Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Biden: Third Time's the Charm, or Three Strikes and You're Out?

Yaaaaaaaaawn . . . Biden is running. What a surprise, not.

It seems he's been running for Prez my whole adult life. Harold Stassen reboot? Or, maybe, a male version of Florence Foster Jenkins, the world's worst singer, "always eaten in the end" by the lions?

I have written before about him and how he's going to have to fend off the leftist lions who now run the Democratic Party Colosseum. I won't repeat all that. 

Let me, however, note that Biden's not very smart; has a lousy record of achievement; is a proven liar; is associated with all of the Obama failed policies and scandals; has been a corruptocrat his whole life; hasn't ever had an original thought; is an abysmal speaker; and, overall, is as exciting as Jello for dinner. 

He, therefore, is the best candidate the Democrats have.

At least he doesn't hate America--well, at least not overtly--and is not batshit insane, well, not yet; we'll see if his bid for the nomination doesn't drive him into the loony bin to compete for the support now going to his competitors. Free stuff for everybody! Voting rights for felons in prison! No guns for law abiding citizens! More illegals are good! Reparations! Hate whitey!

Will he give up his "middle of the road" Jello politics for the more exciting spicy politics of identity and endless grievance?  The world wonders.

More important, will he face the one ultimate question, the one never clearly put to Hillary Clinton? 

You know the one: When you had power, what did you do with it? Take your time.

Popcorn is available in the lobby. 

Free for everybody!


  1. What Joe did with power, when he had it, is splashed all across the globe. Wherever there is poverty, Muslim terror, or communism (quite a bit of overlap there), we see exactly what Joe did with power. In short: Nothing good.

    1. Shhh. Don't give away the answer. I want him to reply . . .

  2. Do ya think Anita Hill will endorse him? Or Al Sharpton? I see he claims that he asked Obama not to endorse him ... more BS than a Chicago stockyard ...

  3. Is it free Jello?

    Mmmm. Government Jello.....

    I don't disagree with any of the critique offered here on Biden but these slack candidates are vying to be the one to wear the empty suit of their party. It's all about the promise of free Jello, cheese, medical, education, phone, money, yada.

  4. Lunch bucket Joe is about to get his clock cleaned, couldn't happen to a better arrogant asshole, except maybe Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, Swallow, Schiffless, etc. Let the blood letting begin!


  6. All of the Democrat candidates are playing musical chairs on the TITANIC.

  7. This is actually the democrat race for VP-candidate-2024.
    Whoever wins the primary here, has a flat zero chance of defeating Trump in the fall but will likely be the VP follow-along in 2024.
    Trump is simply *too* liberal for the democrats to flank him on the left without going nuts. (cf, they're already going nuts in an attempt to flank him there).

    Is Trump pro-life? I don't think so, *BUT* he made a tacit deal with pro-lifers and he is sticking to that deal.
    Is Trump pro-labor? No, but again, he made a tacit deal with labor, and they're effectively split and neutralized as democrat-fodder because Trump's bringing back jobs from overseas.

    With those kinds of splits, he's carved up the opposition such that even his very weak polling numbers and prodigious gaffes can't stop him.

    Frankly, he's outsmarted both the GOP and the Democrats, and it's extremely unlikely anybody, particularly pervy-Joe, will match him.

    - reader #1482

  8. It's interesting that those who most vehemently oppose the 2nd Amendment are exactly the people that it was put in the Bill of Rights for. What are their plans for us, that requires disarming the populace?

  9. All anyone needs in a 30 second montage of Biden rubbing up on kids and its game over.

  10. Issues related to Creepy Joe and all the other Democrats running for President:

    1. They think that Trump will lose. After all, they do not know a single person who voted for Trump, and seriously doubt that any non-Russian did vote for Trump.

    2. Biden and the rest of them are surrounded by yes-men (these days, more likely yes-women). Everyone in their circle sings their praises. They really believe they are exceptional.

    3. There may be some squirrely provision in the Campaign Finance laws (written by politicians just like them) which makes it personally advantageous for them to set up a campaign and squeeze funds from Democrat contributors in Big Business and Fat Law Firms.

    The Democrat stumble (can't call it a race) will not get interesting until Hillary! sobers up long enough to throw her hat in the ring.

    1. I don't think she will throw her hat in because she is not physically capable of running a campaign.
      When we see her now it is at pick and choose events spread apart. Sure, she'll sit in a comfy arm chair and gab for an hour or give a 30 minute keynote at some gala. But, does she have the stamina to be "on" 16 hours a day, every day?
      I don't think so.

    2. Didn't stop her in 2016...