Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Northen Lights: The Canadian Truckers

 Just a quick post.

Along with many others I have followed the remarkable Canadian trucker revolt against the absurd vax mandates. This peaceful revolt seems to have drawn strong support from the Canadian public, and to have inspired similar events in Australia and Brazil. According to some reports, Pretty Boy Justin "Castro" Trudeau has fled Ottawa due to concerns for "his safety." Maybe he'll seek asylum with the Rutabaga in DC?

Me thinks the Canadian Elite seek to gin up a J-6 "Insurrection" scenario. Per reports on the BBC, Canadian authorities are investigating radical right-wing elements seeking to produce violence. Yeah, right. How do you say in French, "Feds! Feds!"?  

Go Canada!

PS, I donated here:


  1. The old 'outside agitators' routine.

  2. The French Canucks have a great expression for times like these:
    "Fermė ta guelle", pronounced "Fem ta Gelle".
    Basically STFU.

    1. The Nearest we Yank, French 1 HS students
      were allowed to go was, "Ferme la bouche"
      Although most of the guys in my class
      became quite proficient with the prop-
      position, Voulez-vous coucher avec moi,
      -was quite salty on my 1st Med cruise~~~
      ..."memories are made of this!"
      off to donate...
      looks as if Canuckers
      are doing well so far~~~

      Oh Canada~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  3. I second the Go Fund Me recommendation

  4. I hope they are effective at breaking this insane safetyism that has infested Western countries. Unfortunately in the U.S. the independent trucker is a fading profession due to the amount of regulation placed upon the industry. Only the giant trucking companies have the ability to keep up with constantly having to replace their trucks due to the latest insanity from California leftest minds. Oh, by the way this insanity is also at the crux of why container ships are backed up.

  5. We live in Edmonton, Alberta. Wife and I went with friends on Sunday 23rd to a truckstop east of the city to support one of the convoys heading to Calgary to join the main thrust on Ottawa. So many people/families there, all full of joy and pride. Such a great experience, and barely spoken of in the local media.
    Yesterday (29th) the family Hound and I went to the same truckstop as there was talk of a convoy coming through headed for our Provincial Legislature. Information is hard to come by, still so many people here who don't know what's happening. There was indeed a convoy, a trucking huge convoy. The Hound and I stood on an overpass with a large group of other supporters and cheered on vehicles of all shapes and sizes for around 45 minutes. Most of them had come from communities west of Edmonton, and while they weren't able to make Ottawa, they damn well could make Edmonton. Other convoys were also coming from the east and south. We made our way to the truckstop where vehicles were assembling to join the main force, and from there we proceeded around the city's ringroad (78km in length) staying in the centre of 3 lanes. Tons of support from people passing by who weren't part of the convoy. Once we had circumnavigated the ringroad I took the Hound home, news reports (couldn't ignore it now) spoke of gridlock around the Legislature, and as there were already many thousands there I thought I'd subjected him to enough.
    For far too long my Wife and I along with a few friends have felt isolated and hopeless - no allies and no hope on the horizon. NO MORE! Everyone I spoke to was vehemently against the mandates that have been imposed on us. The media and politicians are trying to make everyone believe this is about mandating vaccines for cross-border truckers. Vaccines are so 2021. This is all about the complete removal of ALL covid mandates. The truckers lit the beacon, and we are responding.
    There is a palpable feeling of hope and joy here now. It is not universal, a great many people are only too willing to continue living in fear. Cracks are appearing in the facade though. The Premier of Saskatchewan (next Province east) announced a few days ago that he is rescinding "most" of the covid mandates there. Our Premier quickly followed suit, he claims that most of ours will be gone by the end of March.
    Parliament resumes sitting tomorrow. Not too sure what that's going to look like as we currently have a Prime Minister in hiding. While the last week has been wonderful to behold, tomorrow is when it all comes together.
    This has to succeed, as I cannot envision carrying on in the manner we have been subjected to. This is for all the marbles. I look forward to following the trucker movement in the US, as well as in Australia and Europe.

    Algy, Alberta

    1. Bravo! Great comment. Don’t let the bastards take away our freedoms!

  6. Press conference by the convoy organizers, mainstream media banned!

    Algy, Alberta

    1. "We live in Edmonton, Alberta...
      This has to succeed, as I cannot envision carrying on
      in the manner we have been subjected to.
      This is for all the marbles..." -Algy, Alberta

      Tks for the 1st hand report Algy!
      I Have family in Edmonton, a retired
      Mountie, and other cousins, Aunts n'Unks
      suspect they're 'all aboard' the Convoy~~~
      Will contact asap, to see if they're on station.
      Great way to renew the family/Intl ties that bond us all~~~
      On Watch~~~
      Heading for
      Go Fund me...
      God Bless~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  7. Go, Canada,
    Our lovely neighbor land!
    Truckers on strike
    Slap Trudeau on the hand....

  8. i have to confess I am pantin'
    For Biden to go back to Scranton.
    We have to confess
    He's made quite a mess
    Of policy, if not his pants in.

    1. Welcome back Kotter,
      err I mean Kepha~~~
      as always with some
      Catchie Kitchy lyrics~~~
      Pray you & Fam are all well
      Let's Roll"

  9. A belated welcome back and Happy New Year, Diplomad.

    There's no harm repeating yourself. Some things we'll have forgotten. Others, we may have missed the first time around. And then there are always new visitors.