Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Marx might have something . . .

The "Marx" in my post's title does not refer to the Prussian-born, failed comedian Karl, author of Das Kapital, a turgid precursor to The Onion, but rather to the great Manhattan-born philosopher for the ages, Groucho. I'll get back to this.

The failed jihadi attack in Texas stays on my mind. I, in particular, find amazing the outpouring of liberal and populist (e.g., Bill O' Reilly) willingness to blame the victims of the attack: Don't provoke Islam and you'll be OK! The Great Toronto-born Mark Steyn has a fabulous piece (here) and it's nigh impossible to improve on the Great One when he writes a really Great One. Let me, however, add a few minor observations.

Victimhood in progressive world is a plastic concept. It is hard to keep up with the definitions proffered by our progressive overlords. It seems, however, that we should side with the "victim" when such "victim" belongs to a prog-approved class of persons eligible for the label. That class of eligible "victims," however, changes with time and with the needs of the progressive agenda, so you really must study hard to keep up. We see, therefore, that yesterday's class of "victim" is not necessarily today's.

An example of the above phenomenon: Back in the dark ages when I grew up, a black man accused of raping a white woman was the "victim." So also were the brave Northern white boys and girls who went into the benighted South to "work for civil rights." Some of those progressive folks got killed by the armed wing of the Democratic Party in the South, the KKK, which was quite happy to keep black citizens in their second-class status. The progressives shared the Klan's authoritarian and racist bent, but it was exercised in a different way; see for example the justification that LBJ had for the "War on Poverty" and the "Civil Rights Act" to wit, "I'll have those nxxxxxs voting Democrat for the next two hundred years."

The calm, noble, articulate, and white Atticus Finch of To Kill a Mockingbird fame, was, of course, the fictional prototype of the hero who stood up for black men accused of the rape of white women. The white (Communist Party USA) attorneys who defended the Scottsboro boys against trumped up rape charges in 1930s Alabama, and brave Judge Horton who resisted community pressure, were real life counterparts to Atticus Finch. Back then it was OK, in fact, it was more than OK, to question claims of rape--it was a badge of honor, a rite of passage to question such claims.

Things change.

As we have seen in the recent Rolling Stone fiasco and the earlier Duke lacrosse travesty, progressivism now demands that we believe stories of rape and sexual assault of various types--with a couple of exceptions, as will be noted. We have seen sexual assault charges hurled, quite interestingly, at prominent black men who did not toe the progressive line laid out for black Americans by their would-be progressive overlords. The progressives, you see, have replaced the KKK as the keeper of blacks in servitude but have borrowed some Klan tactics. Note the weapon progressives used against black Americans such as Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain and Bill Cosby, all of whom strayed off the path laid down for black men by progressivism. Yes, they are accused of sexual assault, mostly against white women. Men, black and white, however, who abuse women but hew to the progressive line, e.g., Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, David Letterman, Jesse Jackson, well, they get a pass for the greater good, and the women involved do not get the exalted title of "victim." Keep up, folks, gotta keep up with the definition.

For progressivism, black Americans are a handy putative "victim." America, of course, has a guilty conscience for its treatment of black Americans and this can be used for decades and decades after that shoddy treatment ended. Well, that is until another more useful "victim" comes along. Again, an example from my own experience: the affirmative action program at the State Department was PUTATIVELY (that word) about increasing minority enrollment in the largely white Foreign Service. That was its origins until, of course, white middle and upper class women, got themselves listed as "victims." From then on, black men got shoved aside and white women got the jobs. Yep. I had the indelicacy of pointing this out in a couple of cables and letters to the Director General, and got hell for it. The Foreign Service still remains quite white, but with lots of white women replacing white men. Black men remain scarce.

Blacks also have served as progressives' canon fodder for fights against "voter suppression." The progressives told us told that there were thousands, if not millions, of black Americans too poor, too stupid, to sign up to vote. They just didn't know how to get ID cards. Well, it turned out, of course, that the issue was not really about black Americans, at all. It was about enrolling millions of illegal aliens on the voter rolls. Illegal aliens, of course, are needed because blacks are slipping in importance as voters and as mainstays of classic progressive vote machines. The progressives need, therefore, a whole new class of poor wards of the progressive-controlled state and of the progressive election machine. Voila! Millions of Mexicans and Central Americans. But, again, put the blame on black Americans. A pattern is developing here.

I will write more about all this in a longer piece that I hope to finish some time before I die, but for now, let's just say that the progressives are always in search of new victims. At times these victims can come into conflict. Progressives, for example, view Islam as a legitimate reaction by the Third World to the transgressions, real and imagined, of white Western civilization. I wrote that,
Radical Islam is an ideology for the aggrieved, better said, for the losers of the world. It is no coincidence that it is the fastest growing cult among prisoners in the West. Islam is about mindless grievance and revenge for slights real and imagined, regardless of when and where they might have occurred. This is why progressives have such difficulty criticizing Islam and taking a tough stance against its barbarities. Islam is seen as part of the "Third World" reaction to the "offenses" of the "white" West, be those the Crusades, the great European empires, or the West's technological and economic dominance. Islam is the friend of progressivism in its hatred for Western culture. 
There is a Molotov-Ribbentrop type understanding between progressives and radical Islam. 
What will be the progressive reaction when Muslim clerics in the USA, for example, refuse to perform gay weddings? Hard to predict with certainty, but then, of course, progressivism is about generating uncertainty, about keeping society off balance. It is about disrupting long established institutions and practices; it is about tearing down that which is with no real formula for what will follow except to put progressives in positions of power to dictate to us all as the whim comes and goes.

Progressivism is motivated by a deep hatred for Western civilization.

That realization brings us back to the wisdom of the great sage, Groucho Marx, who summed up progressivism's attitude towards Western civilization better than anybody else, "I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member." 


  1. As always 3 Cheers: 'Author Author Author' for your valiant efforts, Dear Knight of the woeful countenance! Am now anxiously awaiting your proffered "longer piece" on the putative Progressives and their adoring Victims! "Let's Roll" ;)

  2. I would disagree that the Progressives replaced the Klan as the keepers of blacks in servitude.
    They are the same group, the same people, the same intolerant mindset. They have only changed their name and the color of the sheets they wear.

    1. You're right and I did not express well what I meant well. I am rewriting it. You get the credit.

  3. The attacks on Cosby and Cain also serve the purpose of warning any would-be escapees from the plantation. Clarence Thomas comes to mind.

    1. Yes, my bad. I had meant to include Clarence Thomas and it slipped my mind before I hit publish. I will add him, thanks.

  4. It also seems true that the Progressives ardently follow the Marx's governance style presented in "Duck Soup:" "If you thin this town's in trouble now / Just wait 'til I get through with it!"

    It certainly appears to be the theme of the current maladministration.

    Green Bear

  5. Ask any young black college student who the Buffalo Soldiers were and chances are you will get a blank stare. In the rare event they do know who the Buffalo Soldiers were, they will tell you they were fierce fighters in the Indian Wars. Ask them what the goal was in the Indian Wars, and then you get that blank stare.

    You hear a lot about slavery and "white privilege." But not one black student in America is educated on the horrors committed against Native Americans by the Buffalo Soldiers. Not one.

    I bring this up because there is enough past history of atrocities to go around for ALL races in this nation. When the museum dedicated to the Buffalo Soldiers was built in Houston, a Native American friend told me it was like building a museum to the KKK. Children in inner city schools, who are mostly black, should be shown videos and slides of some of our reservations, especially the Red Bud Reservation. The homes there make the Baltimore ghettos look like Trump Towers. Alcoholism, drug abuse, spousal abuse and sex abuse are rampant on some reservations. Schools can be as far away as 90 miles from where a young student lives. Check out reservation unemployment.

    But the progressives need a "victim" class, and to be honest, there just aren't enough of us Native Americans to fill their ballot boxes. So.......there you have it. The horrors perpetrated by the Buffalo Soldiers will never be taught to students to let them know that if they are black, they too, have a dark history. It just ain't politically correct and does not serve to further Uncle Sam's plantation.

    Now the progressives will lock arms with the jihadists, blaming Western culture and the "white" man for the failure of nations who are so rich in oil revenue that it is mind boggling. This only shows that progressives are not really smart, because they don't realize that their very political policies would lose them their heads if the jihadists had their way.

    As to the two jihadists that were [rightfully] killed in Garland, Texas, I think Col. Ralph Peters said it best: "It was a fair fight. One Texas traffic cop's pistol against two jihadists." To me, the best part of the drawing contest was the chalk out line of those two jihadists on the concrete of Garland.


    1. I have seen a couple of reservations in Arizona. The conditions described match what I saw. Natives that leave the reservations or never live on them seem to do well in society, I know a few.

      I venture to guess that the framework for "The projects" and other programs of LBJ's "War on poverty" came from Bureau of Indian Affairs policy manual.

      The results of both are the same.

    2. It is also the carry over of the plantation model. It doesn't matter if it is 1815, 1915 or 2015. The occupants are useful politically and vote for those who pay and feed them.

  6. "here were thousands, if not millions, of black Americans too poor, too stupid, to sign up to vote".

    If they are that mentally deficient that they cannot register, should they even be allowed to vote and select the way that the country is run?

    Yes - I know. Politically incorrect but will they be able to make an informed decision about anything?

    Phil B

  7. In Poland, I understand they now tell Obama jokes.

    1. And now I have spewed soda all over my keyboard. I am so stealing that.

  8. Chances of a gay couple going to a mosque for a wedding: Zero. All that edgy, brave stuff only works on Christians who won't kill you.

  9. when i read criticisms of the supposedly wretched anglosaxon, western, judeo-christian world the following quote from the end of arthur conan doyle's novel, "the white company" seems appropriate: "So they lived, these men, in their own lusty, cheery fashion--rude and rough, but honest, kindly and true. Let us thank God if we have outgrown their vices. Let us pray to God that we may ever hold their virtues."

    i also find it ironic that the female far-left black professor of afro-am studies at boston univ, who attacked american white males, did so on v.e. day. had it not been for alot of white males from anglosaxon u.s., u.k., canada, australia, n.z., etc. someone of her political beliefs and ethnicity would have been fodder for hitler's death camps.

    1. I think it will prove useful in the long run for that black professor and all like her to keep talking. For them, talking is like digging.

  10. Diplomad...maybe there is a bidding war on for your former mansion in Virginia?

  11. Dip,

    I am having trouble believing the story of Abu Sayyaf. Maybe you can assist me as I am a notorious Administration Denier/Doubter. First, I am to believe that Rand Paul has to go into a Sooper Sekrit Room to read the Trade Bill, but a "high ranking official" breaks out into song about the hit on this guy. OK. No problem. But wouldn't a drone accomplish the same thing? I mean the president did promise not to use ground forces in Iraq anymore. OK, so maybe he wanted to save this poor Yazidi slave girl from unmentionable atrocities. Unlike before when he did absolutely nothing when thousands were slaughtered and sold in slave markets. Or maybe he just wanted this guy wife, who seems more important the Osama bin Laden's wife, who they left behind in Pakistan.

    Maybe the Administration Official broke out into song for political reasons- to attest to Obama's foreign policy bona fides, without Obama's permission.

    I think the problem I am having with this story is the location: Dayr ar Zwar. This place has an interesting history. Not only was it the final stop for hundreds of thousands of Armenians during the Ottoman Empire's genocide- a place where they claim the ground has receded 80 feet over the last century at the mass graves.

    This is the same area Israel bombed the suspected Nuclear Reactor during Operation Orchard.

    Perhaps I am just a "nattering nabob of negativism."