Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Progressivism: Beyond Parody

If it weren't for all the destruction and misery they cause, one would think that progressives are just bad comedians--or that conservatives secretly get progressives to say their routines as a way to discredit the evil creed of progressivism.

I don't know if, to quote Ricky Gervais's Andy Millman, President Obama and his speechwriter were just "'avin' a laugh" in the President's address at the US Coast Guard graduation ceremony a few days ago. To quote from that report on the event,
"Around the world, climate change increases the risk of instability and conflict," {Obama} said. "Make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. So we need to act, and we need to act now." 
"Denying it or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security," he added. "It undermines the readiness of our forces."
Ah, so finally Obama is concerned about national security . . . about time! Is he, however, calling for action on our wide open borders, the swarming number of illegal alien gangsters running amok in our cities, the deranged ISIS butchers, the progressive destruction of the university and of the family, the demographic and economic death spiral of Europe, the growing threat from China and Russia? No, he wants us to "focus" on climate change.

Can there be a greater hoax than climate change, formerly global cooling and global warming, and now increasingly labelled just climate disruption? None of the predictions of climate alarmists has come true. We, for example, were supposed to have increasing number of violent hurricanes in Florida. Instead it's been years since there was a hurricane. We were supposed to have "snow free" winters, instead, of course, we have parts of the country where it is still snowing in May. The disappearing sea ice, the vanishing polar bears, and on and on . . . one failed prediction after another--almost as bad as the AIDS alarmists. Since they can't predict anything tangible, the alarmists have settled on "change." Yes, that's their prediction: because of human economic activity, next year might not be the same as this year. In what ways? They can't say. That's it. That's science?

In pursuit of combating climate change--I thought change was "good"?--they want to destroy the economy and make poor people poorer. Every bizarre action by lunatics around the globe, including the Islamists, is now apparently due to climate change. Not even Malthus was this insane . . .

So as we honor our dead on Memorial Day, we must apparently equate the heroes mountebanks of progressive climate alarm with those old fashioned carbon-emitting white men who fell on the beaches at Normandy . . . I ain't buying it.


  1. Surely the Obama proposed billion dollar harbor for the new Las Vegas Coast Guard HQ, coincidentally on property formerly owned by a corporation with connections to Harry Reid (D-Idiot) will be money well spent to reposition the USCG for global warming. And the retooling of the Coast Guard ships from evil fossil fueled engines to clean renewable wind could not be better timed. Forward lemmings, FORWARD!

  2. During my son's commissioning from USNA 06' VP Cheney was the speaker. He gave a serious talk to a serious audience.
    When I listened to the sound bites from USCG and USNA I thought Obama and Biden have really gone crazy at this point. "Have they lost their minds?" is what I think I blurted out to my husband...
    If that were my son's commissioning address I would have been mad as hell at the pure tripe these two men spouted. I might have even started yelling.

    1. I cannot imagine how I would feel if I were about to embark on a career in the uniformed services, having to listen to a deranged commander in chief who makes Jimmy Carter look like Bismarck.

      No wonder DOD morale is at rock bottom.

  3. I have seen an account from a parent who was present and cringed the whole speech but good manners prevented any display.

    1. This administration relies on good manners from their audience. It is time for us to abandon good manners and speak the truth -- loudly -- when it is called for. "You lie!" was the first example of that. It should not be the last.

  4. I get nostalgic for acid rain. Remember that? It was something you could BELIEVE in but it seems to have been overshadowed in more recent times with Gobal warming, I mean cooling ... errr ... I mean CHANGE!

    It's all part of The Shining Ones Hope and CHANGE. It's just he never specified what he meant by "change".

    Phil B

  5. I'm a bit incredulous at the lack of apparent understanding of so many conservatives, fellow ones I would add, who do not seem to recognize the straw man distraction trick, like 3 card Monte, played for the sucker gambling style voting public, wherein the absurd ‘climate clown warming’ subject is so far out, stupid, and replayed endlessly with full seriousness, to divert attention from the sleight of hand real tricks, like aiding his bros. the MB, and more, with direct aid, and less heavy war against them, etc.

    Warming in the face of reality is a giant distraction for the low info types, who simply pass off the whole play, as just a stupid, ignorant or even brilliant, or eccentric, performer, (who just happens to be named hussein, and will stand with the muslims if things turn ugly), or are stupefied as a deer in headlights by the performance, and the orchestrated chorus of fraudulent supporters from many so called scientists on the payroll, also including dumb and corrupt politicians, likewise on the payroll!

    But like a gator splashing in the swamp, it takes your mind off the stalking panther, behind you!

    And that’s how you win political 3 card Monte, I believe according to Alinsky, or some other similar character from the history of deceit, and zero character.

  6. Well I guess now it's "Springtime for Hitler!".
    James the Lesser

  7. Rather than use the AIDS alarmists, think about those who pushed the Prion Scare. After all, the later has thoroughly failed in its prediction of tens of thousands of deaths from eating the tainted meat of mad cows (I recall that it was less than a dozen deaths, all told), but managed to institute a whole raft of rules about what we can eat. No importation of smoked deer meat from Germany, for example.

    The Climate Change Clowns want the same sort of governmental power to regulate our lives, with the same failure of their models.

    Green Bear

    1. Agreed, it's a better comparison. The threat of AIDS was exaggerated by various people to suit their political agendas but AIDS is still a genuinely dangerous thing that has definitely killed millions of people.

  8. Recently Infowars did an article exposing the Benghazi fiasco as an arms running deal. I saw this right off because I read everything and the pieces fit immediately. There were several contributors and I think Infowars was commenting on other stories but documentation was present to contribute to the evidence.

    Judicial Watch just uncovered documents showing that the United States did in fact contribute to the rise of ISIS. Again another story coming from Mexico detailing possible ISIS training camps located there.

    A senate Intelligence Report some years and I say some years ago detailed how at least one of the 911 terrorists came across the southern border. It has since been scrubbed from the net, of course.....

    So now we have the Asian Trade Deal, all in secret, of course, is being supported by the Republicans, all the RINOs anyway. Now of course we all know that NAFTA destroyed manufacturing here and put millions of people into the "service industry" that failed miserably. I am sure this Asian pact will be equally destructive. But I am wondering why Obama, champion of the workers is flooding our labor market with cheap foreign labor and about to surrender more of our economy's little strength to this secret deal? Could it be that he has found a glove for his hand that has done nothing but hammer our economy, our country and the People.

    So if you lack any understanding about what is going on, better sign your Power of Attorney to someone who can take care of you because you are simply to stupid, as Gruber said, to be trusted with your rights and duties to the Constitution, your neighbors and yourself.

    Thank you for your time.

  9. My AGW Conspiracy Theory (because EVERYTHING needs a good old fashioned conspiracy). Ready?
    We are on the verge of an Epoch shift in climate...back to cold. Ice Age cold. And the shift will be sudden and rapid (sediment evidence from the Younger Dryas cold shift indicated the Climate in Europe went from temperate to Ice in less than 2 years), The Government knows this and knows that everyplace north of Seattle, Chicago, and New York will become like Nome at best, more likely uninhabitable. At the same time our food production areas will move south into what is now desert...and it will take time for that land to be capable of sustained agriculture. The remaining Ag-Areas will be reduced to less than 2 yields per year and the loss of production will only sustain about 150 million people. The US has 330 million, another 35+ million in Canada. Over twice the number that can be fed. So; what to do? If you were to admit the truth you would have a massive movement of people as they decide to abandon the north in advance. You would lose the remaining economic productivity (consider the annual GDP input of those 3 cities) and end up having to feed twice as many as can be sustained. In that case, everyone would end up starving.
    So, you use strategically placed scientists (who happen to be on the government dole from 'Grants") to create the fiction of a warming world, The 'useful idiots' will take up the cause not because they are in the loop, but because they need a cause and this one (AGW) is of such a magnitude it appeals to their inner Grandeur. The sides get drawn and the names get called...but the sheep remain in place. Oblivious. Working. Ignoring the implication of snow on Memorial Day, the start of the SUMMER travel season.
    The change happens. Fast. The oblivious sheep are stranded. A hundred million freeze to death. 200 million survive. The US and Mexico merge into a new mega State. England freezes while Southern Europe hangs on. Russia becomes non-existent except for the bastion in the South (Crimea) they just acquired from Ukraine. China remains China. As the Ice builds, sea level drops. Hundreds of feet. Not quickly, but fast enough that our ports and ocean commerce cant keep up. Within 100 years trade grinds to a halt. In that time the old hatreds will finally be resolved. The Super Powers are too busy trying to survive that they will not be coming to anyone's aide anytime soon.
    The tragedy of the entire scheme is that AlGore ends up being revered as the man who made the hard choice and through his plan, while millions died, tens of millions survived.
    Conspiracy 101. I should write a book.

    1. I don't think you have to worry about this.. if we were in for a predictable temperature disjoint of the magnitude you suggest, the last people to know would be the US government.
      I also highly doubt the claim of a disjoint detected from so many years in the past. Our capabilities are quite primitive and rely on a large number of very simplistic models (not 'simplified'.. because they're not derived from some 'accurate' model, they're 'simplistic' because they don't attempt to account for much).
      Hydrodynamics is a hard problem, and even worse so when not isothermal (ie, it's a tough job and *then* you add temperature fluctuations into the mix)

      LLNL's NIF (National Ignition Facility) is the best example I've seen of this. The absolute *best* scientists in high energy density plasma, an enormous budget, and all the time in the world results in hydrodynamic effects that are beyond our current ability to predict (I suspect *way* beyond).

      NIF is a dud... the national ignition campaign *failed* to achieve anything remotely near ignition. That's an experiment focused on microns and millimeters, and the best scientists *in the world* can't get experiment to line up with models.

      And *now* we expect second rate scientists (many climate scientists are there because they couldn't hack a full physics graduate program) to give us accurate predictions regarding similarly complex phenomena on the scale of *our planet*?

      Sorry, our 'climate scientists' have no idea what's going on. It's not that I *do* know what's going on, it's just that I know *they don't either*.

      - reader #1482

  10. May I offer a good read for this and all Memorial Days, you won't forget it, likely, and bookmark it for repeated reference, given the times Dip and we all are too well of. It's short but loaded.....

    About one of the masters of deceit and oppression, the very opposite of the Founder's intent for America. "If one does not know the devil and his ways, one cannot recognize his works"

    I wouldn't be surprised if you find familiarities in this work, to today's admin.

  11. Naples ConservativeMay 25, 2015 at 6:20 PM

    Interesting article re NAFTA (negotiated by GHWB and signed by Slick Willie)

    "He expressed astonishment that Bush aides had casually told him they had informally promised the Mexicans that the U.S. would tolerate increased illegal immigration to accommodate the Mexican farm laborers who would be thrown off the land if Mexico gave up its corn price supports, which U.S. agribusiness demanded. (See “politically-connected interest groups” above. Again, from the point of view of classical theory, Mexico’s internal policies should have been no concern of the U.S, since the Mexicans were only penalizing themselves)"

  12. "...white men who fell..." I may be wrong but I think there were a few melanin-enhanced Allied soldiers on the beaches of Normandy.

    1. Probably no blacks. The US military was still segregated at the time. Blacks in combat roles were restricted to units composed entirely of black enlisted. Any blacks in the units that hit the beach would have been in support roles only (cooks, etc...), and I can't see them landing until after the beaches were secure.

      It's possible that the British or Canadian divisions involved had some non-white individuals under arms. But I'm not sure what their policies were at the time, so I can't really make a guess as to the likelihood.

  13. Replies
    1. paul vincent zecchinoMay 26, 2015 at 9:30 AM

      Well, Italy does begin just a few miles north of Africa, doesn't it?

      There, I've said it. Now I'm in real trouble, can't go to Brooklyn no more.

  14. I have said it before, and I will repeat it-Biden is the brains of the outfit

    It is the only explanation for what is happening to the benighted states of America.

  15. Yes, I gratefully remember our war dead.

    But as for the progressives being a parody, I wish it were only that. This legal-media-government complex is destroying our society from inside out.

  16. "If it weren't for all the destruction and misery they cause, one would think that progressives are just bad comedians--or that conservatives secretly get progressives to say their routines as a way to discredit the evil creed of progressivism". It looks like the Catholic Church with their curious new Pope might be buying into "climate change" junk. Somehow, liberation theology is working its way back in the Church, riding the mule of fighting climate change as a way to lift the poor from poverty. I guess with the Pope in the mix, climate "science" really is a religion after all.

  17. Hey Dip, have you seen this MEMRI tv broadcast? and can someone authenticate the translations? It would be very helpful to know that this is truly what they were saying about our country. I found this on a May 26th American Thinker headline.

    Reader #1528

    1. I saw this clip on another site which claimed it was a parody.

  18. AGW "theory" is the greatest hoax since Piltdown Man..