Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Right All Along & Biden as Ed Wood's Bela Lugosi

I have started writing posts several times over the past many weeks, but constantly found myself saying what I have said before. When you're an oracle, that happens. What you predict, comes about. Life has no challenges for Nostradamus.

Given, however, that I have a severe backache, am in a foul mood that not even my recent firearms-buying binge can rectify (the Colt Anaconda almost does), I will toot my own horn and rant a bit--it  might prove disjointed, but, that's what I got right now: painful disjointedness.

Let's start by stating the obvious: this humble vanity blog proved right from the beginning about all sorts of stuff. I wrote from the very beginning (go check) that the Trump-Putin collusion story, for example, was a hoax created by the Democratic party machine. That's now blazingly obvious. The Biden laptop story, on the other hand, was true and buried by the FBI, the media, and the majority of the chattering class. The 2020 election was a fraud; that becomes more obvious every day. Where did those 81 million Biden "voters" go? Have you seen the polls lately? Have you seen how the Washington-based portion of the Democratic Party struggles to stave off a massive defeat in the mid-terms this year? They desperately try to rewrite the rules, Constitution be damned, to ensure they never lose another election. We labelled them long ago as communist/fascist and that holds. 

That gaga husk in the White House pretending to be President should remain in his basement in Delaware. Every time he appears, we have six more weeks of winter. He reminds me of poor old demented, drug-addled Bela Lugosi in his final years in some of those Ed Wood films--here and here--trying to remember his lines, then ad-libbing in a rambling incoherent manner. Pure but dangerous gibberish in a world in which our non-woke opponents watch carefully for signs of weakness, incompetence, and incoherence. Biden exudes all three. "Pull the string! Pull the string!" and "Bevare of the green dragon! Bevare! Bevare!" Sadly funny to see Bela ramble like that, but the "President" of the USA? Sad, but not so funny. Ask Ukraine.

Covid-19? Right about that. It did come from a Chinese lab in Wuhan, one which received US tax dollars to do Dr. Frankenstein "gain of function" research. A lab which my old outfit, the tattered ol' State Department, warned had very sloppy security protocols. It proved a highly infectious disease, but one which caused relatively little in the way of mortality in the general population. We saw grotesquely inflated death numbers, and now we start to see them be re-evaluated. The global economy was shut down for no good reason. In the US, it was used as a weapon against Trump. Before the ChiCom virus, I had written disparagingly about the CDC and the whole public health bureaucracy. They were completely wrong about AIDS, and a whole host of other diseases such as "bird flu," "swine flu," etc.  Fauci and company were always proclaiming "we are all gonna die." 

On the ChiCom death numbers and all that nonsense. There we see most plainly the civil war within the Wokesters. One band wants to double down, keep hyping the numbers, demanding ever more draconian lockdowns and mandates to perpetuate the nomenklatura's hold on power. They rail angrily as the "science" turns on them and it becomes increasingly obvious that the "vaccine" does not work. The other band, the electoral Wokesters mostly in Washington, see the Biden misadministration as heading to electoral disaster, and want some way to back off from the ChiCom virus, give Biden credit for defeating it, and moving on. Wonder if we will see a Night of the Long Knives, when one band of fascists turns on the other?

More later. Let's get this out. 


  1. It is so good to have you back. Your insight, observations, thoughts have been missed.

  2. Thanks for getting back in the game. I would enjoy your reading your thoughts on whether we will ever have a fair election again, how to prepare for what's coming, what's up with the "let's roll" commenter, and will Texas survive the lefty invasion. All just suggestions, but I would love to know what you're thinking 🤔. Thanks and God bless you!

    1. "The Irish Lady...
      what's up with the "let's roll" commenter,"~~~

      Dear Lady, please allow me to present myself:
      I am the son of an Irish Lady, her Dad, my
      Grandad, was a Sgt. Major in a Highlander
      Regiment, As a fair cailĂ­n, my mum was a
      medal winning Irish Step/sword Dancer...
      During WWII, My Mother met My Father, a
      reformed Viking, aka a Dane, sailing
      for the U.S.Merchant Marine...both fell
      for each other, and for the next 60 plus
      year history, they Loved and Cared for
      each other, and their 9 children,
      the Baseball Team my Dad coached
      and guided into adulthood, and me,
      thru military school, into the US
      by God Navy, Submarine Service~~~
      also referred to as the
      Silent Service~~~
      On Watch~~~
      FYI, my sign off:

      "Let's Roll"

      Is a salute to Todd Beamer
      & the other 911 Heroes of:
      United Airlines Flight 93~~~

      Thank You for asking,
      and btw I've been commenting
      hereabouts for close to 6 years~~~

    2. nine.. wow

      - reader #1482

    3. "nine.. wow"
      10-4 #1482!
      Like clockwork,
      the Bi-annual
      event took place,a
      littlest viking was
      Christened in the hands
      of our dear old Squarehead,
      who he himself, was 1 of 13
      siblings, 6 girls & 7 boys~~~
      Now contemplating a Book,
      just might use your "Nine-Wow"
      as the title, with the subhead:
      Made Fresh in the USA~~~
      "Let's Roll"
      PS nice to see yo^o
      commenting again 1480too..

  3. Sorry for the typo in previous comment...should read: "I would enjoy reading your thoughts."

  4. Dip, getting some of it on paper can be good for what ails you. Therapy comes in many forms. The frenetic show trials and constant fake news regarding anything Trump is very telling on just where the 'Democrats' are right now. Riding too many tigers they dare not dismount.

    1. 40 or so years ago there was some kind of therapy labeled, I believe, Primal Scream. Possibly some variant akin to Primal Rant is good for what ails thee, or me. Personally, I work in a profession where 90% or more are devote Dems, and I would be shunned if not worse if I revealed my true thoughts. Frustrating, not being able to respond. That said, Sir Diplomad is not really ranting so much as writing passionately, I think.

    2. ..."I would be shunned if not worse
      if I revealed my true thoughts."...

      So Thats what happens to our
      aged lovable Hollywood Vamps!

      "--here and here--"

      ..."gibberish in a world in which our...opponents watch carefully for signs of weakness, incompetence, and incoherence"...

      Please don't let your babies
      grow up tp be___Marxists~~~

      99 bottles of beer on the wall...

      "Let's Roll"

  5. It’s always refreshing to read your thoughts, and yes, a reason that many of us stayed on looking for your return is that prophetic insight of the world, and firearms.
    I have a pretty good theory on how a corrupt marionette received 81 million votes. It is because in 2020 everyone voted, even if they didn’t. Especially if they didn’t.
    The tech left planned for years on how they were going to pull this off. It was just a matter of buying the voting registries from the states and comparing them to prior years which they could use the vast tools of data analysis at their disposal and produce lists of people who are registered to vote and never or rarely vote, or only vote in certain elections. These people then voted by mail all for the usurper. I believe you encountered a bit of the error rate of their fraud personally with the DiploWife’s vote. The anomalies found in the Arizona audit indicate this kind of activity.

    1. If whoever-it-was did-what-is-theorized... then they are... as incompetent as their candidate? I mean... this administration can't even fully tap the dollar-printing-free-for-all even having 50+1 for the senate.
      I dunno... just watching little bits and pieces... but whatever nefarious intent such would've been up to... must have failed miserably.

      What I don't get, is why skepticism seems so surprising. The 2020 election was completely novel in a great many ways. That should generate a healthy skepticism.

      One thing that unites the nation... the entire nation agrees that progressives should not procreate.

      - reader #1482

  6. This is the Diplomad that I've missed, waited for, and finally found. I check you every day, and now you're back. Thank you.

  7. I am hoping for, and looking forward to The Night Of The Long Knives!

    It is so nice, to read you again!

  8. I've placed your blog on my FB page; I'm curious to see just how long the Weenies will leave it up without stickering it (or kicking me off for another 90-day suspension).

  9. Ukraine seems to be the next watch list to comment on. Said elsewhere all those payments from Ukraine to the 3 Bidens isn't going to do them any good it looks.

  10. Yeah I’m a bit worried these idiots will get us in a war with Russia. Globohomo appears to have a boner for Putin.

  11. Dip, given how entrenched the Dem/Progs are in gov do you think we can ever take it back? Seems when Dems are in power, they move their agenda 3 steps forward and when Repubs are in at best they move it back one.

  12. Morning all, and once again,
    Welcome back to WLA -- Back here, where/ what he
    he started, and inspired some, if not most of us.

    Now, By way of reintroduction to CSPOA, that I
    commented on last year here, 'we've come a long way'!
    Founder, Sheriff Mack, shared the following discussion
    "WE Win", with our posse members yesterday~~~
    Feel free to apply & join-up with the
    ASPOA Posse, and or ask any questions
    that you may have, directly over
    on the CSPOA webpages~~~

    OR AT Home Base:

    Tks, Dipsters~~~
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"


    listen to this if you want to understand

    1. "listen to this if you
      want to understand"~SV

      Or, quickly recognize that the
      light at the end of the tunnel,
      is in fact, a Freight train loaded
      with Soros' BULL-'SHIT from Shinola'~~~
      As for that emerging stank, from the
      "Dark Underbelly": of 'Trans Humanist-
      Techno Feudalism'|| Read Chapter 8 in
      the "Open Society Playbook"||"Praise the
      Lord & Pass the Ammo" and, hope we won't
      have to use it, yet~~~

      Tanks for the Link SV,
      P.S. Great Author, and
      1st Rate Interviewer~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  14. Thanks for starting posting again, highly addictive and appreciated!