Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Woke Democrats In a Battle for the War

Many articles and polls, as well as TV and radio "pundits" predict a Republican tsunami in next November's midterm elections. That, for now, seems likely, or, better stated, that's what I ardently hope comes to pass, but, well, you never know. We already see the Dems assembling anew their election fraud machine, one which worked so well for them in 2020, and I have serious doubts about the fighting spirit of many Republicans. We, for example, see dire predictions of a renewed COVID surge; that "surge" will "require," of course, not just the traditional masks of obedience and lock-downs, but also mail-in ballots. We hear a steady and, unfortunately, bipartisan drumbeat for war with Russia with no clear explanation of the US interests in such an event. This banging of the war drum fosters an air of fear, crisis, and uncertainty that can redound to the benefit of our masters' hold on power. These masters seek to avoid blame for record violent crime; a massive illegal alien wave; historic levels of inflation; rising interest rates; impending food shortages; factory closings; and plunging stocks and exports: all classic indicators of a recession to come. They, of course, also would have us ignore growing evidence of Biden family corruption and ties to Ukraine, China, and elsewhere. We see the hideous Bush-created Department of Homeland Security, which I strongly opposed at the time, setting up a creepy Truth Ministry, headed by a lunatic wokester, to decide for the voters what comprises "misinformation." 

In fairness, we also hear calls from some "moderate" Democrats for the so-called Biden administration to reverse course on a variety of policies to stave off or, at least, mitigate the coming electoral disaster. For now, however, those voices get drowned by the clique that runs the stuttering Biden animatronic dummy, along with its cackling California sidekick. What passes for the White House ignores calls for moderation; doubling down instead like a crazed blackjack player on the hideous policies destroying our nation.

This message and policy confusion and chaos led me to wonder about happenings within the Democratic Party. Here I provide preliminary thoughts; more akin to musings spoken aloud, not fully developed. Think of this post as a palimpsest onto which new and better thoughts will later get inscribed. Please help.

My simple binary mind sees a split in the Dems, a sort of Menshevik v. Bolshevik or a Stalin v Trotsky schism, maybe a Leno v. Kimmel battle, etc. You decide on the analogy, but it comes down to civil war within the world's oldest political party. That internal battle seeks to determine how to and who will run the ongoing Great War against America and the West. A battle for the war. 

Both factions, in my view, want the same end, i.e., the destruction of our civilization; the battle is one of personalities, timeline, and tactics.

As hinted above, "standard" election-minded Dem politicians can derive no joy from the numbers coming out from every poll I have seen, regardless of those polls' political bent, and their usual "N" sample trick of over over representing Democratic voters. The polls predict a GOP majority--some polls bigger, some smaller--in both houses of Congress, as well as major wins in local and state elections. We see a number of Democratic politicians melting over "Biden" economic and immigration policies, in particular, both election losers.

The border crisis provides a classic battleground for the two factions. The "Electoral" Democratic politicos see the disaster it could bring in the midterms. The Kamikaze Democrats (KD) care little for elections, and to the extent they pay them mind, seek to rig them through outright vote fraud and censorship. The KDs want to sink the carrier NOW while they have power, and not put it off to when it might prove too late. They want the borders wide open, with plenty of incentives to encourage the horde waiting to get in, and fundamentally alter the very nature of our society. 

As Lt. Governor of Texas, Daniel Patrick, has noted, if the current pace of illegal "immigrants" continues to the end of "Biden's" four years, fully 20%, one in five, residents of the USA will be illegal aliens. That's some 60-70 million people illegally in the country. That could prove a permanent altering of the country, and present an almost insurmountable challenge to handle. Likewise, the KDs want to smash our energy independence, censor our speech, encroach on gun rights, sabotage our schools, and get us accustomed to following the dictates of "public health experts." To repeat, they want this NOW. They want changes that come as close to impossible to reverse as possible. 

We, of course, also have civil war in the GOP. We have gutless wonders such as Romney, McCarthy, Collins, Cheney, Murkowski, and Kemp (and others) who will not stand up to the wokesters, who don't this as the life-and-death struggle it is. They instead seek that always tantalizing "strange new respect." 

These are not normal times.



  1. I think the KD’s want to burn it all down before what they have been doing for decades starts seeing light and this includes a lot of Republicans as well as many bureaucrats. You only need to Google “top richest counties in the US” to see it plain as day. The actions of President Select are worse than simple incompetence, they can only be attributed to malice.

    1. Exactly. Incompetence has exceptions. The proverbial chimp at the typewriter on occasion produces a line from Shakespeare or Scripture.

      But with this regime, no exceptions, all they do is destructive to citizens' wealth, property, liberty, and very lives.

      Malice it is.

  2. I wonder what makes the Democrats think that the new, Hispanic America, will WANT the Democrats in charge, when they can elect their own people?

  3. So, they get to choose the Juan / Evita ticket or the spirit of Augusto Cesar Sandino?

    Or do they have a better idea?


    1. Say Hey Bruce!
      Listening to Victor Davis Hanson, sounds
      like his S.Cali 'Hispanic' neighbors, have
      had enough of the 'Chi-Kamakazi 'Rats'
      dictating immigration policy, its Killing off
      their Live Stock, n' crap'n up their
      vegitable gardens...'the times
      they are a' changing' or
      mebe just recycling~~~
      |An A/V palimpsest-ism|
      by On Watch~~~
      ~~~come writers and critics
      who prophasize with pen~~~
      ~~~what goes around comes
      around again, or so it seems~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  4. BTW: How is the "Reconquista going?

    1. Leaving on Wednesday, May 4. Suit of armor recently polished.

    2. Procul Harem as driving music?

    3. If one likes 'a whiter shade of pale'~~~
      if I remember correctly ;~}
      from Denmark Summer 2006

      "Let's Roll"

  5. Re: "As Lt. Governor of Texas, Daniel Patrick, has noted, if the current pace of illegal "immigrants" continues to the end of the "Biden's" four years, fully 20%, one in five, residents of the USA will be illegal aliens. That's some 60-70 million people illegally in the country. That could prove a permanent altering of the country, and present an almost insurmountable challenge to handle."

    No birth certificate, no job. Any employer discovered to be employing non-citizens = 20 year mandatory imprisonment. No benefits for non-citizens. No job & no benefits = self-deportation.

    1. Some of us recall the days, early 80s, when employers of illegals took great pains to keep them under wraps. One RI company run by Repub backers was put out of business for employing them.

      But leftists had a better idea.

      The Left is hate. Revenge is its pastime. Genocide is its legacy.

    2. I agree that in theory it is relatively easy to deal with the illegals issue. The problem is once they get established interest groups get established that prevent that. Once you get 20% of the population in illegal status, it is very difficult.

    3. kick california out and most of the issue goes away. :)

      - reader #1482

    4. "Cali...most of the issue goes~~~ away. :)
      No posible~ Senor reader...
      alas n' alack thar's still
      Gold in them thar hills!
      Plus and respectfully so
      will still need the dis-
      positive flushing action
      of the Coastal tides to
      recycle the refuse of the
      unlicenced Cartel invaders,
      the Oli-garkis und Klepto-carcus
      way out into the deep dark core of
      our dearest Mother Ocean in the West ~~~
      ...Saw the Atlantic & the Pacific...
      Pacific wasn't terrific...
      and the Atlantic...
      all ashore ~~~
      hOWlin in the
      Pleasant Flight Dip
      Beyond the Sea, some where
      w/ a "Simple Song of Freedom"~~~
      "Let's s Roll"

    5. Respectfully, there are still a lot of good folks behind enemy lines in Cali. In my opinion they voted for Trump in 2020 and the recall of Newsom. I saw with my own eyes on the ground. Like some other states in 2020, the corruption of the vote runs deep. Do you wish to abandon those good and true Americans like Biden in Afghanistan or clean up the corruption so they can thrive?

      - PWG

    6. "...still a lot of good folks behind enemy lines in Cali."

      Amen to that, PWG, I suspect, you'll be part of the solution...
      Try this Slogan on in Cali, "The Big Sweep is On" it worked pretty well in NYC, at least for a while! Vigilance viz the workings within Big Government (good or bad) is a constant
      requirement for the safety and security of the citizens, as well as our dedicated public servants, in my most humble opinion~~~
      "Let;s Roll"

    7. There are good people everywhere... just fewer and further between in california.... I do believe their votes are quite accurate and legal, there are just a whole lot of people who 'know better.'

    8. The Dems legalized ballot harvesting in Cali, so the corruption of the vote is "legal" there, while illegal in other states. I have also seen other games such as people going to vote and being told they already voted.


  6. Re: Woke Democrats Project/ file palimpsest
    “…happenings within the Democratic Party. Here I provide … thoughts; … akin to musings spoken aloud, not fully developed.… this post as a ~~~palimpsest~~~ onto which new and better thoughts will [may] later get inscribed.
    Please help.” - aka Dip-in-Chief

    Ah Yesss to Ssssleep
    per chance to awaken,
    but not 'Woke" per se...
    Bon Voyage~~~
    Till we meet
    again and,
    Like its
    Don't forget to
    f/u on flt/ck
    "Let's Roll"

  7. Republicans had trump and a majority in both houses.... no voting laws mandating identification.. not immigration legislation... it's like there was no point in people voting in 2016.

    And no special counsel can prevent a president and congress from passing laws... so no excuse there.

    So if we're pinning our hopes on the GOP taking congress... our hopes are misplaced.

    My suspicion is that the rapid craziness ongoing among Americans is caused by high divorce rates since the 70's, rates of births out of wedlock, and the fact that kids are supposed to grow up, become adults, have kids... and become *conservatives*. Instead, we now have large swathes of 40 years old boys and girls.

    - reader #1482

    1. Enormous numbers of middle aged boys and girls. Not very bright ones, either.

  8. Can only think the Marxists are hoping to burn it down and jump on top the ashes. Better to rule over millions less educated and more dependent on the KD than a independent population.
    Sure looks like the KD have their foot on the gas pedal and on the floor.


    1. If I may say, way Back, on a Sunday in September, of 2013,
      a thoughful reader commented to a group of world weary, yet intelligent, Women n' Men,
      the following -- |Herein excerpted for brevity|

      ..."Can a conservative actually be elected?
      Will people really vote for someone who promises them nothing but to let them be free to make their own fortunes and mistakes?

      There are fewer and fewer conservative politicians who can stand against the 'liberal' tide because there are even fewer conservatives in existence.
      At some point we have to face facts, our government isn't just a bunch of people who think like globalwarmists, they also *represent* a populace who think like globalwarmists.
      boy am I terrible at making my point."
      [My friend in a Court of his peers]

      Actually tho imo, and with circa 2022 hindsight -->"Middle of the Target", for that nearly decade old 'place in time', my friend~~~

      BUT, how were 'we the people', able to reverse the socialist onslaught, then bering down on US... with a vengence, was it the will of G_D, deflecting the inevitable,...
      via a wise HERO, a brave man with boyish enthusiasm, and stalwart spirit, to forestall America's inevitable demise?

      Certainly we have now seen, and demonstrated for US, how it can be done, and done well!

      Conversely, we are witnessing America attacked by tne world's WORST players, they, tear asunder our most recent accomplishments from our very subtance, and set US up for a slaughter, by world-wide Communists, on the International stage, and the resident-useful idiots within, newly arrived, and those still in transit.
      Halt !
      Who goes there,
      Friends or Faux Pas~~~

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  9. The last election that work was the one that got Trump in. They will never allow us to really pick who we want. Desantis will be who we are given a chance to vote for but they will be able to override our election.

  10. ..."but they will be able to override our election." Paul

    es posible que llueva... it could, but expect not, point of fact, tis
    l@@king more & more like, Le Grande Orangaman will be restored, as the Dinesh Investigatory Teams, et al x20 finish their round-up of 2k Soros & Company mules... La Cucaracha, aye yi yi ya~~~ sing along~~~ compadres~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  11. I don't for a moment accept that illegals once here cannot be removed. Trump couldn't bring himself to rely on his power to repel invasion under Art. IV, Sect. 4 and instead placed his authority in one or more statutes relating to "emergencies." He gave away every legal and philosophical advantage in so doing revealing his pathetic intellectual understanding of where the presidency stands in the constitutional scheme. He defined the problem away. But subsequent patriotic presidents -- it could happen -- need not be so stupid. How hard would it be to sell that Nigerians and Mexicans have zero right to reside in and sup at the table of America? "Leave, or else" works for me and, I dare say, for many others.

  12. Welcome back Col.
    Expect you might agree that the illegal invasion that the US is now experiencing on the S. Border is well beyond Trump's realm of CinC authority, or actions, at this time. Moreover, disecting what DJT might have done differently, may take more of our time, than we should, would, or could invest, or digest, without leaving a very stale aftertaste. With regard to your reference to the, "power to repel invasion under Art. IV, Sect. 4", I'm looking forward to your further review of the lit on that subject.
    As for me, I'm continuing to read, "How the States Can Suppress Illegal Immigration" By Edwin Vieira Jr.| September 3rd, 2021

    Lastly Col., I was tickled, if not inspired, by your comment: ..."subsequent patriotic presidents -- >>>it could happen -- need not be so stupid. How hard would it be to sell that Nigerians and Mexicans have zero right to reside in and sup at the table of America? "... While quite entertaining, to envision a 'Border Patrol Agent' delivering that soliloquy to a truckload of arrogant 'wetbacks', not exactly sure how it plays out to those millions of invaders men, women, & children, seen on TV as the invited & reimbursed Guests, of President BiteMe and the CCP~~~
    Don't be a stranger Col. B
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

    1. Thank you!

      What Trump might have done is indeed a question of limited interest now but his approach does illustrate what I think will be the final take on the man, namely, his unerring instinct to identify major problems coupled with his inability to stay focused, follow through, and crack the whip. The wall should have been something he focused on in the first weeks.

      As with Flynn, he could see that a worthy ally was being subjected to political prosecution yet he waited till the man was cleaned out financially before getting around to pardoning him. Expensive temporizing for his friend. When all was said and done, as the saying goes, more was said than was done with him. God bless him for being an entertaining weathervane -- and for doing well with the economy -- but someone with more intellectual depth is what we need. I mean, the soaring stock market just ISN'T a sign of economic health when savers are punished and pension funds are desperate for yield or gain. I'll vote for him if it comes to that but I don't have any hope for intellectual leadership from the man. Visceral patriotism is good but more is needed. Like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

      My point about Art. IV certainly highlights the approach AT the border that should be timeless and automatic. Expanding on that constitutional provision isn't in the cards for me in the immediate future though it might be a fit topic for later examination. However, thanks much for the article recommendation. That is also an interest to me given my surely-unoriginal idea that the federal government's responsibility for immigration ends with legislation relating to "a uniform rule of naturalization" and presidential action to repel invasion under Art. IV. Repelization is not an exclusively federal responsibility so it seems to me that the states can also repel invasion as they see fit. There is not language in the Constitution that such powers are prohibited to the states. The people can also repel the bastards let it be said. I remember the Minutemen with affection. Soon relegated to sitting in lawn chairs with something like observer/notifier responsibilities by our cowardly, treasonous federal government.

      The target audience for any speeches relating to illegal entry and parasitism would not be the illegals themselves but US citizens. They should not be insulted by notions that once illegals get feet on US territory somehow the nation is like Superman sitting on a rock of Kryptonite. "If you got here by some act of ingenuity and effrontery, Mr. Illegal, how you get home or leave is not an American problem." Like that.

  13. We have seen an acceleration in the adoption of Stalinesque tactics over the course of Biden's time in the presidency. I believe that was the plan from the jump. I believe they knew that Biden had two years to enact by fiat every totalitarian dream of the Left before the Republicans swept back into power in the legislative branch. Not a unique idea since most presidents lose ground on their hold in the legislature in the middle of their first term. So far, I'd say that their work is going according to plan. Their recovery plan, I believe, is to have the doddering old fool shuffle off this mortal coil just ahead of the 2022 election. It will allow the down-ticket Ds to proclaim "all fixed!", dump the Hunter scandal in the dustbin of history and install the dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers brown lady in power. Then every move from the legislature to wrest control of the disaster will be publicly derided as '"racist!!".

  14. UP Scope~~~
    Confirm your observations Anon
    'Stalinesque tactics...enact by fiat
    every totalitarian (evil) dream of the Left
    their work is going according to plan...
    also note the occurance of a splash
    made by a round=heeled woman with
    a large -bag-of-hammers overhead
    Can't confirm what she had in mind
    when sumerged below the state3sea~~~
    On Watch~~~
    Down Scope~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  15. If you do a google search of senators and representatives from California you will only find 42 democrats and 10 Republicans. Doesn't look to me as if those staying behind in California will be changing their voting patterns any time soon.

  16. Hard times make hard men. Hard men make soft times. Soft times make soft men. Soft men make hard times, etc.
    We are on the upswing of soft men make hard times.