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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

On the Range

A little break from politics.

I finally made it out to the local gun range. Not very long there as I didn't want to eat too much into my ammo supplies. Took three of my new guns: Ruger 57, Colt Python 357, STI Staccato P 2011. Just didn't have enough 9mm to take along my new CZ-75--next time.

All of them shot extremely well. Any one is a great purchase.

I never had shot a 5.7mm pistol, and was pleasantly surprised by the Ruger. It's something of a bear to load the mags; the ammo is VERY sharp (like baby AR-15 5.56mm rounds) and will shred your thumb. I finally got a loader and that helped. It shoots very flat, very fast, very reliably, and very accurately. I leave it to those more knowledgeable than I as to whether the 5.7 round is a good carry round. The gun comes with a 30-rd mag and a 21-rd mag. That should be enough to handle most situations but I don't know about the stopping power. Comments?

The 2020 Python? What can I say? It's a Colt Python! About time Colt starting making them again.  Beautiful looking gun. Phenomenally smooth trigger and accurate. Lotta fun even if I wasn't shooting my relatively scarce .357; I stuck with 38 special. Very nice gun all around, but I don't think I would make it my carry gun. Kinda big, even the 4.25 inch barrel. Six rounds? Enough? You decide.

I think the winner overall was the STI 2011. I had one mag with 20 rounds and another with 17. This has to be the most accurate 9mm on the market--it might even beat my Wilsons, I will have to test them head-to-head to make sure. Even I was having a hard time getting out of the center of the target. No six o'clock position; bury the front sight in the center of the target and that's where the round goes! This thing did not want me to miss; burned almost 200 rounds (much more than I meant to, but it was such fun; don't tell the Diplowife) and not a single jam or misfire of any kind. Wonderful gun. Texans make good stuff. Good looking, "lightish," not too big, high capacity, and accurate. My new carry gun . . . for now.

Back to the Convention.



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. The comment above is a ATM card scam spam. So, don't panic that it got deleted.

    Lewis, the best carry gun I have found is the one I will actually carry. I have a number of candidates and have tried them all in various holster configurations. I found that I just kept going back to a Seecamp .380 in a pocket holster. It has become the pistol I carry because I actually do carry it. I get chided for carrying a mouse gun, and I ask them where is that .45, oh at home I see....

    I live the leftist hell,Portland, and there is a very real chance that printing or exposing a handgun here is dangerous. "Karen" will call the very Police that she spends her evening screaming about how we should get rid of them. I find it funny that every time some of the Antifa kids get into trouble with a Civilian they automatically start crying for the police to come to their aid.

  3. As to the effectiveness of the FN 5.7, I'd refer you to Nadal Hassan, may he burn in hell if we ever get around to killing his worthless ass, who managed to kill a good number of Ft. Hood troopies with one. I envy the rest of your collection and urge you to get around to that CZ. My TSO and Shadow Orange are bitchin'.

  4. Haven't fired the Ruger, but the FiveseveN is laser-accurate, and the low recoil allows multiple shots on target quickly. From what I've read, the Ruger is a match for it.
    I like the fact that the FiveseveN is easy for my girlfriend to handle.

    Is it an effective round? Plenty of evidence that says it is.

    1. Yes, I might just go back to the Ruger 57. The Staccato is considerably heavier; the lighter Ruger pulls down my pants a bit less. Always a consideration . . .

    2. I think the only knock on a FiveseveN as a carry pistol is its length, and the Ruger is even longer.

      I'm only 5'9", though, someone over 6' probably could carry it on a hip with no problem.