $$ and you would have been here 10 years ago?"

      The back of the line: well, that begins not here, but in the nation from which people want to emigrate. IThe line begins in Mexico, in France, in Ireland, in the Sudan, etc.
      And are those that come here illegally really so interested in "citizenship?" Nope, not according to the Pew Hispanic Center where citizenship is on the bottom of illegals priority list.

      This bill is nothing more than a ploy to guarantee the Democrats will remain in power for generations. End of story.


    2. "This bill is nothing more than a ploy to guarantee the Democrats will remain in power for generations."

      And the Republican establishment is walking right into that trap with both eyes open.
      Almost shades of California 20 years ago when State Republican Legislators agreed to giving Democrats a permament majority in exchange for safe-seats for themselves. And now the Democrats have rewritten those safe seats into ones for themselves and no longer need a single Republican vote to pass anything.

  9. Dip?

    Arkie, coupla questions then a single observation (whatever value that'd entail):

    I've watched the "new" Benghazi stuff repeatedly - I'm thinking to myself, "I've not learned anything either surprising nor new" - admittedly I've preformed opinions. Whether that constitutes a proper question, I dunno.

    I suppose my formed question is this:

    How much is State "in-the-loop" in places where - to whatever degree ostensibly a State-run sort of thing is happening - say "an annex" actually? Background I sorta know is there's a 'station chief' but that doesn't really translate where there might be dual-purpose stuff happening. I'm comfortable being called (or labeled "ignorant")

    But then I am cognizant of Petraeus' recounting now being, quite conveniently for all intents and purposes at minimum, "questionable" and maximally (after all that Broadwell biography "stuff") likely to be easily "discredited."

    Seems oh, I suppose "convenient."

    I have been/was aware for some considerable time (even prior to the McCain/Lieberman/Graham ecominium which Reagan ordered bombed so many years before) that the Benghazi/Dernaa (Cyrenaica) region was a hotbed for Libyans who travelled to fight Americans in Iraq. And it was Cyrenaica - if weapons were to be had to be obtained/delivered by the Turks - that, that was the region of Libya likeliest.

    Pretty much anyone can Search/Google "LIFG repudiates AQ" - timeline's 2007 - when we (the US) released our Libyan Gitmo detainees into Muammer's son Said's custody for "rehabilitation."

    Anyway. I have yet to be surprised by anything the House has gotten recently.