Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Progracism, Part II: No Illegals in My Backyard (NIMBY)!

A few weeks back, I wrote a little piece about the prog obsession with race (here) and, more recently, another about prog virtue signaling on "reparations" for mistreated minorities (here). The prog's lunatic obsession with race has been revealed yet again by the Master Troller, His Exalted Excellency President of the United States of America and Commander-In-Chief Donald J. Trump. In a couple of tweets, he has exposed the prog race mania, and how their alleged concern for the welfare of poor brown people forms merely another part of the prog scam.

President Trump lives inside the heads of his enemies. They come to battle him already exhausted, and more than half-defeated. He has an ability to make them go CRAZY! Well, better said, he has ability to reveal the crazy at the core of their philosophy of promoting endless turmoil and radical change.

I, in this case, refer to his statement that he has under consideration "placing" released illegal aliens in sanctuary cities and states.

HEADS EXPLODE! It is illegal to do that! It's so cynical! NO!

Well, of course, the progs lie: it is not illegal to transport aliens, released by our absurd and destructive "catch and release" legal system, to places that will welcome and care for them, i..e., sanctuary cities and states.

Please note that the Obama administration did something similar: the Obamistas transported people from Somalia, the Middle East, Mexico, and Central America, and placed them in traditionally Republican rural, semi-rural, and suburban areas. Permission was not sought of the local communities.

I PERSONALLY witnessed, and wrote about this in a piece posted July 3, 2014. At that time, the Border Patrol tried to "process" bus-loads of illegals and release them into the small Republican town of Murrieta, California, where I lived,
I was encouraged to see the citizens of small Murrieta, California, a town I know very well, rise up against the Border Patrol and its effort to dump several hundred "children" at its facility in Murrieta for "processing," i.e., cutting free. In a near-repeat of the Bundy ranch stand-off, Murrieta residents blocked the USBP buses and made them turn back. Perhaps these buses could head for the White House or for the Kennedy compound in Martha's Vineyard? 
Mayor of Murrieta Alan Long, a decent man, said that his town suffers the consequences of a "failed federal policy." I must disagree with the Honorable Mayor: Murrieta and America suffer the consequences of a deliberate federal and Democratic party policy aimed at changing the nature of our country forever.
Once again, the President has shown that everything about the prog agenda is a hoax, except for the desire to create havoc and open avenues to increased power for the progs. They care only about destroying what exists, and replacing it with something only the progs control. They certainly don't care about the illegals as humans; they have revealed clearly they don't want them around, but are perfectly fine with them spilling into Arizona and Texas towns. All that stuff about how wonderful all these illegals are, how they commit fewer crimes, work harder, etc., than the rest of us, form just more hoax talking points. The progs don't believe all that.

Disgusting. Progs are racists. Period.


  1. Dems say that ICE doesn’t have the budget for these illegals being transported to sanctuary cities. Perhaps we could use the same process that got them all across Mexico?

    1. Nice Hit! As usual Geo, you're ahead of the curve! Although, before the military aged invasive mutts are released for their anticipated run to their Sanc-City redoubts, it'd be wise to have the Duty Vet come over and plant an ID chip into their behinds! That-a-way we'll know if they got home safely.

      In addition, for the Health of Legal American Resident Citizens -- Uncle Sam ought to require the illegal amigos (aka foreign borne invaders) to be inoculated for all of the known infectious diseases proliferating South of the Border!

      Then, cut them loose to weave themselves into the Socio-Progressive-Democrat anti-American fabrique. At least until they hear the "Fake News" REPORTing that time-released, LIVE "small pox" was included in their benefit package(blankets)!

      Expect they'll be foaming at the maw to get treatment at Health Care facilities here, there, and everywhere~~~pee in a bottle, Rover and get your healthcare chip-checked for FREE! Follow-up as individual physical/mental needs prescribe!

      OW w/Nurse Ratchett~~~
      "Let Loose the Hounds"

  2. It's hysterical that the progs cannot manage to ignore Trump's trolling. He tosses out some bait and a la Pavlov, they go nuts.
    They'd dis-arm him if only they could ignore him -- but noooooo. They rise to the bait every. damn. time.
    I love it.

    1. Ayeeee, Rocky, n' near to a Full Moon in thee mountains...
      On Watch~~~ eatin garlic~~~
      loaded the Webly mit silver bullets 1 2 3 4 5!

  3. Trump "lives rent free in their heads". Too bad that what the body beneath that 'head' is, is a cultural cancer that is as old as Western Civ. It has to be stopped from spreading. Debate and elections won't stop it. The purveyors of this cancer simply use other means to go around that which they can't win or control. Rust never sleeps...yes I know this was an album title from the old days...but it never does.

  4. A more precise way of defining what the president does to his opponents is that he gets inside of their OODA loop. I think he made sure the story would leak to the press, and the outrage machine could get charged up. The democrats would all come out with statements, and then he tells them right to their faces that, yes indeed he is going to release illegals to sanctuary cities and states, exclusively. That’s where he hung them with their own virtue signals. A perfect trap.

    The next move is to actually follow through on this. The footage of the elite, wealthy, leftist to the core, residents of Palo Alto, Los Gatos, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle blocking busses filled with illegals would be the richest display of hypocrisy in perhaps all of history.

    The sad fact is the whole philosophy of the left revolves around the idea of the collective. They really don’t think for themselves. The bulk of the prog’s supporters are truly NPC’s. Just like the memes on social media. Even such blatant displays of cognitive dissonance will do little to shake out of the delusion.

  5. It seems to me that this is a classic application of Alinsky's rule number 4. "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."
    The libs are not used to having to defend against Alinsky's rules.

  6. They do seem to function as a hive mind, don't they?

  7. People *should* sacrifice of themselves to help others who are in need. But that is solely of *personal* interest (better to give than to receive). Government compulsion destroys *all* of the benefits to that. This nimby'ism shows clearly not just the progressive lies, but how they truly do not have a heart of service to others. If their motivations were proper, it wouldn't matter whether other people wanted to donate their dollars to the efforts they are trying to make compulsory through taxes, they would do it on their own regardless. But they don't... they want others to pay for it... It's about control, not about service. It's not "what good can I do with the money I have?" but rather "What can I do with the taxes of rich people?"

    - reader #1482

    1. "People *should* sacrifice of themselves...N+> 1481
      I agree N, but can we hope to prove it statistically?! ;)
      Revolver in hand, '6' rounds in the wheel, 1.Money/2.Compulsion/3.Lies/4.Taxes/5.Control/6.Service/

      The Shooter/"Giver": with mirror shaking in hand, bends over, using his good eye sights on the target in the mirror, with pistol between his legs, he then pulls the trigger and delivers his ordnance package down range! Collect Targets, Then, Using 'regression toward the mean' statistical calculations. Express the Probability (P) that the Shooter/Giver's #6.round aka "Service" arrives nearest the middle of the target -- please show all your work!
      On Blasé's Watch~~~

    2. There's no statistics available for a single data point. :)

    3. Sacrebleu!
      There's one in everee class!
      just resting~~~

  8. "Progracist"! Catchy and accurate.

    I think I'll use it in a sentence: While the Progracists stood in a circle arguing who among them was more virtuous based on their respective levels of intersectionality, the remains of 87 Guatamalean human trafficking victims, 64 of which were minors, all dead from suffocation, remained locked inside the abandoned trailer.

  9. Played them again,one would think they'd learn.
    Then again

  10. Just remember, there is ignorance, but also stupidity. The difference: Only one is curable.

  11. Of course, the next step would be to schedule any future section 8 housing projects in close proximity to places like Pelosi's mansion, Schumer's place of residence, Marthas Vineyard......

    CW Buff out...

  12. ChChChChanges?
    Thursday, July 3, 2014
    Collapse, Part III: War on the Home Front

    "The reverses American and Western interests now suffer around the world come as a direct result of Obama policies which aim at nothing less than transforming the United States from the world's most powerful country and a liberal western democracy into a flaccid, politically correct socialist monstrosity that distances itself from its western civilization origins and becomes something else entirely.
    . . .and America suffer[s] the consequences of a deliberate federal and Democratic party policy aimed at >--> changing the nature of our country forever.

    The war on American interests abroad being waged by the Obamistas is replicated on the home front and on steroids."-WLA

    "And the BEAT GOES on, on..on..on..on..on.. Whack! La de Da de da.. CHER BECOMES THE LATEST TRUMPeTEER or vice versa...

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  13. Happened upon this Mr. Amselem by linking via a site I noticed you commented about "an Indian" on (pretty funny I thought) - Anyway, your movie review prompted my instructing er, asking Her Ladyship to arrange a movie viewing:

    Thanks. For both the review and the comment.

  14. We are looking to retire from NYS. And yes, I have voted against this gov't for 22 years...

    where would you suggest we retire?

  15. Hard to say without more information or what you'd like your situation to be. I'm in NE Tenn. I've noted guys from California and the Northeast coming in and buying very nice Hobby Farms. They like beekeeping and maybe horses. There is a medical school here in Johnson City. So access to very excellent Medical Care is available. That wasn't the case 50 years ago. Appalachia has a spooky reputation, which I promote at every opportunity. But the truth is the people are very sweet and generally gentle. vibrant diversity it is generally lacking. Western North Carolina is very nice. Asheville is liberal but it generally nice town you might visit there and see if you like it. We have all four seasons but many Winters it doesn't even snow. You could probably get you a nice Farm for as little as 400k.

  16. I'm hoping you write a post soon about the latest incident on the border where Mexican troops arrested two of our soldiers on U.S. soil. What the holy hell?