Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Greatest Threat to Europe: The Anglo-Saxons! Run! Hide! All is Lost!

Whenever I get a bit down about the news and developments in our beloved but increasingly ragged Republic, I find humor and a strange solace in the antics of our European "friends," better said, in the antics of the monstrosity known as the EU, which has over 45,000 employees, and its administrative arm the European Commission (EC).

I enjoy finding somebody doing things even more stupidly than we: hard to believe, but such people exist.

The European Commission has some 25,000 employees--very well paid, by the way--including its own diplomatic corps, and is in charge of all sorts of wonderful things. You can go to their website (here) and just be amazed by the range of great and noble things this Brussels-based body does. It's hard to believe the world ever existed before the Commission came into being, or that the world could exist were the Commission to pass. Anyhow, if you have insomnia, go read up on the Commission. It, of course, has a President, a position currently held by Jean-Claude Juncker, a former PM of Luxembourg, who earns the not inconsiderable sum of some $30,000/month (tax free) plus all sorts of other tax-free benefits--you can go here and read all about EU salaries and benefits and, if you're American, Canadian, Australian, etc., just be glad you're not a European tax-payer. If you are an EU tax-payer, well, I understand the US-Mexico border is quite porous this time of year; if you can speak a little Spanish, and promise to vote Democrat, the Border Patrol will let you through. Maybe you then can line up a job working for MSNBC or the Clinton Foundation's Global Initiative--they're both very relaxed on tax matters.

Back to our story: the Threat Posed by Anglo-Saxons to Civilization.

I have written much about the ludicrous activities of the EU, and especially on its "handling" of the Greece crisis (here, here, here, and here, for example). Again, for those with insomnia, you can go and reread those writings; I won't bore with whole-scale recitations of my Golden Words. I, however, can't resist tossing out one little sample, one tiny gold coin of verbiage.

In the May 14, 2012, piece cited above, I wrote,
the whole "European experiment" was madness on steroids, fueled by envy and resentment of the United States, and hatred for "Anglo-Saxon" dominance. The crowning achievement of this madness was the golden amulet of the euro, the magical coin that would challenge the dollar and become the world's new reserve currency. For a while it looked as if that might happen, but it has become apparent that the euro's "strength" was based on two pillars: German productivity and compliance with the desires of "Europe;" and outright chicanery in bookkeeping. The books were cooked, and every politician knew it. What the euro accomplished was to make unproductive and spendthrift Greece as expensive as productive and thrifty Germany. A formula for disaster.
Ah, those words "Anglo-Saxon." There they are. I used them first--OK, OK, maybe De Gaulle did. Some European friends made fun of me for claiming that the EU was based on fear and envy of the "Anglo-Saxons." They pooh-poohed the whole notion. Well, guess what? No less than President Juncker has confirmed the wisdom of The Diplomad. Perhaps channeling The Diplomad or, maybe, Charles De Gaulle, Juncker said in regard to the possible exit of Greece ("Grexit") from the euro and even from the whole EU scheme,
“Grexit is not an option. If Greece would accept it, if the others would accept it, that the country would exit the zone of security and prosperity constituted by the eurozone, we would be exposed to huge danger, because the Anglo-Saxon world would do everything to try to decompose, at a regular rhythm, by (the) sale, apartment by apartment, of the eurozone.”
Oh, yes! Those horrid Anglo-Saxons! They are what Europe needs to fear. Not the Muslim invasion; the demographic death spiral; the putrid education system; the collapse of law and order in the cities; the stagnant economy--no, the Anglo-Saxons are from whom Europe must be delivered!

Ragnar reborn with an Anglo-American accent, perhaps? Attila the Hun riding out of the plains of Texas? Nigel Farage leading an Anglo-Saxon landing at Normandy?

Juncker's words reveal clearly the utter idiocy of the "European Project." The whole thing was built as an act of defiance of those pesky Anglo-Saxons and their "immutable laws of economics," their disgusting supply-and-demand charts, and their once powerful belief that "there is no such thing as a free lunch." The EU would build a New World, with a new set of economic principles based on an inexhaustible supply of pixie dust, ground up unicorn horns, and German money. Europe would build a massive economy that would put the Anglo-Saxon world to shame! It would build its own defense forces! It would build the world's biggest airplane--nobody wants to buy it, but that's just Anglo-Saxon party-pooping in action! It would establish a non-Anglo-Saxon reserve currency! It would, it would, it would . . . so many things, it would do . . . but . . . the Anglo-Saxons, they are everywhere!

It's tough being right all the time . . .

Back to admiring that cop in Texas . . . he, ahem, definitely knew how to draw . .  .


  1. Hey! Don't forget the Jutes, they may been third billed, but they scared a lot of people too. In my day according to the history books, if you ran into some Anglo-Saxons there would be Jutes nearby somewhere.
    James the Lesser

  2. It is sad to see Europe entering it's twilight years, pretending that they are still the powerhouse they were back in the 19th century. One thing sure to send me into hysterics is when someone starts warning me about the coming New World Order, usually to be run by either the United Nations, the EU or more often, both!

    To coin an old Aussie saying, the EU couldn't organise a chook raffle, let alone take over the western world (I am presuming that they will leave the muslim sphere alone out or respect for their religion of peace).

  3. Anglosphere now!

    Mark in Portland

  4. One has to wonder if the Euro's inferiority complex vis-a-vis the Anglosphere is because they didn't invent scotch whiskey.

  5. As mentioned so many times here, it's a false union. Nobody in the EU has taken on the hard work of building a consensus among a fractured people that the founders of the US shouldered with just faith and elbow grease (thanks to those guys!!).
    *Because* nobody's going to step up to unify under a set of principles, they wind up with crap like that attempt at an EU charter/constitution that was thousands of pages, and amazingly didn't get anywhere (nobody could tell what was in it, which was why they had to pass it... sound familiar?)

    I guess the *problem* is: if they were able to distill a real constitution from their shared principles (BIIIIIG *if*), it would probably wind up looking like the US Constitution (not because they share our principles, but because deep down they know they *should* share our principles). And *that* would be a political disaster for Europe, which, like our 'reformedly totalitarian' Russia, has basically defined itself as being "not America".

    I feel their cause is hopeless because they would have to recognize themselves before they could move beyond defining themselves as "not America", much in the same way Obama is likely severely constrained by his continuing fixation with defining himself as "not Bush". That's basically taking the Venn Diagram of "everything we could possibly do" and removing *only* "things that Bush did". The resulting segment is considered "fair game", but it is so vast that the administration gets lost and quickly becomes directionless. IMO, this is one clear reason why Obama's administration makes even less sense than Clinton's did. (at least, to me)
    When your focus is specifically on running away from something, you aren't going to end up somewhere you wanted to be.

    - reader #1482

  6. Morning Dip - indeed the malign incompetence of both our governments is staggering. Or is that Incompetent malignity? Anyway, whatever.

  7. The governing body of the EU may well be the modern home of neo fascism. Arrogant, aloof, authoritarian and scared to death of anybody that might not "come to heel".

  8. I lived and worked in Germany back in the 80s--I remember questioning the wisdom (if not the feasibility) of the EU and getting all sorts of "Well, you just don't get it..." nonsense from the "Euros," most of whom were not the sort of average Joe you'd run into in a Gasthaus--they seemed a lot less interested in the idea.

    Fast forward to Grad school in the 90s....I continued to question the whole concept of the EU...and then the Europeans rejected the Schengen Accords (open borders). Like Quebec, they had to keep voting until they got the outcome they wanted.

    And so here we are in 2015 and the crumbling foundations of the EU are on display for all to see. I feel a bit vindicated!

  9. Robert of OttawaMay 7, 2015 at 4:27 PM

    The locus of the problem is highlighted by the historical fact that if the British are not fighting the French, they are rescuing them from the Germans.

    The only argument many people can come up with in favor of the EUSSR is that there hasn't been a war for 70 years. I suggest to them there wouldn't have been anyway after all that destruction; but it is unverifiable argument.

  10. Well it looks as if the poll results are in for the Uk elections with a big Conservative win and I will say it ..............................UNEXPECTED, is the big buzz word among the ones who know all. HEH!
    James the Lesser

    1. It's almost inevitable: whenever an election is "too close to call" the conservative cause wins.

  11. I am remembering the Anglo-Saxon invasion of June 6, 1944...


  12. I am getting into this late -- after the UK elections.

    Seems the EU may actually be without the Anglo-Saxons if Cameron follows through with his referendum on EU membership. I have always felt George Orwell in "1984" had the right idea when he placed Britain in Oceania, not Eurasia, along with Canada and the US. There is a natural affinity of these mostly English speaking countries.

    On the Eurozone side, there is no effort to discipline those who cant balance their books and every 5 years have to be bailed out. Germany is so fearful that kicking Greece out of the Eurozone would collapse the whole European Union. Not doing so will force its collapse.

  13. "If you are an EU tax-payer, well, I understand the US-Mexico border is quite porous this time of year; if you can speak a little Spanish, and promise to vote Democrat, the Border Patrol will let you through. "

    A few years ago, a friend from the EU with a PhD in one of the hard sciences couldn't get his visa renewed, so several of his friends (myself included) offered to get him to the Rio Grande.

    Alas, he turned us down.