Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

On Drawing Mohammed

We've had another bout of "Draw Mohammed" controversy this week.

As you all know, the city of Phoenix saw a draw Mohammed contest held near a mosque during Friday prayers. The mosque was apparently one attended by two (now) "martyrs" who went on jihad to Texas to kill attendees at another "Draw Mohammed" contest and ran into some damn fine shooting.

Lesson for Islamist killers: Texas ain't the place for jihad.

The Phoenix contest--whose drawings were never shown by the cowardly mainstream media--and the  rally came off peacefully despite threats from Muslims that "blood would be spilt." The fact that it came off peacefully seemed to distress many in the media and on progressive websites and comment boards. Why? The organizers of the contest had asked supporters to come legally armed and ready to use their second amendment rights to protect their first amendment rights.

Imagine! All those guns in the hands of white rednecks and nobody fired a shot! I suspect that the ISIS flag at MSNBC was at half-mast in mourning. What could have been better for the progressives but to have a shoot out! Guess who would have been blamed? Anybody? Anybody? Oh, and by the way, the jihadis decided not to make an appearance . . .

My view on holding "Draw Mohammed" contests?

Sure. Why not?

If you can have a Broadway play that mocks Mormons, an "artistic" exhibition called "Piss Christ," and any number of other art, including paintings, literature, and movies criticizing or mocking Judeo-Christian symbols and values (Monty Python, anybody?) why should Muslims be exempt from criticism or mockery? Is Islam not a religion like the others as its followers claim? If we can't have depictions of Mohammed, do we need to destroy ancient Mughal art which, of course, has depictions of Mohammed? ISIS would respond, yes, but this is America; ISIS doesn't rule here, not yet anyways.

I thought the organizers of the Phoenix contest hit exactly the right themes. As I have written before,
For liberals, the second amendment is a big embarrassment. They cannot accept that private ownership of firearms is in there with the rights to assembly, speech, religion, etc., as a crucial limit on the power of the government over the individual.
The first and second amendments to the Constitution are the crown jewels of the Bill of Rights. The organizers of the Phoenix contest were spot on linking the two, and highlighting the role of the second amendment in protecting all our freedoms.

I look forward to more "Draw Mohammed" events.

A big well done to the folks in Phoenix.


  1. Hell, never mind the 2nd Amendment! A lot of liberals have problems with "the rights to assembly, speech, religion, etc., as a crucial limit on the power of the government over the individual."

    Actually, it seems that what they really have a problem with is the idea of having "a crucial limit on the power of the government over the individual" at all.

  2. I wish the mainstream media would investigate that Phoenix mosque and the various reports of two other jihadis coming from that mosque, who are in federal prison on terrorism-related charges, plus these current two dead jihadis.

    1. Isn't it odd that so much of the MSM and CAIR types are always on the same page if not the same side? That doesn't include people in our own government that are of similar mind.

  3. No one ever seems to ask why there is so much concern about "drawing Mohammed". How would you even know if you were drawing him since no one has a clue as to what he looked like.

    1. doesn't matter.. could be a stick figure... muhammed knows...

    2. If he actually existed

  4. In my humble opinion, the only real place to have a "drawing Mohammed" contest is in a skid row bar sells it's addicting beverages. Sketches on a toilet wall, in various shades of moist lumpy brown made with natural finger paints - this is how Muhammeds likeness should be produced, and how he is best remembered.

  5. @whitewall--Indeed. Your typical SJW believes that the ends justifies the means.

  6. once again very well said diplomad! after spending 28 years overseas the contents of the u.s. constitution, but especially our second amendment, became truly much more profound to me in many more ways than if i had never left my liberal northeast homeland. i have often wondered in amazement how far the northeast has fallen from its perch as the birthplace of our revolution. even the most educated have no appreciation that armed hostilities finally started not over a tax, or a church sermon, or a newspaper, but over the crown's attempt to seize the colonials' privately held firearms. it is interesting, no, that these two acts of "extreme" free speech were accomplished in two states with "extreme" freedom to lawfully bear arms. all freedoms are joined at the hip, which our founding fathers knew very well.

  7. Perhaps the "embarrassment" of the First and Second Amendment shows that what we call "liberal" is not truly liberal.

    "Liberal" means "for liberty". However, today's self-styled progressives (progress towards what?) demand greater and greater government control over the citizen, including what he says, or even thinks and believes. Hence we have Shrillary Shroooo's demand that traditional religious communities modify what they have always believed in order to accommodate the sexual revolution of the Silly 'Sixties and Sillier 'Seventies.

    As for the "Draw Muhammad" contests, I am frankly of a divided mind. Certainly I agree that if someone wants to do it, he should be allowed to under the First Amendment. But I've often been insulted by the typical Leftard who starts speaking to me in a condescending, elementary school teacher tone of voice and level of language as soon as he hears I am a traditional Protestant Christian (even though I read four languages and he only barely reads one) or who thinks he may freely mock the things I believe, insist that I'd better believe in an Old-Guy-With-a-Long-Beard-on-a-Cloud despite I Kings 8:27, Jeremiah 23:24, and John 4:24 because that's what his side says I believe in. Much as I think Islam a dreadful religion that is showing its true, unvarnished colors (and being immune from the charge of hypocrisy while doing it) in our own days, I've known too many Muslims whom I've found better than their religion, and I feel for them when there are people who seem to be simply insulting their religion for the sake of being insulting. I'd rather put forth the arguments why Muhammad isn't a prophet and engage in some elenchtics about their theology.

    1. "progress towards what"? Everything that 100 years of Communism could not do to us.

    2. Participating in a 'draw the prophet' demonstration is unlikely to provide an opportunity for Christian evangelism. Though there's no real spiritual component to the event, that's enough for probably most Christians to decline participation. I suppose an argument could be made that fellow participants would be in need of such evangelism, but it would require highly non-linear logic to claim that deliberately offending followers of another religion is a good proselytization technique.
      At the same time, it's the height of inexcusable hypocrisy that the media supports so many demonstrations of offensive material, but finds blaspheming against this one particular religion to be "not OK". Urinate on a crucifix? "Wow, aren't you bold! You really risked your life and limb for your freedom of speech... you must have 24/7 armed protection huh! What? No? That doesn't make sense in my world view... your answer is retroactively amended to 'yes'."
      But draw muhammed? "How can you insult those poor muslims? Don't you know they just can't control themselves? It's not their fault they're inferior to our nihilist point of view and thus prone to react violently!"

      I mean... it *kind of* makes a sick sense.... a nihilist has nothing to gain or lose, so if members of a particular religion threatens to cause violence, and no other religion has a component doing the same, why not go along with feigning worship? Or at least making sure not to run afoul of any capital blaspheming?

      - reader #1482

    3. Well, reader #1482, if you held a "What would you like to say to the liberal media over its treatment of Draw Muhammad Day?" Day, I'd gladly hop across a stage with my thumbs in my armpits, flapping my arms, and saying, "buck-buck-cluck-aaaaa!" in as silly a tone as I could muster.

      For the benefit of foreign lurkers, it's 'Murkin for "You're Chicken!"

    4. One other comment, especially since Dip notes "all those armed rednecks and not a shot fired"--

      Speaking as one born and bred in the Northeast Corridor who sees so-called "Rednecks" (forgive me for using a term often used as a pejorative) from the outside, my impression is that an armed "Redneck" is dangerous to only the following (1) cans on fence posts and other inanimate targets in places away from human habitation, (2) four-footed critters and birds in season, and (3) very rarely, dangerous intruders in one's home late at night. Oh, yes. Once in uniform, and armed "Redneck" is a threat to an armed and dangerous enemy of the USA. In contrast, an armed client of a Northeastern liberal is usually dangerous to the general public.

      By the way, I have had only scant experience with firearms, and that has been against inanimate targets with a large bank of earth behind them. I may go out and buy one out of solidarity with the rest of the 2d Amendment crowd. Maybe when there are no small people in the house.

    5. gun control advocates most definitely should not have guns..

      -reader #1482

  8. Yes, but Phoenix is already apologizing....(at least some are) while Texans stood pretty defiant...causing upon elites to foam at the mouth to do away with Freedom of Speech (at least for speech against the Muslim faith...forget it Protestants, Catholics, and are still worthy of our vileness.)
    Texans, inspired others....
    Now, me the rancher, still wouldn't poke a rattler... (Daddy taught me not to poke but to put an end to them)...

    Let us see what this next chapter brings....
    East Texas Rancher

    1. Indeed ... we have just barely begun to play "cowboys and jihadis" yet. I look forward to a long summer of chalk outlines on the sidewalk as amateur yet inexperienced jihadis try and bring their best game Texaswards.

    2. Indeed, Celia, one thing however, I learned while a teenager on my own how to handle non-poisonous, but biting garter snakes, Dad taught me an amazing array of many other things, but missed that. So when I was pressed into service as a collegiate aged YMCA summer camp counselor, we 200 stumbled on a nice rattler in the California Big Bear area, I think, on the trail. I was the only one who knew what they could do, found a proper length stick, long enough to safely avoid being hit by a strike, which I tried to provoke, with a large semicircle crowd gathered round of 200 counselors and mostly just barely teenage kids, to show them in the real wild how rattlers acted and sounded, to become familiar with the devilish snake. Got it to rattle like hell, but not sure if I managed to get a strike, in my memory, but I am sure no one would have forgotten the coiled and rattling strike ready 3 foot critter, back in '62. Sometimes, one needs to become familiar with what the devil can do, how it behaves.

      I was the also the counselor who found a cute rubber boa, on trail, which said trail was loaded with a lizard on practically every rock, and carried the boa around in my pocket or head under my hat for a day or so. It was very docile, by nature, oddly. Then released it back to the wild. Just the way things are, It was all fun, but not one of the other young city type counselors had a clue about snakes, let alone the leaders. Since then, found, killed, and ate a pair in Colorado rattlers, which for reference can be prepared to taste pretty close to shrimp cocktail. which also was served for guests at the old Stapleton airport, they sold rattler cocktails at a high end restaurant across from the old airport.

      Sometimes there is a good reason to exercise the devil to teach the non-initiates, even by video, before exorcising the devil. Oh the Cal. rattler was treated gently, with the stick, and left quite peacefully, to do whatever it had to do, after I successfully demonstrated its nature, kind of realty show, ver. 0.0


  9. We need more Jihadi's in Texas. It would certainly thin out the herd and solve a lot of problems elsewhere.

  10. There is question if mo ever existed, considering many things, and no question it is just a bandit – pirate caravan robbing, thieving butchering gang, that mo if he existed, dreamed up the clever cover that all criminal acts are blessed by the arabic pagan moon god--go to it guys, bring me booty, all kinds (valuables and womyns, lotsa womyns), and I get 20% or whatever. Religion, not ever. None such ever existed that required hatred and killing of all peoples who didn’t buy into it. It just never happened ever, but the gang—cult for the weaker. Many apostates and even more experts are coming to realize at last, that mohammadanism is nothing but what I described.
    And as to fighting the gang, America started in Tripoli, others started in Vienna, and so many more places in Europe. Now in Syria, we see the beginning again, where from many sources but I chose the liberal socialist press, here this, finally: Syrian Christian Fighter Reportedly Beheads ISIS Militant In Revenge Killing

    A man, who had it, A Christian, following Gods word, beheaded a captured ISIS member. Much written evidence exists in the Bible for self defense, against the evil hordes, including but not only this:

    If it were not so, all Christendom’s hands would be tied and all Christendom would perish. And that is equally so for the Jews of all time, from which Christ came, and revealed the Word!

    As was said, “If you drive God out the world, then you create a howling wilderness.” --Peter Hitchens


    Holding the truth to be self evident, Patrick Henry stated it thusly, to the assembled in 1775, in St. Johns Church, Richmond, Va,, with supreme literacy. Present times are history repeating, again:

    “It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace², but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! OUR BRETHREN ARE ALREADY IN THE FIELD! WHY STAND WE HERE, IDLE? WHAT IS IT THAT GENTLEMEN WISH? WHAT WOULD THEY HAVE? IS LIFE SO DEAR, OR PEACE SO SWEET, AS TO BE PURCHASED AT THE PRICE OF CHAINS AND SLAVERY? FORBID IT, ALMIGHTY GOD! I KNOW NOT WHAT COURSE OTHERS MAY TAKE; BUT AS FOR ME, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!” From

    We are not to be slaves of a common criminal murdering bandit gang, mohammad’s own, which is what they have demanded of all, for 1400 years too long, with heroes like Martel, and Sobieski, and many more…..

    It is past time to relearn the truths of history, or relive them, in unimaginable gore, globally.

    That’s my two cents worth, thoughts to live by, or die by, I say, Jack

  11. Addendum, short, to my previous comment, Happy Birthday, Patrick Henry, orator, and superb Patriot, this read I just stumbled upon, that all, each and every one who fancy's him/herself a Patriot, (that is, of America) This following ought to be nearly memorized as well, this was indeed an amazing superior thinker, Mr. Henry, and oh so prescient:

    Happy Birthday Patrick Henry: "This Constitution is said to have beautiful features; but when I come to examine these features, sir, they appear to me horribly frightful."
    Yup, Jack again.........

  12. I hear you're pretty fast…

    Draw, Mohammed.

  13. Revisiting this concept... and I don't think Obama's been asked about it in a long while, if ever. Was the abandonment of Iraq intended to create a disaster such that so-called 'American Imperialism' would not see benefit from safeguarding interests abroad?
    It seems clear to me that such has been the *consequence* of Obama's abandonment of Iraq (particularly galling when our losses there became minuscule by the time he was in office), but was that the *intent* of Obama's Iraq policy?
    I suspect that it was, and I also suspect that if asked (not that our media would ask), he would stumble for a response to try and cover it up.
    "We shouldn't have been in Iraq in the first place, so the loss of any potential fruits for the world there aren't my responsibility."

    - reader #1482

    1. Obama had to lose the Iraq war for no other reason than the health and well being of the Progressive psyche. After all, the correct people in DC had proclaimed "this war is lost".

  14. I am continually struck by the lack of accomplishment for the public benefit that Islam brings to the West. I watched the live stream of the protest in Phoenix by a local news station and was amazed by how grand the mosque was. That is one grand compound!

    Meanwhile, my local church doubles as a basketball court in off hours...

    The organizer of the event in Phoenix was interviewed and he made an interesting point. He said, and I paraphrase, "I look around our community and I see Jewish and Christian hospitals, care homes and recreational facilities. I don't see a single facility for the community sponsored by Islam." And yet, they have this grand mosque.

    This really got me thinking. Other than sponsoring Islamic study facilities at top university campuses to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in the West, what has this religion brought to the society they now inhabit?

    I put the challenge out to any reader of this site in any Western country, can you name one facility that muslims have built for the public good that is open to everyone?

    1. Could we reasonably expect such? To what are the dhimmi entitled to in the first place? Technically they're allowed to live in peace, but are they even allowed the zakat? That wasn't my impression... but I'm not an expert.

      - reader #1482

  15. Diplomad?

    Should that twit by the name of Seymour come up again ...