Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Pity the Multiculturalist Gaia Worshipping Obama Loving Liberals, and What They've Done to All of Us

I gloat more in sadness than in anger, more in pity than in "we told you so," but, nevertheless, I will gloat--although the gloat will be tempered by the realization of the damage done by the liberals.

As a "compassionate conservative" (remember that horrid phrase?) I can't help but feel some pity for the liberals at home and their leftoid compadres in Europe and elsewhere. Everywhere we look we see the lefty house of cards imploding, caving in, crashing to the floor in a disorganized heap. All of their fantasies and self-delusions seem coming apart.

We see this disintegration in:

-- the bomb blasts by Muslim terrorists ripping through the Boston marathon;
-- the smoke of Stockholm in flames thanks to its Muslim immigrants;
--the blood of a young British father and patriot butchered by jihadis on the streets of his capital city;
-- the EU's growing disarray and absurdities;
-- the disappearance of "global warming";
-- the evident bankruptcy of Keynesian (and Kenyan) economics;
-- the failure of the gun grab in the US which included a secret war against Mexico;
-- the turning of the Arab spring into the debacle of the Arab farce and its Benghazi nightmare;
-- the inability to find employment for the idiots produced by the idiot-run education industry;
-- the sound of Chicago and Detroit crashing into walls under the guidance of liberals;
-- the use of the IRS to target conservatives;
-- the effort to stifle investigative journalism;
-- the growing revolt against Obamacare as its ruinous nature becomes increasingly apparent;
-- and, of course, the revelation that the Obama misadministration has proven precisely as the conservatives and the hated Fox News Corporation have reported for years: an intolerant band of totalitarians who use the powers of the bloated government to suppress dissent and freedom of expression.

For any thinking liberals out there--Do they exist? The world wonders--it must feel akin to the pain felt by the Aztecs or the Incas when a handful of Spaniards brought down their mighty empires, or by that of the Japanese imperialists when the USS Missouri steamed into Tokyo Bay.

Are liberals capable of learning? Or will they instead develop new myths and fantasies, new gods to replace the ones with feet of clay? I think we all know the answer to that, but we can always hope for change.


  1. I won't blather too much, or repeat too much, but as I've said before, it isn't so much now that they want to do what they're doing as they must or in their minds lose all.

  2. I find it hard to believe the legacy of Karl Marx will crumble in the face of its inconsistencies: the mantra is always something like: "we didn't try hard enough." That appears to translate into: "we need to spend more public money" in Europe and the USA; in Asia and Africa it translates into "we didn't kill enough people." Whatever.

    I have been grappling with the inconsistencies of Marxism for half a century now and I don't see any reformation just over the horizon. Instead, I anticipate a "redoubling of efforts." Power, after all, is the prize at the end of the Marxist rainbow, and people like Hillary and Putin (didja ever expect to see those names linked?) aren't about to give up their quest for ultimate power.

    OTOH, it is possible there will be a turning away in the USA from the eternal quest for utopia here on Earth. America's intellectual glitterati have a short attention span and I am guessing the next great social/political crusade is just over the horizon and will entail something like saving an endangered butterfly or restoring the missing part of Half Dome. In any case, it will start in CA.

    And the European Marxist diehards will continue lecturing us on where we have gone wrong and how we can make it right by diverting more private money to public expenditure.

  3. The education establishment is geared towards teaching the success of liberalism despite the facts. The evils of leftism isn't taught like it was in from the 1930-1970's, instead Communism is taught to be good for things like health care, welfare, equality and its obvious flaws such as the disintegration of civil society, poverty, corruption, massive murder of innocents are ignored. Plus we have bubbles we can all retreat to avoid cognitive dissonance. MSNBC is the ultimate retreat to refresh leftist fantasies.

  4. Are liberals capable of learning? Or will they instead develop new myths and fantasies, new gods to replace the ones with feet of clay? I think we all know the answer to that, but we can always hope for change.

    Yes, and I can hope to lose twenty pounds overnight, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

    1. It could happen . . . I mean the weight loss, not the other thing.

    2. Yeesh, Diplomad, you were in government how long and still don't get how it works?

      The government program is never at fault. The fault is always implementation, funding or both. The program is always brilliantly conceived but thwarted by those with evil intentions.

      See also: wreckers.



  5. Dip, you've done another outstanding review here, and at a fitting timing, that honors oh so many fallen heroes, with reality and truths, which all men deserve.

    On this holiday, Decoration Day, Armistice Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, another wonderful take on honoring our Liberty, and fallen heroes who have Patriotically maintained it is here:

    It is for these God given rights of Freedom, to expose, and fight against these horrible realities, and more, that they had risked everything, “their last measure” for us, the posterity, as had our Founding Fathers, who first set to example, such determined heroism.

  6. "Are liberals capable of learning? Or will they instead develop new myths and fantasies, new gods to replace the ones with feet of clay?"

    To the former, no. To the latter, yes...and "doubled down." And that is why only a person under the heavy influence of alcohol or other drugs should have pity for them.

    1. I did have two JDs neat before writing so . . .

  7. • "the use of the IRS to target critics of government officials and government fraud"

    This is not about conservatives, really. This is about whistleblowers and community activists organizing to expose and bring an end to fraud and racketeering in government; about exposing the official leadership and operation of government as an ongoing criminal enterprise.

    To be seduced into the conservative v. liberal is to entirely miss the point.

    The progressive movement is institutionally rooted in the Democratic Socialists of America. They are a 5th column that has infiltrated and taken over the federal elements of the Democratic Party.

    The Democratic Socialists of America are the official political organ of the Socialists International, which through the DSA, the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the trojan-horse control of the Democratic Party, are operating what increasingly appears to be an overt and active sedition against the American people and their Constitution.

    Sedition. That's what's for dinner. Currently being served by the employees, advocates and agents of non-human corporate persons, domestic and foreign, through which the capitalization of the postmodern Sedition is organized and accordingly disbursed.

    What is Piers Morgan but a foreign national and paid agent provocateur of the dismantling assault on our Constitution and the enumerated rights guaranteed all citizens?

    David Axelrod is no different but for his apparent treason as a citizen in pursuit of the same goals

    The preservation of our enumerated rights is not "politics."

    When shall we unleash the dogs of RICO upon the progressive hegemony employed the modern federal government? They may have began as a political enterprise but increasingly appear to have become a malignant, metastastasizing, ongoing criminal enterprise.

    Shall we offer Chicago, Detroit and Washington D.C. into evidence? The modern American education system? The national Democratic Party? The United States Senate?

  8. The story is already being spun, the president can't institute his policies because the righties won't work with him and compromise. It's not the bureaucracy that is oppressing us, it's a few loose cannons/bad apples/isolated instances.

  9. If the 4th estate MSM doesn't fully awaken, and truly compete with Fox News, and awaken to Dip's and Willem's comments, in strategy page, this will be their due, and our loss, as well!

    "Be Careful What You Say
    May 24, 2013: In many parts of the world journalism is a contact sport, in which powerful individuals and organizations physically attack journalists who say unflattering things about them.

    Governments are usually the worst offenders, and then compound their bad behavior by issuing lies that assert most of the attacks are by criminals. Examples of this are most common in South America and Africa.

    For example, in Nigeria there were 143 attacks on journalists last year. If all you read on this matter were government press releases on the issue you got the impression that Islamic terrorists were responsible for most of this violence. But a careful perusal of the attacks as published in the media showed that the government (military, police and so on) was responsible for 79 percent of the attacks and the Islamic terrorists only 16 percent.

    Nigeria, like most nations with a lot of violence against journalists also suffers from a lot of corruption. While this includes a lot of journalists being for sale, it also means cops and prosecutors are as well and this makes it possible to kill and injure journalists with little fear (if you have the money for bribes and bodyguards) of reprisal. Not surprisingly journalists, even those taking bribes, tend to be enthusiastic about eliminating corruption."

    Comparative lessons to be seen here, in principle, if not yet degree. But "your" government can arrage that, Chicago style, yet.

  10. "Are liberals capable of learning?"

    Not until the most basic amoeba-like reaction, as in recoiling from pain, hits them in their wallets.

    We aren't there yet.

  11. Top corruption, summed up appropriately, by WND headline just out, great irony, sadly:

    Obama to Holder: Go PROBE yourself!

  12. I don't feel pity for cockroaches. I squash 'em. Otherwise, they'll return to the dark and breed more.

  13. ...the smoke of Stockholm in flames thanks to its Muslim immigrants...

    Stockholm. Stockholm .... Stockholm?!!

    Isn't it Stockholm where Nobel Peace Prizes are awarded?

    I feel sooo disillusioned.


  14. Nobel Peace Prize comes from Norway.

    1. Thanks.

      My latitudes (of those invented TNT - and those who didn't) somewhat like my recent experiences with tornadoes have me somewhat confused. Addled actually.

      Norway is though as I recall Geographically - a Scandinavian sort of country?


    2. Please understand, a little compassion (could/should be) figured in to however if only 'cause I sign


      'Cause we're hillbillies all and if there's a benefit of the doubt to be given, at least in my neck of the woods, we're Presbyterians, and don't go running around blowing other folks up or macheteing 'em.

      We'd rather get into canoes and go "float" Spring River, or, trout fish White River.


    3. Nice to meet you, Arkie. I may be more an East Coast sort of guy, but I'm a Presbyterian, too (of the more old-fashioned sort, who believes our chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever rather than keep up with the ideological Joneses).


  15. The Peace Prize is the only one awarded in Norway. All of the other Nobels are in Sweden.
    Yes, they are both Scandinavian countries.

  16. "Are liberals capable of learning?"

    And the answer is "no". The ones that were capable of learning aren't liberals any more. The modern Democrat electorate is composed of the senile, the corrupt, the retarded and the ignorant. (how many Obama voters thought they were still voting for that nice Mr. Roosevelt?) Ad up all of the above and you get at least 45% of the modern electorate. Add in a few percent of legitimate swing voters, the disgusted and the disillusioned and a healthy dose of fraud and you get a Democrat majority. The overarching scam is to have convinced many that "liberal" = Democrat.

    1. By gosh, anon, I believe you've got it. Add to that pretty accurate sum up, imagine the mush brain liberals, including the "coexist" type ministers and rabbis, too many among them as well, imagine them trying to learn these following facts and realities, rendered by a very intelligent and determined Ph.D. type, , and, and you've got a near impossibility, in a liberal's character.

      But maybe, sadly, if enough blood gets spilled, like the bastards in the UK, or Boston, by more of the mohammadans, mahoundians, muselmen, maybe then enough of the fence sitters may finally turn the tide into a semblence of intelligence, searching for the truth or reality, not just existing as the typical mush brained credentialed fools, and lesser examples.


    2. Jack,
      They sail along in a rarefied intellectual (in their mind anyway) atmosphere untethered to morals, logic or conscience. The view is surely divine for superior beings as themselves. Their feet will never be dirtied by the daily trudge we untermenchen endure. They will only know reality when they fall from heaven face first into it.