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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Rant: Obama Campaign Stumbles On

This humble blog has noted before that the Obama campaign seems incredibly inept and lost for a theme. The past few days have done nothing to change that view. In the past, however, I have been too critical of Obama's campaign as a campaign.  The problem facing Obama's supporters is not the campaign's messaging, organization, etc., the problem is Obama. Certainly in my lifetime, and that of most Americans, President Obama is the most radical, cynical, anti-American, and, thankfully, inept president we have had. He wasted his honeymoon period with crazed, out-of-control spending, and Obamacare. Neither approach has done anything to improve the economy, and, in fact, both have contributed to the current economic malaise that threatens to become a Greek-like crisis for us.

No president even remotely in touch with the broad electorate would have thought that featuring rich New York airheads such as the silly Sarah Jessica Parker and the grotesque rich leftist snob Anna "Nuclear" Wintour in the campaign would do anything genuinely positive. The repellent dinner party being given in NY by these two dopes, at $40,000 a person, to which two little peons will be "invited" is the stuff of comedy skits worthy of Monty Python and the old SNL.  Other than to the hopeless arugula set, or those addicted to TMZ or MSNBC, to whom does this appeal?

Even worse is what has developed into Obama's stump speech: a confused mishmash of trying to claim credit for the "creation" of some 4 million jobs, while denying that he engaged in wild deficit spending to stimulate the economy (the deficits were Bush's), but demanding more spending to stimulate the economy. His speech is full of class warfare bromides, empty phrases, e.g., "forward," "more to do," and trying to raise the dire spectacle of America returning to its past--uh, like when it was prosperous, Mr. President?

Even the AFL-CIO has begun to smell the roses. The bosses of that dying organization, the mainstay of the DNC, have announced that they will begin to shift resources away from the President's campaign.  The drubbing the unions got in Wisconsin, and the failure of the President to lend a helping hand, has had an impact.

The one thing the Prez has going for him is the still-strong reluctance of the mainstream media to hold him accountable for the miserable record he has compiled.  The MSM has hardly touched the "Fast and Furious" scandal; shies away from any in-depth look into the Solyndra debacle; gives him a pass on the very dangerous leaking of sensitive intelligence information; ignores his abysmal foreign policy; won't look at the deliberate efforts to protect the voting "rights" of non-citizens; and, of course, won't examine his utterly failed economic policies.  Given, however, the waning power of the MSM to set the agenda, having the MSM in your corner, Mr. President, is not enough.

President Obama can be defeated. For those of us who want that to happen, we have no better ally than President Obama. Carry on.

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