Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Battle of Benghazi: Still not Getting to the Core of the Issue

I am posting via a finicky IPAD with an old OS and have to do so in HTML. Please forgive my ineptness in HTML; I still have not learned to do links so I will refer to past postings but not be able to link to them.

I watched the Benghazi hearings. I heard nothing unusual said except that this time it was the truth, albeit the "truth" with a small "t," but the truth, nevertheless. That truth has begun, slowly, slowly, to scrape away the thick layers upon layers of lies painted on by the Obama administration and its media enablers. The most obvious point is that the timeline of the attacks laid out by the witnesses shows that there was time for a US response; that somebody up the chain prevented that response for political not operational reasons; that those political levels took the deliberate decision to lie about what happened at Benghazi; and they send out the execrable hack Susan Rice to blanket the media outlets with the lie. It is also clear that the silly YOUTUBE video had nothing to do with the attack. Please see my prior postings on this for my take on how Obama and Rice lied.

As noted, the comments made were of the small truth variety. The big truth, the big smelly camel in the tent, is that the Benghazi disaster was a tragedy, not in the debased sense with which the word is now used by the media almost daily, but a tragedy in the original Greek sense: a horrid outcome that was foreseen but yet the players continued to march toward that outcome. The Obama policy on Libya was a horrid mess from the start. As I have written before, the Obama/Clinton policy was an ill-thought-out one driven by the needs of the Europeans and not by US interests. When Qaddafy was a threat, some twenty-five to thirty years ago, and Reagan acted against it, the Europeans and the US liberals were aghast. The French did not even give us permission to fly through their airspace to hit Libya. Once Bush, yes, Bush of the "W" variety, disarmed Qaddafy--remember that Qaddafy gave up his nuclear program, allowed the US to cart it away, and became our collaborator against Al Qaeda when he saw the fate of Saddam--then the liberals and the European left began to insist on Qaddafy's removal. The Europeans were upset that Qaddafy did not give them special oil concessions and, in fact, preferred to do business with American companies. He was, as I have written before, like an old repentant Mafia chieftain trying to score some points with the FBI. I have personal experience working with Qaddafy's officials against AQ targets.

Obama, of course, listened to the Europeans, something you should never do except if it involves brewing a good cup of coffee, and we have disaster unleashed in North Africa. Our policy has created an arc of instability in the Magreb, reaching all the way to Cairo, and heading for Syria. We made North Africa safe for AQ and affiliates.

That is the Truth we will not likely hear at these hearings. That is the reason that the Obama people went so far out of the path of truth to cover up the Benghazi disaster. They could not admit that it was their foreign policy, not some obscure video made in the California desert, that killed our people in Benghazi. This would not have happened had Qaddafy been in power. Period.


  1. Whew! Finally. Someone verbalizes what I have known for the last four years.

    Obama's Middle East policy is a disaster that is going to haunt us for generations and will come back to bite us in the arse big time. Egypt is a disaster, for all the howling of the U.S. press about how great the Arab Spring was going to be. Copts are being persecuted like never before, and certainly never under Mubarak. Libya is nothing more than a festering boil of radical Islam, but then we already knew that Benghazi had contributed more insurgents in Iraq than any other local on the face of the earth. Syria is also a disaster, with no good guys there; not Assaud, not the "freedom" fighters who are being funded by AQ and AQ spin-offs (you have to read the British press to be told the truth about that).
    All the while that nut case, John McCain, wants to send American troops to Syria.

    Damn, does this take me back. I remember the good old days as Castro marched into Havana and the American press told us how great that was and how wonderful Castro was. Just a guy who wanted to free his people from an oppressive dictator. Well, that worked out well, didn't it, as ordinary Cubans drown in the sea because their makeshift boats, pointed at Florida, could not withstand the open waters. I remember the Cubans sending their children out of the country as they were required to stay behind. And here we are again, with the media supporting a Middle East policy that is simply removing a couple of more oppressive dictators.

    This is Cuba redux with more square miles. Except the Islamists don't care about their own lives, so unlike Castro, and Che, they are not worried about dying while trying to kill us.

    Ain't it great?


  2. Lindsey Graham - "Opportunity In Libya":

    (That's a Morning Joe link - but Lindsey's doing McCain and Lieberman's "talking points.")


  3. Will we ever really know the whole truth? Who knows. But about those hyperlinks. tutorial happy linking. there are tutorials to do hyperlinks underlined in italics bold etc. you can combine them all at once.

    1. Appreciate your effort Jib - but for me, individually (and for personal reasons, I'll neither embed nor hyperlink).

      There is a motivator but I'm not 's'posed' to be really hillbilly like you know me to be - Might tell/ask Experian 'n Google 'n LinkedIn 'n Wells Fargo you read on a blog there was a feller "supposedly" had stuff logged then shared by third parties. Feller was living in Sharp County Arkansas but had a little bit of ,oh, how'll I 'splain - a loss of something pretty important (corrected) but then never trusted "Privacy Statements" ever again.

      I paste links admittedly - but each person must decide for themselves whether and whichever Search Means that individual has "faith" in. The four aforementioned wanted that hillbilly to kneel at the individual altars - but I refuse that 'stuff' - or that hillbilly feller did - and it served him well.

      I won't be needing any tutorial if that's okay with you?


    2. Appreciate your effort Jib - but for me, individually (and for personal reasons, I'll neither embed nor hyperlink).

      There is a motivator but I'm not 's'posed' to be really hillbilly like you know me to be - Might tell/ask Experian 'n Google 'n LinkedIn 'n Wells Fargo you read on a blog there was a feller "supposedly" had stuff logged then shared by third parties. Feller was living in Sharp County Arkansas but had a little bit of ,oh, how'll I 'splain - a loss of something pretty important (corrected) but then never trusted "Privacy Statements" ever again.

      I paste links admittedly - but each person must decide for themselves whether and whichever Search Means that individual has "faith" in. The four aforementioned wanted that hillbilly to kneel at the individual altars - but I refuse that 'stuff' - or that hillbilly feller did - and it served him well.

      I won't be needing any tutorial if that's okay with you?


  4. Here's the link Jib:

    And that's before the O went all PC on us. But you'll need read closely.


  5. This would not have happened had Qaddafy been in power. Period

    You could say same, Al-Qaeda will not flourishing in Iraq &ME if Saddam still in power?

    1. At the time of his removal, Saddam was working with AQ. After his removal, AQ made the fatal mistake of pouring into Iraq to fight the US in open battle. AQ was nearly destroyed in Iraq by the US. It had to find other places of refuge, although it does now seem to be returning to Iraq thanks to this administration's feckless behavior.

    2. Reiterating & Supporting - Saddam was always in a tight with a majority Shi'a population and a "bad memories 80s" across a thin body of water and some mountains. Coincidentally perhaps, a really Shi'a majority population shared some of those same "80s memories."

      And those 80s memories they both had - was not Disco.

      Saddam signed with a devil. Not in the Biblical Sense as we in the US would normally/usually think - but we have the general understanding that when Saddam's trap dropped, it'll never stop.

      Po po tweet.


    3. I don’t know from where you get your info, however you working now of before with FBI and may be states department. Both came clear saying there is no link.

      If saying you are a lair, may this is wrong or driven by hatred, but many top professional intelligence agencies telling there is no link, then you need to think twice when you put your words.

      Let list few of them for to refresh your memory in case you have a loss of a memory:

      The Senate Intelligence Committee, which released the Iraq report, is chaired by Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., left. The ranking minority member is Sen. Jay Rockefeller, right.

      Pentagon: No Saddam-Al Qaeda Link

      Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam and al Qaida

      Saddam Hussein had no direct ties to al-Qaida, says Pentagon study

      Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda link allegations timeline

    4. The problem with a blanket statement like "there is no link" is that it is highly likely to be proven wrong eventually. Due to politics, it will probably take longer than usual for the classified intel about any links to be officially and openly admitted; too many people currently in power in the media and government benefit from the continued demonization of George W. Bush to admit openly that he did have some reasonable basis for the war against Iraq. If you are inclined to argue with me on this point, I would just hold up as an example the recent Hollywood movie about Valerie Plame, maddeningly inaccurate even though it's been established as a fact that she was accidentally outed by Richard Armitage and not as an act of revenge by Bush officials.
      Saddam Hussein might have been a secular guy personally, but I doubt he was above giving periodic and conditional support to an organization that advocated violence against the USA specifically because of the Iraq sanctions (see the 1998 fatwa of Al Qaeda). Barham Salih is just one person who would agree with me. There are many logical reasons to believe that Saddam Hussein would have collaborated with Al Qaeda to harm U.S. personnel and interests and only political reasons to doubt it.

    5. Saddam Hussein would have collaborated with Al Qaeda to harm U.S. personnel and interests and only political reasons to doubt it.

      You wrong in your reading, but also your saying will be "only political reasons to doubt it".

      But let take back step saddam he is not a secular guy personally, he B* killer have had many crimes sienc he was 12 yuers old, most of his vilagers knew that,personally he is not beliver as such. he cowred B* should been put on death pently when his tried to kill the presedent Abdulkareem Qassinm

    6. C T May 12
      The problem with a blanket statement like "there is no link" is that it is highly likely to be proven wrong eventually. Due to politics, it will probably take longer than usual for the classified intel about any links

      Oh yah……. 10 years and WMD not found how long you would like to give you more time to proven your wrong?

      Some like you mingling with words to convict some he is knew more than other, we saw that 10 years ago with stream of lies that flow in the air like your Tomahawk destroying a country with 25 million on falls claims and on simple signage regime change then ended 25 millions in chose left behind a lot of corruption and internal divisions that create openings for the meddling of external powers, put and support thugs and incompetent guys who are not more that puppets who don’t know how to lead ten Goats in the wild.

      I advise you to read G. W. Bush letter to Iraqis what really done from it for Iraqis after 10 years?

    7. CT, let you to tell us that coverup it is highly likely to be proven wrong eventually.

      Why the Benghazi cover up is worse than the Iraq War

  6. Well Anonymous

    There's a very basic difference - we in the United States of America have a minimum of ONE (1) female taxi drive - licensed.

    And you Anonymous have how many licensed drivers in Riyahd, the whole of Libya?

    You've (most kindly) Sir, a Complete Misunderstanding:

    AQ is a tool. AQ is an accommodation.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. This discussion board is in English. I will delete Arabic entries.

  7. I also think O went after Qaddafy to burnish his foreign policy and military credentials. To him Qaddafy would have seemed like an easy mark (some of the reasons you stated above) already defanged, isolated in the arab world, and would look like part of the "arab spring". Now though his actions there and in Egypt have pulled him into Syria with direct confrontation with Russia and Iran and indirectly with China and he is stuck. They have taken his measure and are not impressed with his "red lines" or the Chicago way. I must have missed a nuance in this deep laid plan.

  8. I too am dealing with a new OS ... and I'm certainly not taking up for the "you-know-whozits" ... but I'm candidly of the opinion we should all remember how we got to this juncture of Benghazi:

    McCain ya'll might recall did the Senate speech which forced the No-Fly.

    I'm pretty sure I can locate it if neither/or Jack, Jib or ETR will vouch - but I'm reasonably certain Dip will be able.


  9. All you say is certainly true and to this day it was clear as a Arizona sky in the middle of July way back in Sept 2012. Why didn't the Romney campaign seize on this?
    In no particular order of scandalous behavior we have:
    1. A innocent US citizen (Nukola) was framed to serve the the interest of the Obama campaign. Result he is still sitting in jail.
    Obama suborned sworn officers of the law with criminal charges that weren't true.
    2. AQ was re-energized due solely to Obama's policies yet he and his minions continually trumpted the death of AQ in Sept and Oct.
    3. Its clear that perhaps dozens of political appointees, career civil service and elected officials participated in a cover up of the events in Benghazi on 9/11/2012 as emails prove beyond all doubt that the senior leadership knew AQ members were attacking both the ambassador's house and the CIA building while the attacks were underway. Yet they foisted a lie about a video on the American people. the Libyan government knew the truth. Foreign governments with a presence in Libya knew the truth. AQ knew the truth. Yet Obama's administration didn't want the American people to know the truth.

    4. Still to be uncovered is the full range of threats to those wanting to speak the truth about what happened before, during and after 9/11/2012. We have some career officials claiming punishment for telling the truth. How many others? Petraeous was forced out by a sex scandal. Was that leaked as punishment? Was he forced out? How about all the senior military brass forced out prematurely? Punishment for speaking truth to power?

    In short all of this represents a abuse of power by a sitting US president. A full investigation will hunt for all of those being intimidated to this day and all of those forced out in the past 6 months. The possibility of high crimes and misdemeanors against a sitting President is the real camel with its nose in the tent.

  10. Now we have the breaking story of the IRS targeting conservative groups and Tea Party groups in the run-up to the 2012 election. More reasons for the House GOP to dig deep on Obama Administration abuses of power.

    Energy loans to Obama backers.
    Fast and Furious coverup and stone walling.
    Death of Border agent(s) using Obama provided guns.
    Death of US Ambassador and 3 other Americans due to Obama malfeasance.
    Benghazi as a whole.
    Using the IRS to harass Obama political opponents.

    Gang this is smelling like criminal behavior unseen in our history. Nixon wasn't this bad.

    Can the GOP air it all out without looking like sore losers?

    1. Nixon was nailed because the press wanted him nailed. The press does not want this scandal to go anywhere, nor anything outside of their narrative, therefore, it will go nowhere. Conservatives need to figure out how to get around the press bias first.

    2. Yes the media as a whole have become dedicated to perpetuating Obama's presidency and Democratic Party rule. We are getting very close to the point where ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NYT, Wapo, LATimes and hundreds of other news outlets will have to decide which is more important? American rule of law or 1 party rule? Given the widespread financial corruption of Obama, I'm sure all of the above are on the Obama dole to some degree or another so honesty from them isn't expected.

    3. The press was more powerful then, and WaPo in particular, post-Kennedy. Replay that mess with a battalion of bloggers doing primary research in real time. It would've been quite different and we wouldn't now have a gaggle of jornolists all trying to be Woodward and Bernstein.

      Here's an interesting summary which ends with a question about whether or not enough of the whole reality will become public:

      Was Benghazi the Biggest Cover-up Scandal in US History?

      It's quite long but extremely well formatted for the purposes of this medium. The content will grab your attention, but the process will allow you to retain the information.

      If the MSM was truly still totally in charge, even these preliminary hearings would not be happening. And as things begin to appear - e.g., it seems Rep. Chaffetz of Utah may have been the only one who took the govt up on its offer to let Congress into Benghazi - the mountain of information is going to topple over on someone.

      Maybe Hillary ought to wear her hard hat to cover her hardass attitude. I don't think that posture is going to work much longer.

  11. Now there is this story:

  12. Stop the dang bus...I'm fed up with hearing about how the Republicans politicized Benghazi.
    The Republicans had absolutely nothing to do with Benghazi. This is 110% in the Obama Administrations court. Who "mislead" America? Who was in control of our government? Who would benefit by burying the truth? Who was in charge? Who got on TV a explained incorrectly what happened? Who was responsible for our diplomats safety? Who took the call at "3:00am"? Who said it was a video? Who said they would put the film maker in prison to the fallen's parents? Who could have pulled the trigger to send in the Calvary? Who didn't? Who stopped the Calvary from going when they were already saddled up? Who said there was a riot outside in Benghazi? Do I need to go on? Now you tell me who politicized Benghazi? Cuz I ain't buying the BS!

  13. Anybody else wonder about the timing of the Petraeus sacking and the Benghazi cover up? There is little doubt that Petraeus was savaged by scandal that was long-known to the WH. There are many unanswered questions has to how this WH knowledge of the Petraeus affair was used to manipulate Petraeus into silence over Benghazi.

    No doubt Petraeus is a material witness to the Benghazi scandal and the issue of murder-by-neglect of Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

    We need at least three more under oath before Issa's committee:

    1) General David Petraeus
    2) General Carter Ham
    3) "filmmaker" George Noukoula who has been in solitary confinement since being blamed for making the video that "caused" the Benghazi attacks.

    Was CBA (cross border authority) ever sought?

    Can the lebanese princess whistleblower who exposed Petraeus or her Democrat Party beltway lawyer sister in anyway be connected to the lebanese video filmmaker George Noukoula?

    Can Issa force the production of all correspondence between the federal prosecutors in California, DOJ and WH regarding the spectacular re-encarceration and unprecedented solitary confinement of George Noukoula, who still sits in solitary confinement unlike any other convicted felon in America?

    Why did Obama immediately know about Noukoula's video? Why did President Obama deliberately lie to the world in a speech from the podium of the UN General Assembly when he public blamed Noukoula's video for the Benghazi attacks?

    Why did it take President Obama nearly 14 days to stop lying about Noukoula's video being the cause of the Benghazi attack?

    Why was President Obama so tenaciously invested in Noukoula's video being the cause as federally-directed law enforcement swept-up Noukoula and placed him in solitary confinement during the last few weeks of the election?

    Why does Noukoula still sit in a California federal prison in solitary confinement?

    Come on, Issa.

    Time to Rock the House.

  14. The Republicans had absolutely nothing to do with Benghazi. This is 110% in the Obama Administrations court. Who "mislead" America? Who was in control of our government?


    Yes. No. & Maybe. One should keep in mind after Muammar changed his spots, we moved some of our Libyan Gitmo detainees into Son Said's care - that LIFG repudiation (above linked) illustrates.

    However, we need be honest with ourselves:


    1. Yes.

      The Petraeus thing was "..............." for damn sure.

      The only thing it was NOT ... was coincidental.

      HOWEVER - we all can speculate this or that - but the guy is a retired US Army General - whatever we say I consider it incumbent upon US (me anyway) to reckon the fellow has his Sense of Honor intact.

      I - just speaking hillbilly ya'll understand - do not give one flying f oop who says this or that before Issa's Committee - I want Petraeus "in his own words."

      Susan Rice doesn't know anything. Hillary & Barack apparently neither. General Ham - well, benefit of the doubt - maybe. Admiral Mullen (Ret.) yes but you know.

      Some few 2/30 year-olds who'd enjoy full retirement?

      I'm betting we'll have to wait. Last comment I'll post on the subject of Benghazi to any blog/to my kids/ my dog on the subject.


  15. East Texas RancherMay 10, 2013 at 8:56 PM

    I am the strange one in the bunch but I have to say two things....I found a scripture in my daily read of the Bible that I set in my heart...the phrase is....cry out to the Lord.

    So, the Chaplain heart of me hit a note where that is what I am doing. I am crying out to the Lord...for the blood of fallen warriors, that their dying is recompensed by the revealing and the shame of those who refused to send help.

    I come from a family of warriors (and 4 generations of cattle ranchers and 3 of pilots,) so I am strong in my prayers and my convictions that we fight and shed our blood in our family because of love of country and because we expect our country to stand behind us...

    what has happened is shameful. And I am crying out to the Lord to reveal the perfidy of these leaders and for justice.

    1. Your deployed okay ETR?

      I mention them daily but it's only when I see your comment I sleep assured.

      My Best,

    2. Yes, successfully down range.....May God be with him.....

  16. East Texas Rancher-At our Bible study tonight, the story of David and Uriah the Hittite was mentioned in connection with this incident.(2 Samuel 11). It certainly sounds like the administration was willing to sacrifice individuals to cover up their sins. A just God will not take that lightly. We all need to get on our knees and pray.

    1. East Tex. and Anon.: I'm an effete East Coast school teacher myself, but I share your suspicions about what is going on, and share your concerns with God in prayer.

  17. Just heard on the radio about the numerous re-writes at State which went into the official line we got on 09/12/12. I understand full well that people at State must do what their political masters tell them to do. But it now appears that the first, last, and always concern that Nuland put before her minions was to say nothing that might make BHO look bad on the eve of an election and that NOTHING that might jeopardize Shrillary Clinton's 2016 bid to be POTUS could be allowed. Sacrifice personnel on the ground, ignore the continuing threat posed by the Brotherhood/Salafist/Qaida sorts, embarrass the Libyan president who called it "terrorism", but support the annointed ar$e of the O at all costs.

  18. Hopeful stuff here, not just from Fox News. Boston Herald, referring to ABC article as well.

    Peggy Noonan said in

    "...Think of that. They can't give answers when the story's fresh because it just happened, they're looking into it. Eight months later they don't have anything to say because it all happened so long ago.
    Think of how low your opinion of the American people has to be to think you can get away, forever, with that."

    And this may have been brought out earlier, but in case not, this might be of interest:

    1. That last link Jack should be the "required reading" of anything posted on this Dip's post. I can't/won't type why I suggest that but:

      Thank you Sir.


    2. Thanks for your comment, Arkie. Here is update material to the fine comment earlier from:
      [AnonymousMay 10, 2013 at 1:42 PM]
      “Gang this is smelling like criminal behavior unseen in our history. Nixon wasn't this bad. “ Mother’s day, needless “collateral” damage, from Hillary and hussein, to cover up what?! As deceitful, and Godless as MSM is, and for how very long so, it is difficult to believe this speaker isn’t just deceiving again, as usual, just like the regime has been so long actively practicing massive deceit. But maybe he represents hope for the moribund MSM, we'll see, with action, if any! Not the paved road to hell, of good intent! Eh?
      And last, and perhaps the most important URL of this update, again, this very interesting review piece, from an intelligent conservative "in the know" source:


  19. Diplomad;

    So, when do the mass resignations of Ambassadors and DCM's take place?

    Stevens and his people were betrayed. All efforts expended by Mother State was solely to protect Hillary and Obama. This much is so painfully clear that even a political hack Ambo should be able to grasp it.

    So who will want to serve an Administration that keeps mum when some beggar shoots you in the back?

    As a former DiploBrat,(Maghreb variety), I won't hold my breath awaiting the mass exodus.


  20. It is my sense that an additional important story that no serviceman, nor veteran, would want missed is the first piece in Dan's site, on the subject of Navy Seal Team 6 Gold Team:

    and the video of the full press briefing, on a very questionable instance, the loss of the "Gold Team", and the ROE in general. Here is the full press conference, from yesterday morning:
    and this additional commentary also on it:

    It's 3 hours long, and has a considerable amount of information, of interest, throughout, as nuggets. It can bring tears if one thinks too much. And thinks of all the acts committed by these individuals of the regime, including this lesser caper, from tonight:

    And, contrary to this administration's contentions, all details matter, "at this point in time", including those "that happened a long time ago"! Nor should "death by stabbing in the back, be a 'part of life'", especially! All the details paint a very dark picture of a truly hellish people, now in charge, and worse than earlier, in his run!

  21. Great commentary Diplomad. You’re on my blogroll. To expand on what you wrote earlier about there being more than enough time for an American response, I decided to actually look at a map rather than taking Team Obama’s word for it. Aid could have been provided from either Tripoli or from Italy well within the timeframe during which the fighting took place. And, as others have pointed out, no one knew except in retrospect how long the fighting was going to take. To say that “we could not have gotten there in time” was nonsense.

  22. All rescue paths to Benghazi required Cross Border Authority issuable ONLY from the POTUS.

    That authority was withheld; not given; not available.

    Withheld with the same calculated certainty a video was claimed to be the cause of the attach; with the same certainty that Ambassador Stevens was abandoned without adequate security.

    With the same certainty that did NOT inform the military that a President's envoy was going into harms way, leaving them to be surprised by an emergency transmission.

    NO CBA = murder by neglect.

  23. The stench is the heinous calculated betrayal that apparently intended Ambassador Stevens would not be rescued that night after months of persistent and unexplainable stripping of the Ambassador's security which began about the same time the notorious video began production?

    Are we instead looking at a failed staged abduction of a virtually unprotected American Ambassador for purposes of grand political theater?

    To be stupid enough to do one is to be stupid enough to do the other.

    It seems a mistake to presume the motives of Obama's underlings are the same as the original motives of their master.

    1. Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.

  24. Today’s Benghazi Hearing: Quick Recap

  25. In agreement with Willem, in dealing with this regime, it is increasingly becoming more obvious that one must think of developments in this unique regime, in a manner far more suspiciously "outside the box" of more normal, more decent, more ethical, higher minded, administrations that actually have a level of integrity. We are dealing with a pretty obvious bunch of "devil's disciples", to my set of observations, from topmost level, onto way "down low", pun sarcastically intended!

    Thus, this pair of articles, tales of "bitter reality", and collegiate level thinking, by two experienced, credentialed, conservative writing and speaking heroes, one of whom is legislative heroine in her own right, should be considered, in light of the current deviousness of this regime.
    The latter article is with one of my considered heroines, Michele Bachman, as the main interviewee, among others, and with numerous reminders, and some revelations, worth seeing.


    1. one of my considered heroines, Michele Bachman with numerous reminders, and some revelations, worth seeing.

  26. "it’s another bracing endorsement of Obama’s successful policy in Iraq from some sort of right-wing Islamophobic Tea Party type who is really enthusiastic about the policy of running away and hoping the terrorists don’t follow us to Benghazi or some place even more dangerous."
    Obama has Handed Iraq over to Iran and said ‘Do What You Like.”

  27. So my question: Is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula the first man in the history of our nation to be arrested for blasphemy against islam? Has he been released yet?

    Also, I know someone who was involved in the recovery of ST6 from Tangi valley. That valley was vacated by US forces before the operation that killed our men. Both ends of the valley were controlled by US forces, but the Tangi FOB was "liberated" after we abandoned it by over 200 Taliban on motorcycles. They took no casualties. Nothing was done to neutralize that group. What the heck is going on over there??

  28. In response to Anonymous, from this AM, who in Arabic script, then translated, said:

    "Also set up the sons of Osama bin Laden (Saad, Mohamed Osman and faith) in another guesthouse in Tehran, before being transferred to Pakistan. In addition to other leaders, most notably Abu Hafs the Mauritanian and Abu Eid Masri and Mustafa Hamid, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, a spokesperson Qaeda and smelting bin Laden, which kept him out Iran recently to Turkey, and he signed fist Americans in Amman during transmit, ['exposing Iran's cooperation closely with al-Qaeda.']"

    I would respond unknown veracity of total statement, not fully clear understanding of meaning due to difficulty translating, at least, but speaking to the last phrase's veracity, (Iran cooperating with al-Quada), there is this verification from last night, via WND:

    If this mentioned investigative journalism article is true, it is of a bit more specific detail of threats that we all know we are under, since we are at war, with islam, (since about 1790, give or take). And if this article is true, which seems likely, does support that last few words of Anon. Arabic comment.

    Time will tell, as with the Boston attack, which is likely al-Quada linked, perhaps at the direction or handling of iran, including, BTW, the sunnah, ritual homocides, of the three Jewish boys in Waltham, on Sept. 11, 2011, by neck slitting, with near decapitation. A classic islam-mohammadan sunnah style execution. Some details here:

    Nice disgusting world we have to share for the time being, until America wakes up fully, to repel and expel the invading sickness, that is islam.

  29. I'm going to ask for a reasonable alternative to my hypothesis.
    It is Obama and a few senior cabinet secretaries have directed Fast & Furious, Benghazi deceptions, IRS persecution of political enemies, AP surveillance and more. Can anyone describe how all of these scandals could be done without central direction and control?

    The only real question in mind is can Congress untangle the web that Obama and his conspirators have woven to pin it on the guilty parties?

    1. As an attempted explanation, they all went to the same "college" of radical, socialist, marxist instruction procedures (aka e.g. Cloward and Piven (of Columbia)at Harvard, Yale, Columbia (Root and colleagues dispute this latter assertion, re: hussein, that he ever attended Colmbia)) See here for procedure training:

      So that general description, the wholesale infiltration of radical socialists, marxists and islamists in the top end, all by a grand concerted criminal effort of fraudulent election campaign and election, clinton being one of them, see her college socialist thesis, one could argue that they each knew what to do, how to do it, and what methods to use.

      However, the most logical explanation is the cabal, headed by hussein, valerie, holder, clinton are the brain trust of the guilty driving forces, in my opinion, also. Proposed Incidents or action plans likely would be passed to hussein, holder, and valerie, for approvals of actions. I wouldn't be surprised to see an equally shared guilt cabal of those at top. However, there does exist the traditional principle of plausible deniability, that some operators may employ, as well, which would spin up quite a complicated web of deceit.

      Their goal is as Root calls it referenced above, from Cloward and Piven, the whole lot of them, and their radical terrorist henchmen, and the MB, are all part of the plan to take us down. Like a committee of stalins, lenins, hitlers, etc, instead of one individual, yet.

      I think it is no coincidence, that socialist indoctrination schools like Harvard, Columbia, Yale, etc, are hiring radical murderer terrorists as professors, and so far getting away with it inside America, just as hussein had thought he could get away with hiring ayers in the WH at his beginning. It is no accident that large amounts of American tax dollars, in the 100s of billions dollars are going to our MB enemies and support goes to rebel islamists, all to our sworn and self-declared enemies.

      Personally, I can’t understand how such individuals can actually live with themselves, as they are to me such traitors to the Founding Principles of America, and I include all college level and involved socialists, marxists, violent radicals, terrorists, etc. in the lot. Of course, they have no morals, ethics, nor integrity, in my opinion, so it is easy for them.

      And I'm not a Libertarian, yet, nor likely. Because one giant split that I have is that I believe in a strong successful, capitalist, exemplary, America with a BIG stick, keeping Constitutional order, mostly within itself, and also with limits without, mostly by existing strongly, and standing for what is right, Liberty, for the Nation and the World as a Beacon! I believe in America being a shining choice for the world, of what can be, and the Freedom that is actually right, for all people!

      There is a limit, however of the ship of State being kept on an even keel, and that is the politician, and a fairly definitive piece on the quality of the "politician" of worthy consideration, is here:

  30. Jack,
    the sunnah, ritual homocides
    Could you tell us who support Ahal Al-Sunnah in Syria right now pls?

    And in regards what happen Sept. 11, 2011, could you tell us the crimes by Israelis from 1948 till now, you sure no crime done there by them for the last 70 years ?
    What about Deir Yassin? Go and do your homework

    This not in justification any side actions both are f* criminals let see what the west supporting now in Syria let read what they doing in name of Islam here

    Do not mix up your word and plane the religions you should also saying those criminal shooters in Mother Day as “ritual homocides” of Christianity

    do you forgot Iraq? Whom they came with US worked inside Iraq then put in power and let them massacre Iraqis? Badar Militia, Al-Quds brigade and Hezbollah group and others well known terrorist militia as listed on US black list

    1. Difficult to impossible to understand what you are saying, as cogent thoughts. Worse, it appears you may lack perspective and reality on events in Middle East.

      But for benefit of others, I will comment on what I can understand, sort of. The Mother's Day incident is nowhere near determined, yet. One suspect of likely three, likely ID'd. All we know is several perps shot a lot of people at a peacable celebration, that had no connection to legitimate actual genuine religions, which of course never includes islam, a mere cult or non-religion.

      That you had the utter complete lack of reality to connect it to Christianity means you have a very warped concept of reality, and know nothing of Christianty, religion or intelligent people!

      And iraq and syria are most heavily being affected by iran, who pulls the strings of much of the evil and unrest in the Mideast today. It is ultimately islam, in one and several of its many many sects. Sometimes they cooperate, sometimes they kill each other. And in Syria, they resort from time to time to ritual cannabalism, to prove their point. Many wars with mohammadans in history resorted to staggering butchery, notable among them Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, a heroic opponent of islam who made use of islam style, to make his position clear to mohammadans. Islam is governed, restrained, by no laws of civilization, none, just sharia, and the hadiths.

      As a muslim, you have been terribly brainwashed, and I suspect underneath, you are wishing you could understand the truth, the other side. But you must remove your self from your sources that do not talk to you of truths of the world, and history as fact.

      You should find sources that are not trying to keep you in slavery and submission to a myth, and just feed you continuous taqiyya and kitman. Take off your taqiyah, and start learning the truths of history that the real world knows is fact, not taqiyya, and kitman.

      I know you may not have the desire or the courage to learn the truth, but try, when you can.

    2. Not to be disagreeable Jack - but that "ritual cannibalism" is of some questionable provenance - you realize for instance while the Wahhabist Sunnis do not, the Alawites observe both Easter and Christmas. And the Alawites have a far more extensive history of living side-by-side with religious minorities than say "Our Buddies the Saudis" - you can get an idea from the following link - counting the number of Christian churches compared with say for instance... Saudi Arabia:

      On another note (& certainly not me attempting to toot my own horn of course) do you recall Diplomad's post of November 18, 2012, "Travel and Reprise"?

      Don't know Jack, you got a good look at today's released CIA Pre-Changed "Talking Points"? Anyway - Pre-Change there was mention of a group known by the acronym AQIM. Erased for the Susan Rice Extravaganza on the Sunday Talks shows.

      Well "lucky coincidence" - LibertyBelle asked me a question - and at the timestamp, November 23, 2012 at 1:58 AM, Ol' Arkie gave LibertyBelle a reply:

      "I'm figuring the Benghazi/Dernaa area was not to ever come to the attention of the US public-at-large. If I was forced to provide a guess, it'd be AQIM with a few AQAP guys providing the tactical stuff."

      Just lucky I'm of the general opinion,

    3. Hey Arkie, ritual canna. is a personal literary construct for brevity to have avoided a whole bunch more words. Cannibalism is authorized among mohammadans in war, by alazhar, as follows: "

      “One may eat the flesh of a human body. It is not allowed to kill a Muslim nor a free non-Muslim under Muslim rule (because he is useful for the society), nor a prisoner because he belongs to other Muslims. But you may kill an enemy fighter or an adulterer and eat his body (716 in volume 1, Al-Kortoby)"

      That was my simple thrust, which quote I found after my remark. Do they stay with that, hell no. Most are not scholars, nor are most even high information people, most are low info people of low future prospects, at least in their own minds, if not reality. Catch a bit more here:

      Contrary to the article, in WW2, there was cannibalism performed by the Japanese troops to a limited extent, and I’ve read even to the extent of serving one our own serviceman to some of our own troops, without first telling our troops, until afterwards. I can’t speak to veracity of the claim.

      And I hadn't mentioned a great deal, as I try to not write a book, I write long enough, as it is. islam lying is a million times worse than our government, being exposed currently. Palestinian lie incredibly to their successive generation of youth, even about Israel's existence, and so much much more. All madrassa lie immeasurably, wherever they are, and on and on.

      Mohammadans are lied to from the get go, where ever they are, so much that they have no concept of truth or reality. They are brainwashed screwed, sometimes literally, from the ground up as infants and children and by the recruiter onwards as adults, using every lying trick and fraud in the book, to deceive from exposing the real criminal truths in the real medina koran, hadiths. They use conveniently the original koran from mecca, to recruit the low information trusting sucker types, which is actually out of date and of no effect except to deceive, having been abrogated by old mo, when he came up with the verse 9, and all the rest of the violent criminal dictates and hatred and abuse of everyone and women, children and animals. There are zillions more details I would like to say, but this is not my blog, and I don’t have the time and money to devote to one myself, at this time.

      Pretty good analysis, given the time stamp, Arkie.

      There are a lot of normally not friendly to each other players in the syrian pie, most of which are trying but not succeeding to get along long enough to take Assad down. Iran, Russia, Christians and Alawites are on the Assad side, among some others, beyong that, including that, syria is one nearly unimaginable cluster f***. Unimaginable.

      On another point, I agree with Putin, whom I neither trust not like, nor trust anymore than hussein, that assad should win keeping control, to keep a measure of stability, perhaps even to a degree in the region. Russia wants to prevent a calamity on its border buffer satellites, among other reasons, and frankly, we should too, for similar reasons. I'm against the rebels winning a thing. As usual, hussein is wrong to want to aid the rebels, which are his beloved friends the MB.

      There would be zero freedom, nor anything else good to come from the more evil than Assad, rebels, winning.


    4. YES, hard to understand! ohhh yah

      Look to all of your comment taken far from context of the point of discussion this the freaks who are sick in mind how do not listen just to their sight which do see not far from noise>

      I did question and it’s not my business to talk about you believes, I don’t care and don’t worry at all, the only thing is to read in between your lines the hateful and sickness that against others.

      Look sounding, could you live in fantasy or on Island that just you and your ilk surrounding you?
      How you could live the realty were people all sorts of life and colure you meet each day and work with?
      I only will reply to you when you stick to the points not waging personal attacks, just foolish guy. who see the world in one eye, twists the realties based on his self-necessities.
      As for Iraq go do your homework hard and I assure you will find who put Iran in power in Iraq is US, this not my only words, go ask Iraqis around you or give a visit to the democratic Iraq and walk “safely” on the streets of Baghdad/ Iraq, ask as much as you could and hear the hard truth that you for political reasons make you head and eyes to see the realty in this world. As for Syria just tell us who you do support which side of criminals “Assad OR Al-Nusrah forces?

      For Mother Day Shooters let see when FBI guys get caught those responsible then there will be another discussion.

    5. To jack and others follow,

      YES, hard to understand! ohhh yah

      Look to your comment, you taken far from context or the point of the discussion, this is the freaks style, who are sick in mind who listen to their minds& sight which do see the world not far from noise.

      I did raised questions/ points, it’s not my business about believes, I don’t care and don’t worry at all what you or other belive’n, the only thing is to read between the lines when writing smears hateful and sickness against others.

      Look surrounding, you live in fantasy or on Island that just you and your ilk surrounding you?
      Looks you do not live the realty were people all sorts of life and colour seen each day and you work with?
      I only will reply to you when you stick to the points not waging personal attacks, this the foolishness of those who see the world in one eye, by twisting the realties based on their self-necessities.
      As for Iraq go do your homework hard and I assure you will find how Iran control Iraq it not hard to find if you your smarter than me!
      It’s not my only words, read what written for the last ten years about this subject, if you disagree this your problem not me or others.

      Go ask Iraqis around you or give a visit to a ” democratic Iraq” walk “safely” on the streets of Baghdad/ Iraq, ask as much as you could, hear the hard truth & realities from the mouth of those who live the horrors every day for the last 40 years, unless off course, you for political reasons your eyes see the realty differently in this world.

      Syria??? Just tell us who you do support which side of criminals “Assad OR Al-Nusrah forces?
      For Mother Day Shooters let see when FBI guys get caught those responsible then there will be another discussion.

    6. Anonymous?

      "Looks you do not live the realty ... "

      Now I could be wrong but you'll need get me a timestamped comment where Jack ever mentioned being a real estate salesman.


  31. Jack, Islam made by FBI!

    US-Backed Opposition Fighter Cannibalize Syrian Soldier

    By Alex Lantier

    16 May, 2013

    A gruesome video posted on YouTube shows Khalid al-Hamad, the leader of the opposition Farouq Brigade, desecrating the corpse of a Syrian soldier, cutting out his internal organs and biting into one of them.

    The video makes clear the barbaric character of the Sunni Islamist militias Washington has mobilized in its proxy war against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

  32. Anonymous,

    " ... makes clear the barbaric character of the Sunni Islamist militias ... "

    Good point. Finally!


    1. Amen, Arkie.. Nice work there. I was laughing at his broken Inglish (E)sarc/off. Ha. What a piece of work.

      I saw the latest barbarism vid, days ago, and its updates. I've seen plenty enough to know far more than I wish of the staggering barbarism of the pagan cult.

      The piece of work, has words, of broken poorly formed usage, but as usual with the type, not a clue. I'm glad he made the mistake of anchoring himself firmly, as to what and who he is with his associating the Mother's day tragedy, with Christianity. Staggering anchor piece, on so many levels, and there are at least several clear levels: like his timing wherein nothing much is publicly known; his utter total lack of knowledge of Christianity; his urgent readines, carelessness, and need to make the association; the lack of caring of what he was saying, so much that he gave away who he is on several levels alone, which means he she or it is a kid.

      Nice to see your comments, Arkie. Thanks.

      Personally, I'm so tired of hearing the whining blather of the disgusting little abusers of all living beings, the mohammadans, I'm resting tonight.


    2. Well Jack, I'm just hoping I didn't miss you mentioning you sold real estate as your primary income - I've tried to pay close attention honest!

      As to your analyses of this commenter being "a kid" - maybe so in the way we'd normally associate the term - but I'm figuring likely "about" 25 or so and probably an Egyptian here in the US on a student visa.

      Matter of fact - I'd go so far to guestimate his current location to be within 200 miles of Massachusetts.


    3. Excellent, Arkie, exactly about the age, and a fair proximation of locua, too!

    4. locus=locua, sorry, I type less well, late.