Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

GOP Convention: Day 3

 Even better. The third day provided nothing less than an amazing convention. It's hard to comment on it as there was so much there.

Once again, of course, the production values were terrific. I thought that the setting at Ft. McHenry for VP Pence's address was outstanding. A superb bit of stagecraft and excellent camera work. The DNC had nothing even in the same league, not even close. I will come back to Pence.

There so many terrific speakers it's hard to summarize and comment on them all. Just a few. I thought that Sister Dede  blasted it out of the park. I am sorry to say that I had not heard of her, and was a bit taken aback when I saw a nun in full habit take the stage. She, however, has quite a story: a thoracic surgeon, a full colonel in the US Army, a veteran of Afghanistan, AND now a nun. A woman who has dedicated herself to service. A very powerful pro-life presentation, and one which had to make "Catholic-in-Name-Only" Biden squirm, or, better said, his handlers squirm, as I doubt he is even aware of the Sister's address. 

All of the speakers did a great job of taking apart the image of Trump presented by his opponents. He came off as a man of empathy and with genuine concern for the country, and its people regardless of race, gender, etc. One also could not help but be moved by the presentation of Madison Cawthorn the Republican candidate for the 11th Congressional district here in North Carolina. When he stood up from his wheelchair, one had only wished there was a live audience. He has a future. There were so many others . . .

I thought that VP Pence did a terrific job with a pretty good speech. His somewhat unusual speaking style--lots of pauses--was perfect for the speech. He came across as witty, thoughtful, serious, and very much a patriot, and his Midwestern charm and accent helped a lot. He tore apart Biden. Kamala Harris better do some serious research and practice if she's going to debate this guy. The "surprise" appearance of the President and Flotus at the end of Pence's speech was handled extremely well. I thought, oh no, Trump is going to step all over Pence's moment, but he didn't. He did not speak and, instead, made a point of going with Pence to greet the injured veterans and others in the front row of the audience. Well done.

Give it an A+



  1. WLA,
    BRAVO! Sympatico!
    If I could write like you. . .
    I'd have said the exact same things you did,
    on almost every set detail, camera angle, speaker,
    civic programs, and 'Best Bet' ideas expressed to
    our country's people...

    We've been rightly rewarded for our choice of POTUS,
    now, if our mischevious muses can restrain themselves,
    just a wee bit over the next Quarter, we'll be ready!
    Oh just one more thing, the Sea Turtles have asked me,
    to see what I could do to throttle back on the
    Celebratory Baloons, seems their young'ns
    think that they're actually jellyfish~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  2. The amazing thing is the Left has no idea how bad it is for them. They think they are winning, a result of being captured by their own propaganda machine.

  3. I hope the Democrat leaders are asked their opinions of the masked ratbags who were shouting and swearing at the people leaving the White House after the Day 3 (I think) address.