Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Drums Along the Potomac: Will We Bumble Into War?

Spoiler alert: I don't know the answer to the question in the heading of this post. Nobody does, but then that's normal when we have probably the most corrupt and inept "leadership" in the history of our Republic.With our economy and that of the West devastated by a malicious and over-the-top reaction to the ChiCom virus, and decades of hollowing out our industrial capacity in favor of China, and with that "leadership" in place, we now face the possibility of war with Russia over Ukraine. At the same time, the Wokesters--what we used to call Communists--have sallied forth from their fortresses in academia, the media, the boardrooms of giant corporations, and the vast public sector bureaucracies in their ceaseless effort to undermine the spirit, the very essence of Western Civilization.

This is not just about some gaffe at a press conference by that animatronic rutabaga we have as "President." This is about a nation, ostensibly the leader of the "free world," weak and confused in a way unprecedented in our history. We have "leadership" using a street magician's misdirection looking for any reason to distract us from what is happening to our country with talk about war in the most eastern of eastern Europe. The Rutabaga-in-Chief's minions tell us that we have placed 8,500 troops on "heightened alert." What does this mean in the real world? Nothing. Will half a division of troops on "heightened alert" deter Vlad from doing what Vlad wants to do, to wit, rebuild the old Soviet Empire? Sidebar: On an almost comical note, we find the Pentagon telling unvaccinated troops that they are not eligible for possible deployment, and getting ready to dismiss from the ranks hundreds of combat-experienced pilots for the same reason. Yeah, we're serious . . . but, hey, we have transgender troops in the ranks, so that makes up for it.

One of the most corrupt countries in Europe, Ukraine has a peculiar history with the Bidens. The media and the FBI have suppressed that history, and none of us peons knows what the Ukrainians and the Russians might have on the crooked Biden crime family. Whatever happened to the laptop and to the whistleblowers who had the goods on Biden dealings with Burisma? 

We also see Kamala "Slept My Way to the Top" Harris, ostensibly Vice President--emphasis on "vice"--all tough and concerned about preserving Ukraine's sovereignty and borders. This from the vagina-person "in charge" of our own security and sovereignty along the US-Mexico border, a border violated thousand and thousands of time a day by a ceaseless invasion. Our response? Gather up the invaders and distribute them around the US. We see planes and buses dropping off young single men at taxpayer expense in cities around the nation. No doubt, that will end well. Nothing quite like adding fuel to the fire of violence and disorder already overpowering our cities by dropping off unvetted--and unvaccinated, horrors!-- deracinated, young single men into already chaotic urban centers. That, of course, doesn't matter, our real concern is Russian aims in Ukraine. 

I have written a great deal about Putin, and won't repeat it. Let me just say that Vlad is a tough customer and an intense Russian patriot. He puts "Russia First." I see no reason except for that bogus DNC-produced Trump-Putin collusion story why we can't have better relations with Russia. We need to deal with Russia with eyes open but recognize their sphere of influence just as we have them recognize ours. Tough on Russia? Easy. Get back to energy independence, bring back our industrial base from Asia, build back our military. We do that, it just about doesn't matter what Russia, essentially a weak player in the international game, does. 

So, will we go to war? Don't know. I do know that we are pushing Russia, China, and Iran into an informal Axis of opposition to us. We also know that China and Iran are delighted by us getting worked up over Russia. 

Can we wait another three years and survive? I don't know.  


  1. Very happy to see you are posting again. I always get something of value from what you write. Thanks.

    In regard to Ukraine, the next few months should be interesting. Hopefully we will have enough sense to stay out of things but I have stopped being hopeful that the countries leadership wont' mess things up.

  2. I wonder if we can build back our military, when the DoD considers the LCS to be an actual warship.

  3. Our military readiness is questionable, but hey! At least their racial sensitivity training is up to date!

  4. Good you are back. I always have like your take on the world settings.

    Didn't Obama get points on Romney when he said Russia was a biggest issue with foreign powers? It is amazing they are now pushing them as the big bad wolf. The rest of the world should put the skids to the adventure in Ukraine. Kudos to the world.

    Short term we are screwed blued and tattooed. Now to see if we can keep the wolf away for 3 more years, when Hilary will ride in to save us.

  5. Dip, sir, we are not pushing anybody. Iran, China, and Russia see that there is virtually no opposition to what they want to do, and sometime soon all three will "Go For It".

    The Biden "administration" has taken a submissive posture versus China, is trying to reestablish the deal with Iran, and Biden actually literally told Russia an "incursion" was acceptable.

    There is no appreciation for what the Trump administration did regarding Iran, China, and Russia. Nary a peep for four years. The Dems have learned nothing, and forgotten nothing.

  6. A great description of our times. I am just flailing about. The Mormon upbringing in me has me stocking up the pantry and storing water, and ammo. I just don’t want to be in a world where I must live off what I have stockpiled. It is just simply madness in DC. We are ruled by this insane shadow oligarchy that has tremendous interest in the Ukraine as it has been their effing graft honey pot for decades. So now our solders are once again called upon to lay down their lives in defense and cover of the elite in DC. I just think of Trump who had no irons in the fire with Ukraine, calling up and telling Lavrov, “What up with the invasion stuff? You guys want a war or something? Yeah, yeah, I know you want to call the shots there, so how about we make a deal where your influence is obtained by outing the corrupt US involvement?, You look like the hero in this, and best yet no one dies.”.

  7. "...Can we wait another three years and survive? I don't know."

    That about sums up, the Global Round-up, Lew!
    And to our 'chances for survival', now...pondering...Tic Toc...
    Expect so!
    If the Master Chief topside
    chooses to assist...
    upon hearing our plans
    & prayers, for a better tomorrow~~~

    On Watch~~~
    Stand-In for R#7
    just because it's
    my Lucky number~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  8. I missed you, buddy. Glad to have you back.

  9. China and Taiwan are right behind. It's going to be a rough 3 years.

  10. My day is made, I drop in out of habit and new postings by The Dip himself.
    Good health to you sir, and thank you for your time.

  11. FYI:
    "Gather up the invaders and distribute them around the US. We see planes and buses dropping off young single men at taxpayer expense in cities around the nation. No doubt, that will end well. Nothing quite like adding fuel to the fire of violence and disorder already overpowering our cities by dropping off unvetted--and unvaccinated, horrors!- wla
    Here's an update from Texas Atty General
    Tom Paxon,that should keep most of US awake
    when we should be sleeping!

    Biden’s Disastrous ‘Central American Minors Program’
    Bannons War Room Published January 29, 2022 1,132 Views

    "Whoa""Whoa""Whoa"...a Biden free ride program for the border jumper/invaders alleged relatives to come on in, all expences
    paid by US taxpayers~~~...

    On Watch~~~
    Wondering just how many
    trained terrorists are
    included on the manifest...
    "Let's Roll"

  12. Glad to see you back.

    Not only is there the threat of war over Ukraine, but also one in the Taiwan Strait. It's scarier for me, since I have family there.

  13. It took us decades to get where we are today - with the insane left seemingly in control of the levers of power. Even with a "red wave" at the ballot box this fall, it will take many years to get us out of this current mess.