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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time To Admit It: The Left's Economic Polices Are Working

The left's economic polices are not failing, they are succeeding. Obama is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams.

The left want us to be poor. Everything they do is aimed laser-like at that goal. Obamacare, high taxes, massive deficit spending, layer upon layer of regulations, alliances with thuggish labor unions, alliances with trial lawyers, environmental policies, and bail outs are all designed to keep the country poor and dependent on the one big "industry" that the lefties control, government.

The examples of this are everywhere, but let me present one of a personal nature.  My daughter, a high school senior at a good public high school, came home yesterday, furious and with blood in her eye.  The reason? A mandatory school assembly the seniors had undergone. The assembly had been addressed by a speaker from ACE (Alliance for Climate Education--you can look up their website, I am not giving them a link from Diplomad!)  She told me the climate change nonsense that had been preached at the kids as "scientific fact," including the wonderful phrase, "If you doubt the science, it's because you're not a scientist."This from a 20-something giggly girl speaker who, obviously, is not a scientist but has memorized a speech that ACE activists give in conjunction with an unbelievably silly cartoon "explanation." You can go to their website and see the standard pitch they put out.

Among the images shown the kids was footage from the Indonesian tsunami, with the clear implication that it was caused by climate change.  My daughter is a pretty tough kid. She's lived all over the world, gone to school in an armored van, has learned to shoot, speaks three languages pretty well, and has seen a lot more than most adults have. She's smart and well-read, and a born debater. She immediately asked the presenter why the students were being shown tsunami footage. She noted that she had been in Indonesia when the tsunami hit, and it had nothing to do with the climate. She then began to explain to this ACE dope about tectonic plate movements. My daughter was told to sit down and allow the presentation to continue.

The presenter then showed the students a "global thermometer" which had a green happy face and a red sad face; the earth's "temperature" was now in the "sad face zone." The DiploDaughter stands up and says, "Your thermometer doesn't have any numbers on it. What is the temperature of the earth and what should it be? Should it be what it was one hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, or ten thousand years ago?" No answer. She was told to sit down, as she was being disruptive. Then came the big pitch. The students have to "stop living large," they need to consume less, want less, and, of course, not eat meat as cows are big methane producers and contribute to the warming of the planet. DiploDaughter blurts out that the best way to avoid all that methane was to eat the cows. Again, she was warned to be quiet. Then the students were handed little slips, my daughter brought a copy home, on which students were to pledge what they would do to save the planet. The students were encouraged to stay afterwards and join ACE. On the slip, the DiploDaughter drew a picture of a HUMMER with an I "heart" above it and turned it in at school today. I have filed a protest with the school, and so far, all I have gotten is a few nervous emails from the principal saying he was looking into it.

Poverty. They want us to live as though we were Bolivian Indians--the Bolivian Indians don't want to live like Bolivian Indians, but we're supposed to! Listen to the lib speak: it's all about promoting poverty.  They want gas to be expensive. They want taxes high and salaries low. They don't want us to be able to make choices in the free market. They hate Wal-Mart. They hate profit. They hate personal freedom, personal initiative, and personal prosperity.  The left is winning. They are getting the society they want. We are getting less and less free, and more and more poor.


  1. Have you seen this: http://www.mnn.com/green-tech/computers/blogs/exploding-children-featured-in-1010-uk-video ?

    It's all of a piece.

  2. Make you poor and thus make you depend on the government more and more. Straight from fidel castro's communism for dummies book.

  3. As a professional swindler--oops, social studies teacher in a public High School--I fully sympathize with your daughter. She's being taught group-think by ignorant fools who boast about being part of a vast, thundering herd of "independent" minds [George Will's phrase, I believe].

    Tell your daughter's teachers and classmates if they really want to be poor, a guy named Kepha (another ex-diplomat) would really love to have their wealth.