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Thursday, August 6, 2020

"C'mon, Man!"

Has any major party ever nominated a more worthless and invisible candidate for President as the Dems have with Joe Biden?

Who can make Michael Dukakis and John McCain look like polished and well-organized campaigners? "C'mon, man!" Joe can!

Who can make John Kerry look like an articulate and patriotic man? "C'mon, man!" Joe can!

Who can make Hillary Clinton look like an honest, truthful, and thoughtful person? We all know the answer, shout it out together: "C'mon, man!" Joe can!

We have before us a man with some half-century of political experience and with zero accomplishments for the country in all that time. Throughout his career, he has been a punchline to a joke. From his misadventures with hair plugs, his plagiarism, his wild and rambling lies about heroic encounters and derring-do, his nonsensical sentences, and his bully-boy manner, Joe has been, well, let's be kind, a clown. Yes, a clown, albeit a corrupt one, who has gotten rich from the credit card companies, and made his family wealthy thanks to his political connections. That's his legacy.  Hunter, call your dad, he might have another deal for you . . .

What ideas has this old-time corruptocrat championed? Aside from "more money for Joe," nix, nada, rien, nothing.

As he sits in his basement and fades into evermore obvious senility, dementia, general mental incompetence (you pick) he gets championed, much akin to dead El Cid strapped to his horse, by a motley crew of America-hating, left-wing radicals and tech billionaires who see this zombie as a pathway for them to transform the country into something bizarre and unrecognizable. This motley crew now fights over whom will get picked as Joe's number two; they all know that person will likely take the White House in the unlikely event that "Joe" wins in November.

Biden should not, cannot become President.

Well, of course, even if Joe is elected, he won't be President.

"C'mon, man!"


  1. For the 'party against old white men', they sure managed to find an older, whiter, mandidate.

    His accomplishment was becoming nationally known as "crazy uncle joe"... that you quietly warn your kids about at the family reunion.

    I dunno, worse than Hillary? Hillary (and actually Ted Cruz) could read from the phonebook and yet still come across as lying to me about its content. Not because they're necessarily lying, but because they're always managing-the-truth.

    Some say Trump's willingness to tell-it-like-he-sees-it gets him into trouble, but to me, it's what makes him about the only person in politics who seems remotely honest.

    - reader #1482

  2. Our former VeePeevus, Jo Biden,
    Has developed a talent for Hidin'.
    His one talent's to dump
    On our president Trump,
    While for election time bidin'.

  3. Don Trump says that Joe is "sleepy",
    Some ladies find him quite creepy.
    So please go out and vote
    To defeat that old goat,
    Lest later you find yourself weepy!

  4. I wondered when you would get around to the "El Cid" reference. It is quite accurate, except for the fact El Cid actually accomplished a lot before the arrow killed him, and his body was used to break the will of the Moors. It tells something about the Democrats. They hate Trump so much that they will vote for someone who is clearly unable to hold the office, so he can be pushed aside for who ever the king makers decide is going to be VP, can take over. If the Republicans were trying this, I would be furious, about having MY part in the process decided by consultants and tech oligarchs.

  5. Love your snark... and insight.

  6. Joe has been in national politics most of my life and I can never remember any one moment that I did not know he was a complete fool.

  7. If he did get elected from the fraud he won't be the sock puppet President for long.

  8. I usually turn the channel if Juan Williams comes on Fox. Today I watched as he waxed poetic about what a "Great Devout Catholic" Biden is and all the sad tales in Biden's life. All the pro-abortion "devout" Catholics.

  9. I've come up with a portmanteau word to describe Biden:


  10. This would be hilariously funny if it weren't so true.

  11. If I were as stupid as Juan Williams I don’t know that I’d advertise it on national TV. On the other hand lack of self awareness is a form of stupidity, no?
    And Dip- it’s too late; the country is already something bizarre and unrecognizable.

    1. "It's a living," Juan might say. I suppose he's being well compensated for showing off his stupidity.

  12. I can't match the limericks, but how about 'generic Joe' for a nickname. The Democrats are having trouble finding a Ms. Generic for a running mate. The operation resembles a revolution, where all the participants are convinced their ideas will win out, and after they take power the few kill out the opposition. Who is really running the show, as they ran Obama, is not clear, and might involve one or more foreign powers. You could mock Obama but not Valerie Jarrett, as ABC and Roseanne found out.

  13. The Left is losing. Plus the Left doesn't understand they can't go back to whatever fantasy vision they may have had.

  14. Whomever is his running mate will be president as we will now is correct diagnosis then. She will pick Clinton as a VP and Clinton will be Pres when the new pres suicides.

  15. The women in his VP list give me the heebie jeebies!

  16. I have been saying it for months... Even the Dims are not dumb enough to let Joe be their candidate. Now with him out... Who, I see nothing but scary choices in the back room.
    Hillary? Michelle?

  17. The possible Democrat veeps make me think it's time to repeal the 19th Amendment.

  18. With Harris on the ticket, it is going to be a fun election season. Her voice will turn voters off. Then you have her record as the AG. I think the Democratic Party is throwing the election like McCain's.