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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Russian Collusion: The Real Costs of the Greatest Political Hoax in US History

A recent post here noted that unlike many of the "pundits," I would not pretend to have read the 400-plus page Muller report, and wasn't even sure I ever would read the thing. Well . . . . curiosity, alas, got the better of me, and like that ill-fated cat, I began to churn through the Great Tome. I have not gotten too far, and, frankly, remain uncertain about finishing it. Skimming pages, jumping around within the text, and . . .  finding it a whole lotta crapola.

Costing somewhere around $26-$35 million to produce, the Mueller Report, the world's most expensive book, comes off as a bad rip-off from that iconic Seinfeld TV show, you know, a show "about nothing."

Yep, 400 pages about nothing, and not even funny.

Seinfeld did "nothing" better.

Unfair to label the Muller tome a story about nothing? The pretext, certainly, for the investigation of Trump-Putin collusion proved total nonsense, a "nothing." It was a hoax invented by the Democrats and Hillary Clinton's desperate campaign, getting salacious "info" from a hack former British spy on the DOJ payroll, and funneling that unverified "info" through the shady GPS Fusion outfit, which had ties to the FBI. The "information" came from internet chat rooms, informants working for the FBI, and, quite possibly the Russians, always eager to sow confusion. This activity, of course, was aided and abetted by our hack mainstream media, and, of course, by President Obama who used our law enforcement and intelligence agencies as arms of the DNC--as this little blog stated from the start of the "scandal," e.g., here, here, and here, just to mention a few of many posts.

The Democrats and their Deep State allies "leaked" fake information to the press, and then cited the subsequent press reports as evidence of the validity of the fake info and of Trump's perfidy. That fake information, we now know, backed up by the fake press reports "confirming" the fake information, formed the basis for seeking and getting FISA warrants, "unmasking" of American citizens, and conducting Beria-type interviews of Trump supporters. Real people, innocent people, had their lives turned upside down, bank accounts wiped out, and reputations smeared by lies and Mueller's NKVD bully-boy tactics in service of an attempted coup.

Since limits exist to how much and how long one can fake something, after over two-and-half years of this brutal nonsense, the report had to admit no such collusion existed. This "nothing" report's "nothing" result, however, has some genuine "historical value" in that it serves as official testimony to something unprecedented in over 240 years of U.S. history. Drafted by angry pro-Clinton Democrats, the Mueller report provides a one-sided, remarkably tone-deaf account by some of the very plotters of how they went about trying to undo an election result, overthrow a democratically elected President of the United States, and--complete insanity--how they "investigated" a story they themselves invented.

How these Democrat hacks must have laughed when they got that gig! Why not have Al Capone investigate the Valentine Day's massacre?

From day one, the "investigators" knew the result, no collusion; they knew they had the task of "investigating" a fake accusation. This "investigation" sought to provoke Trump into some angry "obstruction" act and perjury. Period. Nail him on procedural nonsense re a crime that never existed, and the ensuing "perjury" and "obstruction" hullabaloo would cover up that no collusion ever existed. That was the "insurance policy": I repeat, frame Trump with an absurd collusion story, get him angry enough to"obstruct" or even shut down the investigation and, therefore, provide "grounds" for impeachment.

The authors of the report desperately wanted the coup to succeed; that desire oozes out of the entire report but especially so in the second half on "obstruction." That half fulfills another one of this humble blog's predictions (March 23), that the Muellerites likely would slip a poison pill into the report to keep the coup plot alive,
[N]one of us has seen the report, or knows how Mueller will phrase his conclusions/recommendations. Will he say, as he should, that he undertook a massive waste of time, for which we spent nearly $26 million, and tore apart the country for nothing? I doubt that very much. He might say, that well, he has no ability to go further with the investigation for this or that reason, and recommends handing off portions of it to other prosecutors. He might also go full reptile and state that there was collusion but it does not rise to the level of prosecution, but maybe Congress should consider impeachment, or any number of variations on that theme
Mueller, indeed, went full reptile. He explicitly stated that he couldn't indict the President on collusion or obstruction but also refused to "exonerate" the President on obstruction--as though a prosecutor exonerates--and then did a smear job on the President to encourage the crazies in Congress to impeach him or, at least, keep him tied up with investigations, subpoenas, and a daily barrage of "news" stories on obstruction. This is what blind rage and hate do even to "professional" prosecutors.

That the coup did not take place (yet?) might prove one of those lucky events in American history right there with the carriers not being at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941; Jimmy Carter losing the 1980 election; Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election; and General Washington carrying off the tricky crossing of the frozen Delaware River to defeat the Hessians on that Christmas in 1776.

The coup plot continues, have no doubt.

The real cost of the Russia collusion hoax and the wearisome Mueller volume far exceeds those $30 million or so the taxpayers spent. The real cost comes from the perversion of powerful institutions, the undermining of faith in the whole system, and the fear, yes, fear, the investigation, the report and subsequent Congressional actions inspire in private citizens. It seems the Congress can insist on getting Grand Jury testimony, and can demand private citizens' tax returns for public scrutiny. Congress and powerful members of the Deep State can lie and leak and distort information with no consequences; citizens can be dragged from their beds by armed men at dawn to face minor procedural charges, etc. The report does not condemn these tactics, and the drafters, of course, not only favor these but themselves used them.

The report does two things, however, that might prove beneficial:

1) The Russian election meddling highlighted in the report came during and with the knowledge of the Obama misadministration, and Obama did nothing about it;

2) By declaring it found no evidence of collusion, the report raises the question of why there was an investigation. How did it get started and by whom?

I hope that the Trump administration and the Senate delve, at least, into those two rather fascinating nuggets that have emerged from the muck of the travesty known as the Mueller Report.  


  1. Two real heroes: First hero, Admiral Rogers of Obama’s NSA who told Trump he was being spayed on; second hero, William Barr who has realized what a scumbag his friend Mueller is ... and appears to be ready to air all the dirty linen. Oh, and of course, Trump. I hope when they someday put his visage on Mt. Rushmore, they include the orange hair.

    1. “Spyed on” Damn Autocorrect! And they say AI will run the world ...

    2. That's "spied on", not "spyed on" and "ruin", not "run"

    3. Thanks Bruce, I like “spyed on” better ... and I meant “run.”

    4. OK. "Skynet" was just supposed to be fiction, not a design goal.

    5. Bruce, I once led an AI development project. One of my best programmers left because of his frustration with nested conditionals. True AI will have almost unlimited nested conditionals. I am therefore skeptical about the ultimate success of AI. (Witness the 737 MAX.)

  2. They still can go the emoluments route. Trump has a lot of businesses around the world including RUSSIA!!!

    1. Nonsense. You haven't followed what the courts have already said about this.

    2. Enlighten me what the courts have said in the past and what they will say in the future. Please tell me which court you are referring. Thanks.

  3. Mueller the Pit Bull.

  4. There are three other major costs of this Democrat Establishment travesty:

    1. The lost opportunity to have a much more constructive relationship with Russia. Putin may be problematic in some ways, but he is clearly a patriot seeking the best for his country -- rather similar to Trump. If not for the Democrat lies, Russia and the USA might have had a much more cooperative relationship, with benefits for the world.

    2. All this Democrat scaremongering about Russia has diverted attention away from the dragon in the corner of the room -- China. It is said that the US Air Force now requires computer chips from China to put a plane in the air … yet there are no Democrat concerns about China. And we have to remember Bill Clinton's inexplicable authorization of the sale of missile guidance technology to China. And Google's recent kowtowing to the Chinese government. If China had hatched a plan to distract US attention from the real issue by focusing on Russia, then that plan would have succeeded brilliantly.

    3. All the talk about Russia influencing elections distracts from our real election problems -- dead people voting in Chicago, illegal aliens voting in California, ballot harvesting, etc. For shady Democrat operatives, alleged Russian influence on elections has been a very convenient distraction.

    1. Regarding Russia solely to begin, this morning's Sunday news-shows featured Giuliani prominently, he spoke versions of, "it's alright to accept [stuff] from the Russians as long as it's accurate" which, every following news show host and nearly every panelist immediately jumped on expressing various expressions of "Oh my that's terrible to even suggest!"

      Conveniently forgetting, apparently, that England's former MI6 Russia-Desk chief Christopher Steele got all his information from his Russian contacts which he then immediately transmitted to the Clinton campaign. And John Brennan.

      Now to China - "It is said"?


      You'll be noting that link is dated 2012?

    2. Think through the "politics" of the people wanting to degrade any functional relationship between Russia and the USA.

      Which other "global power" stands to gain hugely from a deterioration of that relationship?

      There is the ideological and financial source of this fiasco.

    3. And Bruce, think through the obvious contradiction.

      On the one hand our prospective 'preferred by the Russians' President Trump .. according to even the Mueller Report, "declined active participation."

      On the other hand - The Clinton Team through, everything that's apparent so far - and here we're acknowledging 'all the media's hammered on these past 2+ years' - came from, via England's MI6 Russia Desk Chief, Russian sources.


      There is of course the "politics equation" but there's something else not so considered.

      At least by, our "inquisitive media."

    4. The DNC (Obama and company) realized that politicians self enriching themselves at everyday American's expense and the security of the Nation was not going to sit well if they were in prison. They choose to stage a coup. Of course they went full communist in the process and now the DNC will be in socialist tatters as sainer heads try to quell the fallout.

  5. CSPAN yesterday--authoress Anna Somebody, 4/6/19, began to talk about her new book about conspiracy theories, with a wry acknowledgement that current events were going to help her sales . . . after all, she vamps in that best-schools way, "there's a conspiracy theory believer in the White House!"

    Oh how I laughed. It's better than Chappelle. It's better than Key and Peele. It should live forever.

    It's Orwell's world, I just live here

  6. One thing, doubtless overlooked by Mueller & co: their 'work product', now released to everyone, not just tame journalists, is going to be subjected to minute scrutiny by hundreds or thousands of obssessives. My bet is that it will not stand up. Any and all weaknesses, errors, assumptions, shortcuts and/or signs of misconduct will be laid bare, and the post-Kavagh republican senate will not turn a blind eye, even if the media do. Well, here's hoping!